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Summary: In this plot, we take it up a notch. Vegeta isn't too happy about his C, so he's taking up the extra credit ^.~

How Vegeta learned Japanese

Chapter Five: Mingling with Chichi

Vegeta grumbled crankily as he marched out of the gravity chamber. Today was supposed to be a full day of training, but he had to do his extra credit project number one today: Have a conversation with Chichi in Japanese.

This was one of the days that seemed dreaded by the Saiyan prince, a day of mockery. 'At least Kakkorrot isn't here to witness this.' He thought with shame.

He kept flying while keeping his cool and finally spotted that small little house in the mountain range. The prince slowed down the process of flying and dived straight towards the small hut. Once Vegeta touched the floor, he trudged over to the small door and was about to knock, but was greeted to an open door from Gohan.

"About time you learned your respect brat," Vegeta smirked while walking in.

"Vegeta I don't think you know what you're talking about," Gohan said smugly. "I heard about the extra credit. My mother and your conversation is your ticket to higher your grade. I'm going to tutor you. Plus, my mother is teaching you how to make one simple meal. If I didn't know any better I'd say you're on my turf now, so get use to it."

With that, the fifteen-year-old half bred walked off into the hallways. Vegeta just stood there staring at the once frightened little boy and shrugged. "Guess the kid does have potential to be a true Saiyan."

"Vegeta is that you?" a womanly voice yelled out. "I'm in the kitchen, so let's get this over with!"

"Stupid harpy," Vegeta grumbled while walking into the kitchen. Chichi was settling baby Goten with food and she stood up.

"GOHAN EAT!" Chichi screamed.

Both Vegeta and Goten covered their aching ears. Didn't she know how sensitive a Saiyan could get?

"Yes mum," Gohan sighed while pounding his hand against his ear. "Honestly do you have to yell that loud?"

"What do you mean?" Chichi asked while pouring rice in his plate.

"Oh nothing," he said while eating.

"Now you two behave, I have to give Vegeta here a conversation," Chichi smirked. "And let me tell you, I shed no mercy on Saiyan's."

'Damn she's scary,' Vegeta thought while walking back to the living room.

"Take a seat," Chichi ordered. "Konnichiwa Vegeta-san."

"Er konnichiwa Chichi-sensei," Vegeta said bashfully.

"Ogenki desuka?" she asked surprisingly calm.


This was going to be a long day indeed.


Vegeta stared at Chichi intently as she was writing something on a piece of paper. It was his evaluation on the extra credit. She smirked while she kept writing and finally placed the piece of paper in an envelope. The she scribbled something on the envelope and handed it to Vegeta.

"Give this to Bulma, and don't you think about opening it," Chichi said sternly. "Or else you fail and that whole thing was a waste of time."

He grunted and flew out of the mountain range. This was a boring day, "Hmph I can't believe I degraded myself this lowly."

'Oh shut up Vegeta,' Bulma said through their bond.

'Get out of my head onna,' Vegeta thought while mentally growling.

'Ha, your just itching to find out what you got,' Bulma said while smirking.

'Oh shut up,' he sneered. 'I could really not care.'

'Then why did you take the extra credit?' Bulma asked.


"I win," Bulma said aloud as her employees stared at her.


"Wow Vegeta I'm impressed," Bunny Briefs said while handing him some cake. "You actually passed that extra credit project."

"Whatever," he mumbled while eating the cake.

"Don't even try and congratulate him," Bulma said while picking up Trunks. "His ego is big enough, no need to fill it."

"Gaki tousan!" Trunks giggled.

"Baka chibi," Vegeta retorted.

"Gaki tousan!"

"Baka chibi!"

"Enough you two!" Bulma yelled. "There will be no more fighting you understand?!"

"Hai," little Trunks pouted while pressing his hands in food. Bulma turned her head and Trunks threw some of his porridge at Vegeta.

"That's it!" Vegeta yelled.

Bulma turned around and glared at Vegeta. "I told you to shut up!"

"But the brat threw this disgusting food on me," he hissed.

"Oh don't be silly Vegeta," she said. "he's only two."

"Stupid demon spawn," Vegeta grumbled. "Stupid onna."

"I heard that mister!"