FBI freeze!' John yelled as he burst through the door. Mulder and Dana followed him in with their guns held high and aimed at the killer.

I must mark her' he said and went to stab Monica.

She screamed as the knife came down. A shot rang out. Steven dropped the knife and fell to the floor. Dead. Dana walked up to him and checked his pulse.

He's dead' she announce.

John practically ran to Monica. She was crying uncontrollably. John undid the chain cuffs that held her hands above her head. She wrapped her arms around him and he wrapped his around her, being careful not to injure her further. The next few minutes were a whirl wind, between the local police and FBI agents coming to secure the scene and being taken off in the ambulance to the hospital. John never once letting go or loosening his grip on Monica's hand.

Monica was still unconscious, she hadn't woken up since they arrived at the hospital. The doctors and Dana had assured John that she was just regaining her strength. He was still worried. Dana and Mulder were outside the room, fixing the loose ends on the case. John held Monica's hand, looking at her face. She looked peaceful. She looked beautiful. He noticed her eyes fluttering open. She blinked a couple of times before she saw him and smiled.

Hi' she whispered.

Hi. How you feeling' he asked, concerned for her.

Thirsty' she said.

He got her a cup of water and placed the straw in her mouth. She took a little sip and pulled back. Thank you' she said, she took a breathe, then asked. How did you find me?'

We questioned the gardener, he was acting like he had something to hide, he was nervous. We couldn't hold him with no evidence so we let him go and kept a close eye on him. We followed him into the shed, we saw the head teacher go in and then heard you scream that's when we went in' He explained.

I didn't see the gardener, only the head teacher' She told him confused.

Apparently the gardener new what was going on and was threatened to keep quiet, we found him dead, with him was a letter explaining all of it' He told her, she nodded. The door opened and Mulder and Dana entered.

How you feeling?' Dana asked checking her breathing, temperature and pulse.

Fine. How long till I can go?' she was already itching to get out of there.

Tomorrow morning the earliest, we'll leave you to get some rest' Mulder told her.

Mulder and Dana left wishing her goodnight. Monica turned back to John. He noticed she was falling asleep.

Get some rest, I'll be back in the morning to pick you up' He told her. She nodded and closed her eyes a final time.

Goodnight' She whispered a second before her breathing evened out, letting John know she was asleep. He stood up, leaned over her and kissed her forehead.

Goodnight' He walked towards the door, opened it but stopped before leaving. He looked back at her.

I love you' He whispered and left for the night.


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