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TC couldn't stop staring at her no matter how hard he tried. He would try to be focused on his work only to be distracted by her moving her hair out of the way of her vision or scratching the side of her head. She was the first thing he thought about every morning and the only thing he had on his mind as he was falling asleep. Everyday before he went to work he would stand in front of his mirror and practice ways to approach her without making a complete fool out of himself. It had been six months since Sandy left him to go to school in Georgia and he thought that it was about time that he got back into the dating scene. I mean he was a good-looking guy, great personality, and an incredible body. What woman in their right mind wouldn't want a guy like TC Callaway? Not that he was conceited or anything but he was a good catch. So why couldn't he get the girl that he really wanted? Sure many have tried to catch his attention but he has his eyes on one particular woman. Chris Kelly is the woman of TC's dreams. He can't even function right anymore in front of her because he can't concentrate. She is intelligent, funny, outgoing personality, spontaneous, and beautiful. She could be a bit verbal if pissed off, but her whole attitude was so nonchalant and carefree. He had to think of something to make her notice him but what. His friend Tony was pretty knowledgeable when it came to women but he couldn't go to him for help. Tony may have been his friend but he was also his boss. As his lieutenant, it's Tony's job to ensure that no fraternization goes on between his officers, so he would have to object the idea of TC going after a fellow coworker. That meant that TC would have to consult with his other friend Victor Del Toro. He would do that tonight when they went out for their weekly guy get together.


"TC.TC.TC!" Cory McNamara screamed to her dazed coworker

"Huh.what. What do you want Cory?" TC asked now realizing that he was deep in thought.

"What the hell were you thinking about? I was calling you for at least a minute. Are you okay?" Cory asked her bedazzled friend.

"None of your business. What do you want?" TC

"Well for one, I wanted you to take a look at this report before I took it up to Palermo." Cory replied a bit agitated with TC. TC took the report from Cory and skimmed over it really quick.

"It looks good to go. Is that all Cory?"

"NO!" Cory said starting to get really pissed at TC for trying to rush her away. "Listen I know that tonight you and Victor are having your little guys night out and everything, but Chris and I don't have anything to do tonight and we were wondering if we could hang out with you guys? You know, make it a girls and guys night out. I already asked Victor and he said that it was okay, but he said we had to ask you too." Cory said.

"Yeah sure Cory. Of course you and Chris can hang with us tonight." TC said excitedly.

"Why are you suddenly in a good mood now?" Cory asked curiously.

"I can't be excited? Is there a law about being excited that I don't know about?" TC spoke up in his defense.

"No. It's just that a few moments ago you looked like you wanted to be anywhere but here. Now you have sudden burst of energy." Cory replied.

"Whatever Cory. Do you know where Victor is?" TC asked starting to get his thoughts regrouped.

"Yeah. He's in the back with Elvis." Cory answered.

"Thanks Cory. I will see you later." TC responded while walking away from her.


"Are you crazy Elvis?! Cindy Crawford is way hotter than Claudia Schiffer." Victor was trying to explain to his Russian friend Elvis.

"Sorry Victor, but I'm going to have to disagree. Claudia is hotter than Cindy." Elvis stated.

"TC, will you please help me get through to this man?" Victor asked once he spotted his friend. "Tell him that Cindy Crawford is hotter than Claudia Schiffer." Victor asked his friend.

"Elvis, Cindy has Claudia beat by a mile. However, Naomi Campbell gives them both a run for their money any day. Victor I have to talk to you man." TC said hopefully settling the argument between the two men.

"Sure man, what's going on?" Victor asked his buddy.

"No offense Elvis but it's kind of private," said TC

"Then leave. This is my working area or did you forget that?" Elvis said a bit hurt TC didn't want to include him in the conversation.

"You're right Elvis, sorry. Victor can I talk to you outside please?"
TC asked.

"No problem buddy. You know Elvis, technically I won this conversation because TC agreed with me." Victor stated before following his friend TC outside.

"Whatever. You young boys know nothing about beauty." Elvis screamed to Victor's back.


"What's going on man?" Victor asked his friend as soon as they were outside. TC looked around to ensure the coast was clear before responding.

"I think that I'm in love with Chris." TC blurted out. Glad to have that off his chest.

"What do you mean that you think that you're in love with Chris?" Victor asked confused.

"Not so loud Victor. Look I don't have time to explain everything right now. I need your help." TC said.

"I am stilling reeling over what you just told me. Does she know.Have you two been doing it behind my back.What do you mean you need my help?

"Victor, will you listen? She doesn't know how I feel about her and I would like to keep it that way until I am ready for her to know. She and Cory are supposed to be hanging out with us tonight. I need you to give me some tips on how to get Chris to notice me." TC explained.

"She does notice you man." Victor said, trying to reassure his friend.

"Yeah, but not the way I want her to. She looks at me and she sees TC her coworker and friend. I want her to see me as TC, a possible lover." TC said trying to help Victor understand.

"Oh. I get it now. You want Chris to see the stud muffin TC. The one all the girls on the boardwalk want to get with. TC all you have to do is be yourself. Chris knows that you are a good guy. If she doesn't see what a great catch you are then maybe she's not the girl for you." Victor replied.

"Listen. When Sandy left I never thought that I could ever feel this way about another woman again. I don't know what it is about Christine Kelly but she moves something inside of me, something Sandy was never able to do. My feelings for her are only growing stronger by the day. If I don't let her know how I feel soon I am going to lose it man. Tonight could be the passageway that I need to get closer to her." TC stated.

"TC how can I be of any help? I mean look at me; I don't even have a girlfriend. On top of that, I don't know what kind of guys Chris goes for. You will be better off asking Cory for help. They're good friends. She would have more insight on what type of guys Chris go for and stuff like that." Victor said.

"Hell no. There is no way that I am getting Cory involved in this. Her and Chris discuss everything. They have a lot of girl talk conversations and the last thing I need is Cory spilling the beans. Absolutely not." TC replied.

"I got an idea! How about I keep Cory occupied tonight while you spend a little quality time with Chris. You know talk to her and see what kind of guys she finds interesting. Hopefully you will fit in that category TC." Victor said.

"That could work. I will get Chris to open up to me. She will tell me what kind of man she finds interesting enough to be with and I will become that man." TC replied with a glee in his eye. "Victor you are a genius. Thanks man."

"I know I am a genius TC, that is why you came to me right? Just don't make it too obvious that you have feeling for her. Some girls get intimidated over stuff like that." Victor replied.

"I know, I know. Let's get back inside before Palermo starts wondering where the hell we are," said TC. While the two gentlemen were walking in the station, Chris and Cory were on their way out and they bumped into each other.

"Just the guys we were looking for. So what are we doing tonight?" Chris asked.

"We are going to Malloy's Pub so that I can beat Cory's butt in a game of pool." Victor stated boldly.

"In your dreams Del Toro. I could beat you blindfolded and you know that." Cory said in her defense.

"I guess we will see about that tonight won't we McNamara. We will see you ladies at 8:00 and don't be late, it will only delay the ass whopping." Victor said to Cory as he was walking off.

"I have a funny feeling that this is going to be a very interesting night." Chris said to TC.

"Yes it is" was TC only response before walking away. Chris and Cory exchanged looks with each other before they separated.

Later on that day, TC planned out everything that he was going to say to Chris. From the type of jokes that he was going to tell to the conversation that they were going to have. He wanted everything to be perfect. Victor was going to busy his self by keeping Cory out of the way and he would use this opportunity to get closer to Chris. For the first time in a long time, TC felt confident about the night ahead. He was going to get the woman of his dreams and nothing was going to stop that.