(Writers note- that Zoicite is now called Zoe)

Sailor Moon S Chapter 28 "Exit Stage Left"

It has been nearly a year since the defeat of Queen Mai at the hands of the Sailor Scouts and the earth was restored to normal. That soon will come to an the Negaforce has now recover the lose of there queen and are sending more of there Agents with the main purpose to destroy the Moon Princess and her guardians. With a vengeance that the scouts may never survive this time that were are story again.

It was a beautiful day shimmering of the great silver dome. Inside cheers of delight echoed. A steady drum rhythm come from darkness The stage lit up with spotlights standing in the middle of the stage was two girls one dressed in a black dress with a red bow and the other in an orange dress. The girls walked forward and there dresses seemed to come off and float above their heads in a stream of fabric. One girl was now wearing leather pants and a tube top and the other one was wearing a black dress with an orange mini skirt. As the crowd cheer the announcer said now let me introduced who you all been waiting Ryoko and Ayna the Sexy Sirens, let me hear it for these girls who put the sizzle back in sexy. This Concert has been brought to you by Kaiba Corp said the announcer before he handed the microphone to Ayna. Wai Ayna yells into the microphone then hands it to Ryoko as the crowd chanted Wai. You people are such great fans you better make noice or ill eat all yours Pants said Ryoko before she put the hand with the Microphone in the air.The crowd yells Wai as loud as they can. Now Ayna was handed a microphone of her own. For the first song is Blue Eyes from are latest album Yami no Hikari. The music queued In from the band and Ayna and Ryoko started singing.

In the crowd of screaming was a group of girls that were still except the blonde who was yelling at the top of her lungs. Tea sit down your in my way says the girl with the blue hair. The stand up Mayra said Tea. "I cant study for tomarrows test said Mayra." "You always study don't you have a life Said Tea." Lay off Tea she doesn't want to be as supid as you said Sonome. Arnt we happy we can see our friend Ryoko and my sister Ayna Said Tea. But we don't have to sound like a bunch of Hyena now sit down sit down before you fall and hurt yourself said Sonome. Oh your no fun Tea sighs as she took her seat. Where is Zoe with our snacks she taking a long time my tummy is growling I mite have to eat one of you soon said Kari. Eat Hyena girl she nice tender since she been pigging out on doughnuts. A girl with dirty blonde hair wearing a gray skirt and black short sleeved blouse was running towards them with a with a tray of assorted junk food that included nachos and bags of chocolate covered almonds. Sorry I took to long the lines were ridiculous I was tempted to blast everything untill I remember that not what a scout does said the girl holding the tray. You got back just in time to save Tea from being eaten Zoe now hand over goodies so we can eat said Kari. Zoe handed over the try after getting taking her foot long hotdog with all works on it. Tea took the nachos while Sonome grabbed the almonds and a cup of pop. Rest of them shared a tub of caramel popcorn. This am why I love concerts they give an excuse to pig out said Tea. 'You use everything as an excuse to do that said Sonome eating her chocolate almonds. Tea growls at sonome and sticks out her tongue and goes back to eating her nachos. Sonome smirks and goes back to eating. Wont those two ever grow up said Kari rolling her eyes.

A guy in a white suit was walking down hall way when another guy wearing the same uniform said shiro go check the stage lights they don't to be responding and Melfina isn't answering on her radio either. Ok ok said Shiro and then went down a hallway till he reached a door which opened to a staircase and went into it. At the top of the stars was a row of spot that were off. Shiro turned on his flash and looked around. I don't get where's is she's I don't get melfina Is suppose to be up. He stop in mid sentence when saw a lifeless body on the ground it was melfina. Shiro went over to check for a pulse there was none.'What is going on said Shiro. As he said this a something leaped from above and pulled Shiro screaming into the dark where a crunching noice like someone biting into a potato chip and then sucking sound. And big bang as shiro lifeless body landed beside melfina still with the terrified look on her face when she was killed.

Ryoko and Ayna finished there last song and left the stage and meet up with ther friends backstage. 'You were awsome guys said Tea. Ty Tea Said Ryoko tackles Tea and hugs her tightly. 'I cant breath said Tea nearly a shade of blue." Sorry I missed you guy I havent seen you in about 3 months said Ryoko. 'Wai yell Ayna making everyone jump. You scared crap out of me sis said Tea. Ayna was now wearing a jacket over her tube top. Tea hugs her sis but Ayna pulls away saying not in public you will ruin my image. But this is your dressing room Sis said Tea. Yeah the press can still walk through that Door and I don't want to be seen that way said Ayna. 'Okay I don't get it Ryoko hugged me when I entered said Tea. The press knows shes the sweet one and im the mean bitchy one said Ayna. Why would do you let them say that about you said Tea. 'How can you say im not like that you barely know me now get out before I call security said Ayna. 'Stop this there not leaving said Ryoko. Ok they can stay but tell them not to tell me how to live my life said Ayna as went to take a shower. What is her problem asked Mayra looking at Ryoko. Shes up set is upset kaiba didn't show up for another concert when he promised to come this time. When she calms down she will come to her sences and make an apologies I hope said Ryoko. A curdling scream came from the hallway. What the hell is that on said Ryoko. A guy came through door to the dressing room and shut the door behind him with his back to the door. 'Whats going on asked Tea. Gi gi giant spider k k k killing people. Ewwwww spider I hate spiders said Kari. The guy passes out because of all the stress. 'This sounds like Sailor Business? Said Ryoko." Can I ever have normal life said Tea sighing. They all tranformed and ran out of the dressing room except Ayna who was still in the shower. Sailor Moon and the other scouts walked Slowly down the hallway. This is creeping me out this must be the work of the Negaverse Said Sailor Mercury. "How can this be we defeated them Said Sailor Jupiter." "Its Them alright I can sence the nega vibes said Sailor Mars. All of a sudden drops from the ceiling and landed firmly on the ground in front of them. Tea shivered and say I hate spiders. Mercury bubbles shouts Sailor Mercury. Shrouding everything in a cloud of fog. Venus crescent beam smash shouts Sailor Venus sending a beam parting the fog but the spider was gone. 'Where did it go asked Sailor Moon' out of no where a web shoots out and latches onto Sailor Moons Foot taking her off her feet. Mars Fire ignite Shouts Sailor Mars this time igniting the spider. Sailor Amalthea shouts Amalthea Dark crystal strike and pedal fly out of Sailor Amalthea hand and turn into black crystal spears pinning the spider to the wall. 'Its time Sailor Moon." Sailor Moon Nods and says ok reaches fot the Crescent Moon wand to find it not there. where is it says a panicked Sailor Moon. The thought now dawned on her she left it at home. Spider got itself free and it was now leaping at Sailor Moon. Senna Golden Triforce Shouts Sailor Senna who had just got there. the spider was vaporized by the golden triangles that shot out of the sennen scepter. Your so pathetic Sailor Moon I know you left the Crescent moon wand at home. Sailor Moon just walks fire without looking at her fellow scouts. That was Harsh said Sailor Mars and followed Sailor Moon with the rest of the scouts but Sailor Venus who was standing there confused while Sailor Senna turned and headed back to the dressing room.

-To Be Continued-

(Sailor moon says) (Tea: hollywood is Cool (Ryoko: Yeah it is (Luna: I want to be a porn Star (Ryoko: I didn't know there was kitty porn (Tea: That Totally Wrong (Tea: Sailor moon cya hehehe