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"Naruto you dumb ass, cut it out." Sakura said while she bonked him over the head. Team seven was out on one of their infamous missions, this time in Sound Country.

She was getting sick of her dear Sasuke giving sly comments, Naruto reacting violently toward those comments and Kaka-sensei doing nothing about it while reading his "Come Come Paradise." She could scream. She had enough. She stopped turned around grabbed Kakashi's book out of his hand and threw it into her bag. She looked up at him with such a glare that promised pain.

"Hey you!"she got up right into his face. "I'm so TIRED of being the one to keep order in this team! Why aren't you?! You are our "leader!", Humph" and with that she stormed off. She didn't care where she was going as long as it was away from those, those males!

Kakashi was taken aback. He just let someone take his book. But he was really surprised how Sakura just blew up like that. She never got that mad before. He scratched his head and gave a sheepish 'heh.' He looked around. Naruto was trying to follow Sakura.

"Eh. Naruto" Kakashi said calling to him. Naruto turned around.

"Kaka-sensei?"Naruto replied.

"Don't. I bet you more than anything, she needs space." he said thoughtfully. Naruto looked confused. Kakashi looked up the light was becoming dimmer with pink ribbons streaked the sky.

"Yosh, lets set up camp here."


Sakura couldn't handle it anymore and she was only a week into her mission, and still had three more to go. Who knew living with males this long was this hard? Even her precious Sasuke-kun was not a welcoming sight. She sat down at a base of a tree and sighed. She needed some alone time. She reached into her bag for a drink.

"Oww!" she pulled out the book she had taken from Kakashi. It had given her a paper cut. She set the book next to her. Reaching in, she grabbed her water bottle with her other hand while sucking the small wound.

"Ahh, this is great." she said contentedly after a few gulps. She went to prop herself up with her hand when she felt the book. She then picked it up with an inquisitive look.

"Why on earth does he read this?" she thought as she fanned the pages. A small photograph fell out. It was a picture of a well, and on the back was some music notes. Sakura had studied some music when she was little because of her mother. She hummed the tune and found it was very catchy. She continued to hum the little tune while she inspected the book.

"Ew, this book is totally perverse." She closed it shut and set it down. A few moments passed. The curiosity was killing her. She opened it back up and continued to read it.

Sakura was a sheltered child. She did what was supposedly right, which made her innocent to this situation. She never knew what things like this, were like.

She felt her skin crawl with the pander descriptions, and she became flushed. She had really gotten into the book.

"Oi, Sakura" a voice said. She jumped up and slammed the book shut and tried her best to hide the book and her reddened face. She looked up it was Sasuke. She sighed with relief. Even though she liked him so, he still wouldn't look at her unless he needed to. She painfully knew this, but it worked in her favor this once.

"Hai, Sasuke-kun?" she kindly asked.

"Camp . . . food" was all he said before he started to walk.

"Choto . . . choto matte!" she cried while she gathered her things, and placed them into her bag.


Back at camp everyone's tents were set up except hers. Kakashi was tending to the fire while the food cooked. It smelt heavenly. Naruto came out of the woods with an arm full of firewood.

"Kobanwa Sakura-chan" said Naruto while he set them next to Kakashi.

"Koban . . . wa . . . " she replied half mindedly. Was this really the group she left?

"Well you should probably set your tent before all the daylight is gone." Kaka-sensei said. Sakura snapped out of her daze and got to work.


"Sugoi! Supper was great!" said a very content Naruto.

"Yes, very good, thank you sensei" Sakura said. It was Sasuke's turn to do dishes. He took all the bowls and chopsticks and was walking off.

"Eh Sasuke wait up, I'll help" said Naruto. Sakura's jaw dropped. This was an unheard of thing for Naruto. Wanting to do responsible things and work with Sasuke nonetheless!

"Ahhhhhh" Kaka-sensei groaned as he stood up next to her and stretched. She never really realized how tall he actually was. Kaka-sensei let out an especially loud groan as he stretched out his side. That triggered off something that she had read from "Come Come Paradise" she felt her face becoming hot, as continued to watch him. She noticed his broad shoulders and chest, and she started to daze off wondering what he looked like under that mask of his.

"Oi, Sakura" Kaka-sensei was waving his large hand in front of her face. She looked up to see his deep dark eye looking at her. Her face became more red as she quickly stared at her feet.

"Do you have a fever? You look like you're hot" before she could say anything he put his hand on her forehead. It was kinda cool compared to her face. While taking a few moments to see she was or not, in her mind she thought of Kaka-sensei saying "You look like you're hot." Even tough she knew he didn't mean it that way, it made her blush more.

"Maybe you should go lay down. You feel a little warm to me." Kaka-sensei said with a concern tone. Sakura obeyed, got up, turned around and tripped on the log that she was just sitting on. She got up again and scurried over to her tent and disappeared out of sight.


She flopped on her sleeping bag "What's wrong with me!" she felt wrong inside because she had put all her energy into getting Sasuke to notice her, but she realized that she no longer cared for Sasuke. She knew that Sasuke would not love her back no matter how much love she gave. But now what is this feeling for Kaka-sensei? He was her teacher, perverse, always late, and not good for anything! She sighed for she was emotionally worn out.


Sakura stared blankly at the top of her tent. She yawned. She had not realized how tired she had become. Stretching out, she let her arms fall limp, landing on Kakashi's book. She sat up and looked at the book.

"Ah-ha! It was this, this book! It made me all weird." she said angrily. She sighed and then realized that she was yelling at a book. But then she thought, 'Since I took the book away, the team has been working together better.' A smile stretched across her face. She was proud of the fact that she started this productivity. There was no way she was going to give the book back to Kaka-sensei. She was pleased that things were finally getting done.

She looked at the picture that was peeking atop the book. She opened it up and observed the details of the picture. It looked like a relaxing place to go to. Closing her eyes, she tried to imagine the place in her head. It was beautiful with the sun, the trees and all the flowers. She leaned up against the vine-covered wall of the well and started to hum the tune on the back of the picture. It seemed to fit the place so well.

"Oi, Sakura" She got up with a start and quickly moved the book from her chest and hid it back into her bag.

"Hai." she said.

"Sounds like you're feeling better." the sensei said.

"Hai." she replied.

"Well good night." His shadow started to disappear but stopped and turned around. "Eh, Sakura?"

"Huh sensei?"

"Can I have my book back?"

"Nope." she said smartly. "You're going to pay attention to your team for once."

He sighed, scratched his head and went off to his tent.

She was quite pleased with herself.


Kakashi opened up the front of his tent and walked in. He wasn't worried that Sakura would read his book. From what he knew of her, she would never do that. And yet, he did feel uncomfortable with that idea because she did not seem herself.


Sakura woke up with a start. "Come Come Paradise" fell beside her. She must have fallen asleep reading it. She groaned as she rubbed her eyes. The birds were singing. She looked at her small clock.

"5:45? Ahhk." She got up. None of the boys were awake yet. "Thank God." she said relived. She needed to go to the bathroom.

She walked out in her oversized T-shirt that she used as a night shirt. It was twilight. She headed off into the woods. She strolled for a bit in the crisp air. It gave her goose bumps, but it was rather refreshing. She wanted to keep as much distance from the 'males' as she could. She found a good spot and did her business and she started to walk back.

Something was wrong. She looked around. She had no idea where she was. She grew tense at the idea that no one knew where she was.

"Well I can continue walking, I suppose, since no one will be awake for a while. Anyway, I don't think I wandered that far away. " she said trying to calm herself.

She seemed to be walking in circles for quiet some time now. She sat down to think and to rest her bare, sore feet. While so, she hummed the tune that seemed so calming. After steading her nerves she got up decided that she was going to continue to walk. She raised up her head and there was the well from the picture and all its beauty.

"It was just as I imagined it."



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