Chapter 22 -Aftermath-

The City was filled with screaming people running from black Orbs. Reports of citys just vanishing is shouted out of Radio by a paniced new Reporter. A girl runs down a dark alley from a Black Orb chased her. Heaven thought to herself what is going on can someone help me. She jumps head into a dumpster barely evading it. Next she heard a blood curdling scream. Heaven opened the lid slightly for a peek to see a little girl enveloped a piece untill she was nothing but an out line of a person. Heaven held off screaming by covering her mouth. 'This is insane Heaven Mutters to herself crying. She shuts the lid as another Scream sounded from somewhere near the Dumpster Open and Heaven Screamed. 'Its Me Tuxedo Lucius said Lucius, 'what are you doing here Asks Heaven, I'm Here to Rescue you my fair Maiden say Tuxedo Lucius, Tuxedo Lucius bats Away a Black Ord, Lucius Helps Heaven out of the Dumpster and runs draging Heaven behind him while knocking Black orb out of there path. 'Where are going Says Heaven in a panic tone, I know someplace safe and its this way. 'Heaven nods and says what you say I trust you. Heaven Follows as Tuxedo Lucius Knocks away a Orb that was Head towards Heaven. They head a couple blocks and enter a door into a run down building.

Sailor Mars was staring up at blacken sky thinking over the event of hours erlier. This is my fault Sailor moon and the others were right, an image of Sailor Venus very badly burned still in her thoughts. Sailor Jupiter still echoed to her yelling This Is your fault if you listen to Me we wouldn't have had to come looking for you and Sailor Mite have Died thanks to you and if it wasn't for Sailor Amalthea. Sailor Amalthea walks up to Sailor Mars and puts her hand on Mars shoulder and says Its wasn't your Fault you didn't know this would happen, It was my fault I shouldn't have let vengence control me im a priestess Sailor Mars Yelled at Sailor Amalthea, I made that Same Mistake I let my heart fill with Hatred I killed a lot of my friend more then I could ever count says Amalthea. 'What made you do that Asks Sailor Mars, before I was a Scout I was a Guy and couldn't become a Sailor Scout so I had I did form or magic that was illegal on the moon changed my Gender but the process was so painful a part of me hated the Sailor Scouts and vowed some day I would take my Revenge on them for putting mer through this and then I Became Sailor Amalthea Royal Protecter of the prince of the Earth everything was going great till I feel in love with a prince and that was frown upon by the other Sailor Scouts which made be more determined to win him over. 'What did you do said Sailor Mars'. I didn't know until my brother come to me one day and said he was a now a General of the Negaverse he need help to plan the gift for Queen Mai Ascent to the thrown that gave me the Idea about my payback to the Sailor Scouts I would help the invasion of the moon so I turnen traitor and the next day attacked the moon as one of Negaverse Generals I was Zoicite Warrior of the Negaverse. 'Why did you do that wasn't that a little harsh and look where it got you says Sailor Mars. I know it was a bad idea now I didn't do that I still live to regret it til this very day and I'm trying to make up for it I mite never be forgiven but the path of redemption is never and easy one to walk and I know how you feel but either feel sorry for yourself or walk the same path as me and try to make up for your mistake says Sailor Amalthea as she was turning to walk back out the door she came in. as Sailor Mars watches Sailor Amalthea walk out the door she Said understand what your saying and you are right and starts to Follow Sailor Amalthea out the door and into the Room where the rest of the scouts are. The Other scouts didn't look at her as Sailor Mars Came into the room. I know you guys are angry with me and I'm sorry I will make up for what I did and with you ill never leave your side again for any vendetta and I hope you can forgive me for my mistake. Sailor Venus is still in a coma says Sailor Moon. And I realized it wasn't all your fault it was all our fault because there is no I in team. They all hugged and cryed into each others shoulder. Suddenly crashing noise came from behind them. They all turned to facing Lucius and Heaven, Lucius and Heaven Screamed panuc stricken and scared. It's the Sailor Scouts Prodigious Proclaimed Lucius smiling from ear to ear. Heaven was now on her feets crying into Sailor Mercury's shoulder saying it was So horrible all off it. Sailor Mercury pats Heaven's shoulder and says its ok you are here now and you are ok, Tuxedo Lucius Tackles Sailor Moon Saying can I have your Autograph. What a cute couple you make came a voice from the Rafters. Sailor moon looks up blushing saying Oh its you Tuxedo Mask. I see your playing little miss Movie as the whole world is going to hell Says Tuxedo Mask. 'We have no choice in the matter where down a Scout Sailor Venus is in a Coma says Sailor Mercury pointing At the room with Ryoko in. what happened Says Tuxedo Mask in a concerned tone of Voice. It was our last encounter with Sailor Senna she hit Sailor Venus said Sailor Moon before she was cutt of by Tuxedo Mask Saying Sennen Golden Triforrce. 'How do you know about that Ask Sailor Moon, 'I don't know says Tuxedo Mask. Tuxedo mask jumps out the window and vanishes before Sailor moon could ask him another question. Leaving them to deal with Heaven and Lucius.

Somewhere near in Tokyo- Bakura was standing in a Hotel room staring at the Rainbow Crystal thinking about what to do next. you made a mistake a voice said from the distance Who are you said Bakura in his deep tone of voice. 'I'm Ishizu said the voice now coming from the within the room. 'Why pray tell have I made a mistake say Bakura. Because you took the Rainbow crystals from the very people with the same purpose as you says Ishizu with a voice that echoes thought the entire. And that purpose is says a Sneering Bakura. To find the Moon Princess. 'Why would I want to do that Says Bakura. I know who you are Prince Bakura. Prince of the Earth. Bakura looks at Ishizu and says how did you know that. 'I was protector of the Princess Sailor Orion I watched as you danced with the moon princess on the day before Attack on the moon now its time for you to accept your Destiny said Ishizu. As she said this . Ishizu vanishes leaving bakura alone. Bakura picks up the Rainbow Crystal and puts them and a pouch and walk out the door.

Everything has gone well Malachite says Queen Mai. Yes my Queen the negaforce is absorbing the life force out of every living thing on the face of earth says Malachite. Lets go to phase 2 attaining those Rainbow crystals I know there on earth I can sence them says Queen Mai. Yes my queen ill put Sailor Senna on that right now telling her it's the only way to stop the innocent people of earth from the attack of the negaverse but once she gets them her services are no longer needed. Mai Starts laughing Evily and then Malachite starts laughing too.

To Be Continued

(Tea: somedays I feel so bummed out, (Luna: So just lick a toad (Zoicite: yeah one lick and your in flavour country and you will feel better about yourself as your swallowed up in techno colored rainbows so try it, (Anya: trying is good!! (Tea: Sailor Moon says see ya hehehe