My story begins in a city called Zanarkand. Luxurious and beautiful, it is one of the most exciting places to be.

There, lives a boy named Tidus. Tidus is the leader of the Zanarkand Abes, the greatest Blitzball team to ever exist. Blitzball is a game played underwater that is a mix of rugby, water polo and soccer - with magic and fighting as well.

Tidus is getting ready for the big tournament, the championship of Blitzball. As he walks down to the stadium he tells the players about his life, and who is father, Jecht is. When His father hasn't been around much since his early ten years, and abandoned him and his mother when Tidus was only seven years old. Ever since, he has much hated his father.

Jecht was the leader of the Zanarkand Abes many years before he left on a journey to who-knows-where. So, here we are back in Zanarkand, ten years later, where Tidus is about to begin the championship game. The game starts out where the players are in a large sphere of water. They play their hearts out, and, some literally get knocked out of the sphere. Very violent game, eh?

Meanwhile in the background, a mysterious figure stood high atop large pillars from a tall building.

This figure, known as Auron to Tidus and to everyone else is watching a large tidal wave also known as Sin, heading towards the city. Auron goes down into the city where the chaos had already begun.

As Tidus plays Blitzball with his team the large tidal wave comes crushing the stadium and begins sucking Tidus into the air. Luckily he grabs hold of a large ledge and hangs on until he falls.

Getting up and out of the stadium, Tidus meets Auron and he instructs him to run, keep running as far as you can. That was until they came face-to- face with Sin itself.

"The time is now Tidus. your story." Auron tells him as they get sucked into Sin and comes across a bright light.

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Chapter 1

The world nowadays is more complex then what it used to be. A world controlled by a mysterious and evil force know as Sin. Year after year, Summoners, who learned the mystical art of summoning journey on a pilgrimage throughout Spira collecting five divine creatures also known as Aeons to sacrifice at the Final Summoning to defeat this threat to Spira and bring the Eternal Calm.

This day was not like any other normal. It was a celebration of Summoners, of Aeons, and for a new summoner who, accompanied by her trustworthy guardians, will finally become a Summoner and stop the death and suffering that Sin brings to Spira.

Located on the sandy hot beach of Besaid stood two people known as Wakka and Lulu.

Both guardians of this 'new' summoner, Wakka is coach and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, and Lulu, a self-possessed young woman that seems insensitive at times, wait anxiously for their summoner to return from the temple.

Floating towards the shoreline, Tidus finally woke up and began choking on the water. He waved and splashed around trying to get someone's attention when finally Wakka and Lulu looked over and Wakka began to swim in the water and headed over to the young man.

"Don't worry, ya? I got you." Wakka told the blonde boy as he swam back to the beach with the boy. Tidus, extremely weak and tired, hanged onto Wakka as he brought him to shore.

Wakka pulled him onto the sand and patted him on the back as he coughed out seawater.

"Are you okay? Who are you?" Lulu asked. He waited a minute to catch his breath then stood up. "Tidus." He replied.

"Tidus, eh? Where you from? How did you end up in the water?" Wakka asked.

Tidus looked at them with a shifty eye look. "Can't you recognize me? Tidus, you know, star player of the Zanarkand Abes." Tidus told him.

Lulu began laughing at him. "Did you hit your head or something? Zanarkand has been destroyed for nearly 1000 years." Lulu told him.

"What!? That's impossible. I'm from Zanarkand! I know I am." Tidus shouted.

"And Blitzball has been banned in most cities throughout Spira with an exception of a few, so no one plays Blitzball there." Lulu said then walked away, heading back to the village.

"You believe me, right Wakka?" Tidus asked.

Wakka threw his arm around his shoulder. "Hey, I'm not saying that team never existed, it's just that, well, never mind. Lets head up to the village and you can get something to eat. What do ya say?" Wakka said.

Tidus was pretty hungry and besides he had nowhere else to go so he agreed and walked to Besaid Village with Wakka.

"Lulu is at the temple. That is where we go to before the celebration." Wakka told Tidus as they walked towards the temple. "Celebration?" Tidus asked.

"Yeah. If Yuna obtains her first Aeon, she will be recognized as a true summoner. After, a celebration is held for her hard work and, well, you'll see." Wakka explained.

"Uh, Yuna?" Tidus asked.

"Ya brudda, stop with the questions. You'll see. Just be patient." Wakka told him then entered the temple.

Once inside, they found Lulu waiting patiently and also a big hairy guy, also known as Kimahri.

Kimahri is a powerful warrior of the Ronso tribe and has watched over Yuna from her youngest days.

"Uh, what do we do now?" Tidus asked.

Wakka crossed his arms over his chest. "We wait. Once Yuna is done, she will come out." Wakka said then nodded his head to a flight of stairs leading up to a door.

Tidus walked up to the stairs and looked around. Giant statues of other summoners filled the room, which brought joy and happiness to visitors and villagers. Lulu waited in the middle of the room beside Wakka and Kimahri stood at the entrance of the temple.

After mush patients and waiting, the door slowly opened and Yuna emerged from the dark walking lightheaded and trying to keep her balance. She brushed the hair away from her face and weakly smiled at everyone.

Tidus looked up at her and his jaw dropped. Was it because of first impressions or just staring in wonder.

"I did it. I have " Yuna said but then fainted from the tiredness and obtaining and began to fall down the stairs. Everyone jumped in fear as they saw her slowly fall but luckily, Tidus ran up quick enough and caught her before she stumbled to the ground.

Kimahri quickly rushed over to her and carefully picked her up and walked out of the temple, returning her to her hut.

"Whew! That was a close one. Good job Tidus." Wakka said then walked out of the temple with him. Lulu sighed and followed Wakka and Tidus outside.

"Will Yuna be okay?" Tidus asked as he sat in Wakka's hut eating bread.

"She'll be fine. She just needs to rest before the celebration. Yuna will be out probably in a few minutes." Wakka told him.

Tidus sighed, staring at his bread.

"What's wrong?" Wakka asked.

"Oh nothing. I just hope Yuna will be okay for the celebration, whatever she'll be doing there." Tidus replied.

Wakka opened his mouth about to say something when they heard fireworks outside.

"It has begun. Lets go." Wakka said with a smile. Tidus stood up and walked out of the hut with Wakka to see everyone gathering near the center of the village. Tidus ran up and shoved his way through the crowd to the very front where he saw Yuna holding a staff.

"Do you best, child." An Elder told her.

"Okay." Yuna said with a nod.

And with that, Yuna began. She called upon the spirits of Yore and the Aeon's barrier symbol appeared beneath Yuna, as the Aeon came forth from the sky and flew down to Yuna.

Everyone stared in amazement as they say the giant creature approach Yuna and allowed her to gently stroke his head. The villagers then began to cheer and smile knowing that their young apprentice summoner was ready to begin her journey.

The Elder approached Yuna. "Well done, child. You were able to summon Valefor effectively and correctly."

Yuna bowed. "Thank you so much." Yuna then turned back to Valefor and signaled to dismiss him. Valefor flew up high in the sky and vanished within its power.

Wakka found Tidus still in shock by what he just saw and swung his arm around his shoulders. "Was that awesome or what!? Ha ha!" Wakka said.

Tidus then struggled for Wakka to let him go. "Hey! Let me go!" Tidus demanded.

Wakka laughed and released him. "Enjoy the party cause tomorrow were leaving." Wakka said then walked away from him and headed over to the Besaid Aurochs.

Tidus crossed his arms and pouted.

"Excuse me?" Someone said from behind him. Tidus quickly turned around and saw Yuna talking to him. Yuna talking to Tidus!? He was speechless.

"Hi, I'm Yuna. I saw you in the temple and..wanted to thank you for helping me." Yuna told him.

Tidus smile. "Oh, um, no prob. That summoning thing you did was really awesome." Tidus said.

"Ah! You really think so!?" Yuna asked in excitement.

"Of course." Tidus replied. Yuna smiled pleasantly at him. Tidus smiled back.

Afterwards, a little girl came running up to Tidus and Yuna. "Lady Yuna come play with me some more!!" The little girl asked.

Yuna bent down and smiled. "Okay." The little girl then ran off.

Yuna stood up and looked back at Tidus. "What's your name?" Yuna asked.

"Uh, Tidus!" He choked.

"Well then Tidus, until tomorrow." Yuna said.

"Tomorrow?" Tidus asked.

"We are taking the same boat, are we not?" Yuna asked.

"Uh, well, of course. See ya later then." Tidus said then waved at her as she walked away from him.

Soon after Wakka approached him.

"Yuna's pretty, eh?" Wakka asked.

"Yeah." Tidus trailed off then turned, facing Wakka. "Wakka, we'll be going somewhere tomorrow?"

"Yuna will begin her pilgrimage. Kimahri, Lulu and I are her guardians. We protect her along the way. You must be tired. Go to my hut and rest. We have a big day tomorrow." Wakka explained.

"I guess..there is just so much I still don't understand about this place." Tidus told Wakka.

"I'll explain tomorrow." Wakka said.

And with that, Tidus walked off to the hut and went to sleep.

The next day, everyone woke up bright and early for the start of something new. Tidus walked out of the hut and saw Wakka waiting outside with Kimahri and Lulu.

He then approached them.

"G'ood morning Tidus. Nice day, ya? Okay since we have some time, what would you like to know?" Wakka asked.

"Everything, or at least all you can tell me." Tidus replied.

"Okay, I'll tell you what I can. Sin is a mysterious yet evil force that destroys anything in its past. It dies to be reborn again. But, only someone with exceptional skills can control Sin and in its place is called Sin. The only thing that can defeat Sin is people called Summoners that have learned the mystical art of summoning aeons which are powerful spirits of Yore." "Like Yuna?" Tidus asked interrupting.

"Yes, like Yuna. Today is the day that she will embark on her journey to defeat Sin." Wakka told him.

"Is there anything else I should know about summoners before we leave?" Tidus asked.

"Only not to get to close to her. I already saw you a few times with her. You helped her she helps you, this leads to that, you get?" Wakka told him.

"To close to her? Why not?" Tidus asked curiously.

"For summoners, they are forbidden to fall in love. Because of her duties, she cannot." Wakka told him.

"I, well, um..I'll try." Tidus told him. Wakka smiled.

"Good. Now lets go before we're late."

Upon arriving at the docks, Lulu was yelling at Wakka why he was so late. Yuna watched Wakka and Tidus run towards the ship before it departed and giggled at their clumsiness.

Once everyone was boarded the ship, they were off.

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