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Summary: Ever wonders how Vegeta really learned Japanese? I mean come on he is a Saiyan, and they don't know Japanese…how did he learn?

How Vegeta learned Japanese

Chapter one: And so it begins

It was one fine sunny day out. The warmth of the sun was like an embracing hug, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was so peaceful…well…maybe not exactly…

The real story is it was a sunny afternoon. As usual the Saiyan prince was demanding food from his 'mate' because he had to watch his 'brat.' He walked haughtily to Bulma's lab and knocked roughly. "Go to hell!" she yelled.

"Servant woman, serve me my food!" Vegeta bellowed as he held his two-year-old son. "I demand that you feed me!"

"Hold on Saru no Ouji!" Bulma growled. She stomped out of her lab and straight to the kitchen. Vegeta thought for a moment…what did this 'Saru no Ouji' mean? As Bulma got out some bread and started slicing up some lettuce and tomatoes. She got out some sandwich meat and stacked more and more.

Finally Bulma did a fake smiled and shoved Vegeta's food in front of him. She then took Trunks out of his grasp and held him closely. "Can you say saru?"

The lavender haired toddler mouthed the word until he finally said it… "Saru!"

"Good boy! You'll be learning Japanese in no time!" Bulma smiled. Trunks kept repeating the word and Vegeta got absolutely annoyed.

"Would you shut the bloody hell up!?" he roared. "I can't take your jabbering. It's bad enough you're teaching the brat how to talk, but do you have to teach him your native tongue?"

Bulma smirked, "Don't get jealous Vegeta. It's not my fault you don't know Japanese…"

"Shut up," he mumbled.

"Ha! You're jealous! Veggie sama is jelly!"

 "Chicko!" Vegeta yelled. Bulma stopped and stared at Vegeta confused. "See, you don't know my native language either so don't laugh!"

"Oh I don't really care, you can curse or swear at me all you like," Bulma said plainly, "But I know it's killing you to learn Japanese."

"No it isn't," he growled. "And I don't attend to."

"Aw come on, why don't you give it a shot?"



"Let me think…yea-no."

"You can call Goku names in a new language," Bulma smiled. She knew she got Vegeta there.

Vegeta thought for a moment, "Doesn't he already know your language?"

"Um…er…yea…but! What if someone says something to you in Japanese? They can make fun of you all they want!" Bulma added in.

"I'll blast them all to the next dimension!" Vegeta glowered.

"Then it's a deal, you and Trunks are my new pupils…" Bulma said then mumbled, "but I expect more improvement form Trunks."

"I heard that woman."


"Well what are you waiting for? I will give you an hour a day then I leave." He said.

Bulma smirked, "Good, then you get homework."

Vegeta frowned, "I refuse to do such an infernal thing!"

"Take it or leave it…"


"Alright! Bulma's Japanese for people is now in session!" Bulma said. She walked into the living room while holding Trunks and Vegeta followed. She instructed Vegeta to sit on the couch and put Trunks in his baby holder. She grabbed a workbook and handed it to Vegeta. "Everyday you will be assigned something from here."

"And what if I don't do my homework?" he said smugly.

Bulma bent down and whispered, "Then you don't get and physical work…got it?"

"Strict one, aren't you?"

"I can't be stricter."

Vegeta mumbled something and grabbed the workbook. Bulma grinned and brought out another big book and threw it at Vegeta. "That is your dictionary. If you don't understand a word in your homework then you look it up in there."

"How nice of you…"

"Shut up Vegeta, class is in session and you may not talk until you learn manners!"

"You can't make me woman!"

"I can if I want otoko!"

"What did you call me?"

"A man."


"You call me woman, you get the same treatment!"



"Now, now the teacher shouldn't use such foul language." Vegeta said cockily.

"Do your class work! I will teach you the basics…let's start with greetings…"

"Wait a minute…what did you call me earlier?" he asked.

She looked puzzled, "What do you mean?"

"That 'Saru no Ouji…'"

Bulma laughed, "Oh I just called you the prince of all monkeys."


"That's 'nani.'"


Kat: This has puzzled me for quite sometime now…how'd Vegeta learn Japanese?

Saru- Monkey

Otoko- Man

Nani- What?

Ouji- Prince