Chapter 25 -The Stuff of Hero's part 2-

Sailor Senna stood staring at what was in front of her. She was confused everything seems familiar and yet foreign. The overload of shock had made her mind retreat to her sub conscience mind where her thought were jumble of memory's some seem more real then others. The memory of the little girl without and identity talking in a sweet voice saying I love you Sis repeatedly. Who are you Sailor Senna screamed at the little girl who just repeated what she was saying before? The face of the girl came unfazed and she looked like the imposter she wanted to kill but it she seemed more familiar now like something out of her past. Please tell me who you are said Sailor Senna now yelled at the little girl that now stood in front of table where a person that looked like and older version of herself sat combing her hair. I want to be a warrior just like you big sis said the little girl in the gown. The person in the chair smiled and said no it your destiny to be Moon p. the rest of the sentence came out in a jumble of word she couldn't comprehend. Moon P says Sailor Senna over and over and again trying to make sense of it but couldn't. The scene started to spin wildly till she was watching the older self receiving the rank of imperial guard and there was that little girl again now standing beside Queen Dani in the same in the same white gown. I don't get if she was prominent in my life so why don't I remember her. 'I can answer that a voice said that came from right in front of her. Sailor Senna looks up to see she was now in the place of her older self and standing in front of Queen Dani and the Little Girl. Why can't I remember her said Sailor Senna pointing at the little girl? 'Its because you are fighting off there control said Queen Dani. 'Who's control? said Sailor Senna. You are fighting off the control of the Negaverse. How are they controling me Says Sailor Senna in a close to screaming it out. They implanted you with the dark Star Seed that messed around with your memory which means to remember who this little girl is you have to destroy the dark star seed 'tell me how to do that says Sailor Senna. 'Music starts to play from across the room it seemed to be coming from a locket. Sailor Senna followed the Music till she was looking at a locket with a crescent moon on it.

The Moon Princess knocks away the Sennen Golden Triforce blast with the crescent moon wand like it was nothing. 'Whoa says Sailor Mars as she stared at Sailor Moon who was now standing in front her now as the Moon Princess the one they were looking for all this time. She was right in front of me from the very beginning says Luna staring in Awe struck. Whats with Sailor Senna said Sailor Venus waving her hand in Senna's face. Moon Princess turns back to Tea and nearly falls to the ground but is caught by Bakura. Lets get off the Street Said Bakura. 'Who are you asks Luna. IM a good friend that all you need to know said Bakura motioning them to the temple. Bakura went inside carrying Sailor Moon followed by the other scouts with Sailor Jupiter Carrying Sailor Senna . Sailor Jupiter places Sailor Senna on the make shift bed on the floor. Bakura places Tea into bed in the temples bed room. 'Lucky Grampa isn't here he would be making innuendo about a girl being in his bed says Sailor Mars. Yeah your Grampa is such a pervert said Sailor Venus. Hours later Tea wakes up and says did you get the number of that truck. She is up says Sailor Venus with a smile on her face nearly crying. All the sailor scouts siting beside Tea's bed. We must face Queen Mai Soon said Tea trying to get out of bed. 'You must rest said Bakura. Tea saw Sailor Senna laying on the f loor and asked why is she doing here. 'We found her this way when we found her something caused her to brain freeze said Sailor Amalthea pointing out the fact eyes are still open and look pretty blank. Out of no were Bakura kisses Tea. I'm Prince Bakura says Bakura. Recolection dawns on Tea's face and she pulls Bakura into a long kiss. I'm sorry but I have to go before Queen Mai finds us. The ditz is right said Sailor Mars as she got up. Everyone is depending on us said Sailor Jupiter 'I'm going with you that Saturos has to pay for what he did to my brother Marik ill kill that traitor if it the last thing I do snarls Sailor Amalthea. And nothing will stop us from making them all pay. They all ran out the front door of the temple to find the gate to the Negaverse.

The music the locket was playing stopped and Sailor Senna was in the arms of someone in a black suit. 'Senna looks up to see a mask face. 'She thought to herself I know you. The mask man tok off the mask and she suddenly know who it was. Prince Kaiba my beloved you have came back from Jupiter why did you leave me said Senna. Why doesn't he speak says Sailor Senna. Because in here he is only a memory you will meet him when you awake he is holding you now said Queen Dani. 'So you you're a memory too says Sailor Senna nearly tearing up. I'm not exactly a memory I'm an Echo I placed piece of my soul in you and in that little girl. 'Its your destiny to protect her says Queen Dani. 'So I failed in protecting how could I live with that said Sailor Senna nearly in tear. You never failed me I gave my life so you could life because you and her are my future what you do with your life is what make my sacifice worth it but ill always be with both of you and nothing will ever change that. Sailor Senna turns into a child and and cuddles into her mother lap sobbing. Ok my sweet child let it all out you have suffered by the hand of enemy and because of me Im sorry I didn't have time to explain the negaverse was attacking. 'I know but I still miss you mommy said Senna said in a child voice. I know you missed me pumpkin said Queen Dani stroking Senna's Hair.

This is getting frustrating we have checked and double-checked all the Negaverse hot spots we have checked the icecream shop, the hotel your school and my school and the theatre and we have found nothing its like the door completely is undetectable by your computer Sailor Mercury said Sailor Moon in usual whine. Your getting on my nerves Sailor Moon your such a cry Said Sailor Mars. 'Get off her case she has been through Enough without you leaping down her throat said Sailor Venus. 'Make me bitch snarls Sailor Mars Balling her hand into a fist. Grow up you two shit you are like children fighting over a toy Said Sailor Amalthea staring at them both. Its been hours of searching and were a bit stressed from waiting to find fictional door how you know they have a door maybe they teleport says Sailor Mars. I know they have a door remember I was one of them if you don't forget im Zoicite General of the Negaverse Says Sailor Amalthea. ,Yeah Mars you so dense Sailor Moon. Here we go again there gonna start fighting Said Sailor Mercury sighing. Stop fighting you two or we wont find this door Said Sailor venus. Only problem with that idea So far it seems the only way we would possible get in is if they open up the front and invite us in. 'Suddenly a back hole open and they staring into the eyes of a hooded figure. 'Hi Mistress Zoicite said the cloaked figure. A smile spread on Sailor Amalthea face as she said Odeon. IM glad to see my Mistress is ok after what I heard about Master Marik Said Odeon. 'I'm glad to see you too Odeon says Sailor Amalthea. Get quick before this portal is detected says Odeon Gesturing them all in. all scouts entered the portal and it closed behind them.

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor Moon Says) (Tea: I need a high (Ryoko: Sniffing farts is a good why to get (Heaven: Ewwwwwwwwwww (Tea: Ewwwwwwwwww (Tea: Sailor Moon Says HeHeHe cya