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One month later. "Dr. Campbell, Mr. Travis will see you now." Andy followed the secretary's finger, which was pointing to Mr. Travis's office door. She walked in.

"Dr. Campbell, I'm glad you could make it. Have a seat." Andy sat down and looked at him. "Dr. Campbell, here's the thing. I know that you just wanted a quiet divorce over mail. But the case has gotten to the level where we are going to have to take it to court. You're soon to be ex-husband will have to be there and so will you. And the children's custody will be one of the issues."

"I see. Mr. Travis, I know for a fact that Les will not be pleased about this divorce and I know that he's not going to want to go to court. I've been married to this man for 25 years. I think I know him pretty good."

"Well, Dr. Campbell, obviously you don't. Les is the one who demanded a court hearing." Andy was shocked. Her mind raced. Les wanted to go to court. He wanted to take time to come to Philly to settle this.

"Mr. Travis, that isn't possible. I know him. Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am." Andy paused for awhile to think things through.

"Do I have a choice?" She asked

"I'm afraid not Dr. Campbell." She paused again.

"Ok. What do I have to do?"

The court hearing would be in two weeks and that was all the time Andy needed to prepare for it. She was sick of Les. She wanted him out of her life for good. Of course, he would never be gone for good, because they had two children together but being divorced was good enough. She wanted to continue her relationship with Milo. They loved each other and she couldn't maintain that love if she was still married. She glowed just thinking about him. They had been dating for 5 months now. And it has taken that long for her divorce to finally pull through.

Andy walked through the hospital hallways thinking about how the hearing would go. Would Les take it ok? Would he try to hurt her again? She was worried, but she wasn't that scared of him. Lu walked up.

"Hey Andy."

"Delgado, how nice to see you." She said sarcastically.

"What's the matter with you?" Lu was offended.

"Oh, sorry Delgado. Things were going so great until Les requested a court hearing."

"Ouchies. I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault." They were at Lanas desk now. She was watching General Hospital.

"I can't believe you watch that Hawkins." Andy said.

"What's wrong with it?" Andy just gave Lana a stare. Lu broke the silence.

"So, Andy, how was your date with Milo the other night? You went to the movies right? And don't you guys ever learn your lesson the first time. Don't make out in the parking lot like nobody can see you. Because we can." Andy's mouth dropped. She was embarrassed.

She whispered to Lu, " We weren't making out Delgado, we were simply kissing each other good night."

"Your lips didn't move for several minutes Andy, you were making out." Andy rolled her eyes. "Well, even if we were, it's none of your business, or anybody else's for that matter." She looked at Lana.

"Then don't do it in the parking lot." Andy didn't know how to respond, so she left for her office. Milo walked up.

"Hey guys. Is she in her office?" Lana nodded and smiled. "Great." He knocked on Andy's door and walked inside. "Hi." He smiled. She smiled back, but didn't bother to get up just yet. Before he could say anything she did. "I'm really busy right now Milo. I wish I wasn't but I am." She didn't take her eyes off her papers.

"I see that. I'll sit with you anyway, because I'm not." She smiled and shrugged. He was so sweet to her. He treated her like a goddess. Andy shifted to the couch and sat down Indian style with her shoes off and paper and pen in her lap. Milo sat down next to her and peered over her shoulder at what she was doing. She saw him and snatched the papers so they weren't in his sight anymore. "Doctor, patient confidentiality Milo."

"Right." He sat back away from her. They sat in silence for awhile until he started to get bored. To keep himself entertained he started to kiss her neck. After a few minutes she pushed him away.

"Milo, I'm to old for a hickey on my neck." She said while rubbing the red spot on her neck.

"Well, If you too old for one here." He pointed to her neck. "Then are you too old for one here?" And he pointed to her thigh. She laughed at him. He was just so cute when he flirted. She couldn't take it anymore. The paperwork dropped to the floor and she rolled on top of him in a passionate kiss. When they broke she sat back up.

"Ok. Time for you to go. I have more work to do. Lots of preparing to do for the divorce."

"Wait, I thought it was over mail." Milo was confused.

"No, not anymore. Les requested a court hearing. I couldn't get out of it." She frowned.

"Are you scared to see him?" He asked.

"Yeah, in a way. But I just want him gone so bad, I'll do anything to accomplish that."

"You're so brave. I know I was terrified when I was going through mine. Thank god it's over." He smiled at her. "So, you want me to go?"

"Don't get me wrong." She pecked his lips. "I want you to stay." Pecked again. "But you can't." Pecked yet again. "Because." And pecked again. "I have work to do." She kissed him one more time, except this one was longer. He didn't want to stop so he pulled her in closer. She didn't resist, she couldn't. They had been kissing passionately for about 10 minutes when somebody knocked on the door. Andy quickly straightened her outfit and hair to make her normal. Milo did the same and slid away from her a little to make them look innocent. The stranger walked in and as soon as they saw her face, they knew they were caught. Andy and Milo had forgotten to wipe their lips off. They were so embarrassed because the strange woman who was back in the clinic was in fact Jacky the woman who had set them up to begin with. Jacky stared at Milo and Andy in amazement. They stood quickly.

"I knew it. I knew it!" She said still shocked and pointing at the site of Andy's lipstick on Milos's mouth. She started to laugh, still staring at them. Andy was speechless so she just looked at Milo. They exchanged looks for awhile then Milo went to Jacky and he hugged her.

"How are you doing? And what are you doing back here?"

"I'm good. I just needed to talk to Dr. Campbell about some personal business." She was still laughing at them. Andy put her face in her hands and shook her head. "Well." Milo started. "I'll let you two talk." He turned to Andy and took her hands down. "I'll see you later." And he kissed her forehead and left. Andy was red. She couldn't believe that Jacky had caught them kissing like that. "So what's new Jacky?" She managed to say after awhile.

"Who cares about me. What about you?"

"What do you mean?" Andy tried to hide it. "You know what I mean, Dr. Campbell, I saw the hot lip action that was going on in here with Dr. Morton. And I have to say congratulations. He's a nice man." Andy looked her in the eyes.

"I know, he is. He's great actually." She bit her lip and looked into thin air. "What can I say? Jacky, he's amazing and I want to thank you. You practically were the reason we are together now. I love him. And hopefully we will take that somewhere after my divorce and everything is back on track. I really hope we do. And some people think it's just a rebound thing from my abusive soon to be ex-husband, but it's not. It really is love. I really love him and he loves me." She shrugged at her and smiled.

"Wow. That's great Dr. Campbell, and your welcome. I'd like to thank you to. If it weren't for you and Dr. Morton, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be now married! And I wouldn't be needed your help again with something so precious." She rubbed her stomach and looked down at it.

"Oh my god. You're married now! And about to have a...a ...oh my god. A baby! Well I'll be glad to help you." They talked for a little longer and did some tests and got the baby situation in order before Andy had to rush to the ER for yet another daily illness or car accident.


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