It all started two years ago, when my boyfriend Freddie, best friend Reese and her boyfriend Ryan were going on a road trip after senior prom. Freddie and I really didn't want to go, but somehow Ryan convinced us. We were driving in Ryan's new car that he got for his birthday when a red light came on, that was warning us there was ten litres left of petrol. Ryan seemed to ignore it, but when we got onto the highway I started to worry, because this highway is called the 'Death Highway because a murderer named John Black murdered a lot of people on this highway. Finally the red light said the car only had one litre left of petrol. "Now what" said Reese "Walk home, it's less then 200k's out of the Seaville and do you know what highway this is." "We wait till the next car comes along," replied Ryan calmly Freddie and I were in the front seat playing with the radio, when the midnight news came on. "Murderer John Black is on the loose, please beware. Tourist are warned not go on the 'Death highway' alone because the police think John Black is headed back to the 'Death Highway'." The news spokesperson said. "Holy cow" screamed Freddie "What are we going to do now?" I screamed at Ryan Just then a man was coming up the road. "Hit him" I screamed at Freddie "O.K" he replied Freddie put his foot on the accelerator and we hit the man. We got out of the car and discover that the man was a police officer. "Oh my God" Reese screamed "We hit a cop" Just then the police officer said something "John Black is near". The he died "We're going to jail" Ryan said in a dead whisper. "John Black is near" I said to Freddie "Get into the car" Just then a shadowy figure reached out and grabbed Reese and took her away screaming into the forest. I was frozen. I ran to save her but Ryan pulled me back. "Save her Ryan" I screamed at him Just then sirens came out of nowhere. "We can't, it's to late, listen Sarah you and Freddie have scholarships to go to Harvard and I have a scholarship to Yale, let's not blow it on something like killing a cop." He said "What do you mean?" said Freddie "We tell the cops that Reese killed the man." He replied "No way" I said "Just blame it on Reese!" "Just do it" he said "Or I will." "What would you do Ryan"? I said "O.K, we tell the cops that Reese did it" Freddie said to me "It's two against one Sarah" Ryan teased "Fine then" I said The rest was a blur. I remember a cop questing us. Telling the lie about my best friend was the worst of the day, and watching her being taken away. Later in the morning mom said that the cops called and told her to tell me that they had caught John Black and had found Reese's dead body. I just went upstairs and cried. I didn't go to Harvard that year neither did Freddie, but Ryan went to Yale. I couldn't believe that he could live his life telling a lie. Freddie and I broke up after that incident.

A year after the horror of losing my best friend and watching her being taken away by John Black and not been able to do anything, Freddie and decided to go and see John Black's mom. She was a nice lady and explained that John went crazy after his father died. "Does he have any friends?" Freddie asked her "I didn't think so, when the cops were around here last year, but I did find a photo that said 'my new best friend and me'; I have never seen him before". "Can I see the photo?" I asked her "Sure" she replied. She went upstairs and came back down looking at it, she passed it to me and I saw the accomplice. It was Ryan!