Chapter 26 -The Labyrinth-

Everything was dark and gloomy heading through the tunnel. This is creeping me out said Sailor Moon looking from side to side they went chamber following Sailor Amalthea and Odeon. Sailor Mercury was scanning everything with her computer. My computer seems to be having problems analyzing this place said Sailor Mercury with a concerned look on her face. It this way I know it said Sailor Amalthea pointing moss covered door on the left. She open the with a creek that made everyone but her cover there ears. In Front of them was three more doors. When did they put there in Said Sailor Amalthea look at all three doors with suspicion? Sailor Amalthea scratches the back of her head. I think we take the door on our left or maybe the one to our right said Sailor Amalthea pointing her finger from door to door and rapid intervals that made everyone behind her dizzy. Sailor Amalthea turns to see the other scouts and Bakura had fallen over. Get up people this is no time to rest Sailor Amalthea shouted at everyone. Odeon looks around and says this wasn't here before this feel wrong Mistress Zoicite and I think we shouldn't go any farther it feels like a trap. I know Odeon it feels like that to me too says Zoicite. As Amalthea was helping up scouts when Sailor moon heard music coming from a door. Sailor Moon was in a trance by the music and walks up to the center door opens it and goes in and the door vanishes.

Whoa one door is gone said Sailor Amalthea as she turned around. Where is Sailor Moon says Sailor Venus looking around. Don't tell me she went through the door Sailor Amalthea said looking concerned. 'We have to find her said Sailor Jupiter. Yes but how are we gonna find her Sailor Mars Replied. Another door appeared to the left of them. 'This creeping me out said Sailor Venus. Someone pick a door said Sailor Mars said looking from each of her fellow scouts. I say we split up into teams said Sailor Amalthea as the door to the left of them vanished. 'Ok ill be with Sailor Venus and Bakura and ill go into in to the door on the right said Sailor Jupiter. ok then I'll be with Sailor Amalthea and Odeon going into the one on the left says Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars opened the door to the right and "went in followed by Sailor Amalthea and Odeon as the door shut behind them it vanished" 'Sailor Mars looked around and yelled Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon was alone now walking through a seriously scary dark chamber that seemed to go on forever. Suddenly a little girl passes in front of her saying one two hes coming for you three four walk some more. This is freaking me out sailor moon thought to herself. Then the little girl explodes raining Sailor Moon with confetti. Sailor Moon walks on down the chamber. It started to get brighter till she was standing in the middle of a disco dance floor. And then people appeared dancing with the song Dance Magic playing. In the middle of them was Jarith. You remind of the babe the babe with the power said Jareth as he said this all the dancers were sucked into a vacuum cleaner and it exploded too. This is so insane said Sailor Moon as she stared walking on.

Sailor Mars followed by Sailor Amalthea and Odeon entering a room that had fountain. This seems familiar said Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars spots a little girl crying surrounded by other kids laughing at her. 'Sailor Mars gasps and runs but everything vanished as she got close. That was a younger version of me said Sailor Mars looking at Sailor Amalthea. Now I know where are it's the chamber memorys said Sailor Amalthea. "I advise you to not think of anything bad about your past it will come back to haunt you here said Odeon. In front of them a younger version of Zoicite stood in front of them staring up at a window crying then vanished. That was the day prince told me he couldn't go out with me since I was a scout said Sailor Amalthea. And now and old man appeared and started to flirt with Sailor Amalthea then vanished. What the hell was that said Sailor Amalthea shocked. 'That was my grampa sighed Sailor Mars. Oh your friend was right he is a pervert said Sailor Amalthea.

Sailor Jupiter with Sailor Venus followed Bakura into a room that was flashing the color of pink yellow and orange in rapid concession. This is getting on my nerves said Sailor Jupiter. Me too replies Sailor Venus. The instant she said that all the lights go out and they were left in the dark

Suddely the lights come one again and in front of them is a huge lion who runs at them roaring. They all scream and run till Sailor Venus pounced on the lion and started licking her. That tickles Sailor Venus Screeches laughing. The lion then turns into a Richard simmons who still licks Sailor Venus. Ah screams Sailor Venus as she shoves Richard Simmons away. Richard Simmons vanishes in a puff of smoke leaving them all alone again in the techno colored room.

The room has suddenly lead in dead end. What going this room was suppose to lead to Queen Mai Thrown room. Odeon started laughing. Sailor Amalthea stares at odeon wondering what so funny. Odeon tranforms into Saturos while continuing laughing. You snarls Sailor Amalthea. Yes its me said Saturos smirking. 'Where is Odeon yelled Sailor Amalthea. Hes over there said Saturos pointing at the wall where a Odeon Appeared on the falled chained up bruised and battered. 'Sorry my mistress Said Odeon in whispered tone. Amalthea runs up to Odeon and puts her hand on his cheek. I wanted to let you in but I was caught im sorry this is my fault said Odeon before he caughs out some blood. Sailor Amalthea turns and glares at Saturos and then turns back and looking at Odeon remembering the in front of the prince's window

Zoicite stood in front of the window. I cant be with you anymore said the prince facing her from the top of the balcony. Why I thought you loved me said Zoicite. No I don't anymore im forbidden to love sailor scouts and people of none royal blood so get out of my sight Demanded the prince. The curtains closed and Zoicite was still facing up crying. It started to rain and zoicite starting to get wet when an unbrella open over her head. Zoicite turned and now was facing Odeon. Zoicite cries into Odeon shoulder as he guided her back inside.

Sailor Amalthea was now glaring at Saturos again her eyes were glowing as she scream Amalthea Death Hurricane and blast surged at Saturos but he dodges. 'Can I help said Sailor Mars. 'No this guy is mine screamed Sailor Amalthea with pure rage in her voice. Oh I'm so scared mocked Saturos you help kill my brother and now you have killed my best friend you will pay for Screamed Sailor Amalthea with tears streaming down her cheek as she pulled an unbrella out of no where. Oh an unbrella im shaking in my boots Saturos mocking waving his hands in the air.The unbrella suddenly turns into a scythe. Phantom Death Extermination screamed Sailor Amalthea sending a blast that looks like a grim reaper at Saturos which hit dead on blasting him into crystal which ignites and explodes. Sailor Amalthea stares at the blaze and says burn in in hell basterd. 'Sailor Amalthea Collapses and begins to cry clutching the scythe.

Sailor Moon stood across from a thrown made out of beautiful blue Crystal in that thrown was a woman in a blue gown. Sailor Moon slowly made her way to the thrown. Welcome my precious pumpkin said the the woman on the thrown. Mom said Sailor Moon. Yes its me said the woman on the thrown. Sailor Moon got closer to the thrown while saying arn't you dead. That's what they want you to "believe but do I look dead to you. Sailor Moon Jump up and hugged the Woman in the gown. 'I thought you were dead mom said Sailor Moon. Yes your mom is dead said the woman as her gown turned black. Suddenly Sailor Moon couldn't move. Queen Mai raises her hand and Sailor moon raises at the same time. Sailor Moon stop rising with a jerk. Now you can watch you friends Die said Queen Mai and then she howling with laughter

-To be Continued-

(Sailor Moon says} (Tea: once in a while you think your Life sucks (Zoicite: You Suck (Tea: Heh (Luna: Its True (Tea: Sailor moon says im gonna kill you luna hehehe