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Max: Hey, guys! Welcome back! We're getting ready for the second match! Coral leads by one fall over Zeomon!

Keke: We'll see if Zeomon can pull through and make a comeback!

Celesta: If their first match was just a warm-up, I can't imagine how a real fight would turn out.

Max: Well, only one way to find out! Mick, it's your call.

Mick Foley: They're ready to kick each other's ass! Let the second match begin!

Zeomon: Bring it on, Coral. Now, I'm ready to go all out.

Coral: Ditto. By the way, that ambulance cart suits you better.

Zeomon: We'll see! Nova Star!

[Zeomon shoots out numerous blasts from his helmet. Coral dodges each blast and fazes out. Zeomon flies up and starts to scan the entire area. He easily pinpoints Coral's location and fires a devastating blast towards her direction. The blasts nail Coral on impact, which causes her to plummet to the ground.]

Zeomon: Ha! Gotcha!

Max: Damn! He just blasted Coral to kingdom come!

[Coral sits up and sees that Zeomon has disappeared. She turns around and is caught in a tight waist grip by Zeomon.]

Coral: How dare you touch me like that!

Zeomon: Um, no. I'm not like that.

[Zeomon levitates and takes Coral into the air. He then makes a u-turn and goes plummeting towards the ground. He releases his grip and drops Coral down to the earth. The impact creates a massive crater. Zeomon levitates over the crater and notices that Coral has disappeared. He looks up and is nailed by a spinning back kick. Coral flies down and delivers an elbow shot into Zeomon's abdomen.]

Keke: This fight could go on forever! It looks like it's down to anything goes!

Max: Can Zeomon make a comeback and tie with Coral in this best two out of three-match slobber knocker? We'll find out! Until then, you guys can read the latest chapter of the artificial saga! Enjoy!


[Digimon Zero Two opening theme "Target Akai Shougeki" plays during the opening sequence]

The Artificials Are Closing In! Izzy Discovers an Unwelcome Revelation!

Dimitri and TK were on their way over to Kyoto while riding their respective Pegasusmon along the way. TK goes to send several emails to the other Digi-Destined telling of them of their location.

"TK, how can we be sure that they are already in Odaiba?"

"We'll know once we get an email back from any one of them. And I have a feeling that Kari is with them, so maybe she can fill us in on Tai's condition."

"So, the D-Virus managed to get him way after the fight with the artificials. I don't understand, in my time period, he was affected before the arrival of the artificials and he died. Not to mention those first artificials weren't the ones from my time."

"So Jax and Sonja are the ones we've been asked to watch out for?"

"Yes. It's them all right. But these present day artificials seem a lot stronger than the ones from my time period. Did something effect the time period in this world? What could have triggered such a shift?"

"That's a mystery in itself. But here's the thing, once we get Tai and Agumon back to full good health. We will have a good chance at beating those artificials. And I know for a fact that Tai and Agumon won't let us down. He hasn't done so ever since he became the leader of the Digi-Destined."

"Your right about one thing, he never lets anybody down."

"So, tell me, how's Mimi like in the future time?"

"My mother? Well, she's still as cheerful and sincere as she always been. But she's a lot more polite and wiser."

"So, she's broken out of her almost whiny and selfish habits."

"Yes ever since the artificials killed everybody close to us. She was afraid of losing me when I first challenged the artificials when I was a little boy."

"And how did you get Patamon as your digimon?"

"I guess you could say it was faith in itself. I got a digivice since both of my parents were former Digi-Destined. So, I became the next generation of the Chosen Children."

"But the only one, right?"

"Yes, unfortunately."

"Interesting. Well there's one thing for certain that I can guarantee you."

"What's that?"

"We'll make sure that this present time period doesn't end up having the same fate as your future time. There are always ways to change your destiny and this is the perfect time to change a destiny."

"Oh yes. And I am for one, looking forward to making sure that this present time is not effected by the artificials by whatever means necessary."

"That's the spirit and guess what? I just got email from Sora. She's telling us that they're already over at Odaiba as we speak. She also mentioned that Kari is also on her way over there."

"Great. We can tell them that we'll be heading over there as well."

"Right. I'll let the others know on that. You, Mimi will be quite surprised when we have to tell her about you being her future son."

"Oh boy. She's going to get a big kick out it."

"Ha. I know what you mean."

As they continued their conversation, they were getting closer and closer towards Odaiba but they needed more time to get there as soon as possible. The only thing that will hold them back for a while is the change of weather that occurs but the two Pegasusmon have found ways to increase their speed and to beat the weather that attempts to slow them down, whether it be rain or hail.


Elsewhere, Kari looked across a large city that was just ahead and a smile came across her face. She could see her hometown of Odaiba right before her eyes. She was at last home!

"Nefertimon! We're back in Odaiba! And I was told from Sora's email that she is here but I need to know their exact location."

"Don't worry about that I can just pick up the energy level readings from the other digimon. So just hang on tight."

Nefertimon flew across the skies with quick grace and speed. Kari held onto Nefertimon for her dearest life so that she wouldn't fall off. Nefertimon stopped and hovered down into an alleyway. She had found the perfect place for her to de-evolve back to Gatomon so that she won't cause any disturbance among the citizens in her armored form.

"So did you find them yet?"

"Yes. They're over at your apartment home."

"Are you sure?"

"My nose and ears are not just decorations that make up my face you know."

"I get it. Alright then, then that's where we're heading."

Nefertimon hovered down into the alleyway as she took the chance to de-evolve back to Gatomon. Kari hopped off and walked out of the small alleyway with Gatomon at her side.

"Ready, Gatomon?"

"Yeah lets go."

Kari and Gatomon headed off towards her apartment home where she would meet the other Digi-Destined and check on the condition of her brother.

"Tai. I hope your managing to pull through this devastating sickness. Just hang in there. Don't give up."


Azulongmon and Leomon faced each other down. Something was going to take place and Leomon seems to be confident at his confrontation with the large guardian. Gennai could only watch as this intense showdown was taking place before his very eyes.

"You have something I need, Azulongmon."

"Well, Leomon. It's good to see you again. But please, calm yourself. You always seem to stress yourself out. So, what can I help you with?"

"I'm not here for a pleasant conversation, Azulongmon. Don't you realize what has been going on in the human realm?"

"What has been going on? Has the weather…"

"Look! There are a group of artificial killers that beaten the tar out of us, including the digimon! They have unlimited powers and they pose an enough threat to kill all of humankind. They were created by Datamon."

"Datamon? Yes. I remember him. That nuisance worked for Etemon at one point. But now he has gone and created advanced life forms after being sent into the human realm."

"But I don't get it. He was supposed to been sent to limbo."

"And so we thought. Right after Metal Greymon blasted away Etemon and his pyramid was being sucked into a vortex, they were all leading into limbo. Just think of it as a digimon vacuum cleaner. But a disruption had occurred that we weren't even expecting."

"That's correct," replied Gennai, "And a vortex came out of nowhere. This portal would lead into the real world. Well, Datamon found himself there and we believe that is where he took the time to create advanced fighting warriors with unlimited powers. And this would certainly be something that Datamon would have done."

"Now answer this. How was he able to create the D-Virus?"

"He didn't" replied Azulongmon, "The D-Virus was supposed to have been a program in the Digital World that would wipe out every single virus-type digimon. However, Datamon managed to find the sources of the D-Viruses and he mutated it through many experiments while working for Etemon. This was considered his secret project but Etemon had tried to steal away Datamon's plans. So that is why they rebelled against one another because of the plans of the D-Virus."

"So, Datamon has been planning this from that start?"

"The D-Virus yes. But the artificials were never a priority for him until the Digi-Destined foiled his plans. He vowed to get back at the one named Tai, who had ruined his plain of creating an artificial Sora. So you could consider that his first attempt at creating an advanced artificial being. However, it was made up of data much like a digimon. So he decided to create artificials by his own handy work and with the help of cloning."

"He cloned?"

"We believe so. But we don't know the full details."

"Please, I need to know. I need to know how he could have achieved something as drastic as creating two human artificials. He couldn't have grown them in his secret lab."

"That is a mystery in itself. However, I can make a bold prediction," Gennai said.

"Yes. As a matter of fact, Datamon has so much knowledge on collecting DNA samples. So we believe that he could have taken some from two human beings that he had an encounter with. Or he could have used those two individuals for his sick experiment in creating two artificials."

"Hmmm. Maybe that could be a good explanation is to why they would rebel against their own creator. It makes perfect sense," Leomon said.

"But we don't know for sure. We don't know the sick games that Datamon could have used to his advantage."

"Yes. I understand now. And he could have placed enhancements into these two in order to give them the unlimited power supply that we encountered just today. But one question, do they have any knowledge into entering the Digital World?"

"Yes, I'm pretty sure they do," Azulongmon said, "But I don't think we should fear. They have no gateway into entering the Digital World. They got to have the right key to enter and that's something that they don't have in their possession."

"Then it's not too late to stop them. Azulongmon. I ask for your request by giving us the Digital Cores."

"You want the Digital Cores?"

"Yes. So once we harness its powers, then I should be able to use it to enable me to warp digivolve into Saberleomon. I have had tremendous difficulty trying to evolve into my once powerful form."

"Yes, that is true. But even all of that training you did for the last three years didn't help any," Azulongmon asked.

"No. It was quite difficult. So that is why I request of a power boost. I also request for the Digital Cores to enable the Digi-Destined's digimon to supply them with more energy, so it would enable some of them to fuse with their respective partner in order to reach their fusion forms. Thus far, only Tai, Matt and Dimitri have been able to fuse with their digimon. But I see full potential among the new Digi-Destined. Those being Davis, Ken, TK and Kari."

"Yes. They are quite the resourceful bunch," Gennai said, "Are you willing to go through with these courses of action?"

"Yes. In fact, these artificials were able to defeat even the two powerful fusion warriors. Those being Angemon X and Metalla X."

"So the boy from the future was unable to defeat them along with Yamato," asked Azulongmon, "Well this is getting more drastic than I previously thought."

"So, will you help us?"

Azulongmon looked down at Leomon as if he were reading his mind. The mighty guardian was buying his time and thinking of a good plan to go through with such a drastic action. But he had to make a choice. And that decision would have to be made now, not next time.

"Leomon. Let us wait. Thus far, I believe the artificials are not wrecking havoc as the boy from the future believed they would of been doing. He was right about one thing, the time period in this dimension is taking place much differently than it did in his future dimension."

"I know that but how is it different?"

"Well for one thing. Tai caught the D-Virus during the battle with the first artificials, that one artificial named Elfmon was able to inject Omega X with the deadly virus. Then once those three artificials were dealt with, then the real artificials that the boy had predicted to arrive did in fact emerge from their chambers. And so, they were able to defeat you all," explained Azulongmon.

"And for another thing, the boy also mentioned that the artificials of this time period were a lot more powerful than the ones from his future time period. So its safe to say that time is actually going and slipping out of proportion," Gennai said.

"And that's why we need the power of the Digital Cores. If we don't act now, then there's a good chance that the artificials will attack again and they will show no mercy when they find the boy of courage," Leomon said, "Please, we need the power of those cores."

"Like I said, I would rather wait to see what happens from here. In fact, once we wait for Tai and the others to recuperate, then we shall make our next plan of attack. Those artificials are the aggressors thus far. So let us wait and by our time," Azulongmon said.

Leomon could only stand around with an angered look on his face, since he has been wanting to getting back into action and stopping those artificials at all costs. But now he is forced to wait and see what the artificials have in store next.

"Just great. All right, Azulongmon. I just hope you know what you are doing."


Elsewhere, Davis, Yolei and Ken were patrolling by air while riding their respective digimon, Xveemon, Halsemon and Stingmon.

"Ugh, all of this flying around is making my head ache. C'mon Davis, lets take a break, dude!" Xveemon complained.

"No way. We were told to look for those artificials and that is what we are going to do. You don't want to lay down on the job now do ya?"

"Well, I just want a nice comfy bed to lie on after all of this is over. And maybe a hot spa and a long vacation."

"Trust me. We do deserve a vacation after all of this is over," Yolei said, "Ugh, I just hate looking for things. These artificials are like looking for a needle in a haystack."

"Yes, you could say it in that perspective," Halsemon replied.

"Well it sure isn't going to be any easier if we can't find them. This is getting us nowhere," Ken replied.

"As long as we keep our eyes peeled, we'll be able to look for them," Stingmon said.

"Speak for yourself! I'm getting tired of this looking around!" Xveemon cried out.

"I guess we should be heading back. There's just no point in continuing on with this," Davis said, "So what do you say we take a break from all this looking around and start heading back home."

"Sounds like a plan. I'll email TK and let him know," Ken said.

"You hear that, Halsemon?"

"Well it's about time!"

As soon as he said that, the three flying digimon turned the other way and towards the direction leading to Odaiba. The three children sighed a relief and were happy to be returning back home. However, Ken was still a little concerned with the whereabouts of the artificials.

"Hmmm. I wonder if they are anywhere near Odaiba. I just hope they don't find Tai before we do, then we're in serious trouble."

"What are you thinking about, Ken," Stingmon asked.

"I was just thinking of where the artificials could have gone. And I just hope they don't find Tai first before we do."

"We better not think like that or else it could really happen. So, lets stay on the positive side and keep on our focus on a more important thing."

"That's right. That's Tai's condition. Well, I can for one hope that the antidote will eventually cure him of the D-Virus."

"Hey Ken! Don't worry so much, if we stay on the positive side, then we'll know for sure once Tai gets all better and we all regroup. We will win this battle against these artificials," Davis said, "After all, we are Digi-Destined. Chosen children sworn to defeat all evil forces that opposes our authority."

"Ummm, lets cut that dramatic talk to a minimum," Yolei said.

"Right. We better hurry on other to Odaiba as soon as possible, Xveemon."

"You bet! You better hang on tight!"

"Hang tight on whaaaaa-"

Davis was about to finish his sentence until Xveemon boosted his energy and increased his speed. Stingmon and Halsemon increased their speed, which caught their partners by surprise. Now they would be able to make it to Odaiba at this rate of speed.


Meanwhile, on another section of Japan, the three artificials found themselves in an open grass field on a farmland. Jax surveyed the area and made sure that no people would get in their way.

"The area seems clear. So we should be able to move out," Jax replied.

"Well this sure doesn't look like Odaiba to me. Jax, are you sure you know where Odaiba is?"

"Of course I do. But I think we should take our time wisely. I'm in no mood to rush over such a small thing as executing Taichi at sight."

"Well. I wouldn't say that if Mr. No Personality here is anxious to fighting War Greymon."

"Is that right, Sonja? I better ask him myself then."

Jax walks up to the towering giant known as Black War Greymon. The digimon artifical looked down and gave Jax a very dark glare. It was enough to send chills down the spine of a normal person but Jax was showing no fear.

"So, are you really that anxious in fighting War Greymon?"

"Yes. However, I think buying our time should be the way to go. There's no rush in having to accomplish our mission. In fact, there's a whole new world to explore here and I intend to learn a lot about the human realm."

"Uh huh. Yeah. Whatever. Sonja, what do you think?"

"I think we should screw with this sight-seeing and continue on with our search."

"Ahhh come on. All I ever wanted to do is have a little fun. Just lighten up, woman."

"Don't call me that or I will rip your spine out."

"Go ahead and try but you'll waste perfectly good energy over something so stupid, when you could use it once we find Taichi and Agumon."

"Oh please, all you ever intend to do is take something as important as finding Taichi and making it into one of your own little games. Well I'm not in the mood for any games."

"Calm down. We have company."

"As a matter of fact, we do."

They turned around and saw several police officers surrounding them. They were ready to pull out their rifles.

"You three? You're trespassing on private property here. I'm going to have to ask you to move away or else there will be trouble, "one of the officers spoke up.

"Oh is that so? Well, what is the penalty if we don't want to meet those demands," asked a cool and clam Jax.

"Or you three circus freaks will be arrested and you will know your rights," the other officer said as he pulled out his handcuffs. "Now put your hands up. You too, ya… Um…"

The officers looked up at Black War Greymon and were shaking with fear. They were looking at a towering giant lumbering over them with a possessed look in his eyes.

"Or else what?" asked Black War Greymon, "Or shall I be forced to lash out my authority over you."

"Black War Greymon. No. Leave them, they are of no threat to us," replied Jax.

"Is that right?! All right, you three have talked far enough! You three have the right to remain..."

Sonja walks over towards the two officers and pulled away their pistols in a matter of seconds. This caught the officers by surprise as Sonja crushed them with both of her hands. The pistols were now pieces of metal and bullet powder after being crushed by Sonja's powerful hands.

"Now, you two were saying. Ah, yes. You were about to tell us our rights to remain silent?"

As soon as she said that, Sonja pointed her finger at them and an energy beam at them. However, the beam only hit the ground around the officers. They were caught by surprise as they started to run back. Sonja smiles and walks over to them. The officers cried out and ran away from her. They have now realized how deadly Sonja can be despite her outer beauty.

"Nicely done. But you could have blasted their brains out," Jax commented.

"Nah. They're weaklings. I have no time for weaklings. So lets continue out search for Taichi. I'm getting quite impatient. Plus I could use some new clothes right about now."

"Don't you woman ever get sick of trying on clothes everyday?"

"And don't you men ever get tired of blowing stuff up?"

Black War Greymon could only listen as they argued with one another. He had heard enough and flew away into the air to begin the search for Taichi. Jax and Sonja stopped their senseless arguing and followed their fellow artificial up. Now they would proceed with their search for Taichi and they intend to do it as soon as possible before the Digi-Destined make their next move in attacking them once again.


Elsewhere, many miles away from the islands, there was a large mountain in the middle of a small island in the middle of nowhere. Standing on the very top of the mountain was Metal Garurumon. Matt was sitting on top of him and everything that had occurred during the battle with the artificials were replaying in his mind. He could hear Sonja's voice replaying over and over again as if it were a broken record.

"Tell me, Yamato. How does it feel to withstand this much pain?"

"How does it feel?"

"How does it feel?"

"How does it feel?"

Matt was beginning to get angrier after listening to those words over and over again. He took them and used them to fuel the anger that was burning up inside of him. Metal Garurumon began to feel a surge of energy entering his body while Matt let out a cry of anger. This enabled both of them to quickly fuse with one another.

A bright flash of light was released as the mountain they were standing on was starting to shatter down into the ground. As the light faded away, there stood Metalla X. He hovered up and a bright aura of neon blue light emulated throughout his entire body. His eyes were starting to glow a blood shot-red.

"I'll show that artificial! If it's the last thing I'll do! The fusion warriors are the most powerful beings in the Digital World. We're supposed to be superior over everything that challenges our power. No matter what! But yet I was thrown aside as if I were a piece of trash. Well all of that is going to change once I fight them again. Then I shall become the legendary fusion warrior that helped preserve the Digital World and I will be the one who brings down these threats to humankind! Do you hear me, artificials?! If it means I have to work myself through hell and damnation, I will get even with you!"

Metalla X breathed heavily after speaking such big words through his anger and frustration. He let it all go but he would not rest until he fights the artificials. And his victory shall come in short order once he fights them again. He could care less what happens to the others as long as he beats the living life out of the artificials and to establish himself as a legendary fusion warrior.


Kari and Gatomon made into the apartment home just in time. She ran into the living room to see Sora, Izzy, Joe, Mimi and Michael crowding around somebody.

"Hey, guys. I'm here."

"Kari! We're so glad that you managed to make it here," Sora said, "Tai is doing a lot better than we ever imagined. That antidote is really doing the trick."

"Wow. Is he able to speak?"

"He needs a little more time to rest. Don't worry, we already told your parents everything," Joe said.

"That's good to know. Isn't that just great to hear, Gatomon."

Gatomon nodded in agreement and she looked over to Tai and Agumon. Her feelings were with them and she hopes that they would be able to rise out of this predicament and lead the team against the artificials.

"Hey guys. I'm getting a strange reading from my laptop," Izzy said.

"What is it? Did your computer freeze again," Tentomon asked.

"No this time. There's a reading from within the Digital World. Something very odd is taking place and this email message sent to me pretty much explains it all."

The Digi-Destined gathered around to read the email that Izzy was referring to. They all gasped at what they read.

Izzy looked at his computer monitor and he couldn't believe at what he saw. He let out a gasp, which catches the attention of the other Digi-Destined. They all gathered around him to ask what bothered him.

"What is it, Izzy?" asked Sora.

"What did you see on your computer?" Joe asked.

"Its a message from the Digital World and it by the looks of it, it doesn't look good," Izzy said.

"Well, open the email message, so that we will know what is message concerning with," Tentomon said.

"Right. Lets take a little peek at this message."

Izzy clicked on the email message and began to wait as it loaded up. Within an instant, a message became visible on the computer monitor.

"Check this out you guys. It says here that there is some kind of pod that appeared in the forest just miles away from Primary Village. But Elecmon says that when he went to go investigate, he found some sort of mysterious shell within that pod. Seems to be that something has arrived in the Digital World and nobody knows for sure what this thing is."

"That's awfully strange. What kind of a thing would arrive in the Digital World through a pod?" asked Mimi.

"It couldn't have come from the dark realm, you think? I mean, are there other creeps working for Burizalor?" asked Joe.

"Well I say the only way to know is to investigate! And who knows investigating better than me," Gomamon remarked.

"That's why they call you detective Gomamon," said Biyomon.

"This isn't the time to joke around you guys," Michael said, "We have to find out what this thing is."

"Right. That's why we better send emails directly to Davis, Yolei, Ken, TK and Dimitri. I just hope they'll get here before we email them," said Izzy.

They all nodded in agreement. Sora pulls out her D-Terminal and begins to send a message to TK and Dimitri first. But as soon as she was going to send the message, Gatomon stood up and her ears began to perk.

"What is it, Gatomon?" Kari asked.

"I can sense Pegasusmon. There are two of them. Yeah! TK and Dimitri are about to arrive!"

"They are?! You guys! TK and Dimitri are coming! C'mon lets go!"

Kari and Gatomon headed out through the door and stopped to look out from the balcony. The other Digi-Destined soon followed her out. They all looked up to see two Pegasusmon flying down with TK and Dimitri on their backs. They waved out to their friends to catch their attention.

"Hey! We're here!" TK cried out, "Sorry for the wait!"

"Hey! About time you guys came! Come on, right down here," Kari cried out.

TK and Dimitri hopped off of their respective digimon as they reverted back into their rookie forms. TK and Dimitri headed up through the stairs to meet up with the others. Kari ran over to TK and took his hands.

"Wow. You must be excited to see me again, Kari."

"Yeah. I'm glad. You should really see Tai. He's feeling a lot better. Thank you, Dimitri. That antidote is really doing the trick."

"You're quite welcome."

Mimi noticed Dimitri and walked up to him. Dimitri looked over to the young girl and smiled. He couldn't believe that he was looking into the eyes of his own mother. However, Mimi wasn't aware of the fact that this young man who she thought was cute is her own son from the very distant future.

"Hi there, Dimitri. Its so good to see you again."

"Yes. Hello, Mimi."

"I would like for you to meet a friend of mine."

"Yes, I know. I saw you all three years ago."

"Oh so you know his name? Well, its good to know that you're a Digi-Destined."

"Well I wanted to keep the tradition of the original Digi-Destined alive so to speak."

Mimi noticed Dimitri blushing and she smiled. She knew that Dimitri was hiding something, so she decided to talk to him a little more. This way she can get to know him better.

"What are you hiding? I know you're hiding something, Dimitri? What are you hiding?"

"Maybe he has a crush on you," Palmon said.

"Hmmm, we'll just see and find out. So, you have a crush on me?"

Dimitri stepped back as Mimi walked up to him a little closer. He wanted to refrain himself from falling in love with Mimi. Yes, he did have love for his mother but not this way. He wouldn't feel right if a girl who had a crush on him was actually his own mother. It was a bizarre feeling but Dimitri couldn't hide the truth any longer. He was going to tell Mimi now in order to get her to realize the truth.

"Mimi. Listen. Its not that I have a crush on you..."

"Huh? What is it then?"

"Its the fact that… That…"

Dimitri felt restrained, as he couldn't even finish his sentence. Should he really tell his own mother this?

"C'mon man! This you're own mother! You have to tell her the truth! Its now or never…"

"Well, what is it, Dimitri?"

"Ok! I must confess to you now or you will never know. Ok? Are you ready to what I am about to tell you?"


"The truth is Mimi…is that…your…Mimi…your…my…"


"That your own flesh and blood! Yes, your my mother!"

Mimi gasped in shock and couldn't believe at what Dimitri just told him. Sora, Joe, Izzy and Michael all couldn't believe at what they just heard Dimitri say. They had now found out from Dimitri's very own mouth that his mother is Mimi! Of all people, Mimi!

"Ok, and what proof do you have?"

Dimitri pulls out a photo that he kept for himself. He showed Mimi a picture of himself as a little boy with his mother at his side. Mimi took a really good look at the picture and slowly examined it. She gasped and couldn't believe what she saw.

"Is that me in the future? Ok... What's my crest symbol?"

"Easy. It's the Crest of Sincerity. C'mon, I know better."

"Name all of Palmon's digivolutions."

"Tanemon. Palmon. Togemon. Lillymon. I know her every attack. Poison Ivy. Needle Spray and Light Speed Jab. Not to mention her Flower Cannon."

"What's my favorite color?"


"What's my full name?"

"Mimi Tachikawa."

"My god. And you must be…"

"My full name is Dimitri Tachikawa Ishida. And yes my father is Yamato Ishida."

"Matt?! You mean we get married and have you?!"

"Yeah, that's pretty much it."

Mimi and Palmon both stood there with widened eyes. Their mouths almost dropped in total shock. The other Digi-Destined couldn't believe it.

"TK? Kari? You knew this the whole time?" asked Sora.

"Yeah. We had to keep it a secret until he tells you. We felt it was a lot better he were to confront Mimi about this."

"Wow. Yeah. I see the resemblance," Palmon said, "Mimi. He's got your facial features and your skin color."

"Wow. You know what? He does."

Mimi closely examines Dimitri as a smile comes over his face.

"So, you're not upset with all of this? Because I don't want to upset you and all..."

"No it's quite alright. But it's good to know that I have such a handsome son. You know, I didn't really expect to marry a guy like Matt. I thought for sure I was going to marry Michael or something. But Matt?"

"Its a long story. I'll tell you everything that you need to know a little later," replied Dimitri.

"Well everybody. Looks like I'm the luckiest woman in the world. My own son is the savior of the future."

"Mom. A-hem."

"Oh right. Sorry, I bet this is quite embarrassing to see your own mother make a fool out of herself, right," Mimi asked while giggling.

"Dimitri? What happened with the artificials? Did you beat them?" asked Joe.

Dimitri sighed and nodded his head. They all gasped at the fact that the combined forces of the Digi-Destined were unable to defeat the artificials.

"You mean even with you and Matt, you were still unable to beat them?" asked Sora, "This is bad."

"No. In fact, three new artificials showed up and they were stronger than all of us combined. Not even myself as Angemon X and Metalla X were unable to defeat them," Dimitri said.

"So, where did Matt go?" asked Mimi, "Wasn't he supposed to come back with you?"

"No. He left to find those artificials. Man I never realized how hard-headed and stubborn he really is."

"Well that's Matt. He's trying to find a way to become even more powerful than Tai," said TK, "So any word on Tai's condition."

"Like I said. He's doing a lot better and should be able to get back into action soon," Kari said, "But we need a little more time for him and Agumon to rest."

"So looks like we'll just have to wait and see when the artificials are going to make their next move," Dimitri said.

"Not so fast, Dimitri. We have a major problem that had just occurred in the Digital World," Izzy said.

"What do you mean?"

"Come inside and I'll show you."



Xveemon, Stingmon and Halsemon were almost to Odaiba as they continued to fly through the blue skies. Davis looked up ahead and a smile came across his face. He turns towards Ken and Yolei with thumbs up.

"We should be there any minute now," Davis said.


"You guys. I just got an email from Sora," Ken said.

"Well, what does it say?" asked Stingmon.

"Its concerning a new occurrence that had just taken place in the Digital World. It's pretty urgent. Digimon have claimed to see a mysterious pod just near the Primary Village. Sora also said to meet them over at Tai's apartment home. Any idea where that might be?"

"Yeah. I know where it is," Davis said, "I've been over to Kari's several times. Ok Xveemon, you know the place, right?"

"Kari's place? You got it! We'll be over there in a shake of a lambs… Ummm… Is that how it goes?"

"Uhhh. Just get us over there."


Xveemon boosted his speed as they headed off towards Odaiba. Stingmon and Halsemon soon followed. At this rate, they should be able to arrive at Odaiba in a short amount of time, but they had to get there as soon as possible.


Izzy displayed the email message sent to him from Elecmon. Dimitri took a look at it and began reading it.

"That's very odd. Did Elecmon happen to get a picture of the pod," asked TK.

"Yes. I can get that printed out."

"Yeah. I need to get to the bottom of this," Dimitri said, "It may not be concerned with the artificials, but I'm dying to know what this thing is."

TK looked over towards Kari, who was still looking over Tai and Agumon. He smiled at the fact that Kari was looking over her older brother at a time like this. It reminded him of the time when Kari got sick during the past three years. And who was there to watch over her until she got better? It was one other than Tai of course.

"Now that's what I call a true sister and brother relationship. I just hope Matt and I can share some kind of strong bond. As long as Kari is happy, I'm happy."

Izzy watched as the photo of the pod was printed out. He took it out and handed it over to Dimitri.

"Here. Take a look and see what you think?"

Dimitri looked at the photo and examined the picture. What he saw as a large pod that looked to have been covered by some sort of moss. A logo was imprinted on the front of the pod and it read Odaiba Technological Research.

"Well, what do you see? What kind of pod is it?" asked Mimi.

"It says Odaiba Technological Research. But how is that possible? How could a pod from earth have arrived in the Digital World?! Theres no way anybody else would know the passageway to entering the Digital World. Only ourselves and anybody holding a digivice or D-3 is able to open the gate."

"Huh? It's pod from earth? But who could have sent it?" asked Michael.

"It could have come from the dark realm. You know how anybody from that dimension could have just opened a portal from there," Joe said.

"No. Azulongmon said that he made sure that all gateways from the dark realm were all sealed away," Izzy said, "So no. I doubt anybody would have the power to enter from the dark realm."

"Then how did it get there? Something is obviously wrong," Kari spoke up.

"I have a feeling what it maybe, it doesn't look good for our side. We may have to deal with this thing while the artificials run amuck in this world," Gatomon replied.

"She's right and its time we make a decision on what he do next," Dimitri said. "But I need to know what was sent in that pod. I need to know what other enemy we may have to eventually face other than the three artificials. Things are now getting way out of hand now."

This is an interesting twist of events indeed! The Digi-Destined are left to wonder where to take off from here? Go to the Digital World and investigate this mysterious pod or to stop the three artificials from completing their mission of executing Tai. Decisions. Decisions. C'mon guys, time is of an essence here!

[Digimon Zero Two first ending theme "Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze ga Fuku" plays]


Dimitri: Why would a pod arrive in the digital world unexpectedly?

TK: It looks like the same pod you came in about a year ago.

Kari: This is very strange.

Dimitri: Wait a second… This pod has been in the digital world for nearly three years! No make that four years!

Mimi: Four years?

Dimitri: yeah. So by the time Burizalor was defeated by Omega X and about a year before Ken became the Kaiser, this pod has been dormant in the digital world. I can't believe nobody even noticed this until now.

Davis: Why is there an eggshell and what the heck is that thing?!

Mimi: Ahh! That thing is disgusting!

Kari: It looks like some sort of giant insect...

Dimitri: Is this the creature that was sent through that pod? It came from nearly 20 years in the distant future. What purpose does this thing serve?!

Izzy: Next time on Digimon Fusion Zero Two, episode twenty-one!

The New Threat?! The Creature That Came 20 Years in the Distant Future!

Veemon: You don't want to miss this!


Max: We hope you enjoyed that chapter, because it now leads to the new saga of the Zero Two series! It's going to be the Virus Saga! We'll have the first chapter within a day or so.

Keke: These two have been tearing at each other since the start of the fic! Both are busted and beaten! I've never seen… We'll I've seen plenty of ass kickings but this has to be on my top ten favorites.

Celesta: I just hope that they can somehow resolve their differences. They can't go on like this…

Coral: Sorry, Celesta. I'm afraid this guy won't ever forgive me. That's ok. I've wanted to kick his ass. He challenged me and now he gets it. Nobody ever underestimates me.

Zeomon: Look, you shouldn't have gone and used SSJ4T as you're training partner. He's no fighter.

Coral: Look, I'm sorry but I needed to get some exercise. I'm sorry for what I did, but I'm not sorry for you accusing me. This ends here!

Zeomon: Yes, it ends here. But it will be the end of you!

Coral: Like I've said before, just bring it!

[Coral and Zeomon charge toward each other. They trade massive blows and send thunderous vibrations across the landscape. Coral flies up and cries out. A bright aura forms around her body. Zeomon flies up and goes for a flying head butt. Coral maneuvers to the side and punches through Zeomon's helmet. Zeomon retaliates with a devastating kick to her ribs. Coral coughs blood and begins to become dazed. Zeomon takes advantage and grabs Coral. He then puts her over his shoulders and executes a devastating backbreaker. Coral screams in agony as her broken body plops to the ground. Coral struggles to move.]

Celesta: No! Coral!

Max: Shit! That's got to fucking hurt!

Keke: You might as well give this second match to Zeomon, Mick.

[Coral's eyes start to fade as Mick counts her out.]

Mick: Coral was unable to sit up after the ten count. Therefore, Zeomon wins this second match!

Max: So, it's down to a tie! We'll have our final match in the first chapter of the Virus Saga.

Keke: But it doesn't look like Coral is about to sit up anytime soon…

Celesta: Coral… Please get up… I can't stand this violence…

[Zeomon begins to walk away, but little does he realize that Coral's hidden strength is beginning to stir. Coral's eyes slowly turn emerald green and a slight gold aura starts glowing around her body.]

Celesta: That's it!

Max: We'll have the third and final match between Coral and Zeomon in the first chapter to the Virus Saga! Until then, be sure to check it out! Peace everyone!