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[Digimon Zero Two opening theme "Target Akai Shougeki" plays during the opening sequence]

Earth's Darkest Hour! The Revenge of Burizalor!

It was a beautiful day on the streets of Odaiba. Many of the citizens were going about their daily lives. No reports of any attacks by digital beings have been reported since three and a half years ago when Myotismon attacked.

Just many yards away from the local streets, there was a boy playing soccer in the park with several other kids. But these were no ordinary kids. These were the new Digi-Destined that were assigned to protect the Digital World from evil forces that attempt to conquer or destroy it.

The boy in the goggles is none other than Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya. He is the new child who possesses the digimentals of courage and friendship. His digimon is Veemon, who can armor evolve into either Flamedramon or Lighdramon.

The girl with the purple hair is Miyako "Yolei" Inoue. She is the new child who possesses the digmentals of love and sincerity. Her digimon is Hawkmon, who can armor evolve into either Halsemon or Shurimon.

The small little boy is Iori "Cody" Hida. He is the new child who possesses the digimentals of knowledge and reliability. His digimon is Armadillomon, who can armor evolve into either Digmon or Submarimon.

The boy with the odd-looking hat and the blonde hair is Takeru "TK" Takaishi. He is one of the eight original Chosen Children who possesses the crest of hope. His digimon is Patamon, who is able to armor evolve into Pegasusmon or evolve into Angemon.

The girl with the camera around her neck is Hikari "Kari" Kamiya. She is one of the eight original Chosen Children who possesses the crest of light. Her digimon is gatomon, who is able to armor evolve into Nefertimon or evolve into Angewomon.

They had just recently saved the Digital World from the evil clutches of the Digimon Kaiser. However, they had just realized that Ken wasn't the real mastermind behind the whole dark tower scheme. It was Shadramon, but he was defeated and Ken had realized what he has done.

"Pass it over here Davis!" Demiveemon shouted out.

"Alright! Motomiya shoots and passes!"

Davis kicks the ball over to Demiveemon but the little digimon watched as the ball nailed him. Demiveemon watched as the ball was rolling him towards the goal.

"Yay! We scored again!"

"That was pretty good, Demiveemon! Lets take a break now."

"Great! Its lunchtime! Yay!"

Davis and Demiveemon went over to the other children in hopes of discussing the whole Ken ordeal.

"Hey guys! I was doing some thinking and I came to the conclusion that Ken should join us," Davis said, "I think he's realized his mistakes and is ready to join us. It's been almost a few weeks since we last heard from him. I think we should at least start communicating with him."

"I don't know, Davis. I can't seem to trust him," Cody said.

"I know this is hard to make a decision but I think Davis is right," TK said, "Ken deserves his chance to side with us."

"That's what I'm trying to say," Davis replied, "Ken is a Chosen Child just like us. He has Wormmon. He helped us defeat Kimeramon. Lets all move on and work together to destroy the remaining dark towers."

"It's not going to be easy. Lets not forget. Ken might not even feel comfortable confronting us after everything he has done," Kari said, "I understand how hard this is, even for Ken. We have to let it slide and let him decide for himself."

"Well I do hope he decides to join our side," Davis said, "Or at least help us fight against this approaching darkness I keep hearing about."

"Yeah. Lets not forget that," Gatomon said, And I have a feeling, whatever that dark power maybe is not very friendly and we have to be on the look out at all times. If Wizardmon predicts this to be true, then we better become prepared for whatever decides to challenge us."

"But the question is. Who is this dark power?" Yolei asked.

"It could be anyone. Even Devimon?" TK said.

"Perhaps Myotismon or even Burizalor," Kari replied.

"Or maybe somebody new," said Cody.

"But I doubt Burizalor would come back. He's not even a digimon and he was destroyed by Omega X," Patamon said.

"I don't know about you guys but I do have a real strange feeling about this," Gatomon said.

"Don't worry so much, Gatomon," Kari said, "We'll know when the time comes. But let us just relax and enjoy the good times."

"Maybe your right. I've just been stressed over this whole ordeal."

"I understand."

"We shouldn't be stressed. It's drawing near winter vacation, so lets just relax," TK said, "Right Patamon?"


Just then, Kari's D-3 started to beep and she received an email message from her D-Terminal. To her surprise, it was from the Digital World and from Azulongmon.

"You guys! Take a look at this! Its a message from Azulongmon!"

"What does it say," Davis asked.

The other Digi-Destined all gathered around as Kari showed them the message.


This is Azulongmon! I have wonderful news! I have recevied word that Tai and Agumon have completely succeeded in their training and are on their way back to your world. They should be arriving them in about two short hours in earth's time. Come to the Digital World if you can.


P.S., please always recycle

"You hear that, you guys?! My brother is coming back home! This is wonderful!"

"It sure is. Now we can finally see Tai after all this time," TK said.

"Man! I can't wait to meet this Tai guy. He sounds really cool," said Davis.

"Oh you're going to like him and yeah he is the coolest brother," Kari said.

"Wow. I never seen Kari this happy before but I'm glad to know that her bigger brother is soon coming. I can't wait to see what he looks like in person," Yolei thought.

"So what are we doing standing around here for. I say we go to the Digital World," Cody said.

"Hold on. Maybe Azulongmon would want us to stay and wait for him here," TK replied.

"Mmhmm. We want to catch Tai by surprise when he gets here. He's going to be proud of what we accomplished thus far," Kari said.

"I really am looking forward to the guy who made the first fusion possible. Now I get to see Omega X," Davis said, "If only Veemon and I can fuse."

"Don't worry. We're just going to have to train ourselves to gain that status of power," Demiveemon said.

"Yeah but it will take a lot of time," TK said, "Not just anybody can achieve that ability."

"We'll see. Anything is possible, TW," Davis said.

"We'll just have to see then."


As the children rambled on about the whole situation, the news was spread to the original Digi-Destined. Sora was the first to know about it.

"Tai! This is great! I look forward to seeing you again. You probably haven't aged much, but it's going to be cool to see you again."

Biyomon walked up to Sora. After Kimeramon was defeated, the Digi-Destined and their digimon partners were released.

"Sora? So what do you want to do? Go to the Digital World to meet him there or wait for him to arrive."

"I would want to see him in the Digital World but Azulongmon said it was best to wait for him since it's easier. Plus Azulongmon mentioned something about a dark energy interfering with Tai's chances of coming back home."

"Dark energy? From what?"

"I have no idea and it might delay Tai's chances of getting home. I believe it was what Wizardmon had predicted. That a dark force is approaching and we're not even aware of when it will come."

"We should tell the others about this."

"You're right. I better call Izzy."

Sora picked up her phone and dialed Izzy's number.


As soon as she dialed the number, Izzy was there to answer the phone.

"Hello? Oh hey Sora!"

"Izzy. I think Tai's return might be delayed because Azulongmon just informed me that a dark energy is interfering with this delay."

"Not good and what do you think this dark energy is coming from?"

"I don't know. But remember when Kari told us about Wizardmon's prophecy of an approaching dark power that will arrive?"

"Yes I haven't forgotten about it."

"We might think that this dark energy is delaying Tai and Agumon's possible return. And whoever this is, they really don't want Tai to return home."

"This is bad. Alright I'll tell the others about this."

"Oh Tai. Where are you?"


Matt was rehearsing for a big concert that would take place this weekend. Gabumon sat there watching him practice. Suddenly, his ears perked and whistled over to Matt.

"What's wrong, Gabumon?"

"I feel a tremendous energy. An evil energy."

"Huh? Who is it?"

"I have no idea."

"We should go check it out."


Suddenly, Matt's cell phone started to ring. He answered it. It was a call from Mimi.



"Mimi? Don't you realize that my long distance bill is way above the limitations?"

"Yes. But this is important. We believe that something horrible is about to arrive and it has an evil energy. Here put Gabumon on the phone and Palmon will speak to him."


Matt hands the phone over to Gabumon. Gabumon questions Matt but he takes the phone. He speaks to Palmon at the moment.

"Gabumon, can you feel that energy?"

"Yeah. Its more horrible than I ever imagined. You don't think its you know who…"

"I think so… We have to be on the look out, Gabumon. We better tell the others as well."



Even in the Digital World, millions of digimon felt the tremendously evil power about to make its reappearance. Ken and Wormmon were looking up. Wormmon had a worried look on his face.

"What's wrong, Wormmon?"

"There's two of them, Ken. My gosh, what strong kis!"


"Its worse than I thought. We need the other Digi-Destined in order to fend off these new evil powers."

"For once I agree. We can't fight them alone."

"Lets send them an email."

"I don't know...what if they don't believe me…"

"You won't know if you try."

"Alright then."


Even the four Holy Beasts felt the evil energy that was quickly approaching the Digital World. Azulongmon met with Zhuqiaomon and Baihumon.

"Can you feel it? It's much worse than we predicted," Azulongmon said.

"Yes. We must do everything that we can be prepared. This is a very strong powerful enemy we are going to deal with."


Several trees were standing around and then they all fell down instantly. Leomon had quickly chopped them all down with his sword. He looks up into the skies and gasps.

"Burizalor?! There's no way he could have survived!"


There was a large spacecraft was rapidly going through a vortex leaving the dark realm and entering the Digital World. Inside the ship, there were two figures within the darkness. Two pairs of red glowing eyes appeared as a familiar snake-like voice spoke up.

"There it is. That's the vortex leading into the Digital World. Now it will only be a matter of time before I gain my revenge upon the fusion warrior known as Omega X."

Another pair of red glowing eyes appeared. Its voice was more feminine and demonic.

"Ha. So that's it? It's been a while since I've had the pleasure of going there myself. I'm really looking forward. So you really want a piece of this Omega X."

"Yes. And this time, I'm not going in as a weakling. Not with these new enhancements on my body."

Bright light penetrated through the darkness and there stood Burizalor. But this time, he is half cyborg. His lower body was robotic, as was half of his face, his left arm. He even had a robotic tail. The only real skin he had left was on one side of his face, his upper body and his right arm. Everything else had been torn off completely as a result of the last battle against Omega X.

"We're almost approaching the Digital World. We should be there shortly."

The other looked like Myotismon but this one was had a lady-like figure and was a female. She has longer hair and has more skin showing than Myotismon. This is the evil mistress and sister of the evil Myotismon. This is Lady Myotismon.

"Oh Taichi, its only a matter of time before I finally get my hands on you. But first, I'll have the pleasure of killing your friends."

"I'll show you who truly is the most powerful force in the digital universe really is!!"

The spacecraft went right through the vortex and quickly made it through into the Digital World.


When Davis and the others heard about the news of the approaching darkness. Gatomon knew it. Wizardmon was right. The dark powers have arrived to get revenge upon them.

"This is it you guys. We either chicken out or we fight this dark power and protect the Digital World. Its Burizalor and we must be careful," Kari said.

"We must go to the Digital World as soon as possible! Tai and Agumon might need our help," TK said.

"So lets go," Davis said, "I'm ready to kick some butt! Right, Demiveemon?"

"Yeah! Lets do this!"

The children all agreed and went over to Izzy's in order to discuss a plan on how to stop Burizalor.


The Digi-Destined all met at the computer lab. TK and Davis had called forth a meeting to discuss the plan on how to counterattack Burizalor and prevent him from entering the real world.

"So what's your plan, TK?" asked Yolei.

"I'll tell you everything as soon as Sora and Izzy get here. They're pretty late."

"Maybe they got caught in traffic or something," Davis said.

"I doubt it. They don't even drive yet," Kari said.

Just then, Izzy and Sora entered with Biyomon and Tentomon at their sides. They were catching their breath and looked pretty tired. It was obvious that they were rushing on their way over to the school.

"Sorry, we're late," Izzy said, "But we got caught in traffic."

"Sure you did," Matt said.

"Ok so is that everyone," asked Cody.

"Not exactly, Mimi is going to meet us in the Digital World. And I hear that she brought along a friend to help us out," TK said.

"Who is this guy?" asked Sora.

"I'm not sure but Mimi told me that his name is Michael."

"Ooo! Mimi got a boyfriend," Kari teased as the others were laughing to her comment.

"Ok, now onto serious business. Davis. Yolei. Cody. We told you everything about Burizalor and from what you will see, you will finally know how destructive this monster can be."

"Not to mention, he killed me at one point," Matt said, "I still won't forgive him for that."

"And me," replied Sora, "Tai might not be here but I'm sure we can take him with all of us together."

"I finally analyzed myself and I came to realize that the powers from our crests are still within our hearts. And with that being said, our digimon can go ultimate if they need to."

"Great. But what about us?" Davis asked.

"You new kids haven't gotten the chance to digivolve your digimon into champion leveled forms yet," Izzy explained, "However, even in their armored forms, they can pose quite an asset to the team. They have proven it over the past battles against the Kaiser."

"Speaking of Ken, I wonder if he will help us out," Davis said.

"That's if he really wants to join us," Yolei said, "We will just have to see and find out."

"Right. The time of wait is over. Let us all go into the Digital World and do what we can to stop Burizalor," TK said.

"You have convinced me like none other. I agree. Lets go before it is too late," Izzy said.

"So what are we waiting for?! Digital Port open!"

Yolei held out her D-3 and pointed it to the computer. A flash of light engulfed the entire group and they were sent through a vortex that led them straight into the Digital World.

The children found themselves in a large forest. The new digimon were now in their rookie forms and they could easily sense the evil presence. However, they weren't able to see the large hovercraft that was destined to arrive.

"Gatomon, are you sure its Burizalor? Are you sure its just somebody else?"

"No Kari. I can even smell him. I can never forget that stench."

Sora looked up into the sky and she started to show fear. She could easily remember what happened to her about three and a half years ago.


"Well if you think your friends will escape me, Taichi. You are sadly mistaken, my friend."

Burizalor pointed his finger towards the children and it looked like he was pointing to Tai but as soon as he shot out his deadly beam, it went straight towards Sora.

Everything seemed to turn into slow motion for a while and the beam was coming right for Sora. Tai watched in horror and went to push Sora aside. But as soon as he reached out to her, the beam went right through her chest and through her heart. Tai's eyes widened in fear and shock at what he just witnessed.

Sora fell limp to the ground and her eyes became glazed over. Tai ran to her side and held her in his arms.

"Sora… No… This can't be happening…"

Tai's eyes started to water down in tears.

"Sora…" Biymon cried, "Oh my god… No…


End of Flashback

Sora was then interrupted by a voice. It belonged to Biyomon. She was trying to snap Sora out of her daydreaming.

"Sora… Sora? Are you okay? What are you looking at?"

Sora turns her attention back over to her digimon partner. She quickly snapped out of it and replied.

"Oh nothing. Just thinking about Tai. So when is Burizalor actually going to arrive?"

"We're no sure. It could be any moment now," said Izzy.

"Great. We have to face him again. Just what I really needed."

Suddenly, another voice cried out and the Digi-Destined turned to see Mimi coming over to them.

"Mimi! We're so glad you came," replied Kari.

"I came here as fast as I could. But I had to bring a friend along to help us out," Mimi said, "Guys, I would like ya'll to meet a friend of mine…"

Mimi looked over to the bushes and walked over to them.

"Its okay. You can come out. They won't bite," Mimi whispered.

As soon as she said that, a tall, blonde-haired boy came walking out.

"Who's that?" asked Yolei, "He's cute…"

"This is a friend of mine. His name is Michael and he came from New York like me."

"Hello all," Michael introduced himself.

"And guess what? He's a Digi-Destined just like us," Mimi said.

"What?!" the group cried out in shock.

Michael nodded and held out a digivice. It looked just like the old model that the original Digi-Destined have in their possession. But how did Michael become a Digi-Destined if he didn't go into the Digital World with the original kids three and a half years ago?


Meanwhile, just on the other side of the Digital World, the large spacecraft that just arrived from the dark world was anomalously floating above the landscape. Its dark presence brought chills down the spines of the many digimon that inhabited each of the ecosystems.

Inside, Lady Myotismon was holding out a glass of wine and looking out through her glass windshields. She observed the beauty of the Digital World's landscape. A smile came across her face as she took a sip of her red wine.

"Ahhh. Yes. It's only a matter of moments before we enter the vortex that shall lead us into the human realm. Then we shall lay it to waste. But I must say, Burizalor. I never thought the Digital World would have so much beauty like this. It's a shame that we must destroy it when we can just conquer it. I would have had the pleasure of torturing those children myself."

An angry look came across the face of Burizalor as electrical surges circulated throughout his half cybernetic body. The tyrant's eyes glowed crimson red. He clenched his fists tightly. The thoughts of Omega X and the Digi-Destined were replaying in his mind. Now his fists were bleeding as a result of his inner rage.

"Seems something has got your blood boiling, dear Burizalor. Tsk tsk. You must not let your temper get the best of you."

"You got me all wrong, my lady. I was just admiring the view of the Digital World. Its electrifying I must say."

Burizalor turns his attention to the computer view of the ship heading towards the location of the vortex that will lead them into the human realm.

It was only a matter of moments for the spacecraft to locate the dimensional vortex that would eventually lead them into the human world.


"Wow! Michael is a Digi-Destined? How cool," Cody said.

"But Michael. I don't get it. How were you able to get a digivice and become a Digi-Destined," asked TK, "You didn't even come into the Digital World with us original kids."

"It was really strange. It happened during the summer three and a half years ago. I remember seeing a huge fight taking place in the sky between some fused warrior and an alien-like creature."

"Ah! Then you saw the whole battle between Burizalor and Omega X," Kari said, "That was my brother fighting him."

"Really? Wow, I never thought so. Anyways, when I watched the battle, a small object that we now call a digivice came flying towards me. And that's not all, other kids received digivices as well."

"You mean, there are other Digi-Destined kids like you," asked Davis.

"Yes and I do believe there are more world wide."

"Digi-Destined worldwide? They must have seen the battle too. And they must have had a contact with some sort of digimon," TK said.

"Tell us, Michael. Do you have a digimon," asked Izzy.

"As a matter of fact, I do. Ahem. Betamon, don't be shy! Come out!"

Out of the bushes came a small, green creature with a razor-sharp fin on his back. Palmon walked along with him.

"Hey guys! This is Betamon," Palmon said, "Hes a very good friend of mine."

"Hello. I'm Betamon."

[Digi Analyzer: Betamon. Rookie Level. Virus Type. Special Technique: Electric Shock & Cutter Fin]

"So your Michael's digimon?" asked Veemon.

"Yep and when I digivolve I become Seadramon."

"Seadramon? I remember him during our first adventures on File Island," Said TK.

"Yeah but that was a different Seadramon. I'll be able to help you guys out."

"So what are we waiting for?" asked Michael.

"We're here to prevent Burizalor from entering our world," Mimi said, "And Michael, this will be one tough battle. Remember everything that I told you about three years ago?"

"Yes and I'll be sure to be careful. Right, Betamon? You're ready for anything."

"Oh yeah!"

"I really do wish Ken can help us out," Yolei said, "That way we can work together to stop Burizalor."

"It really doesn't matter now, Yolei," Kari said, "He'll come if he feels he has to."

"That's right. And we're going to need all the help we can get," Gatomon said.


Elsewhere, Ken and Wormmon were walking along a field that contained many fallen dark towers. Ken looked down upon them and still couldn't forgive himself for creating them.

"Wormmon. This approaching darkness is too great. We may need to work with the other Digi-Destined and help them defeat this approaching enemy."

"So what's holding you back?"

"They might not accept me or even need my help. They probably still haven't forgiven me for what I have done."

"Ken. Don't say that. Its time that we confront them ourselves and I'm sure we can put aside out differences in order to battle this evil power."

"But its not just one, its two evil powers approaching."

"So, if we work together, we can actually succeed."

"We're going to have to. So, I say we go. Are you up for it, Wormmon?"

"You bet! I'm ready for anything! Lets go."


Ken pulls out his D-3 and looked at several pinpoint locations all gathered into one area. These pinpoints belonged to the other Digi-Destined. Ken would actually find them and meet them there.

"Great! They're all gathered in one area and they're not to far away from here. We must act now."

"I'll lead the way."

"Go for it, buddy!"

[Digimon Adventure "Evolution" theme plays"]

Ken held out his D-3 as it gave Wormmon the power to digivolve into his champion leveled form. Wormmon watched as his body was transforming into a two-legged stature.

"Wormmon shinka! Stingmon!"

Stingmon picks up Ken and then flies right over to the area where the other Digi-Destined were gathered. They would have to get there as fast as they could before Burizalor' hovercraft would track them down easily.

"Make sure to suppress your ki since I bet this enemy can sense them," Ken said.


Stingmon suppressed his ki and made sure to hide out so that Burizalor couldn't pick it up through his scouters.

["Evolution" ends]


The spacecraft was quickly approaching the area where the Digi-Destined were all gathered. And they were very close to reaching their final destination, leading into the vortex into the human world.

"Lady Myotismon, we're close to the destination as we speak," replied a soldier.

"Very good. Now must get there as soon as possible."

"Yes my lady."


"Wow. So, looks like we have the favor on our side after all," Davis said.

"Now lets not jump into conclusions," replied Izzy, "We must have our digimon suppress their kis. This is so that they won't be traced by one of Burizalor's scouters."

"One question. Whats a scouter?" asked Armadillomon.

"It's a device that the soldiers of Burizalor used to trace the inner ki of any kind of digimon or other life forms," said Patamon, "And they were quite useful to their advantage. Burizalor is no different and he really doesn't need one. He can trace a power level from many miles."

"Yikes! This guys sounds like bad news. If he can trace power levels from many miles away," Hawkmon said.

"Don't worry. As long as we keep them suppressed, then we have no problems," Tentomon said.

"Plus with all of us here, I'm sure Burizalor will have his hands full," said Biyomon.

"Shh! You guys. I can sense an approaching power coming this way," said Gatomon.

"Is it Burizalor?" asked Mimi.

"No, its nowhere near Burizalor's ki. But… It's heading this way and I have no idea who it is!"

The digimon all turned towards the direction of where the hidden power was heading. It was about to come out of the forest. They were ready to digivolve and attack all at once.

"He's getting closer," Patamon said.

The Digi-Destined also turned towards the forest and held their digivices and D-3s. They were more than ready to take out whoever this intruder might be. Then their questions were answered as Stingmon came walking through the forest with Ken at his side. The Digi-Destined all gasped. Yes, the former Digimon Kaiser had shown up.

"Ken?! Hey! You made it! Are you here to help us out," asked Davis.

"We're so glad that you came," Yolei said.

"Well I just came here to lend you a hand against this approaching darkness. And I also want to put our differences aside just for this once. You guys really don't have to apologize to me."

"No. Ken. We forgive you," Davis said, "You can trust us. We won't stab you in the back. You're a Digi-Destined like us. You decided to change and I respect you for that."

"I don't know about this. Does he really mean what he's saying? Has he changed? He's still the same Kaiser in my view,"Cody said.

"Thank you, Davis."

"Well, I say he should be on our side," a voice called out from above.

The Digi-Destined all looked up to see Leomon. He was smiling and jumped down towards the children.

"Ken. You were used as Shadramon's puppet. I forgive you for everything that you have done and you're cleaning up the mistakes that you have created," Leomon said, "Thank you. We will need your help after all. This enemy is far powerful with just us alone."

"I've heard only a little about this Burizalor. Mainly from Shadramon but I hear he's a very ruthless and uncaring individual, who seeks nothing more but total annihilation of many worlds," Ken said, "But we're willing to help you guys out. So don't you worry."

The children all nodded happily and accepted Ken for who he is now. Even the old Digi-Destined accepted him despite the fact that they were slaves for the Kaiser at one time.

"We're glad you decided to change," Mimi said, "And I really do respect you for that. You realized you made a mistake when you became the Kaiser. But we can put that all behind us in the past. Now, we worry about the present time."

"So you think you're up for the challenge that awaits you," asked Matt.

"Yes. I'm ready," replied Ken.

Leomon looked up and felt an approaching dark force heading into their direction. His eyes widened and he turned to face the Digi-Destined.

"He's here!!"

The children all looked up into the skies and saw a large spacecraft coming out from the clouds. Their digimon could even feel the dark energy from inside the ship. The children could only look up in total shock and fear. Their biggest enemy has returned and seems to be more powerful than ever.

The spacecraft lowered down as a large gust of wind started blowing among the forest. The ship itself was dark to classify its evil personification. The children watched as the ship was landing and heading towards the other side of the forest.

"Its landing right on the other side of the forest," Kari said.

"And there's a large canyon valley. I'm willing to bet that they are going to land there," said TK.

"Lets head on out and remember to keep your power levels all suppressed," Gatomon ordered.

The digimon all nodded in agreement and headed out into the forest as slowly as they could. Soon, the children would follow them. One false move could lead them into disaster since Burizalor's forces can easily pick up approaching power levels from a far distance with the use of their scouters.

The spacecraft lowered down towards the canyon valley and landed there as it was destined to. A large gust of wind blew across the landscape after the landing. The digimon and the children shielded themselves from being blown away from the large gust of dust that would push them back.

"Just as I suspected. They've landed right over that ridge," Gatomon said.


"My lady. The landing process is complete. We found the destined vortex," replied a soldier.

"Superb. You ready, Burizalor?"


A cruel smile came across the face of Burizalor. Now his dream of finally entering the human realm was coming true. It was only a matter of moments.

"Oh how I could have seen the look on your face, Taichi. After I destroy your world, you will be mortified. But don't worry, I'm coming after you momentarily."


The children could only look on with total fear in their eyes. The digimon felt the tremendous power levels coming from within the ship and they tried hiding their fears. However, they have never felt such a powerful energy coming from one individual.

"Ok! Now this is no room for mistakes," Matt said to the new Digi-Destined, "If we want to get any closer, we have to remain quiet and our digimon must have their kis suppressed since Burizalor can pick up power levels with the use of a scouters. And you don't want them to trace you with their scouters."

"Are you sure, Matt?" Davis asked.

"Yes! Now zip it! We have to remain quiet, understood?!"

Davis and the other new kids nodded in agreement. Patamon looked overhead towards the canyon ridge landscape where the ship landed. TK picks him up. Leomon puts his hand on TK and nodded.

"Are you ready?"

"Oh yeah."

"This is crazy! I've never felt such a powerful energy such as this! How are we able to win this battle?" asked Veemon.

"I hate to break this to you but this is only the tip of the iceberg," said Palmon.

"Ah! There's no way we're going to last against a force like this," Betamon cried out.

"Hey, you're kidding me right? We don't have to do this! If we fight them, we'll get our butts handed to them," Veemon cried, "Burizalor is a monster and attacking him would be suicide!"

"But we have to try, Veemon," Davis said.

"Yeah. If we don't attack him now, we might as well kiss this world and our world goodbye," TK said.

"He's right you know. You guys really don't have a choice. Now let us all put an end to all this whimpering and find Burizalor. Before he finds us," Matt said.


A group of soldiers came lining up outside the ship as they waited for Burizalor and Lady Myotismon to come out. And after the last group of soldiers lined up, Burizalor and Lady Myotismon both came walking out. Burizalor looked up ahead and saw the vortex leading into the human realm. Burizalor nodded to the soldiers and they went marching towards the vortex. A view of the human world came into view. Burizalor looked at the scene and a smile came across his face.

"So that's the planet Earth? My, how very acquainted for me to arrive in the human world. I'm looking forward to it."

But as soon as he said that, he stood frozen in shock as his eyes widened in fear. He started to see things once as he became a little paranoid. He could see a image of Omega X standing in front of the vortex with a smile on his face. Burizalor clenched his fits angrily and growled.

He could even remember everything that Omega X had said to him during the final battle three and a half years ago.

"You are too scared and ashamed. Live with the loss, its going to be going through your mind for the rest of your life. Now go back to where ever it is you came from and think about what you have done. There's no point in killing you when I know I can beat you."


Omega X goes flying up and looking for a portal to escape through before the whole dimension starts to implode. Burizalor looked down and clenched his fists angrily. His eyes were full of hatred and burning rage.

"You stupid digimon! You actually you won?! You don't realize who you're dealing with! I am Burizalor! I am Lord of all Worlds! You can't win, because I am all mighty and powerful! And you're just a mere peon and a mortal in my eyes!"

Omega X continues to make his way up. He has no idea of what Burizalor is going to do next.

"Now you shall learn… You will die by my HAND ONLY!"

Burizalor appears in front of Omega X and quickly forms a giant death ball on one finger.

"Think you have beaten me?! I'm one step ahead of you now! Now I shall crush you with this! Now say goodbye!"

Burizalor otsses down the large ball of energy and hurtles it towards Omega X. Omega X held his arms out and watched as it started to push him back. Burizalor laughed hysterically as the ball started to push Omega X back.

"Grr! You damned fool! Don't you ever realize defeat?! Now DIE!!!!"

Omega X pushes the energy ball and blasts a beam at it. The energy ball goes flying back right at Burizalor. Burizalor's eyes widened in total shock and watched as his own attack was being sent straight at him. Burizalor attempts to blast it away but was unable to. The energy ball sends Burizalor flying back into the background of the dark dimension. Then Burizalor watches as the ball sends him into an eclipse. Burizalor watches as his body started to quickly melt and fade away by the huge heat mass. A huge explosion occurs as the eclipse and the energy ball themselves exploded into masses of smoke, dust and ashes. A wave of energy comes pushing everything back after the large impact.

The explosion from the Genocide Armageddon took place, the whole dimension imploded into nothing more than empty space. Everything that made up the whole dark dimension was already gone. There was no longer any signs of life.

Deep down in the dark and farthest regions of the dark dimension there was a rather large hole and within it was another world. It looked like the universe, however, there were actual life forms in this dimension.

Several alien-like creatures were swarming in masses around something similar to a dying corpse. They were feeding on pieces of chunks. Suddenly, a huge hovercraft was passing by. The carrion-feeding little creatures swarmed away like vultures and lying down was a rather familiar corpse. It was Burizalor, or was it? His body was almost completely torn up. Half of his face was gone and his skin was beginning to rot away. Besides his head and face, all was left was half of his upper body and an arm. His other arm was completely torn off.

His eye and mouth were barely moving any. There was a skeletal distinction in his mouth since half of his face was torn off. He tried speaking but it was very faint.

"Data... Nothing... But... a piece.... of data.... scum...."

The rather large spaceship-sized hovercraft stopped and a hatchet door opened up. A rather large hook came out of it. The hook comes right down near the corpse and stabbed through its back. Small amounts of blood came dripping out. The hook picks up the torn up body and carries it aboard.

The hatchet door closes up and Burizalor's torn up body was placed in a center of a dark room. He could barely see anything, but what he saw were two glowing red eyes. It began to speak, but it had a feminine tone of voice.

"Well, well, if it isn't Burizalor. You're the so-called destroyer of worlds? What happened to you? Beaten by a digimon. Don't worry. You're in good hands now. With my help, you'll be back to being the most powerful force in all dimensions. I can guarantee you that. Now lets get started, shall we? Ha. Ha. Ha."


Later, the bloody of corpse of Burizalor was placed in a healing chamber in order to heal all of his wounds and to help revive him. Despite the pain, Burizalor still felt anger erupt in his body. All he could think of was vengeance.

"Damn you, you wretched piece of data trash!"

Then Lady Myotismon had called upon the most intelligent technicians to repair Burizalor's body using robotic parts to restore all of his lost limbs. Half of his face was already tore away, so a robotic face was placed there and wires were connected to what was left of his brain to help his brain function. His lost arms, legs and waist were replaced by robotic parts.

Lady Myotismon watched on as Burizalor was slowly being repaired into the being that he was once. However, the computers were able to take a trace of his power level and with the added enhancements placed into him, he was more powerful than he was before. Now he was faster and could store as much energy as he could if he wanted to. And he could even hide his own power level at an instant.

Burizalor quickly opened up his eyes and looked across the room. He looked at the technicians. They all backed away and steered clear of the evil tyrant. He looks up to Lady Myotismon. An angry look came over his face.

"Set a course for the Digital World and into the human world?"

"To the Digital World and the human world, why ever for?"

"Because I want to find the fused warrior that did this to me?"

"What? Fused warrior?! Well, how interesting."

End of Flashback

Burizalor clenches his fists so hard that blood came dripping down. This was to add fuel to the rage he has bottled up inside of him after what Omega X had done to him.

"I will make him suffer for what he did to me. He damaged my pride. And for that, I will pay him back by destroying his own world!"

"Ahh. So this is where my brother was killed? Those insolent pests killed him. I shall punish them for their crime."

"I think if I handle Omega X by myself, you think that you can take care of those other children?"

"It's a synch. I got them all. I won't need you help in defeating them. So shall we move into the vortex?"

"Yes. Now would be the perfect time. I really would like to test out my new body. Once Taichi arrives, he be mortified by the death of his friends and I will there to finish the fight. Oh yes, hear me out Taichi! I have come back from the depths of hell to have revenge upon you! Ha! Ha! Ha!"


"So that's their plan? And there's the vortex. I think its time to come out of hiding," Matt said, "I'm ready to fight now!"

"You convinced me no further," Izzy replied, "Are you ready gang?"

They all nodded in agreement and the digimon got ready to digivolve. The children held out their digivices and their D-3s, which gave each of the digimon to power to digivolve.


["Target Akai Shougeki" plays]

"Veemon armor shinka! Flamedramon! The Fire of Courage!"

"Hawkmon armor shinka! Shurimon! The Samurai of Sincerity"

"Armadillomon armor shinka! Digmon! The Drill of Knowledge!"

"Wormmon shinka! Stingmon!"

"Patamon shinka! Angemon!"

"Gatomon chou shinka! Angewomon!"

"Gabumon shinka! Garurumon! Garurumon chou shinka! Were Garurumon!"

"Biyomon shinka! Birdramon! Birdramon chou shinka! Garudamon!"

"Palmon shinka! Togemon! Togemon chou shinka! Lillymon!"

"Tentomon shinka! Kabuterimon! Kabuterimon chou shinka! Altur Kabuterimon!"

"Betamon shinka! Seadramon!"

Burizalor and Lady Myotismon would easily pick up powerful energies heading their direction. They all turned to see the Digi-Destined and their digimon all lined up. Their angry faces only made the tyrant chuckle.

"Well if it isn't the Digi-Destined. As you can see, I'm about to enter your realm and I'm going to destroy it. There's nothing you can do now. And besides, I'm here to fight Omega X not you ungrateful weaklings. So I suggest you leave now."

"No way! We're fighting you now! This is the end of the line for you, pal," Davis cried out.

Burizalor looked over to Davis and noticed goggles on his head.

"He's wearing goggles much like Taichi. But this is a different boy. Hmmm, this has gotten a lot more interesting than previously thought."

"We're not going to let you spread your evil much like three years ago," cried TK, "With our combined powers, you stand no chance against us. So what makes you think you can just stand there all calm. Cause deep down, your scared just like when Omega X whooped the crud out of you!"

"Silence boy! You're all damned fools. With his new enhanced body, you stand no chance against me and I shall demonstrate right now."

Burizalor got into a fighting stance as the digimon got into a fighting stance. They were prepared to face the new and improved Burizalor.

["Target Akai Shougeki" ends]

The Digi-Destined have now confronted Burizalor and are about to go all out against the evil tyrant. But do the enhancements Burizalor give him an advantage? What kind of new powers does he have in his possession? You will just have to find out on the next episode of Digimon Fusion!

[Digimon Zero Two first ending theme "Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze ga Fuku" plays]


Burizalor: Digi-Destined! Are you ready to meet you're maker?

Davis: We haven't meet, but I've heard enough stories to know that you're our sworn enemy!

Burizalor: Bold words from an arrogant punk. Show me what you're made of!

Kari: I can't believe this! Burizalor is stronger than he ever was!

TK: We won't die!

Matt: You won't kill me again, asshole!

Burizalor: Behold! I'm about to enter the human world and there's not a single thing you can do about it!

[Suddenly sword slices are heard from the background and body parts from foot soldiers start raining down.]

Lady Myotismon: We have a guest.

Burizalor: Yes, can we help you with something, earthling?

Mysterious Voice: I'm here to kill you…

Ken: Next time on Digimon Fusion Zero Two, episode ten!

Digi-Destined, Sally Forth! Burizalor and Lady Myotismon Approach Earth!

Mysterious Voice: Don't you dare miss it!


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