High School Terrors
Author: Gothic Spook
E-mail: gothic_spook@hotmail.com
Rating: PG
Key words: DRR, Doggett, Reyes, Mulder, Scully friendship
Category: Case file/ Romance maybe some humour
Summery: A case of disappearing teachers and student send Doggett, Reyes, Scully and Mulder back to High School
Disclaimer: Don't belong to me. Property of CC, 1013 and FOX. Yada yada yada.
Spoilers: Season 8&9
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Authors note: I'm not from america and so have no clue what high school is really like except from what I have seen on tv and films. So I apologise if High School is nothing like it is in this fic.

Monica woke up with a start. She was startled by her surroundings. It took her a few minutes to remember were she was and whom she was in bed with. This was the fifth night in a row that she had had a dream about school, not her school but a school non the less. She would be the teacher and she would be in front of the class teaching. The next thing she knew she would be in a dark room. No windows. Only some stairs leading to a trap door. She would frantically try and open it. To find it locked from the outside. She could smell an awful smell, as if something was dead and decaying. She would sit for hours thinking of a way out when the trap door would open. The light blinding her. That was when she always woke up. She looked at the alarm clock and saw that it was only 2:30 in the morning. She got out of bed and went to get herself a drink of water. Upon returning she could see the other occupant of the bed looking at her.

Are you okay?' He asked with concern in his voice.

Yeah, it was just a nightmare' She told him as she crawled back into bed, he pulled her close to him and started kissing her neck. She started moaning, he had found out that her neck was her weak spot.

John' She moan as his lips found hers.

Neither said anything else as they made love. They had discovered how much they loved each other the previous week and had spent every night together. As the time went on, their moans filled the night air, until they were sleeping peacefully in each others arms. Monica forgetting all about her dream. As John held tight to her and she held tight to him.