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Chapter ONE.

Summer hoidays were always tedious to Lily. Her father and elder sister Petunia had been horrible to her ever since she had received her letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They had dubbed her a 'freak' and that was her name from that point on where they were concerned. Her mother was lovely to her and when Lily looked at her she saw pride in her eyes. Unfortunately she wasn't able to let her daughter know of these affections. She was afraid what her husband would do if she did.

Lily's father was abusive. There was no other way that she could say that nicely. But as the man of the family she had been told repeatedly that he had the right to do that. Of course he was the one that had been telling her and her sisters. Still, she had got the message and her family had been beaten into submission. Literally.

The only good thing that had happened on the summer holiday's, was she got to see he little sister Buffy. She loved her sister with all her heart and would do anything for her. The only reason that she came home on the holidays was beause she felt that it was the only time that she could protect her little sister.

When Lily had come home for the summer she had been given an invitation to spend the holidays with her friends and James Potters house. The Mauraders, otherwise known as James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Petigrew. They had been dubbed the pranksters of the era and were proud of their title. She and her small group of girl friends were also good friends with the four boys and they had all been invited to the Potters. Lily was the only one that was staying in England over the break so she was the only one that could even consider the offer. Right now she was considering it seriously.

The site that had met her when she had walked into the building she was to call home, was the crumpled form of her sister Buffy at the base of the steps and her father towering over her.

"I'm home." She called loudly and her father looked up distracted from the beating that he was giving. Lily sighed in relief when Buffy dragged her self out of their fathers sight while he wasn't watching.

"Freak." He said in way of greeting. Things had gone down hill from that one word and led to a large black eye and red welts across her face. There were also bruises on her arms where her father had held her to shake her.

There was a knock at the door and Lily's thoughts snapped back to where she was and what was happening around her.

"Lily?" A soft voice came from the otherside of the door and Lily sprang to open it.

"Buffy!" She cried in a soft voice and wrapped her eleven year old sister in a huge hug. "Come in!" She pulled the tiny girl in and shut the door behind her.

Buffy had brought with her the first aid kit and a bowl of water. "Sit down Lily." She told her older sister. Lily complied and Buffy proceded to wash the bruises and welts gently and then rub ointment into them. Blissful numbness began to sink into them and Lily sighed relieved.

She studied her sister carefully. "When did you become so good at putting me back together?" She asked gently.

"Dad started drinking this year while you were at school. The broken bottles were painful and I had to look after mum. She was attacked a lot. Petunia wouldn't lift a finger to help us, she spends all of her time with Vernon anyway. She finished school this year. She only has to say the word and Vernon will get her to move in with him. I learnt to look after me and mum."

"He really shouldn't treat us like this you know." Lily sighed. Buffy sat next to her on the bed. They both were looking out the window.

"You shouldn't say that Lily. He is our father. It is his right to treat us that way."

"My friends at school don' t have parents that do this to their children." Lily replied forcefully.

"Maybe they do and just don't tell you."

Lily considered this and decided that it was possible. She nodded slowly. "I suppose, but I still think that it is wrong. Petunia is never beat."

"That is because she agrees with dad that you are a freak."

"Why don't you? You really should. At least that way you wouldn't get hurt."

"Because you are my big sister and I love you and there is no way that I would call you a freak when you are actually beautiful and talented." Buffy declaired, her eleven year old eyes were wide and earnest. Her face was so innocent and naieve, yet her eye's, like Lily's were wide and lonely. They held more pain and wisdom than any eleven year old should have.

"Buffy I love you." Lily said, tears in her eyes at the misfortune of her sister.

"I love you too silly." Buffy replyed automaticly and patted Lilys leg re- assuringly. "Now, don't cry." She wiped Lilys eyes as the tears spilled out. "Wash your face and come down stairs and have some dinner. I'm cooking it so it swhoul be half edible." She grinned and limped out of the room.

Lily wondered what horrors her father had submitted her little sister to while she was away. Shaking her head she made a decision and took out a sheet of parchment.

"Dear James,

Thankyou for the invitation to go to your house this summer. I would love to come. There was something that I was wondering though. I haven't seen my sister Buffy for a while and we are almost in separable. Would she be welcome to come with me? She isn't a witch but she knows all about magic as I tell her everything. It would really be an experience for her to stay a while with a wizards family.

I understand if you or your parents think that this would be a problem. After all friends are ment to be understanding aren't they? Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend.

Lily Evans."

Lily tied the letter to the leg of her black owl named Ally and watched her fly away into the night. She sighed and prayed that James would reply with the answer soon. She didn't know what their father would do next.

Tenderly Lily stood and made her way down the stairs.