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Rating: PG

Return of the Pirate

It'd been nearly two centuries since I had a captain and his crew in my presence; I'd nearly forgotten the fun they could be. The bloodlust I felt that night, or rather morning, I had the great Judson Cross and his small crew was the strongest it'd been in a quarter of a century. Though Daniel's betrayal had angered me, I could almost thank him for bringing Cross to me. That night reawakened my lust for the kill. The centuries with poor bruiting Daniel weakened that lust and dulled my senses to the wonderful world that was waiting for me to discover it again.

When I first brought Daniel Wainright into my world I believed that the wealthy young man would love the power and privilege I'd given him. But too late for me to realize the weakling that he truly was. It was most refreshing to see him finally become what I knew he could be. And though he did betray me to Cross, I saw why he had done it. Judson Cross.

From the first moment that I met Cross I knew the he was; I'd known hundreds like him. I've seen many more of his breed become weak when faced by me. But not the great Judson Cross. The type of man Cross is wouldn't allow Daniel to slink away from standing up to me. Too bad that young Daniel chose to go out in the sun.

I've kept my eye on Cross and his merry little crew in the long months since they stole my treasure and the home I'd lived in for centuries. I've followed them through their adventures and watched as Cross lost many a night of sleep over wondering if I could still be out there lurking somewhere in the shadows like some kind of demon beast. Cross may be the one that I want but I can't help my lingering stares at the lusciously long neck of his young friend; he looks like such a tasty young man. From the moment that I offered Cross immortal life I had wondered how sweet the boy would taste. But alas the ever honorable Judson Cross denied my offer and the taste I was lusting after.

But lamenting the past will be of no use in getting me what it is that I want and that is Judson Cross. He is a strong man who holds fast to his beliefs and does not easily allow himself to stray from them. He will make the most interesting companion, and if I can't have him then I will take his young friend. Tonight I will ask him one last time to join me in immortality and sail with me for all time, and no matter how he answers I will have the taste that I've spent the last year lamenting over not having.

Had I been a mortal he would've heard me coming much sooner than he did. I feel his body heat and adrenaline start to rise as he realizes that he's not alone. I can see from my perch on the roof of the wheelhouse that the cool sea air has caused the bare flesh of arms to become covered in goose flesh. I can't help smile at the young man's fear and his sense of bravery. He may have come from a privileged life, but he had all the senses and bravery of any common man I'd ever known. If his fear of not knowing what could be lurking in the darkness around him is any indication of he tastes like, I can't wait for the feast to begin.

"Who's there?" I watch as his lips move like the wings of a butterfly. Oh he will be so much more than a meal and far beyond any kill I've ever had. If he's especially tasty I may have to keep him around for a while. The sweet ones don't come along everyday, particularly these days. There's way too much corruption of the young one's in this time than I remember in my entire life time. "Why don't you save us both some time and come out of hiding now?" Such brave words. I will have to take his invitation.

"Thank you for the invitation, boy." Surprised by my sudden appearance behind him, the young man spun himself around hard. The horror was etched on his young face in such detail that I almost wish I had a camera to document it. I can hear his heart beat ever faster in his chest.

"What . . . You died," his voice came out just above a whisper as his eyes took me in.

"Do you believe that I won't know a way to escape my own home?"

"No, but I'd hoped." He regained some of his composure.

"I've come for Cross," I say, reaching out to grab hold of Gabriel's arm. I can feel him want to flinch away from me, but he doesn't. "He should be back any moment. And I'm afraid that you are a major part of the deal I'm going to make with your boss." I pull him in close to me, his sent intoxicating me as I breath him in. Just a taste, I tell myself as I lean in closer to his baby soft neck.

"Let him go!" Judson's strong voice throws me from my drunken reverie. Looking up over young Gabriel's shoulder I see the man that I truly came for standing on the deck his fists curled into fists ready to fight, the grocery bags he'd been carrying tossed away forgotten.

"I have a deal for you," I say, seeing the anger and fear rising the blond man's green eyes as he comes closer.

"Let him go and I might let you live long enough to talk."

"You don't have a cannon this time, Cross." I can see the concern he has for the young man I'm holding against my chest. "And as you can see I have your friend."

"What do you want?"

"What I wanted the first time that we met," I smile at him crudely as stopped where he was.

"And I told you that I'm not interested. So, you can let him go and be on your way."

"Always the saint aren't you, Judson Cross." I pull the young man closer to me. I can see the pale blue outline of his jugular, and begin to pray that the time when I get to plunge into the decadence of his taste is getting nearer.

"I never claimed that."

"Too bad," I shrug. "Saint Judson had such a nice ring to it."

"You got your answer, now let him go."

"No, I don't think that I will just yet." Before Cross could even react to my movement I sink my already watering teeth into the bulging vein just beneath the skin. Greedily I pull his life force from his slender body, ignoring Cross' yelp of disbelief and the cries of young Gabriel.

I allow the blood to flow over my lips and down his paling skin to stain the light blue tee shirt he's wearing. Slowly he grows ever limper in my grasp and I know that if I don't stop he'll be gone and there will be no chance for another taste of his sweet blood, but I don't want to stop it's too good. Tightening my grip on the dark haired youth, I unlock my jaw and release my hold over his jugular. Placing my hand on his forehead I pull his wilted head to rest on my shoulder, the smell of his blood permeating the salty air of the sea. "You can die, I can allow Judson to save you or you can join me, which do you choose?" I whisper in his ear.

"I'd rather die," is his weathered response. Watching Cross' face drop I know that he too knows what his young friend said.

He is braver than any I've ever known. Cross has worked hard teaching this one. Maybe someday soon I'll test just how willing he is to die before he allows me to give him the very thing he'll spend the rest of his life chasing after. "Not yet." I release him and he falls heavily to the deck of the boat. "There's no need to chase me, Cross, I won't go far," I say as he runs to the side of his young comrade. Taking his momentary distraction as my cue I leap to the wheelhouse roof once more before returning to my world of never ending night. Someday I will have them both.

The End