Sailor moon S Chapter 31 "The Lion the Witch and the Girly Man"

It was 6 in the mourning when Bakura entered the shrine. The scout seem to hang out here a lot lately juring the summer. Bakura entered the living room where the everyone was giggling. Whats so funny Bakura asked? They all looked at him and said Girly Man and started giggling again.

-24 hours earlier- It was a beautiful summers and the kids were already playing in the park. A girl with blonde hair was siting on bench looking out at the waters edge. Tea thought to herself should go back even if she cant find her transformation stick or crescent moon wand. Has been searching all last night for it but still can't find it. A girl with teal hair sits beside her. 'H i Ryoko said Tea. "Ryoko turned and said Im sorry for not backing you up when Ayna insulted you like that." I forgive you said Tea as she hugged Ryoko. Frowned as she stared at the lake and then turn to Ryoko and said But how can I be a scout without my brooch or the crescent moon wand. Ryoko pulled something out of her pocket and handed it to Tea. Tea looked at it and realized it was her brooch And also Ryoko was soaked and some what muddy. Tea smiles at Ryoko and they both start to laugh. Sorry I couldn't find the crescent moon wand says Ryoko. "It will turn up I hope said Tea as she stood up, I think we should go back to the shrine and get you a towel before you catch a cold. "Yeah I em soak laughed Ryoko. They both headed back to the cherry hill shrine laughing.

A big yellow creature jump from roof top to roof searching for it master. Luna looked side to side and caught her reflection in a metal chimney and cringed saying not again damn you animator. A lightning hits her in the butt making her scream sorry. A net suddenly snares Luna. Not this again thought Luna as she watched these three people do there stupid intro which ended with the cat saying Meowth that's right. "Look we caught a pikachu said James. I say this for the last time im not a pikachu shouted Luna. They put Luna in a cage and place her in the trunk of a car and drove off.

Zoe was jumping from roof top to roof top searching for Tea. Suddenly she saw a guy crying it was Lucius. She leaped down to where he was and stood in front of Lucius and said whats wrong.'Heaven dumped me for another guy said Lucius. No wonder he such a dweeb mutters Zoe. What was that asked Lucius. 'I was commenting what a dweeb you are said Zoe. 'Yes I em a dweeb said Lucius.'You don't have to be said Zoe. Zoe takes lucius by the arm and dragged him into a clothing and lead him to the changing room while grabbing curtain articles of clothes on the way puts them in Lucius's hand and shoves him in a changing room saying try those on. 'Lucius comes out many times and each Zoe sends him back in with more clothes. Till he came out dressed in black jeans and a blue tank top. 'Zoe whistled loudly. 'Lucius blushes. One more thing lucius said Zoe as she took off and used her power to turn them into contact lenses and hands them back to lucius. I know this is sudden Zoicite but will you be my girlfriend asked Lucius. 'Zoe kisses Lucius and says First never call me that again and yes I can be your girlfriend. Zoe pays for the clothes. It's getting late I better be gettign back to the shrine ill see you later said Zoe. Zoe Kisses Lucius passionately one more time then vanishes in a hurricane of cherry blossoms.

A guy was crossing the street on his way home he was wearing a white suit. Shiro was having a bad day and it was gonna get worse since he was gonna be late for work. As he crossed he saw a quarter. 'Hmm a quarter Shiro thought as he bent over to pick it up. Suddenly gets hit by a car going a hundred miles per hour, which splattered him over the windshield. A boy yells Oh my God you killed Shiro you basterd. In the car James looked at jessie and says I think you hit something? Shut up it was only a squirrel replies Jessie. It looked more like a person said James.'It was a squirrel so shut it yelled Jessie. Meowth was just sleeping in the back seat cuddling a stuffed Lion.

Out of no where Zoe appeared in the living which scared Tea and Ryoko. Zoe hugs Tea saying never do that again I was worried about you. Ok ok I wont said Tea in reply smiling. I need to change out of these smelly clothes said Zoe leaving the room.As Zoe went back her room she noticed her room was a mess and Sonome's grampa Was wearing her underwear. Hi Zoe said grampa. Zoe stroke her hair back and enter the room and blur of motion pinned Grampa to the wall with her crystal spears and begins to tickle senselessly. You dirty old man never wear my clothes next I catch I will blast to hell got that shouted Zoe as grampa ran for his life screaming.

In the chamber Kaiba watched as the door open again and Malachite and Ifurita enter the room. Malachite smiled as he enter. Ill ask you for the last time what are the sailor scout real names and where came we fine them demanded Malachite with an evil smile still on his face. Tell him now demanded and we'll spare you on my word as a warrior said Ifurita. Go to hell you evil witchsaid Kaiba. Malachite more irritate then upset said I wish not to hurt please tell us and we will let you. 'Ok I will tell but come closer said Kaiba. Both Malachite and Ifurita got closer. Closer then that said Kaiba. 'They both did as they were told. Suddenly Kaiba head butts Ifurita in the face and kicks Malchite in the balls and watches him keel over whining with a squeaky voice. Ifurita spits out a tooth as she unsheathes her sword. No we need him as Bait so we can lure them here said Malachite as he held his crotch. 'Ifurita sheathes her sword and storms off. Kaiba was the one laughing now as Malachite left. Look it's the loser leading the stupid what a cute couple they make said Kaiba. Your gonna pay for that said Malachite in the squeaky voice as he shut the chamber door behind him. Ok bring it on you Negaverse cowards shouted Kaiba growling.

Ir was around 5 Tea was flicking throw the channels looking for something on TV. Over 3 hundred channels Sonome and still nothing is on. Tea flicked till she saw something she couldn't believe. She flicked back channels .to see a guy in a pink tutu it was a Bakura. Oh my god look at this guys said Tea. Everyone looked and started to giggle it was Bakura all right and he was doing swan lake. As they where watching Bakura walked in. what so funny said Bakura. They all looked at him and said Girly Man and started giggling again. Bakura saw what they were looking at and blushed and said I forgot about my work in ballet. How could you forget that type of thing said Ryoko still giggling. Girly man said Kari and began to laugh anew. Im not a girly said Bakura calmly. Girly man said Ryoko. Why don't you people grow said Bakura as he stormed off said Bakura. Learn to take a joke girl man said Ryoko. I heard that and I'm not a girly man shouted Bakura from down the hall way.

-To be Continued- (Sailor Moon says) (Tea: ah I forgot my line (Luna: Just wing it ( Tea: today Lesson is why did the Saiyan cross the road ( Goku: To fight evil Aliens bent on destroying the universe (Tea: no to get to the other side (Goku: huh (Tea: sailor moon says HeHeHe Cya