Daphne: All right, this is my first Harry Potter story that I have put on here. And I must say, it feels good to get this story out of my system! It has been torturing me for several months now, and I just have to share it! Please read it and tell me what you think!!!

*This takes place before and during Harry's sixth year, and will probably go into his seventh, maybe even beyond that.*


//The summer before Harry's sixth year is going better then he had ever imagined. His Aunt, Uncle, and cousin are making an effort to be 'kind' to him, he is getting every bit of information on Voldemort that he needs, and to top it all off, a female American exchange student will be staying with the Dursley's for two months out of the summer!

Almost immediately, however, Harry discovers that not only is the kind and gentle exchange student, Rose McBride, a witch, but she also holds a number of secrets that quickly open new doors revealing more of Harry's past...a past that fully entwines with her own. They quickly form a bond stronger than either them, or anyone else, ever thought possible.

Then, after returning to Hogwarts a month early, Harry has to face the problems of every-day teenagers, along with his growing fame, his growing maturity, and his growing feelings for a certain red-headed younger sister of his best friend. Then, to top it all off, a group of American students come to stay at Hogwarts for a special Quidditch tournament, and Harry is reunited with Rose, her friends, and her adopted mother, whom Harry feels a strong, strange connection to.

But danger is fast approaching, and it is only a matter of time before 'The Boy who Lived' is called upon to destroy Voldemort once and for all, or be destroyed in the attempt. But this time, he will not be fighting alone...//



By: Daphne Li

Chapter 1.


The day was bright and warm, as sunlight beamed down upon the town of Surrey. The houses seemed especially cheerful, more-so than usual at least, and a quiet, peaceful sort of laziness had settled on the neighborhood of Privet Drive. But there was one thing on this nice, beautiful day, that was not especially cheerful.

Harry Potter's mood.

Yes, in a small bedroom on the second floor of Number Four, Privet Drive, lay Harry. His head was buried in his pillow, and his tightly clenched fists were pounding against his mattress in vain. His glasses lay on his bedside table, where he had thrown them along with a strange looking piece of paper.

I am sure that by now, you all know that Harry Potter is a wizard, and that he is definitely not an ordinary boy, so we will skip that part and go back to the reason Harry was pounding his mattress and making annoyed grunting noises into his poor pillow.

It had to do with that piece of parchment that he had thrown onto his desk in a flurry of disgust...

"Ron, you are a GIT!" Harry groaned, finally giving up on maiming his mattress and turning over with a huff, staring up at his ceiling. Usually, Harry would have been thrilled to receive an owl from one of his two best friends, but lately, he had been getting annoyed with the both of them. The reason why?

Reaching out to the parchment, Harry picked it back up and began to re-read it with an air of half-disgust, half-amusement.


How are things going with the muggles? They being decent? Have you heard from Remus or Tonks, or any of them? I've been back to you-know-where a few times, but I don't see them much. Oh, and that ruddy house elf has finally kicked the bucket! We found him curled up in the room with Snuffle's mum's portrait, holding that portrait in a death grip. Apparently, he was a bit too in love with his 'mistress', and died listening to her shriek at him for taking her down!

Anyway, enough of that. You'll never guess what's happened.

Hermione's over for the summer.

Ginny begged mum to let her come, and mum was more than thrilled to have her. Ugh! I had to listen to her yell at us to clean the house, then I was the one who had to lug Herm's stuff upstairs. And guess what she did? Yelled at me for not being 'gentle' with her things! The nerve! I nearly broke my neck climbing those stairs with her trunk-full of rocks (ok, I think they were books, but same difference). And how does she thank me?




Honestly! I accidentally tripped and nearly dropped it, but managed to save it before it fell to the floor, and that is how she thanks me! Breakable things indeed! I'd like to break her!

You know, I wish you were here. Then I could at least have someone to sympathize with me!

Anyway, I hope your summer is better than mine, and Dumbledore had better let you come and visit! Have fun, Harry, and don't get into any trouble! (Just kidding)

Give your cousin a big insult for me!


P.S. Ginny just broke up with Dean Thomas! I heard her telling mum this morning. She doesn't seem too upset though. And Hermione keeps telling her that there are more fish in the sea. How would she know? She's too hung up on Vicky to tell!//

Harry groaned again as he re-read this letter. Sometimes, his friends were so...daft! It was obvious to everyone but Ron and Hermione, that they were taken with each other! Even Ginny knew about it, and had written to him about it when they had first arrived home from Hogwarts.

Speaking of Ginny...

Harry's mind drifted to the younger sister of his best friend, and he smiled slightly. She too, had changed over the years. Gone were the days where she would blush at his every move, and stick her elbow in butter- dishes. Gone were the days of singing valentines and stuttering conversations.

Here was a girl, who had a wonderful sense of humor, liked Quidditch, understood his problems, and talked with him about them. Over the summer, they had kept correspondence, writing back and forth to tell each other about new things that were happening.

Harry had actually been the first person to know about Ginny's doubts about her relationship to Dean, and he was the first to know that she was going to dump him. Ginny was the first to know about all his latest dreams, and about his new freedoms around the Dursley home.

Harry's thoughts now moved onto the subject of the Dursleys.

Since the beginning of the summer, they had actually made an attempt to be a bit more decent to him. Uncle Vernon virtually ignored him when he could, and Aunt Petunia had ceased to make him do many chores. Even Dudley, who tended to spend most of the day with his friends, had been a bit more decent, probably from the fear of getting into another scrape with a magical creature; proving the dementors were still fresh in his memory as well.

Harry sighed at the peace in his room, but his contentment didn't last for long.


With a sigh, Harry sat up, stroked Hedwig gently on the wing as he went by her cage, and then made his way down to the living room. Once there, Harry looked around in confusion. Uncle Vernon was standing by his arm-chair, looking strangely excited. Aunt Petunia sat across from him, her face slightly flushed, and a smile on her face. Harry looked over at Dudley, and noticed that he looked just as confused as Harry felt.

"Sit." Vernon motioned to the couch, where Dudley sat. Harry, feeling a wicked urge to frighten Dudley a bit, sat a bit closer than Dudley would have liked, and made a motion with his hand, as if to take out his wand. Dudley made a tiny squeak, but didn't move from his seat.

"We have some news." Vernon said pompously, sticking out his chest a bit more than was necessary. Harry resisted the urge to roll his eyes and sat patiently.

"We are going to have a house-guest." Petunia finally spoke, her voice tight with excitement. Harry stiffened, while Dudley still looked confused.

"A guest?" Harry managed. Vernon looked as though he would have rather had his son ask it, but he nodded.

"An exchange student, to be exact. We have received a letter from Dudley's school, about a program they are putting on, and have decided to do it." He stated. Harry and Dudley seemed to have the same reaction to this. Their eyes met with a look of skepticism, and Harry could plainly a dangerous glint enter his cousin's eye.

"Oh?" Harry asked, looking back at his Aunt and Uncle. Petunia nodded eagerly.

"She is from America. She is coming for two months, to experience London!" She stated. Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Experience London?" He asked incredulously.

"Yes. It is a program for young people who have never been out of their own country, to come to ours and experience it. Our house-guest is a young girl named Rose McBride. She is fifteen years old, and she will be staying in the extra room." Petunia explained.

"When is she coming?" Dudley asked, a hint of eagerness in his voice.

"In a week. And she is one of our kind, so you will keep that bloody bird silent, and your door locked at all times, whether you are in it or not! We will not stand for your...abnormality while she is our guest!" Vernon growled at Harry, his face creased into a frown. Petunia looked slightly frightened.

"Now Vernon...he will handle himself well, I am certain." She murmured, risking a look at Harry as she said this. He sighed and nodded.

"Good. Now when is supper?"

Harry sighed and got up, knowing the talk was over. But his mind was now fuller than it had been before the talk.

They were going to have a visitor! For the first time since Harry had come to live with the Dursleys, someone other than Aunt Marge and Dudley's friends, was going to stay there! Harry's heart pounded half with anticipation, half with dread.

What if something happened and he accidentally let it slip about what he truly was? What if she found him frightening when Uncle Vernon told her that he went to 'whatever-school for Incurable Boys', or wherever they were telling people he went, now? What if he forgot to lock his door, and she caught a glimpse of his...school things? What would this Rose McBride think?

With a sigh, Harry threw himself back down onto his bed, even more thoughtful than before.


Dear Remus:

Fine, you told me you don't want to listen to my 'fake', overly happy letters, so I'll give you the truth.

Life here is fine, truly. Things are getting better with the Dursleys. At least their leaving me alone. Plus, we are getting a visitor in a few days, so that should keep me busy.

I think about Sirius every day. Yeah, I feel upset. Yeah, I get angry. Yeah, I feel rushes of guilt. The normal stuff, you can relate, I'm sure. I still can't think about Sirius without my stomach dropping, but at least I have stopped feeling sick every time.

How is Moody? How is Tonks? Ron's told me that Kreecher's six-feet-under, and to tell the whole truth, I'm not that upset about it...all right, I'm downright happy.

Well, I have to go. Keep in touch.


P.S. Have you finally removed Sirius's mum from the premises? Hope so!//


//Dear Ginny:

How has your summer gone since your last letter? How are you taking your Dean-less-ness? Are you feeling depressed? Hehehehe. Just kidding.

All right, don't chew me out about being overly cheerful in my letters, though I know you will. Remus already sent me a howler, telling me not to hide my 'true' feelings. Merlin's beard! He's only been my guardian for what...a month? And he's already bossing me around! All right, all right. I guess it's not such a bad thing, after all. Better Remus then the Dursleys!

Ron is being a git again, I can tell. And I suppose Hermione is no better. Has she spoken to you about it yet? How is the twins business? You don't have to tell me about their latest inventions, because they have promised to send me a box chock full of their latest things for my birthday. Which is in a few weeks, by the way!

Anyway, the Dursleys are going to have an exchange student coming to live with them. Some girl from America. It will be a relief to have someone new here, to take their attention off me!

Well, I had better go and think up something to write to Ron. Tell everyone there I say 'hello', and I wish I was there.



Dear Harry:

Ron just got your letter. He keeps telling poor Hermione 'I told you so', or something to that effect. Do you have any idea what they are talking about?


Anyway, everyone is fine, here. Mum is being her normal worry-wart self, Dad is working overtime at the Ministry, Ron is complaining about Hermione, and vice versa, and the twins business is booming. They sent me a box of their latest things, and if they are anything like what I got, you are going to have a lot of, 'legal', fun with your cousin!

So...an exchange student, huh? And a girl? Hmmm...you're going to have to tell me about her.

Oh, great. There go Ron and Hermione again. I swear, people in the next county are going to start complaining soon, they are so loud! I don't know how you put up with them, Potter, but whatever you've got over them, I want it!

Well, I'd better go. Mum's teaching me how to cook, and I have to help her in the kitchen tonight. Remus is coming over for dinner (also to tell us about the you-know-what), so she is going to go all-out. Write soon about that new-girl!