By Ami E. Bowen

You stand there, arms crossed, eyes turned inward

I wonder what your thinking.

I wonder what thoughts run through that mind of yours

Head lifted, you sneer at everyone around you

They are below you

So far below

I long to shove past my fears and face you

Make you see me

Flirt with death as I caress your cheek

I wonder what it feels like

But I cannot

I cannot bring myself to be so bold

It would be like trying to touch the face of God

Such things are simply not done

So I will continue to watch you

Admire you

Worship you

From afar

You stand there, glaring with your midnight eyes

Eyes of a killer

Flickers of pain from the past in thier depths

Quickly hidden amongst overpowering pride

You ask me what I want

Why I am there, annoying you

I smile and answer;

"I want to touch the face of god..."

But that is impossible.

For you are untouchable...