My long awaited return. My laptop was just now fixed. Oh the joys. I finally have the motivation to end this story. And the computer to do it as well. I am no longer worring about grammar or spelling. I am assuming reading though it once will be good enough. If you can't understand what I am trying to say after that... well piff on you. I am power writing this baby!

"SAKURA!!! KAKASHI!!!" Hokage screamed as the two dashed off though the hospital halls. She was relieved that she got away from that horrible situation. She followed Kakashi who was setting the path though the busy hospital. She recognized that the exit was coming up shortly and smiled slightly.

"This way!" She heard Kakashi's voice say as he took a sharp turn out a fire escape. As they made their way from the hospital's premises she caught a glimpse of Ino and Naruto was looking at them though a window. She felt bad for putting them in the middle of this.

"Sakura up here!" Kakashi yelled. His voice was from up high. Startled to see he was no longer in front of him she haltered.

"Sakura!" Kakashi yelled from the roof top he was on. She quickly jumped up and followed.

"You can't get distracted right now. We have four ANBU members following us right now." Kakashi said focused looking around as he looked about him as he ran. "Just follow me and don't get lost." He deliberately looked into Sakura's eyes to make sure she understood the seriousness of the situation. His forehead protector was up exposing his sharingan eye. He didn't need to see her nod. He knew she understood. That feeling of relief she had was now gone. It felt like she was being hunted all over again.

She did her best to follow Kakashi. He was so much faster when he needed to be. Sharp turns though the market, over roofs, doing switchbacks though alleyways. She listened to every command he gave.

"Now Sakura, we lost two of the ANBU members, but I can't seem to get rid of the last two. Do you have enough chatura to do a henge no jutsu and a doppleganger?" Kakashi said slightly out of breath as he once again jumped up and along the roof tops.

"Yes." she replied "for around ten minutes" Sakura said as she followed in the same fashion.

"Good. The school is having recess now. We need to slip into disguise while we seem to run into the woods behind the school. Now just jump into the sand and make a big dust cloud!"

The school immediately came into view and Kakashi jumped without hesitation. Sakura did the same hoping she could perform the actions fast enough.

She hit the ground hard toppling a small child over. Not having the time to feel bad she looked up as her and Kakashi's doppleganger bounced from the ground and up on the schools roof and into the woods.

She saw two shadows of men sail pass them after their copies. The small children were looking at them in shock at what happened. This quickly overwhelmed them and started to cry. One had a pretty good scrape. Sakura was confused on what to do now. Where was Kakashi? She was the only kid one who wasn't crying! Did he really leave her? The gray haired kid next to her continued to whine but at the same timed winked at her.

"Comon. Act like you were hurt and go inside early. I know a place to hide." He said as he continued to hold his slightly scrapped knee, crying all along.

Sakura easily made her eyes well up. All she had to do was think about the fact that Kakashi and her might be separated. Before she had a decent cry started a teacher came up trying to coax them to settling down.

"Don't cry. Don't cry. Its okay." She said very sweetly.

"It hurts!" Kakashi's disguise cried.

"Can you go to the school's nurse on your own like a big boy? They will make it all better."

"Me too!" Cried Sakura's disguise. She held her arm as if it was tender and sore. The teacher sent a young boy, Kakashi and herself to the school's nurse while the teacher tried to figure out what happened.

As they entered the building, Sakura had a feeling of nostalgia from her old school. Kakashi quietly pulled her to the side and into a room. He released his disguise and breathed heavily. Sakura did the same and looked around.

"We're in the teachers lounge?" She asked. She was never in here before. She had always wondered though. The lights were out and everything seemed a bit edgy yet.

"Yeah. We can rest for about five minutes."

"Only five?" Sakura whined. "Isn't this where we were going to hide?" She was tired and nervous.

"No, we need to keep moving. This is ANBU we are now trying to escape from. They are elites."

"Where are we going to go?" She said desperately. Were they really going to back out there? Where was a better hiding place?

"In the storage closet there is a hidden trap door. It is used incase of emergency where the students and staff can escape to safety. Sakura walked over to the pale blue door and opened to find pencils and boxes and other such thing you would expect to find in a schools storage closet.

"Move those two bottom boxes." Kakashi said as he got up and knelt beside her. He closed his eyes in focus, gathering chatura. He then made a symbol into the floor where a large hole appeared revealing their exit.

"Ladies first" he said tiredly.

Sakura hopped in and found that the tunnel was small. Only four feet tall and at best three feet wide. She hunched and moved down the tunnel so Kakashi could come in. He came halfway down the ladder and closed the door to the closet and sealing the exit to leave no trace he was ever there. Without any light Sakura made her way though this long tunnel.

After about fifteen minutes of traveling she asked Kakashi, "Where does this lead to?"

"The hidden shelters up and behind the Hokages' rock face. We got a while more to go. About another twenty minutes more."

Sakura sighed a little and pushed harder. Her back was starting to ache from being hunched over for such a long period of time and her hands sore from scraping the rock surfaces to feel where they were going. Finally after twenty minutes they started to see light. Sakura smiled and hastened to the exit. Her back was screaming at her. She finally could lay out and rest.

They came to find themselves in a large wooden structure. It was big enough to host the students and teachers of the small school a while. There were piles of bedding and a wall of boxes containing nonperishable food. This was an awesome place to hide. Sakura quickly hugged Kakashi before she set up a futon and busted into one of the boxes. Kakashi laid out on the futon and closed his eyes. He was still uneasy. He hated running around and hiding. It was for the stupidest reason too. Why couldn't people just let Sakura and him be. He turned over on his side and Sakura with a cracker in her mouth laid next to him.

"What's the matter?" she muffled.

"Sakura, What are we going to do?" He turned over and looked her square in the eye. "I mean, really, what are we going to do? I don't want to hide anymore. If we are going to run... Lets really do it. Lets just get away from here. Go somewhere where no one knows your age. Lets be done with this."

His eyes were pleading. She knew he would follow her anywhere. He just needed for her to tell where.

"I love kohona. I do. But... Should we go somewhere else? I wouldn't know where to go. We have friends, family here. I know we can make new friends... but will it be the same? Are we stuck like this? Will they never accept us? Isn't it still possible?" Sakura started tearing up. The thought of leaving everything she knew and leaving it for a place and people she did not was too painful.

"How would we be able to stay? Sakura, I love you, but they don't understand that. We've tried! They will separate us again. I don't know if I can handle that again. Not again." he said sorrowfully. "I love you."

His face was becoming red and warm. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Sakura gently held him close. What had she put him through. What could she do to make him be happy?

A silent moment went by. All she wanted was to says the right thing to make this all better, to make Kakashi happy. She tried hard straining her brain to find an answer that she had not found yet. What could she do in this impossible situation?

Kakashi looked up at her, his eyes red. She couldn't take it. It broke her heart. Holding him tightly she stroked his hair. She looked up at the ceiling and took a shaky breath.

"Your right, we can't go on like this" She said, staring into the holes of the roof. She froze. She saw something creeping on the roof. Kakashi looked up as well.

"Oh let it be a bird." Sakura pleaded in a whisper. They followed the thing as it moved along the roof.

"I don't think it is a bird." Kakashi whispered.

Something caught Sakura's eye in front of her. There was something else snooping around just outside the shed. And another. And another. She grabbed her hair pulling. They were surrounded.

Whoot its been too long.