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Summary: Humans are coming to Mirkwood, to trade with King Thranduil. A young Legolas waits with impatience their coming, as he has never seen a human before. But little does he know that their coming will change his life for ever…

Rated: PG13 for future violence, and elf torture. You have been warned.

Notes: In this story, Legolas has four siblings: Derwen, Leila, Thúleor and Luindór. Their ages by human reckoning would be: Derwen about 18yrs old, Leila about 15 yrs old, Thúleor about 13 and Luindór about 12 years old, while Legolas is only about five years old.  I'm using years by human reckoning in this fic, in order not to create much confusion!

This is my first LOTR fic. I hope that you will like it!









The golden haired elfling stared at the broken statue. It was now fragmented into a thousand pieces, and it was undoubtedly beyond repair. It was his sister's favourite, and now it was gone for ever. He heard light footsteps approaching, and turned round, thinking that it would be the culprits, but instead found himself face to face with Leila. Her expression turned from horror to rage as she realized that the shattered glass she was seeing had previously been her most treasured possession. "Legolas! What on earth have you done?" Legolas stared at his sister dumbfounded. But it wasn't him. He'd found it like that. He opened his mouth to clear himself, but no sound came out. His eyes widened in dismay when he saw that Leila had tears in her eyes. "I… I…" he stuttered, but she stopped him with a glare. "Don't even try to invent a pathetic excuse," she hissed, as she gathered the folds of her dress, and ran off to her rooms, angry with her brother for having destroyed the most beautiful object in her precious garden.

Two pairs of eyes were watching the scene, their owners well hidden in one of the trees. "Should we own up?" whispered one to the other.  "No!" hissed the Thúleor. "Legolas is likely to get off easily, while we'd be killed if they got to know!" Luidór hesitated. "What if he tells her that it wasn't him?" His brother shook his head. "He won't. You know he never defends himself. He just takes the blame so as not to cause any more trouble." The other nodded, convinced. He was sorry for his younger brother, but Thúleor was right. It was better this way. The two scrambled away quickly to the safety of the forest, leaving a miserable elfling behind


Derwen looked thoughtfully at his father. "I'm not sure if we should allow men to come here ada," he said slowly. "But then, I see the necessity of establishing some links with their race."

Thranduil nodded. "I too am not sure about my decision, my son. But we will keep close watch, and I have met their leader Melchoir before, and he seems trustworthy. Besides, they would never dare attack us in our own home."

Derwen grinned suddenly. "I can thing of a certain elfling who will be very pleased with this. Legolas has been asking me about men ever since Mithrandir told him those legends of the North." Noticing his father's frown, Derwen paused. "Is there something wrong father?"

"No… but I don't want him to get too close to them. They are, after all, humans…"

"I doubt that Legolas will overcome his shyness enough to come within a mile of them adar." Thranduil sighed. Derwen had a point. Unlike his other siblings, Legolas was very quiet and timid, rarely venturing to speak to people who were not his family. He did not mix with others of his own age easily, and would more often than not be found alone, a faraway look in his eyes. But if he talked little, he smiled even less. His father did not know what to do with him. Thranduil wished that he knew what was wrong… he felt a sudden pang. If only she were here. She always knew how to talk to her children, as she was gifted with patience and ability to understand, which helped them open their hearts to her easily. He instead was impatient, and knew that he had no skill in speaking to the little ones. Only when they started to grow older did they start to get closer to him. But Legolas had lost his mother when he was only two years old. A shadow passed in from of the King's eyes as he remembered how they had found her, dead, heart pierced by a single arrow, but clutching her son to her breast, trying to protect him.

"Adar?" Derwen's soft voice interrupted his thoughts. Thranduil looked up and smiled reassuringly. The pain of her loss grew no less, but he was comforted by the presence of his sons and daughter, each of which carried a part of his wife. "Don't worry adar, Legolas will be fine… he is only a child yet."

"You are right. Come, let us go to lunch. The others will be waiting."


The king noticed immediately that there was something wrong. Leila was not sitting near Legolas, and she showed signs of recent tears. Thúleor and Luidór were unusually quiet and kept darting glances at each other and at their brother and sister. Legolas instead kept pushing his food around on his plate, and was avoiding meeting Leila's gaze. One look at Derwen showed that his eldest son was just as mystified as he was.

"Is there something I should know Leila?" he asked gently. This only brought a fresh bout of tears from his daughter, and Legolas bowed his head even lower.

"My crys..crystal sta..statue in my garden.. it…it's broken!" she managed to stutter. Thranduil frowned. He knew that his daughter treasured her garden and that the statue had been given to her by her mother. He could understand that his child was angry and unhappy. "How did it break?" A sudden thought struck him, and he turned to Thúleor and Luidór. "Was it…"

"No! It was him!" Leila glared at her brother. "He was playing in my garden and toppled it over! I found him there!" The king looked at Legolas. He could hardly believe that his youngest had done so. "Is that true Legolas?" he asked sternly, almost certain that his son would deny everything.

"Yes." The reply was so soft that it could barely be heard. His father exhaled slowly. Then it was true. He felt disappointed, as if his son had let him down somehow. Much as he hated punishing Legolas, Thranduil knew that he had to show no preference towards his son.

"Then you will immediately leave the table and go to your bed, where you will stay for the rest of the day." His voice was cold, although he felt sorry for the young one. He hardened his heart. It would not be fair on his daughter were he to let Legolas off. "I am very disappointed in you my son. I thought you would have behaved better towards your sister." A sob escaped the prince as he rose.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, and fled out of the room, leaving two conscience-stricken elves, wishing they had owned up.


Derwen opened the door of his brother's room. He walked towards the small figure huddled beneath the bedclothes. "Legolas?" he said softly, as he sat down on the bed, and drew the covers off his brother gently. A tearstained face met his own. The golden haired elfling threw his arms round his older brother, and sobbed his heart out. "Hush now, my little Greenleaf," the elf whispered as he caressed the child. Slowly, the other stopped sobbing, and looked up at his brother. "Does Leila hate me now?" he asked, biting his lip. Derwen hugged the child closely to him, troubled by his question. Unlike his other two brothers, legolas took things too much at heart.

"Of course not! She was upset, but she doesn't hate you!" He removed a few strands of hair from Legolas's face. "What put that into your mind?"

"So she won't go away and leave me alone?" The elfling clutched tighter at Derwen's tunic.

"No, little one. Leila will never leave you. Just as we'll never leave you." Legolas appeared to believe his brother's words and snuggled closer to him, placing his thumb into his mouth. They had tried to break him out of that habit, but at times, he still went back to sucking his thumb. Derwen didn't bother to stop him this time. He smiled at him instead, wishing to see the same smile reflected on the young one's face, but doubting that he would see it. "Now go to Leila and say sorry, and you'll see that she won't be angry at you anymore." Legolas nodded slowly, and slipped to the floor. "I'll wait for you, and when you come back, I'll have a surprise." Derwen watched as his brother padded off to his sister's room.


"Leila?" The elf maid looked up. Legolas was standing timidly at the door. She felt a sudden twinge of pity at the look on his face, but then remembered her mother's precious gift. She felt a sudden surge of anger. "What do you want now?" she snapped.  . It was about time that Legolas learnt that he couldn't get away with everything. Tears filled Legolas's eyes. He felt sure that Derwen was wrong. Leila didn't love him anymore because he had been bad. He tried hard not to start crying again, but tears poured down his cheeks. He turned to leave, too unhappy to meet his sister's gaze. Suddenly felt her hand clutching his.

Leila felt guilt rushing through her when she heard his sobs, and reproached herself for having been so mean. She had promised herself that she would be just like her naneth, but she knew that her mother would never have behaved in such a way. After all, Legolas was still a baby… probably he hadn't really meant to break it. "Don't cry little one, Leila's not angry anymore." She hugged her brother, and he hugged her back tightly.

"I'm sorry… I love you lots Leila." That made her feel even more ashamed of how she had treated him.

"I love you too Greenleaf," she said, and was glad to see that it brought a rare smile to her brother's lips. She stood up slowly. "Now go to your room before adar notices you've crept out." Legolas sniffed and nodded, and slipped out of her room. The elfling felt as if a great weight had been lifted off his heart.


"What's the surprise Wen?"

"I have some exciting news for you little Greenleaf." Derwen was pleased to see that a sparkle of interest had replaced that dull look in his brother's eyes. "Humans are coming to Mirkwood!"

"Real, live humans?" Legolas asked, eyes large and round.

"Yes… real, live humans," answered his brother, laughing softly. "And they will bring lots of things to exchange with adar when they come."

Had Derwen known what else they were to bring, he would have killed every one of them before they even crossed the borders of Mirkwood.


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