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Elladan sighed in exasperation as he stood back and eyed his human brother and his close friend curled up on the ground before him. To his annoyance,they refused to wake up. Lazy sluggards, he thought to himself. He, his twin, and those two on the ground had gone into the woods of Imladris for a scouting trip. Well,rather the twins were out on this scouting as one of their typical weekly trips and their friend and brother had decided to come along. But those two were so accustomed to sleeping in late, especially now in the summer. Calling their names did nothing to rouse them.

" What are you doing, Elladan? " came his twin's voice. Elladan did not move from his pose of vexation as his twin approached.

" They refuse to wake ", he informed the other Elf that stood behind him with questioning eyes. Eyes that were most identical to his elder twin, and often wordlessly conveyed their emotions to one another with the intensity of their bond.

A smile curled up on Elrohir's face.

" Well ", he began, crossing his arms, " Let us be more creative then."

Elladan turned around to face his twin and caught the devious glint in Elrohir's eyes. Elladan grinned, reading his brother's mind.

Elladan nodded and then the two soundlessly moved away, their footfalls non-existent as was the way of the Elves. Elrohir crept up into a nearby tree, offering a hand to his brother and the two were soon concealed in the foliage.

Elrohir looked at his twin, quirking an eyebrow in question with an odd smirk. Elladan gave his nod of approval again with a wicked grin. Elrohir then drew in a breath, prepared himself to shout and then yelled,

" Yrch! "

Immediately, Legolas and Aragorn snapped out of their sleep, stood on their feet, back to back, Aragorn with sword drawn and Legolas with an arrow loaded on his bow. Both their eyes were wide in anticipation.

The twins fought to contain their laughter, Elrohir fell to lean against his brother, his body shaking soundlessly with silent laughter. Aragorn and Legolas stood frozen, their eyes darting about seeking the implied threat. Both snapped their heads to one side when a barely audible thump was heard.

Elrohir was crouched on the ground before a tree and then straightened up to stand slowly. Elladan soon followed, landing on his feet with the grace of a cat. Aragorn lowered his sword and Legolas warily followed with his bow.

Elladan wore a wide grin on his face and Elrohir had burst out laughing, his hand on his twin's shoulder as he nearly doubled over with mirth. Aragorn and Legolas both leered at them with narrowed eyes, only causing Elladan to follow his brother in laughing. " Not. Funny." Aragorn said this stiffly, obviously annoyed. This did not hinder the amusement of the twins, however.

" Well not to you but to us it is ", Elladan chuckled. Aragorn clenched his teeth in vexation. Suddenly and without word, Legolas sprang forth, unleashing both his knives and bounding toward the twins. Elrohir stopped laughing and both the twins scrambled up into the tree. Legolas wore a wicked smile.

" One blade for each demon ", he said deviously, before disappearing into the foliage. Aragorn threw his head back in laughter as he sat down and idly began to polish his sword with a spare cloth, waiting for his best friend to avenge them. Really, he pitied the twins now. Legolas was a Balrog when provoked.

" Blessed Elbereth ", came Elrohir's distraught voice from up in the trees. The leaves rustled and Aragorn grinned. Shortly there after, Elrohir tumbled down from the branches and landed in a most undignified way on his bottom. Elladan followed quickly, ending up in a very awkward position beside his twin. Legolas leaped down behind them, grinning and very pleased with himself indeed. Aragorn gave his best friend a humored smile. The twins scowled as Legolas strode past them, sheathing his knives as he went.

" You know, that was really low ", Elladan remarked. Legolas raised his eyebrows. " Low? Never ", he brushed it off.

" I am a prince, I could never be low."

Elrohir snorted indignantly. " Does the term ' royal brat ' mean anything to you?" he questioned Legolas.

Aragorn shifted uneasily. He resented the insult made on his best friend.

" Nay, I only speak proper language ", Legolas retorted with a light smile. Aragorn grinned.

" So you must be mistaken ", Legolas continued.

" Well, I do seem to remember Estel calling you...what was it now, Elrohir? " he asked.

" I believe it was ' chauvinistic bastard ' " Elrohir supplied.

" Ah, yes. Thank you dear brother ", Elladan grinned.

Aragorn flushed at the memory guiltily. But Legolas only smiled.

" Well, that is indeed forgiven forgotten ", he answered, giving Aragorn a warm smile, which was returned.

" Besides ", the Elf prince turned back on the twins. " I seem to recall a certain pair of twins getting into a very undignified brawl and exchanging names such as 'bloody wanker' and 'brainless twit'."

Aragorn stifled a laugh as the twins blushed fiercely.

" Well, we were drunk that time thanks to you and your bloody Mirkwood wine ", Elrohir replied defensively.

" It's not my fault you have a low tolerance for alcohol " Legolas said innocently.

"I rather enjoy getting drunk in Thranduil's cellar, now that you mention it ", Aragorn remarked. Legolas quirked an eyebrow and gave him a bemused smile.

" Oh, sure. With Legolas. The two of you are absolutely disgraceful when you get drunk ", Elrohir replied distastefully, sounding very much like Elrond.

Legolas and Aragorn smiled and beamed at each other proudly.

" Yes, who know what happens down in that cellar when you're both drunk and all alone ", Elladan said suggestively.

Legolas and Aragorn both turned several shades of red at this perfectly ludicrous implication, while Elrohir burst out into a fit of hilarity, followed by his twin. Needless to say, both earned death glares from the blonde Elf and gray-eyed Ranger. Elladan was soon fleeing for his life into the wood, pursued murderously by Aragorn and Legolas.Elrohir only smiled as he heard the wicked laughter of his twin echo in the trees.

Aragorn finally caught Elladan, throwing himself at the elder twin at sending them both down to the ground. He tickled his brother mercilessly, a vengeful smirk on his face.

" Stop, Estel ", Elladan gasped. " Please, stop it."

" Not until Legolas has his fun ", Aragorn said evilly.

" Legolas, mellonin, come have your rightful vengeance ", he called as he stood up, pinning Elladan to the ground hit his foot on the Elf's back after kicking him to make turn over.

Speaking of Legolas, the Elf prince suddenly popped up, in that unnerving way he does. He grinned brightly at the young man who was his best friend, his long silvery blonde tresses hanging like a cascade in the air since he was hanging upside down from an over hanging branch.

Elrohir finally caught up to them and smirked when he saw Legolas hanging in the tree and Elladan pinned on the ground by Argon's foot on his back. But the good-natured fun was then interrupted. A distant sound made itself known to all four of them, Elrohir shifting his weight in alertness, Aragorn moving away from Elladan, who crouched low and held his breath in anticipation.

Legolas let himself fall from the tree branch, standing slightly bent over with his ears perked intuitively.

" Yrch ", he hissed, listening. The second time that name was uttered this day. But this time it was not in jest.

" Let's fetch the horses ", said Aragorn in a low tone. The others nodded and the four of them leapt off into the wood, back to where they had been camping. Orcs were roaming the wood, exactly what they had been scouting for. The twins would not back down from a chance to slay the beasts but to encounter them unarmed was folly.

They reached the clearing where they had previously set camp and immediately went for their weapons. Legolas was the swiftest to grab his bow and quiver, where his knives also resided among the arrows. He dashed back the other way and sprang up into the nearest tree.

" I'll see if I can get a better look at them ", he informed the others without a look back.

Aragorn with his sword drawn and the twins with their bows mounted their horses and rode off into the wood. Legolas' stallion followed them, nickering proudly. Aragorn let his eyes stray to the foliage above, seeking a flash of his best friend but never really catching an assured one.

Legolas was still, perched on a limb, concealed in a tree. His lucid eyes scrutinized the land below, his ears listening eagerly for the approaching beasts. Elladan came to a stop, holding his arm out to stop Aragorn. Elrohir rode up alongside of his twin, stopping instinctively. The three of them stared out into the undisturbed wood, sensing something wicked and unseen.

The earth rumbled beneath them and they knew the Orcs were heading straight for them. They dismounted form their horses and braced themselves for combat. Aragorn's eyes wandered to his blade that he held at ready and saw the reflection of Legolas somewhere above him in the foliage. He sighed in some small relief he did not realize he had been seeking.

Elrohir crouched down low and advanced furtively. Elladan looked anxiously to his twin, hesitant to let him go further but not about to follow either. Then Aragorn moved forward on the other side of him, and Elladan felt an uneasy tugging within himself. He froze momentarily when an Orc revealed itself ahead of them all. It growled viciously, gripping it's jagged scimitar in one hand.

Elladan suddenly felt a familiar and boiling hatred rise inside him. A loathing for these foul creatures that had so brutally tortured his mother. He aimed the arrow notched on his bow for the creature's head, squinting. But before he could shoot, the Orc cried out in surprise. Elladan felt his blood go cold. It had found Elrohir.

He saw his twin's arrow fly up to the sky, lost as the Elf rolled out of harm's way. But the Orc had seen him now. He would be pursued, for the Orcs absolutely despised Elves, just as the Elves detested the Orcs. Elrohir pushed himself back away from the beast that stood above him prepared to strike him with its scimitar. He couldn't get his arrow set to his bow. It was going to strike.

And out of nowhere,without warning, an arrow flew threw the air and hit the Orc in the temple, killing it instantly. Elrohir, gray eyes wide, looked to where it had come from and barley saw Legolas crouched high up in a tree near where he had left his brothers. Elladan felt his heart start again.

" Sweet Eru ", he sighed.

" The Mirkwood sniper is back in action ", Aragorn remarked with a grin.

By now, Elrohir had risen and the rest of the Orcs were coming at them through the trees. Elladan and Aragorn advanced, joining their brother and leaving their fair friend to his perch in the tree.

Aragorn subconsciously flinched. They were vastly outnumbered. Good thing he and his brothers could well handle more than one opponent at once. He soon had himself preoccupied with three Orcs, working his sword against them. He would habitually glance after his brothers from time to time to assure himself of their well being.

" By the Valar, Legolas, stay in that tree ", he thought.

But Legolas did not stay in his tree. On the contrary, he had leapt from his branch and now ran swiftly and silently ahead toward his companions. He quickly became engaged in combat, still utilizing his bow even for this point blank killing. His blue eyes darted about wildly, seeking the forms of Elladan, Elrohir, and Estel among the many beasts.

Estel soon popped up among the sea of beasts, turning and striking with his sword over and over again. Legolas felt a heavy burden lift from his heart. All right, his best friend was well. He slew another charging Orc and then quickly made his way back up into a tree, leaving his bow tucked safely away before leaping back down and drawing his wicked blades.

With grace, speed, and precision, he twirled those knives, struck, jabbed, and parried. Slicing clean through Orc flesh, he worked his way through the constant threat of them. His golden hair whipped up around him as he turned rapidly. Yet another Orc fell to the ground before him, dead. Legolas ceased to move for a moment and his eyes fell upon more Orcs ahead of him suddenly falling all at once.

A smirk crossed his face as he saw the twins, back to back, loading, aiming, and shooting arrows in almost unnatural speed.

Then, the hairs on the back of his neck bristled. He sensed something behind him and turned swiftly, only to be faced with another Orc. It growled low as it brought down its scimitar over Legolas' head. The Elf blocked with on of his knives, the muscles in his arm tightening. Legolas froze for a moment, his brilliant blue eyes locking with the wicked slits that the monster now glared at him with.

And somehow, the Orc moved again, to strike Legolas in his unguarded mid section. The Elf sensed this and moved to block with haste. He succeeded and quickly slew the beast. He stopped for a moment, panting as he stared down at the body.

Legolas turned at a leisurely speed and then his whole body suddenly jerked and his head flew back. He dropped both his knives and staggered backward to stand against the tree. Something choked him and made him want to cry out. He looked down at himself and realized that a black arrow protruded from his right side. He swallowed strenuously, his hands giving a slight tremble.

A fire swept through his entire body and a stabbing pain hammered his side. He let out a gasp as he swallowed again, his knees shaking and threatening to give out. Just then, Aragorn let out a strangled cry. He had seen, to his horror, Legolas wounded in the distance. " Legolas ", he shouted, leaping after his best friend and suddenly losing all logic and mind for the battle.

The Elf felt himself waver and lowered himself to the ground. He stifled a cry and winced when he sat and the arrow was slightly moved. Aragorn reached his best friend, miraculously unscathed. He stumbled and crawled to the prince's side. Legolas was panting and much of the color had already drained from his face. And the ranger blanched then too.

" Ara-Aragorn ", he managed to say.

" Legolas, you'll be all right ", the man told his best friend. " You'll be all right."

Terror streaked through him as he saw the arrow had buried deep in the Elf's flesh, blood everywhere. And he knew without a doubt the arrowhead had been coated with Orc poison.

Legolas felt the wicked venom spreading through his every vein, like a black fire. The pain was so great that he would've passed out if not for the fact that Aragorn placed his arm around his shoulders, giving him some comfort enough to resist passing out. Aragorn carefully lowered Legolas to the ground so that he was lying down completely.

A whimper escaped the lips of the prince and he looked so much like a scared, lost little boy it was a stab of pain in Aragorn's heart. The Elf was unnaturally pale, his chest rising and falling in a shallow way. Legolas flinched again. Eru, it hurt to breathe. He wanted to stop.

" You'll be all right, Legolas ", came the ranger's voice. But he couldn't leave Aragorn, Legolas realized.

" S-s-s-so-so cold ", Legolas said, choking in pain. Aragorn's gray eyes had never been more troubled.

" Legolas, listen to me. You have to stay awake, okay? Stay with me. Look at me, Legolas ", the ranger pleaded with his best friend. Legolas tried his best to obey and let himself find comfort in the ranger's gray eyes.

" Legolas ", Aragorn called again. " Legolas, I have to pull the arrow out."

Legolas knew this and had not the strength to protest. Aragorn took the Elf's head in the crook of his arm and held him comfortingly, while his other hand reached for the arrow shaft. He gripped it and pressed his head to Legolas', holding the Elf's to his chest. And he pulled the arrow from the Elf's side in one swift movement. Legolas moaned into Aragorn's chest as the ranger tossed the arrow.

Aragorn lay there, holding Legolas to him and listening to his best friend's laborious breathing with his gray eyes closed. He waited, holding his breath, for the battle to end, praying no Orc would notice them there. Legolas' chest heaved beneath Aragorn's arm. He too had his eyes closed, trying to focus on breathing rather than the pain burning in his side or the fire of the poison that swept through his every limb. He could feel Aragorn's hand pressed over the wound in attempts to staunch the bleeding. He felt sick, so miserable he wanted to die, dizzy and nauseated by the pain, overwhelmed by it. He struggled to keep conscious and, to not start retching. He shuddered in pain, nausea, and a growing coldness that crept through him. Aragorn, as always, sensed the Elf's distress and put out his own soul to aid him, to comfort him.

" It'll be all right, mellonin ", he whispered to Legolas calmly, his arm still across the Elf's chest. " It'll be all right, I promise you. "

Legolas took in the sound of his best friend's voice, the only form of solace he could draw strength from.

" Breathe with me, Legolas. Do not let yourself be conquered by pain. Breathe ", the young ranger said. Their chests rose and fell together. They inhaled and exhaled harmoniously. Aragorn guided Legolas to breathe steadily. It was as if they were one. Aragorn continued to speak Sindarin to Legolas, soothing him, reassuring him, just as he had always did when something was amiss with his best friend. Their hearts beaded as one. They both whispered Sindarin, their words intermingling like two dancers moving and flowing elegantly as one being and yet two different forms of beauty. It was the display of their earth-shattering bond.

" Legolas " came Elladan's cry. Aragorn's eyes opened steadily, and he stopped his whispering, as did Legolas. Elladan ran to the pair, Elrohir following. Both wore the same dismayed expressions. Each twin kneeled on either side of their brother and friend.

" Legolas is badly wounded ", Aragorn stated the obvious. Both the twins knew that Orc arrows were almost always toxic.

" We must get him to Ada ", said Elladan firmly.