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A quick word about the chapter, I know the timetable seems a bit off, you'll understand as you read it, but I would like to remind you all of this line, taken from chapter 9. -- Legolas didn't know how long he stayed in the darkness; it could have been minutes or centuries. Keep that in mind when you read.

" Memories of Ilithien "

Chapter 11 - Perhaps

Legolas stared out of the brightening window, his eyes memorizing once again the beauty of the valley in which the house of Elrond sat. After a moment his eyes glazed over and his mind saw things not before him; things of the past, too numerous to tell. Hundreds of lifetimes of men, but the mere twinkling of an eye to most elves, passed before his mind, leaving silvery tears set in his eyes in their wake.

He sighed heavily and turned from the window, committing the memories to a safe place, no longer to be dwelled in. He had chosen a new life, one full of past pain but new none the less. He would live this life, no longer afraid, no longer torn. He knew the road to such a commitment would be long indeed, and full of strife; but he knew he would reach it one day.

As he turned the figure on the bed behind him stirred and he smiled softly, moving to sit beside the waking elf. Elladan blinked as his eyes focused, the bright blue orbs resting on the Mirkwood prince. It had been nearly two weeks since the battle on the plain, and the eldest twin was still bed-ridden. A testament to his injury, for elven healing powers are strong.

"You are awake." Elladan stated, his voice tinged with surprise. Legolas nodded.

"Just last night." He said softly, his deep eyes filled with an emotion which Elladan could not interpret. "I'm… leaving. Returning home. We leave as soon as the horses are readied. I just wanted… I came to apologize."

"It is not necessary." The Noldor said, a small smile lifting the corners of his lips.

Legolas shook his head vehemently. "Yes, it is." He said, suddenly not able to meet his friend's eyes. "I… you were injured because of me. Because of my brashness and stupidity. It should not have happened thus. I must apologize."

"I was injured because of your grief. And that cannot be changed. I hold no ill will towards your deeds mellon nin. I have done the same in my past." Elladan sat up slowly, mindful of his wounded side and wrapped a comforting arm around his friend's shoulder. "Do not blame yourself for this."

"But I do." Legolas sighed softly, leaning into his friend's comforting embrace. He was weary beyond anything he had felt before and still had much ahead of him. In their past Elladan had always been a source of comfort, silent and strong, to the young prince. He would never forgive himself the injury that even now faded to memory for his friend.

"I have made many apologies this morning." Legolas sighed again, his mind showing him the faces of all he had wronged in his grief and madness. One was seen more often then all the others, but he couldn't help but push it to the side.

"Ai." Elladan said, squeezing his friend's shoulder. Then he removed his arm and sat up straight, looking closely at his friend. "You are alright?" He asked, his voice holding a sense of question, mixed with disbelief. It seemed unlikely that the prince could recover from his madness so quickly. But to the physical eye he seemed well, if cheerless. To the inner eye though, that of the heart, Elladan could see a quiet battle raging inside his friend.

"Law." Legolas said softly, his shoulders falling ever so slightly. ("No.")

"Will you ever be?" Elladan asked, knowing the answer already as tears threatened to form in his eyes. His friend had changed with this and would never be the same again. Elladan's heart mourned for that which was lost.

"Not completely." The prince whispered.

Legolas sighed once more then stood, looking down at his friend. "You are more of a friend than anyone, elf or otherwise, could ask for Elladan. Im hannon le an sen, gwador." (… I thank you for that, brother.")

Elladan simply nodded.

"I go now. Surely we are ready to depart and I have one more stop to make. Perhaps we will see each other soon?"

"Perhaps." Elladan said in a perfect imitation of his father. Legolas smiled softly because he knew that the young elf had not intended it to sound so. Legolas placed his hand over his heart and bowed in the traditional farewell of the elves, then turned to leave.

"Legolas," Elladan said as the prince reached his door. Legolas stopped and turned his head, his eyes questioning. "You said you made many apologies today. Have you done so to my brother?"

Legolas knew of which brother Elladan spoke, and he knew also that Elladan knew. He did not answer his friend as he left the room.


Legolas took the reins from Avarilas when he reached the stables and gracefully mounted his horse, forgotten by him all this time. He promised the mare that he would make it up to her ten-fold. Avarilas mounted his own steed, and Lindelen settled in beside his brother, waiting for their departure.

They had waited most the morning for the prince to join them, patient in their wait for he had been to see Ilithien's grave once more before their departure. They did not question him when he finally returned to them.

Legolas had many things he wished, and needed, to discuss with his friend and his brother, but they could wait. His heart could take no more right now, and they had a long journey ahead of them.

Elrond and Elrohir stood on Elladan's balcony watching the small party as they prepared to leave. The three Mirkwood elves bowed respectfully atop their horses to the ancient lord, he returning the farewell, and laughed at the ridiculous face Elrohir made. They laughed even harder when Elrohir cringed under his father's disapproving glare.

Legolas met Elrohir's eyes, conveying once again the apology he had made to him that morn, both for the heinous action he had done to his dear friend, and for the injury his brother had sustained, for Legolas knew it had pained the younger twin more than the one that had received it.

Elrohir nodded in acceptance of the apology, then he and his father turned and entered the room, leaving the three to their journey. They set off without a word.


Less than an hour's time later they came to the edge of the lands of Imladris, passing the low river effortlessly and turning towards their home.

As they did this Legolas saw a dark figure, too loud and clumsy to be an elf, emerge from the woods on their side, preparing to cross the river back to Imladris. As the figure came closer he saw the Mirkwood party and waved, then bowed respectfully, saying a prayer for their safety.

As he straightened his dark gray eyes met Legolas' and he smiled.


"E innas gwanath istos." Legolas said bitterly as he watched his beloved fiancé laugh at the antics of the child in his courtyard. Lord Elrond was paying a visit to the prince's father, and he deemed to bring the human child and his nanny with him. ("He will die you know.")

"Yes." Ilithien replied, smiling at the boy as he chased a squirrel that had interrupted his lunch. "That is why he is called a 'mortal'."

Legolas rolled his eyes in frustration and sat on the railing beside his love. "You bring yourself needless pain by growing attached to it."

"His name is Estel." Ilithien sighed, turning her deep green eyes towards the prince. Green was a rare color, even for an elf; her eyes had entranced the prince for centuries.

Ilithien moved so that she stood between Legolas' knees. She placed her hands on his face, gently brushing away the long blonde tresses. The small boy's laughter floated up from the courtyard.

"Le garo daer milui hûn." She whispered, smiling lovingly at him. "Your soul is filled with beauty and love. Your eyes shine with the joy of the woods and living things. Yet you cannot see him for what he is. Why will you not let go your old sorrows and find a blessing in him as I have?" ("You have such a kind heart.")

Legolas glared at her and gently pushed her away from him, stepping away from the rail and walking inside his chambers. Ilithien cast a glance at her charge then slowly followed the elf she loved.

"Humans are useless." Legolas hissed, pacing in front of his desk. "They are weak. Deceitful. Hateful. Murderous. They kill their own kind for their own gain and destroy the land simply because it suits them. They cheat each other, bind each other into slavery. And they treat other races, not with more respect than they do their own kind as we do, but with less. They see the elves as a people to be feared. They are threatened by us, and because of that they wish to destroy us as well.

Humans are no blessing, Ilithien. They are a plague on this earth."

Ilithien walked over to him and wrapped her arms tightly around him, stopping his pacing. After a moment he returned the hug, burying his face in her soft raven hair.

"In time you will see." She whispered, running her hands along his back. "You will know that not all humans are as you think. E innas echedio le tírad." (He will help you see.")


Perhaps his love was right. Legolas thought as the young human bowed, the shadowy images Ilithien had showed him running through his mind. And when Estel smiled at him Legolas allowed, for the first time since their meeting 13 years ago, a small smile in return.


The End

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