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"Dammit!" Catherine banged her knee against one of her bedposts as she raced from her bathroom to her bedroom. "Hold on!" She yelled at the phone as she picked it up. "Hello?"

"Catherine! Is that you?"

She immediately recognized the voice as Grissom's but frowned at the fact that he was speaking ten times louder than usual. "Grissom? You called my number, who were you expecting?"


When he didn't continue, Catherine sighed loudly, "Is there a point to this, Grissom? I was going to take a bath."


There was a lilt in his voice that made Catherine suspicious. "Yes, why?"

"Nothing...I was just hoping maybe you'd have time to listen to some things I needed to say but since you're busy I'll call back later when you're not so busy or maybe we'll just talk tomorrow at work yeah that sounds good we'll talk tom..."

Shaking her head at the long run-on sentence, Catherine quickly cut Grissom off before he could continue, "Grissom, are you drunk?"


"Grissom? Are you still there? Gil?!"

"I think I'm in love with you, Cath. No wait, I don't think that. I know it. I'm in love with you. I have been for a very long time but I never told you cuz I never had the courage to. Well, that and you were married. But even after you and Eddie divorced, I never told you cuz I didn't..."

"Grissom." Catherine stopped him mid-sentence again, "Grissom, I want you to hang up the phone, take a long shower, and get a good night's sleep. We'll talk tomorrow."

"Ok." Without another word, Grissom hung up the phone.

It was only now that Catherine allowed herself to react to Grissom's drunken confession. Was it true? Or was he just making things up in a drunken stupor?

*To be continued*