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The Phoenix's Prophecy

by Daphne Li




Eighteen year old Harry Potter looked around at the people surrounding him at the dinner table. Beside him sat Ginny Weasley, his girlfriend of just over a year-and-a-half. On his other side, his best friend Ron Weasley sat chatting happily with his wife of six months, Hermione Granger-Weasley. Arthur Weasley and his wife, Molly, sat at the head of the table, with Charlie Weasley and his new bride, Nymphadora Tonks-Weasley beside them.

Bill was next, talking eagerly with his own wife, Fleur, while George Weasley slipped a strange looking ice-cube into his drink under the watchful eye of his girlfriend, Shirah Wilcox. Fred was also watching and snickering, as his wife, Angelina, smirked and sipped her drink. Percy Weasley and his wife, Penelope, were ignorant of all of this as they stared into each other's eyes, much to the discomfort of Rose and Neville, who were seated next to them.

It was a Hogsmede day at Hogwarts, so Harry, Neville and Hermione had taken the day off to spend with the Weasleys, celebrating the wedding of Charlie and Tonks. They had brought Ginny, Shirah, and Rose along so they could enjoy the day, too. Professor McGonagall had assured Harry that she would be able to take care of the students during their absence.

Harry had found it surprisingly easy to settle into the role of Headmaster. There had been a few troublesome students, but they had all mellowed out after a small talking to. Hermione had been offered an apprenticeship of sorts with Professor McGonagall, who was looking forward to retirement but wanted someone there who would be able to bring justice to the position of Transfiguration Professor. Neville had also taken a job at Hogwarts, when Professor Sprout chose to retire that year. Surprisingly enough, Neville was a favorite among the students this year; it was a rare thing not to see him walking down the halls, surrounded by five to ten eagerly questioning students.

Rose, Rayana, Victoria, and Shirah had all decided to attend Hogwarts that year, instead of returning to America and finishing their education's there. May Black (formerly known as May McBride), had quit her teaching job and was now working for the Ministry, while living with her husband, son, Jackson Black and daughter, Rose Black-Potter. Jackson also worked for the Ministry, alongside his father, in the Unspeakable division. Shane Biederon, Shirah's cousin, was now engaged to Cassia Malfoy, and worked as a curse-breaker for Gringotts.

Ron had taken a job as Keeper on the Chuddly Cannon's team. He was quickly making a name for himself. Gregory Goyle had become (shockingly enough) an auror, and visited the school quite often in order to see his girlfriend, Rayana Moore. As for what happened after Fudge had been kicked out of office...

Arthur Weasley was elected into the Minister of Magic position. It had been a huge shock to the Weasley family, but not so much to Harry, seeing as he had been the one to nominate him as a possible candidate for the position. Arthur had been somewhat reluctant to leave his Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office, but had amiably taken his position and was proving to be an impeccably good Minister. He was well-loved by his colleagues, and admired by the wizarding community.

The Wizarding world had almost returned to normal since the battle against Voldemort had ended. The Ministry had been fixed up and improved, the school grounds had been repaired, much by the help of the grateful Centaurs. And all around, people were beginning to revel in the ever- present assurance that Voldemort would never return.


He snapped out of his thoughts as he felt Ginny's hand on his arm, and noticed her worried amber eyes gazing up into his. He smiled down at her reassuringly.

"Just thinking." He murmured lightly. She smiled, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh? About what?"

"Everything. And how lucky we are." He murmured, planting a kiss on her lips. There was a chorus of groans, and the both of them looked over to see the twins looking disgusted.

"Please, Harry! That's our little sister your kissing." Fred groaned. Surprisingly, it had been the twins that had taken his love for their sister, the hardest. Harry smirked over at them and deliberately pulled Ginny into a steamy kiss, ignoring the snickers they were receiving from the other brothers.

"Oh, leave them alone, boys! Let them be." Molly said lovingly.

"But mum, it's a scandal! You know that Professors and students aren't allowed to have affairs." George put his two-bits in. Neville went pale at this declaration, and his hand tightened over Rose's for a brief moment, relaxing as she grinned up at him. Harry pretended to look horrified at this.

"You're right! What have I done?!" He asked dramatically, standing up and placing a hand over his heart. The twins looked annoyed, but Harry ignored them.

"I will have to remedy this somehow! AH! I know the way!" He shot a 'look' at Arthur, who nodded, and then Harry looked back at Ginny, who was looking rather angry at what her brother's had said.

"Ginny, you are my life, my all. I can't imagine living without you. But they're right. Affairs between teachers and students are forbidden. Therefore..." He trailed off and then slowly knelt on one knee, making sure to keep eye-contact with her. He pulled a tiny box from his pocket and held it tenderly in his hand, allowing it to snap open.

"Will you marry me, Ginny Weasley?"

There was a breathless silence as everyone gazed wide-eyed at the ring Harry held in his hand, then up at Ginny. She, however, was staring at him with tear-filled eyes and was unconscious of everyone and everything around them.

"Yes." Was all she managed to whisper, before Harry had pulled her into a mind-numbing kiss, gently slipping the gorgeous diamond and emerald ring on her finger. When they finally pulled back, they looked around the table, and smiled at the stunned faces. It was Arthur who reacted first, shooting a sly look at Harry before offering his congratulations. Harry had asked him the day before if it would be alright to do something like this, and Arthur had given his full blessings.

"Oh, my darlings!" Molly cried, shooting up out of her chair and smothering them with hugs. There was laughter around the table as the shock wore off.

"But she's just a student! And you're a Professor!" Fred argued weakly, as they finally began to calm down. Harry pulled Ginny into his arms and sat down with her on his lap.

"Yes. But there are no rules about a Professor and a student being engaged. Therefore, it isn't an affair anymore." He chuckled.

The twins groaned.


"I love you, Harry. Goodnight!" Ginny whispered, as she left his office a few nights later. Harry smiled after her and then turned back to the work he had abandoned when she had arrived. Unfortunately, his thoughts began to wander again and he soon found himself pacing his office. Ever since the Great Battle, there had been something that had weighed heavily on Harry's mind.

That day, when Harry had seen Draco off, had been the last thing ever heard from the boy. There had been no sign of him anywhere, no word from him, nothing. It rather worried Harry, but he somehow knew that Draco was alright.

He didn't know when this newfound care about Draco Malfoy had started, but he was aware of a growing need within himself to settle the subject, once and for all. And the only way to do that was to find the young man himself. There had been a vision that Rose had had the day Harry had proposed to Ginny, wherein she had made a prophesy. Harry got the strange impression that it had to do with Draco somehow, though he could not begin to understand how. The prophecy had been the following:

A death so near the living's heart, Daughter to a Dragon will win this part. A past saved, no sadness let, If the sun, his dragon-girl gets. Sorrow ends, illness cease, Heart to Heart, Soulmates Peace.

Harry had added the prophecy to his Pensieve, determined to figure out what it meant. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done. Harry sighed and continued to pace his study, wondering what to do. After deliberating for quite sometime, Harry finally came to a decision.

With quick movements, he was back over at his desk, pulling out a piece of parchment and a quill. Sitting down, the thought for a moment, then touched the quill to the paper.


I don't know exactly why I'm writing this...




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