Title: Dangerously in Love

Summary: Yes you already guessed it, The Draco Malfoy(Sex-god of Hogwarts) is in Love for the first time. We all know that he's spoiled rotten by his father. Unfortunately his father can't get this for him, which makes him Dangerously in Love.

Warning: This is SLASH. Boy/Boy---- Don't like it? BUGGER OFF! And don't flame me telling me it's disgusting, because that makes me very pissed off... That's my warning for now...

Pairings: DM/Everybody in Hogwarts(Ok, now I'm lying... No Huffelpufs and Absolutely NO Gryffindors. Ravenclaws? ... Only if they're hot and smart. Slytherins, welcome to my lovely, black and silk bed) & DM/HP (If everything goes as planned...)

Year: 6th year, and believe me it was Hell for me

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Except my little plot in his story... And the Draco Malfoy in my dreams...*licks her lips*… ok I don´t own that Draco either!

Thanks to my beta-reader: MEG!!!


Prologue: The Draco Malfoy we all know...


Because I'm Dangerously in love with you, I'll never leave...

(Dangerously in love, by Destiney's Child)


Draco Malfoy sat up in his bed, it had happened again. Once again he had caught himself dreaming of Harry Potter and it wasn't a nightmare...

"I must be going insane," Draco sighed, looking to the brown haired beauty that was lying next to him. He felt as if he was going to be sick and stood up. It was time for his nightly night walk up to the highest tower in Hogwarts. The only place where he felt free. Every night he dreamed of Harry Potter, 'The-boy-who-lived.' It was driving him crazy. The longing for his touch was unbearable. Normally when he wanted something or someone, he would get it or the person within a few hours. He liked it that way. It didn't bother him at all, that he was spoiled by his father. Or that people only liked him because of his looks and power. As long as he got what he wanted... right?

But when did he ask for this stupid new feeling? This feeling that increased every time he saw Harry Potter. That made his stomach flip every time he thought of him. That made his heart skip a beat when he heard his name, or something that sounded like Harry or Potter. He hated it! Not because it was new and he didn't know what to do with it, but because it made him weak. Not on the outside, but in the inside.

When he remembered that Harry Potter was his enemy, completely out of reach even for him and not to mention a boy, his heart ached. Harry Potter wasn't the boy who thought about girlfriends (or boyfriends), he was far too innocent. Of course there was some gossip around Potter and that Cho- person, but he knew for a fact that she didn't take Potter's virginity! Potter's virginity was his, only his. No one would take that from him, if they didn't want to die a horrible death.

So he had cursed dozens of people in the past few weeks because they had 'accidentally' touched Potter... Who cares? They ought to stay away from his property.

Draco mentally slapped himself again and went through his blond hair with his hand. He couldn't call Harry his property. Harry wasn't his to claim.

Everything was going great until this happened. Girls adored him, now most of them were scared of him. His grades were finally higher than Granger's, now they were lower again. He was going to get the Dark Mark, now he didn't even know if he wanted the damn thing. All because of that stupid new feeling he was developing for Harry Potter and he didn't even know how it happened. He couldn't ignore it, although he tried... maybe because he saw Potter change over fifth year. Especially in the beginning of sixth year. Sometimes Draco felt like they weren't so different after all, but dismissed the thought immediately. Potter and he alike? He was rich, powerful and most importantly beautiful. Potter was poor, didn't have any power whatsoever (with power I mean, power in the normal world (not muggle world). I know that Potter would beat the shit out of me if we were to fight) and was ugly. Well up until he went mad, Potter was.

Why was his body and mind doing this to him? Didn't he know that they couldn't be together? He didn't even want to be with Potter... Ok he did, but Potter didn't want to be with him. Potter wanted to be as far away from him as possible, he made that clear enough... and that was pissing him off.

Maybe he should share his bed with Potter once... maybe that would make his mind stop doing crazy stuff.

'How the hell am I going to sleep with Harry Potter without anybody knowing?' Draco thought, sitting next to the open window. The view from the tower was magnificent, he loved to be here. Maybe because it was very near to the Gryffindor tower, maybe not.

He felt sorry for Potter sometimes, people always expected things from him. He knew exactly how it felt. The difference was that with him it was only his father, with Potter it was the whole f*cking world. No wonder Potter's behaviour changed.

Voldemort and Harry were bound to kill each other. He heard that when he was eavesdropping on Potter and his two friends once. It was the reason that he didn't want to be on Voldemort's side anymore. That bastard was planning to kill his Harry, he knew it. His father reminded him of that fact every single day.

He ought to go back to his bed and kick that brown haired girl out of his bed. The fact that every girl he slept with had brown hair and preferably green eyes, was rather funny. Not that anyone else noticed that fact.

He stood up and walked out of the room. Walking down the stairs, he realised that he had to make a plan to get Potter to want him. It seemed nearly impossible, knowing that Potter wasn't gay. Maybe he should just take his chances and hit on Potter when he and his friends went to Hogsmeade. On the other hand... that could ruin everything. Making him feel miserable and extremely dangerous to everybody who dared to come closer that 10 feet.

Maybe he should lock Potter and himself into a closet and wait until Potter and he were friends before he opened the door again... Too Cliché!

Although it had to be something like that. He would have to force Potter to talk to him. It wasn't as if Potter was very keen on talking to him... Mmm, maybe he should kidnap Potter and hide him somewhere. Not let him free until he loved him. He liked that plan. It wasn't going to go easily... but it might work. The only thing he had to do was make Potter lose all the anger he obviously was holding inside of him. All the frustration and hatred he was feeling towards the dark side. Make Potter want him back.

He'd have to plan this thing very carefully. It was too bad he couldn't involve his father in this one. He'd have to do it all by himself, not that he was afraid of doing this by himself. It's just that his father made sure he got what he wanted, which was a lot easier. On the other hand, he had learned enough about the dark arts from his father. So he did know how he would have to do everything.

He walked into his room and up to his bed.

"Get out, I want to sleep," he said loudly. He knew it was harsh to treat the girl like that, but he was in a bad mood and if she didn't want to be cursed, she'd better leave. Besides it wasn't as if shagging with her was that good. Nowadays nothing compared to his dreams with Harry and that bugged him immensely.

He thought about trying to shag another boy, but it wasn't as if he wanted to shag other boys. The only boy he wanted was Potter! Besides gays weren't accepted... if it came out, he would be a disgrace to the Malfoy family. And trust me, you didn't want to be that. You would die a very painful death and wished you had killed yourself, even though that's the lowest thing a Malfoy could do.

And that was another reason to stay away from Potter, but how could he stay away from Potter if Potter made him feel like this? A fuzzy feeling came up every time Draco saw Harry smile. The fact that the smile wasn't meant for him didn't change the fact. If Harry said something in class, Draco's knees would melt. Everyday he stood up with a smile, thinking about Harry. The smile disappeared when he thought about how wrong it was and that Harry was totally out of reach. But for three seconds he would feel happy and that feeling was new for Draco. Draco could only dream about the feeling he would get if he really did held Harry in his arms, or kiss him.

He collapsed on his silk bed, watching the girl pick up her clothes and leave the room. He grinned when he noticed she was afraid of him.

He sighed, he would have to think about the plan tomorrow. Maybe in Potion class, it's not like Snape would dare do anything to me.

Sleep came easily when Draco was thinking about Harry...


Draco made his way to breakfast the next day. Even though he was looking as stunning as usual in his very expensive robes, he felt like crap and was once again in a bad mood.

"Dracy!" Pansy exclaimed, running towards him.

Draco rolled his eyes and raised one eyebrow. If she dares to do that annoying 'flashing-thing' with her eyelashes, I'll kill her. "What?" he snapped, not looking at her. He scanned the room for Harry and smirked when he noticed that Harry was once again late for breakfast.

"I just wanted you to know that I arranged a date for the two of us. When we go to Hogsmeade next weekend," Pansy said, with her annoying high and childish voice.

Draco's eyes widened. "What did you say?"

"That I arranged a-" Pansy begun.

But Draco cut her off. "Not that part, after that!" he sneered, sitting down at the end of the Slytherin table. He didn't want to talk to people during breakfast. He had to take time and wake up properly, drinking a cup of coffee. Without annoying Pansy's around you, but this time she had valuable information, so she could stay for one second.

"The Hogsmeade weekend?" Pansy asked, looking at him strangely. "Our date is during the Hogsmeade weekend,"

Draco smirked, he had just found the perfect opportunity to kidnap Potter. "You may leave Pansy and just for your information, I'm not feeling well on our date," he said coldly.


"LEAVE," he snapped, getting a headache.

Pansy's eyes narrowed. "I'm going to tell you father about this," she said angrily.

"Fine, as if I care. It's not like I want to see you anymore. He'll realise how annoying you are and get rid of you for me." Draco glared, making her walk away with her hands on her hips. Pouting like a little girl. "Women... utterly annoying," he muttered to himself, shaking his head.

At that moment Harry walked into the Great Hall.

'Mmm, he's looking quite stunning this morning,' Draco thought, licking his lips. "If only I could... No! Stop it! Stop it! I don't have the time to take a cold shower before Potions."

Besides, he had other things to think about... like his plan. But on the other hand, he had double Potions to think of that. Now he could just wake up slowly, looking to this beauty worlds away from him.

Only when he looked right into vivid green eyes, he noticed he had been staring at Harry. How un-Malfoyish! He smirked quickly and looked away, feeling his cheeks flush. Luckily Harry was sitting too far away to notice his embarrassment.

He looked at his watch, he had to get to Potions. To his luck he saw that Harry obviously thought the same, because he was standing up as well. 'Time for some ass-viewing.' Draco thought amused.

He slowed down his actions until he was absolutely sure he would walk directly behind the trio.

Draco bit his lip, when Harry shot him a glare. His heart ached once again.

'I'm feeling so weird, I never knew feeling like this could exist inside of me. I'm soaring, emotions exploding inside of me. It's like I don't want to live another day, if Potter's not by my side.' Draco thought, looking at his feet and swallowing hard. 'But he will be. I'll never leave this alone. When I'm in love, I'm dangerous. Well only if you reject me, like Potter's doing right now. I have to find a different way, if my looks and powers aren't working. And that's exactly what I'm going to. Potter better fall in love with me...'


Knowing it aint easy... Easy loving me.

Dangerously in love, by Destiny's Child