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*Minutes later T-TX walks on stage enraged.*


Me: For what?

T-TX: Well.......

**FLASHBACK: "Chinese Fire Drill, Gone Wrong"**

*We see T-TX stopping at random four-way intersection at a red light. She jumps out of car and starts running around it by herself.* AFRO-MAN!!!!!! GHETTO QUEEN!!!!!!! AFLECK!!!!!! *We hear sirens in the background.*

**Back to present**

Lana (Yep that's right, Lana.): You were doing a Chinese Fire Drill by yourself?? I thought that required three or more partners, handcuffs, and a whip??

Lu: Lana, you're thinking of something entirely different.

Jessie: Oh, I've done that!

Andy and Milo: WHAT?!!

Jessie: The one T-TX is talking about, not Lana!!

Andy and Milo: *Shaking heads and sighing*

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Lu: For what?

Megan: More digging.

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Lana: Oh yeah, I know what Lu was talking about. *Andy listens carefully in background* Dr. Campbell gets a surprise where-

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Andy: Afraid so.

Lu: Afraid not.

Andy: Afraid so.

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It was now January 20, three days before Andy and Milo's wedding. Everybody had all their fittings for dresses and tuxes done and all the plans were now completely taken care of. The hotel was booked for the ceremony and Milo's parent's house was being decorated for the reception. Marc had been home from rehab since before Christmas and was back on a good life track. He was putting himself through college and he and Jessie had worked things out to being just friends. She had lost most love interest in him after her incident with the drugs and near rape. He had given her a chance but then decided that there was no real chemistry. Lizzy had met a guy at her school before the Christmas break and they had grown closer over the holidays so Andy let her invite him to the wedding as her date. Peter was arriving that night and staying at Lu's apartment for the time he would be there. He had made a promise to be back for the wedding and he wasn't going to break it. Les was still around, but he didn't bother Andy. He visited his daughters and sometimes had them stay over for weekends. That night, Andy with the help of Jessie and Lizzy, cooked dinner for her parents and Milo's at her house. They were finally meeting for the first time in all the years that they had been dating and she was very nervous. Andy had left the dessert in the oven to go take a shower. After that she put on a nice skirt and blouse, with her hair rolled under and her make up on, all in the time it took the dessert to cook. A few seconds later, she heard the front door open as she was taking the dessert out of the oven.

"Andy?" It was Milo. She smiled at him as he walked into the kitchen carrying a box full of stuff. "Hi."

"Hello. What's that?" She asked referring to the box.

"Just the last of my stuff." He said placing the box on a kitchen chair. He had been moving his stuff into her house slowly for the past weeks. "What is that?" He asked referring to the dessert.

"Homemade apple pie. I thought I would make something that would remind us of the wonderful evening I met your parents." She answered with a grin.

"Oh, you mean the evening that you called yourself two shades lighter than pale."

"Well, look at me. I'm not exactly your tannest person in Philadelphia Milo."

"No, but you're the prettiest." He said.

"Well, thank you. You're not so bad yourself." She answered and turned around to pour the gravy into a saucer.

"I'll be right back." He said and headed for the stairs with the box to put it in the bedroom. Minutes later he came back with Jessie trailing behind him. "It's about six now so my parents should be here around six thirty. When did you say you're parents were arriving?" He asked.

Before Andy could answer him, Lizzy came into the kitchen and answered for her, "In about five minutes."

"What?" Andy asked looking at her watch.

"I just called Grandma's cell phone." She said smiling.

"Is Grandpa in a good or bad mood?" Jessie asked sarcastically.

"Jessie." Andy said.

"What? It's a reasonable question." She defended herself. Lizzy shrugged and walked back into the living room.

"Come on. Help me set the table." Andy said and grabbed the plates while Milo grabbed the place mats and Jessie grabbed the flatware. A few minutes later a car horn sounded outside and Andy turned towards the door. "They're here." She said quietly to Milo as Jessie and Lizzy ran outside to greet their grandparents. Andy followed them. "Mom." She said as her mother wrapped her arms around her. "I'm so glad you're here." She whispered, hugging her tightly. Andy's father, Andy Sr., slowly got out of the car and ordered Jessie and Lizzy to get the bags and take them into the house. Andy approached her father as her mother moved on to greet Milo. "General." She said while staring into his eyes, which looked so much like her own.

"Soldier." He responded and pulled her in for a hug. "How are you?"

"I'm good. How are you?" She asked and then glanced down at his leg. She couldn't help but remembering the awful time he had come to visit and she found out he had a nerve condition in his leg from his years in the military. Those days of pain and anger came to her as she looked back up to his face and he knew what she was thinking.

"My leg is fine. The rest of me is pretty good to. Thank you for asking."

"I can't help but worry." She responded quietly. He nodded and walked into the house. For the next forty-five minutes, they all spent the time catching up and discussing the wedding. Andy Sr. was very quiet that night for some reason and Andy couldn't help but notice and worry again. The doorbell rang and Milo got up to get it. It was his parents. They came in pulling off their coats and apologizing for their tardiness.

"We're so sorry we are late. We got held up at the house with the people who were hooking up the sound system for the reception." His mother said while taking off her coat. "It's not to cold outside tonight for the end of January." She noted. Milo and his parents walked into the kitchen where everybody else was standing around. He started the introductions as Milo's father handed a bottle of wine to Andy and kissed her cheek.

"This is Andy's father, General Andy Marsh." He said and pointed to Andy Sr.. "And this is her mother." He pointed to Andy's mother and then to his own. "This is my mother, Eve Morton. And my father." He finished by pointing his father and then moved towards Andy. "Here, why don't I pour everybody some wine."

"Oh, none for me, thank you." Andy's mother stated. "I'll just have a glass of water if that's all right."

Milo nodded. "Andy, would you help me here." He said while trying to grab several wine glasses at once. She quickly walked to him and grabbed half of them from his hands. "Thank you." He smiled as she set the glassed down on the counter and pulled out the bottle opener so he could open the wine. After everybody got their wine glasses and talked with each other for a few minutes, Andy set down her drink and got their attention.

"Should we start dinner?" She suggested and everybody agreed. They all headed into the dinning room. "Ok. All the different kinds of foods couldn't fit on the table with us to so I put everything in a buffet style against the wall." She pointed to the wall. "Help yourselves." After everybody had gotten their food and sat down at the table, they started eating.

"The foods delicious." Eve said to Andy.

Before Andy could be grateful, her father interrupted them. "It could use some salt."

"Well, too much salt is bad for you. Isn't that right Andy?"

Andy hesitated, not knowing whose side to take. Her fathers or her soon to be mother in laws. "Well, actually." Her father looked at her with a frown. "Yeah, too much salt isn't that good for you." She said quietly and glanced at Milo. Her father looked down at his food and had a scolded look on his face.

After a long pause with just more eating and glances around the table, Milo's father spoke up. "So, are you still in the nursing career or are you retired?" He asked Andy's mother.

"Oh, I'm retired now. Just taking care of the house and all the affairs back in Washington." She answered.

"Except for when you are going to those stupid volunteer clinics...." Andy Sr. said, interrupting the conversation. Andy's mother looked at him silently with a frown and Andy did the same.

Eve interrupted. "Well, there is nothing wrong with wanting to help people. Isn't that right Andy?"

Andy looked over to Eve and then glanced at Milo again with disillusionment in her eyes. "No, there isn't." She said quietly. There was another long pause as people glanced at each other. Jessie and Lizzy had been silent the entire time and so had Milo. Nobody said a word and Andy noticed the even more scolded look upon her father's face. Every once in a while he would glance up from his food and look at Eve like she had just broken a military law or something.

"So! Are you two nervous at all?!" Eve said suddenly, changing the subject, and was looking straight at Andy and Milo.


Later that night after Milo's parents left and Andy got her parents settled into the guest bedroom, her and Milo grabbed their coats and sat on the front porch.

" big happy family huh..." He said sarcastically. She chuckled and gently punched his stomach.

"There was so much tension tonight. Can you imagine what Friday night is going to be like? The rehearsal dinner...." The couple paused and glanced up at the stars. "Are you nervous Milo?"

"Some what." He responded. "Are you?"

"Yes." Andy answered truthfully. "I mean, how couldn't I be. We're getting married. This is forever. For the rest of our lives Milo. Of course that's what I thought at my first wedding too."

Milo looked into her eyes. "Hey, that's not going to happen to us." They paused again. "I believe that in order to find that perfect soul mate, you have to go through other relationships that don't turn out good, right?"

"Right." She responded and grabbed his hand. He kissed hers and then set it down on his knee. After a few seconds Andy realized something and slightly gasped.

"What is it?" He asked concerned.

"I just remember that I don't have a father daughter song to dance to at the reception. I wanted to do one that had a lot of meaning and connected with the relationship me and my father have. If you call that a relationship." She ended the statement quietly.

"Oh! I wanted to actually talk to you about that. I was talking to Nick and he came up with one that kind of make sense symbolically but it wouldn't if you didn't know about you and you're dad."

"What is it?" She asked curiously.

"'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.' By Aerosmith."

Andy thought a minute. "Isn't that from a movie? It sounds familiar."

"It's from Armageddon. I have the song on a CD upstairs in the box I brought in tonight. You can listen to it when you go inside. Supposively, the guy who sings it was the father of the lead actress in the movie and he missed out on a lot of her childhood and being really close with his daughter so it was a very emotional song for both of them. I thought it fit. " He said. Andy nodded and smiled.

"Thanks. Even though I don't know how all of this is going to turn out, I'm really looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you Milo." She said and smiled at him. Milo leaned in and kissed her softly.

"I feel the same way Andy." He responded into her ear as he hugged her. They continued to hug and kiss for a while until she decided to go inside to get some sleep. Milo left as she went into the kitchen to turn off whatever lights were still on. When she saw her father sitting at the kitchen table, she stopped walking and leaned against the doorframe. "What are you still doing up?" She asked.

"Wasn't tired yet." He responded. Andy noticed that he was drinking tea and decided to get some for her. "That Eve women." He said after a little pause. Andy hesitated and prayed that he wasn't about to insult her soon to be mother in law. "Quite an independent soul."

"Most women are these days."

"She was opinionated." He stated.

"Dad." Andy said, starting to get annoyed.

"What? I'm just expressing my thoughts."

"Do you have to do that three days before I'm getting married to that 'opinionated' women's son?" She asked growing more enraged now.

"Well, if I had met them sooner then I would-"

"Oh come on! You were in Washington and you didn't feel like meeting them sooner." She interrupted him.

"You know, I hate when you interrupt me." He said firmly.

"Yeah, well I hate when you knock down something that is really important to me." Andy responded. They fell silent as he finished most his tea and Andy hardly drank any of hers. "I mean, why do you have to express your thoughts in steps? Why can't you just flat out say what you mean? It would be a lot easier and a lot quicker."

"Fine." He responded. "I don't like you getting married again. You were better off with Lesley Campbell." Andy looked at her tea and frowned even more than she already was.

"Well, you're going to have to get over that because I'm not better off with anybody except Morton." She poured her tea down the sink drain and walked towards him more. "Why can't you just be happy for me Dad? Just this once. You always find something wrong with me. Something wrong with my life."

"Young lady, that is not-"

"True!" She interrupted him again. "It is true. You have always thought of me and treated me like one of your soldiers. Well, I'm not. I am your daughter. You're supposed to be happy with the decisions that I make, not trying to find some way for me to improve them. All I want is for you to truthfully walk me down the aisle Saturday afternoon and wish me the best for the rest of my life." They paused again and he didn't take his gaze from her. "Yeah, you have been there. I'll give you that. You were there for my first wedding and the births of Jessie and Lizzy and my military graduation and my ranking higher than just a normal military officer ranks. The many moves, and then the divorce and everything else. But can you look me in the eyes right now and honestly tell me that each time you were there, you weren't thinking of some possible way that I could have done better?" She was on the verge of tears now, just wishing that her Dad would see her side of it.

"I'm sorry you feel that way." Is all he responded with and as there was another long pause, as a tear rolled down Andy's cheek.

"Fine. General." Andy stood up perfectly straight and raised her right arm and hand to her forehead. He just stared at her. "This is what you want isn't it? A solute from me, a soldier." Andy Sr. still did not speak so Andy put down her arm and hand and started to leave. Suddenly her father stood up.

"You do not leave until you are dismissed." He said firmly. Andy looked at him with sadness and clarity. Then she continued towards the stairs. "I rank higher than you Colonel, so get your ass back down here." Andy heard him but ignored it. Soon enough she disappeared up the stairs and into her bedroom. By the time she made it through the box Milo had been talking about and found the CD he wanted her to listen to, she was in tears. Andy dabbed her cheeks with a tissue and put the CD into the CD player and turned to the song 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.' And listened carefully to the lyrics.


The next morning, Peter Riggs walked into the Rittenhouse Women's Health Clinic to find Lu and Lana standing at the receptionist desk like always. The two women didn't see him enter so he walked up behind them. Lu looked as if she had been awake all night and Lana looked all most the same way.

"How are my ladies?" He asked. Both women jumped in surprise and then grinned from ear to ear when they saw that it was him. Lana greeted him with a hug first and then Lu with a longer one. "You two look tired. Wait a's Thursday which means yesterday was Wednesday, which means all night clinic. Did you guys still do that even with Dr. C's wedding in a couple days?"

"You know us Peter. We never stop." Lana noted. "So how ya been?"

"I'm ok."

Lu nodded. "I hope Marc treated you ok last night. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to get you settled into my apartment. All night clinic means...well all night clinic."

"Yes I remember Lu. And Marc was a perfect gentleman. We had a rather lovely evening." Peter responded and made them laugh. "Anyway. I just wanted to come by and say hello since I haven't seen you guys in a few months, and now I should really head to see Dr. Campbell."

"Well there's no need for that Riggs, I'm right here." Andy said from behind them. She had just come into the clinic while they were reuniting. Peter turned around and smiled, then greeted her with a hug.

"How are you Dr. C?"

"Tired. Didn't get much sleep last night. And I can't even imagine what the next two days are going to be like."

"Are you nervous?" Peter asked even though he already knew the answer. Andy nodded.

"Listen, why don't we all go into one of the offices? It's getting kind of noisy out here?" Lu suggested and they all agreed and walked into her office and took a seat.

"So, how's your mother?" Andy asked.

"Well actually, I probably should tell you mother...... is no longer with us........ She died a couple weeks ago."

"But you never said anything when I called." Andy said.

"I didn't want to burden anybody with it. I handled it. We had the funeral and said our good byes. It's over now."

"I am so sorry Riggs." Andy said.

"Yeah, me to Peter." Lana said.

Lu just looked at him with sadness. "Are you sure you're ok?" She asked.

"Yes. I'm fine. Like I said, it's all over now."

"Well, does this mean that you are coming back here?" Lana asked curiously.

"Yeah I guess it does. I'm free to start making plans on getting a new apartment and talking to Dr. Jackson about the job thing."

"Well if it weren't for situation I would be jumping up and down right now." Lana said with a smile and then frowned.

"Well, that's comforting." Peter said and made them chuckle. "It's a sad time but I'm glad to be back."

"We're glad to have you." Andy said.

"Yeah, we really are." Lu stated and grabbed his hand. He squeezed it but let go when there was a knock at the door. It was Nick. Lu waved him in and he entered.

"Peter, hey man."

"Hey." They shook hands. "What's up?"

"Actually, a lot. I wanted to talk to Dr. Campbell about something."

"What is Biancavilla?" Andy asked.

"Ok, you said you needed me to bring a date for the wedding right?"

"Well yes. But that's only if you want to. If you don't then it's fine." She responded.

"How about if I bring three?"

"What?" She asked confused. Everybody was looking at him weird.

"My date has kids."

"Oh, you scared me for a minute there. Umm...yeah that's fine. She can bring her kids." Andy answered.


"Who is it?" Lu asked curiously.

"Well why don't you see for yourself." He said with a grin and then motioned somebody outside to come into the office. When the women did, Peter, Lana, and Lu's jaws dropped to the ground. It was Dana Stowe.

"Oh my god." Lu said. "Dana Stowe is not really standing in front of me, is she?"

"Am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me." Lana asked. Dana pinched her. "Ouch!"

"Guess you're not." She said with a smile.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again." Lu said. Her jaw was still dropped to the ground and she was basically in shock.

"So this is Dr. Dana Stowe?" Andy said and stuck out her hand to shake hers. "It's nice to finally meet you, I'm Dr. Campbell."

"You're the replacement."

"At first she was, but now she's like family." Peter said and wrapped his arm around her with a wink. He then let go and walked to Dana and hugged her. "It's good to see you again."

"It's good to see you to Peter." She said and then moved on to hug Lana. "And you Lana." Then she moved on to Lu, smiling before she hugged her. "Gosh, I've missed this place." She looked around and then at all of her friends. "So, Dr. Campbell? Nick here has told me that the wedding I am attending is yours. Who's the lucky gentlemen?"

"Dr. Morton."

"You're kidding." Dana said shocked and then looked at Nick. "How come you didn't tell me that!!"

"I thought you knew."

"You know Nick, some things about you never change."

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked defensively.

"It means that you think I know things when I don't." Dana answered and turned back to the others.

"Well, as fun as this has been, I really need to be going. Milo is meeting me for a late breakfast and then we are headed off to do some last minute details." Andy said and gathered her purse and coat.

"It was nice meeting you Dr. Campbell." Dana said.

"You to. I'll see the rest of you guys later." Andy walked to the door and then left the others behind to catch up on each other's lives.


Later that night, Andy sat in Milo's car in front of her house.

"My parents were supposed to take the girls out to dinner and it looks like they did considering their car isn't here." Andy said, looking out the window.

"So what are you saying?" He asked trying to pry the truth from her.

She looked back at him. "That I don't have to confront my father right away."

"Are you sure that's such a good thing?"

Andy hesitated. "I honestly don't know anymore Milo. I mean, I want Saturday to be absolutely perfect but-"

"How can that happen if you and you're father are in a fight." He finished her sentence. Andy smiled that he knew what she was thinking and then frowned at what he was actually talking about.

"I will talk to him either when he gets home or tomorrow morning. Anyway, whatever happens, I'm not letting it get ruined."

"Me either." Milo smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Andy kissed back and didn't stop. After a few seconds she adjusted her position to be closer to him. Then they kissed more intimately. After a few minutes, Milo broke away from her.

"God, I can't wait for the honeymoon." He said.

Andy laughed. "Oh I know. Four days in a waterfront bungalow on the Bora Bora Islands. It's going to be so great."

"Yes, it will be." He said and then started kissing her again. This time, after a few minutes, Andy broke away from him.

"I should be going."

"Ok. I'll see you in the morning."

"I love you." She said and pecked his lips.

"I love you too sweetie."

Andy jumped out of the car and went half way up the walkway before turning around and blowing another kiss to him. Then, she entered her house and noticed that the kitchen lights were on, so she went to turn them off. She found her Dad sitting in the kitchen just like the night before and she sighed as she remember that she needed to talk to him. "I thought you and Mom took the girls out."

"I skipped it."


"Because I wanted to be here when you got home." He responded.

Andy sighed. "I'm a big girl, I think I can come home by myself-"

"That's not what I meant." He interrupted her.

"Then what did you mean?"

"There is something that you need to know." He said. Andy took a seat across from him as she pulled out a gold pocket watch from his shirt.

"That's you're old pocket watch that you always carried around when you were in the military." She noted and looked at him curiously.

"Open it."

Andy did what he said and found a picture of her in the side opposite the watch. It was taken when she was a little girl. "I don't understand. Why-"

"I used to always carry that around, not because I needed to know what time it was, but because I wanted to look at that picture of you every second that I wasn't home. Every second I was fighting wars and ordering troops around half way across the world. I looked at it every single time that I missed you Andy." He said. Andy looked from her father to the picture and was on the verge of tears. "I treated you like a soldier most of the time and I'm sorry for that. I realize that I haven't been much of a father. At least not one that you needed. But now I want to be. You're not my soldier, you are my daughter and I love you more than anything Andy." Andy didn't say anything. She was so astonished by the change in her father. He was more sensitive and caring, compared to the night before.

"I love you to Dad." She said and they both stood up to hug each other. "Thank you. I really needed that."

"In less than two days, I am going to walk you down that aisle. And I am going to wish you the best for the rest of your life because you deserve it." He said and this only made her cry more. After many years of arguing and distance, they had finally connected on a more emotional level and finally acted like a father and his daughter.


The next afternoon, the day before the wedding, Andy and Milo met at the hotel where the ceremony would take place. They had a meeting with the hotel managers and people helping out with the ceremony. Basically, what they did for two hours was talk about the ceremony and look around the big ballroom type hotel lounge they had rented for it. After they were done, they both headed to Milo's parent's house to make sure everything was ready for the reception. They had ordered a large tent to be in the backyard, but connected to the house and somewhat heated to make more room. In the beautiful tent, the DJ was set up and there was a wooden dance floor along with a bar and the dinning area where they would all enjoy their food. Inside the house, near the two big back doors, was the buffet table. As Andy and Milo, along with his parents where looking around and talking, Milo's cell phone rang. He answered it and decided to talk in a different room. When he came back, he had a look of disappointment and concern on his face.

"What's wrong?" Andy asked, knowing something was up.

"It's my brother, Michael." He said. "He and his girlfriend were supposed to fly down from Vermont this morning, but all flights are canceled due to severe snow storm."

"But he's your man of honor, not to mention your brother." Andy said. Both her and his parents were looking at him concerned.

"I know. I just talked to him and the plan is now to drive."

"What about the snow storm?" Eve asked.

"You know Michael, sweetie. He's a good driver, he'll be ok." Milo's father said.

"Yes, he is." Milo said reassuringly. "But that still delays him until tomorrow."

"Is he going to make it in time for the wedding?" Andy asked.

"I really hope so. They should if nothing delays them more than just the storm."

"Well, this changes some things. I need to make a few phone calls. Is it all right if I just use the house phone?" She asked his parents. They nodded and Andy headed into a different room. Once she was out of sight and hearing shot, Eve turned to Milo.

"What about the surprise?"

"New York City is full of snow storms also so Michael is actually going to pick up the surprise himself and bring it with him."

"The surprise can't come by itself??" Eve asked curiously.

"Apparently not, don't ask me why." Milo responded and Andy walked back into the room.

"What did I miss?" She asked after seeing the expressions on their faces.

"Nothing." Milo said. "Come on, we should get going."


Later that afternoon, they had the rehearsal ceremony at the hotel with everybody that was in it except Milo's brother, Michael. Then, they all headed back to Andy's house for the rehearsal dinner. Milo's parent's house wasn't completely ready to have dinner in, so they decided to do it there. There was a buffet in the kitchen just like there would be at the actual reception. With Corrina's help, Andy managed to fit everybody at her dinning room table with an additional table added to one end for the kids. After everybody had sat down to begin the dinner, Milo tapped on his glass with his fork to make a toast.

"To my wonderful fiancée. May every moment from here on be full of happiness and joy." He said and Andy blushed. "Also, for those that participated today and will tomorrow, we couldn't possibly thank you enough for everything you've done. You all mean so much to us." They all finished up a toast with the clink of a bunch of glasses and the sounds of eating everywhere. Everywhere, except for Milo's other brother, Jared's son, Chris. He was staring at Lizzy and after a few minutes she noticed it and then looked around to see if anybody else noticed it. Nobody did so Chris kept staring at her until she started staring back, so then he looked at his food. Lizzy chuckled and went back to her own food. All of a sudden, a string bean hit her in the face. Her eyes widen and she looked around. Nobody noticed that this little boy had thrown food at her and he was acting as if he didn't do it. After a few seconds, Lizzy ignored it and went back to eating again. Another string bean flew into her head and made her drop her fork hard. Lizzy got a glance from her grandmother but that was it. Chris was staring at her again and smiling at what he was getting away with. She gave him an evil look and picked up a piece of her meat and threw it at him. Everybody stopped talking and looked at her. They had all noticed what she did and Lizzy found it unbelievable. Andy frowned and shook her head.

"Lizzy, why did you just do that?" She asked.

"He started it."

"That's absurd Lizzy. Christopher would never do such a thing." Eve said.

"He threw a bean at me!" She defended herself.

"Lizzy, come on. Please don't be childish, not now." Andy said firmly.

"Is that why you dropped your fork?" Andy's mother asked, ignoring what Andy had just said. Lizzy nodded nervously. All eyes were on her at the moment. Conversation struck up on whom would have done what and why. Arguing was taking place and it was getting loud. Eve started arguing with Andy's mother and this made Lizzy start arguing with Jessie when she gave her a 'what did you do that for' look. Milo tried to stop the yelling but that only caused him to start arguing with his father. Andy's eyes were wide and she buried her face in her hands. Lu and Peter smiled at each other and Lana nudged Lu and winked. Lu immediately reacted by yelling at her for being obvious. Jared joined in on Milo and his father's argument. Andy's dad sighed and then stood up.

"STOP!!!" He yelled and everybody fell silent. After a few seconds, Eve smiled and picked up a spoonful of mashed potatoes and threw it in Andy Sr.'s face. Everybody's eyes widen and jaws dropped, especially Andy's. She looked at Milo and then back and forth from her father to Eve with her jaw still dropped. Everybody was perfectly silent, waiting for his response. He bet over and wiped the food off his face. When Andy saw his expression, she thought he was going to murder somebody. Instead of doing what Andy thought he would do, he picked up a spoonful of his own mashed potatoes and threw it back into Eve's face. Jaws dropped even more than they already were, as Eve stood up and walked around to the side of the table and picked up a spoonful of gravy and dumped it on Andy's dad's head.

"Hope you like gravy with your mashed potatoes, General." She said with a grin. Andy's dad smiled and picked up some Alfredo fettuccine and threw it at Eve. She ducked just in time and it ended up hitting Andy's mother. Lu, Lana, Nick, and Peter all started laughing and Andy shook her head again and mumbled an 'oh my god'. Milo smiled and picked up a bread roll with butter smeared all over it and shoved it on the side of Andy's face.

"MILO MORTON!!" She yelled and looked at him with a half-buttered face. Milo laughed and everybody else laughed more. Andy picked up some of her mashed potatoes and smeared them over his face. Soon, people started joining in on the food fight.

Fifteen minutes later, they had all settled down and Andy looked around. "My house....." She said.

"Well, the food was great Andy." Milo said sarcastically. She looked at him with a semi-evil look but then grinned and nudged him in the stomach.

After awhile, and some cleaning, Jared and his family left along with Nick. Lu, Lana, and Peter headed for the door and grabbed their coats. After remembering that they were all covered in food, they decided not to put them on.

"We have to head out. But we'll see you tomorrow." Lu said to Andy. They were standing in the foyer while the rest where finishing up cleaning in the dinning room.

"I think there was some major tension release tonight. Often, childish food fighting or such things are symbolized as just letting it all out. Especially before a huge event, such as this." Lana said. All three of her friends stared at her and then smiled.

"You're probably right Hawkins." Andy agreed and it made them all turn their attention from Lana to her. "What?" They kept silent for a few seconds and then Milo joined them.

"Thank you for coming." He said.

"Well, it was definitely a interesting evening." Lu commented and opened the door. "Talk to you later."

"Ok. Bye." Andy said and they all headed out the door. Then, Andy and Milo headed back into the dinning room.

"I can't believe you threw mashed potatoes in my face." He said while they walked into the kitchen and out of sight of everybody else.

"You started it by smearing butter on me." She responded and he surprisingly but gently pushed her against the fridge.

"I do have to say that you look rather sexy in butter. What brand is this?" He asked sarcastically.

"Come find out." She said, flirting with him while wrapping her arms around his neck. Milo kissed her passionately but quietly so no one in the dinning room could hear them. They went on like this until she made him stop. "Lets not get carried away here Milo."

"Why not?" He asked, nibbling on her ear.

"Because, we have to save this for the bungalow in Bora Bora." She said and pushed him away. "Plus the fact that my children, parents, and your parents are in the next room." She added. Milo nodded and held up his hands innocently.


Peter and Lu dropped off Lana at her apartment and headed back to Lu's.

"Where's Marc tonight?"

"Friends house." Lu said. "Look at us." They laughed at their appearances. "We are covered in food. We should get a shower." Peter nodded in agreement and looked at her. Lu met his gaze and stared. "I....I meant.....separate showers." She said slowly and walked further into her apartment.

"Right." He said and followed her. They fell silent for awhile.

"Peter." Lu said finally but Peter interrupted the start of her sentence by connecting his lips to hers.

"I've wanted to do that for months now." He said after they broke. They fell silent again.

"This is hard to do. Umm.....if there is going to be an us again then I want....well I need to take it slowly."

He nodded. "I was hoping there would be another us. The past months have been so empty."

Lu nodded this time. "Ok, well. I'm going to grab a shower and then you can use it and I guess I'll see you in the morning." He said and seconds later, left him standing there.


Nick walked into his apartment to find darkness. He kept quiet, thinking that Dana and her daughters were asleep by then. He laid his keys down on the table and walked into the living room. Dana smiled up at him as he did. What he saw was a priceless picture. Dana's oldest daughter was asleep at her feet and she was holding her other daughter who was also asleep. Nick smiled and she slowly got up and laid her youngest daughter down to sleep on the side of the couch they were already on.

"They're so precious." He whispered.

"I know. I hate to wake them so they can sleep in the beds they were supposed to sleep it. That's my bed." She whispered back while pointing to the couch.

"Don't." He responded and she looked at him. "You can sleep in my bed." He offered.

"Nick." She said slowly.

"I promise, just sleeping. I'm not going to try anything Dana."

"Ok." She agreed after hesitation and they headed towards the bedroom. Before entering, she gently pecked his lips. "I missed you." She said and then continued into the bedroom. A smile formed on his face as he followed her.


Andy tossed over in her bed, half asleep. It was almost time for her to wake up but she didn't want to emerge from her dreams. Her parents were already awake and downstairs, quickly stirring up some breakfast. Jessie was still asleep and Lizzy was taking a shower. Andy Sr. decided to go upstairs and wake up his daughter. He gently opened the door and saw her lying on the bed, curled up in the covers. He thought back on how he did this when she was a little girl but then he had stopped for some reason. He sat down next to her on the bed and smoothed her hair with his hand, tucking pieces behind her ear. Andy stirred and slowly opened her eyes to see whoever was there. She realized it was him.

"Daddy?" She asked sleepily.

"It's time to get up." He responded, still smoothing her hair.

"It it?" Andy asked while glancing at the clock next to the bed. Then she looked back at her father, yawned and smiled. "You've never woken me up before." She realized.

"I did a long time ago when you were little. Unfortunately you were too little to remember."

"You did?" She asked and he nodded. After a long pause, he spoke up. "Come on. Get up." Andy closed her eyes again and yawned.

"I'm getting married today." She said slowly while sitting up. "I'm scared Dad."

"I know you are. And so is Milo. But everything will work out ok Andy, no matter what happens. I promise." He said reassuringly. "I remember my wedding."

"You do?" She asked with a smile.

He nodded. "I was so nervous."

"You? No, not possible." She said surprised.

"Yes, me. For some reason, I can shoot down the enemies and order troops with no fear, but something about watching you're mother walk down that aisle had me shaking in my army boots." He said. Andy chuckled. "She was so gorgeous and I was thinking, 'What is she doing with me'. I was getting ready to make the biggest commitment of my life and I couldn't help but be nervous about it."

Andy smiled at him and how he was being insightful. "I really love this new relationship you and I have now Dad."

"I do to." He said and smiled. "Now come on! Breakfast is about ready."


Once they all ate breakfast, Andy, Jessie, and Lizzy met Lu and Lana at the near by beauty salon for hair styling, nails, and make up. Three hours later, they emerged and all headed to the hotel to start getting dressed for the ceremony. Andy's parents were already there, dressed formally, and ready to help out anyway they could. While her father was asked to just wait patiently in the lounge room they had rented, her mother helped her with her bridal gown. Milo's parents arrived with his brother, Jared and his family. They were all dressed formally and while his parents talked to Andy Sr., Jared helped Milo out with his tux and adjusted his. Peter and Bob Jackson were also with Milo, since they were his groomsmen. Twenty minutes later, Michael, the best man, arrived with his girlfriend.

"I made it!" He said while walking into the room that Milo was in.

"Thank god." He said and greeted his brother with a hug. "Was the driving bad?"

"Hell yes. But anything for my big brother." He said with a smile.

"Well, you're just in time and I see you got dressed at the house. We should start heading out into the hallway near the lounge." Milo said. Peter and Dr. Jackson went first, so it was only Jared, Michael, and Milo in the room. "What about the surprise?" Milo asked quickly.

"In a completely different hotel. I promise, it will be at the reception in time for the first dance."

"Thank you." Milo said and they all headed out. People started arriving frequently now. All family members were there and friends were taking their seats. Bob Jackson's family sat in the second row, while Dana, Nick, and her daughters sat behind them. Friends filled in the rows as Andy made sure that she looked perfect. Lu, Lana, Jessie, and Lizzy all waited for her in the hallway opposite Milo. When the ceremony was about to begin, Andy's mother quickly took her seat in the front row, as Milo and his groomsmen filed in on the right side of the semi-alter. They had a semi-alter specifically made for their taste, to be placed in the lounge. Music started playing, as Lizzy, then Jessie, then Lana, and then Lu, lined up in front of Andy. All four of them were wearing a midnight blue, straight cut gown, with a lighter blue color ribbon attached right under the chest area. Each woman held a small bouquet of fresh white roses that were tied together with the same color light blue ribbon as on the dress and their hair was perfectly curled and pulled into a half-pony tail type thing. They walked out slowly, with smiles on their faces. When they reached the point across from the groomsmen they stopped and much more beautiful music started playing on the piano. Andy started slowly walking out on her father's arm. Her dress was straight cut, like the bridesmaids, and it was the lighter blue color instead of midnight blue. The sides, bottom, and other key points on the dress were trimmed with a white silk. Her hair was curled also and pulled completely into a twist tie type thing with strands gently brushing the sides of her cheeks. Make up painted her face a beautiful picture and she was holding a bigger bouquet of white roses that was tied with a white ribbon. She didn't wear a Vail, but the clip that held her hair in place was also white and surrounded with silk. Andy Sr. led his daughter slowly down the aisle with pride in his stride and a complete smile on his face. Andy breath got more rapid as she approached Milo and her hands were slightly shaking. They stopped and her father kissed her cheek and mouthed the words 'I love you' before leaving her standing there and taking his seat next to her mother. Milo moved across from her and smiled. She smiled back and suddenly her breath got slower and normal, and her hands stopped shaking. They stared into each other's eyes, until they heard the minister speak next to them.

"Both the bride and groom have prepared special speeches for this moment." He said and nodded to Andy for her to start.

"I'm truly inspired, finding my soul in your arms and you have opened my heart by showing me yourself undisguised. Remember, I won't ever be too far way and I won't hesitate at all. I will breathe for you each day, and comfort you through all the pain, gently kiss your fears away. You can turn to me and cry, and always understand that I give you all I have inside. So I'm here to tell you this afternoon, that the rest of my days and nights belong to you. Please believe that there is nothing I'd rather do, because my heart is yours. Milo Morton, now and forever, for the rest of my life, I love you." She said and smiled.

He smiled back and then started talking slowly. "Andy, if ever you happen to fall down, I'll be the one that lifts you up. When you forget how beautiful you are, I'll be there to remind you. When you can't find your way in the dark, I'll be the light that shines for you. When trouble comes your way, I will come to you. I'll be your shoulder, when you need someone to lean on. Be your shelter when you need someone to protect you. I'll be the rock that will be strong for you, the one that will hold on to you. And when you're there with no one to hold, it'll be my arms that reach for you. And when all you find are lies, I'll be the truth that you need. When you need someone to run to, you can run to me. I'll always be there for you because, I love you." They kept staring into each other's eyes, and Andy tried to hold back her tears.

"The rings." The minister said and Michael handed the minister the rings from his pocket. Then the minister handed one ring to Milo. "Milo Morton, do you take this women as your wife?" He said simply.

"I do." Milo answered and slid the ring onto Andy's finger.

The minister handed Andy a ring now. "Andy Campbell, do you take this man as your husband?"

"I do." She answered and slid the ring onto Milo's finger.

"I know pronounce you, husband and wife." He turned to Milo. "You may kiss your bride." He said with a smile. Milo leaned into Andy and softly kissed her lips. It was an intimate kiss but not too intimate considering the people around them. After they broke, people stood up and clapped. They turned and headed back down the aisle as beautiful music started playing again. Once Andy and Milo were half way down the aisle, Lu took Michael's arm and followed. Then Lana took Jared's, Jessie took Peter's, and Lizzy took Bob Jackson's and followed in order.


Andy and Milo got into the limo they had rented and the driver, who could not be seen from the back seats, started driving to Milo's parent's house were the reception would be held. After they left, everybody piled into their cars and followed them. Milo turned to Andy and started kissing her passionately. She kissed him back, taking great pleasure in the fact that she was now married to him and she could do this anytime she pleased. The limo ended up being the first one to arrive at the house, so Andy and Milo made sure that everything was set up right and it was. It was all perfect and it made them kiss once more right before their parents opened the front door, followed by many guests. People greeted them with hugs, saying congratulations and wishing them the best. Jessie and Lizzy approached their mother and both hugged her at the same time. She hugged them back for a long moment and then let go.

"You two look beautiful." She noted, looking at their dresses. "I love you both so much." She said and pulled them in for another hug. After this one she back away from them. "Now, go say hi to some friends and just have fun." She said and turned to some other people. After a while of talking, people started getting their food and sitting down at the tables in the tent outside. It was now around five P.M. so everybody was hungry. Andy and Milo managed to have a few glances toward each other while talking to other people. For awhile they hadn't been able to say a word to each other because of everybody getting in between them. The entire time of the beginning of the reception, soft music had been playing in the background, and once everybody looked like they were done eating, the DJ spoke up.

"Ok everybody. It's time for the traditional bride and groom first dance. Will the lovely couple please approach the dance floor." He said. Andy and Milo came onto the wooden dance floor from opposite sides and met in the middle. Right as Andy was about to hold on to him to dance, he left her standing there and went to the DJ. A very short conversation took place that nobody could hear and Milo took the microphone.

"Hi." He said and people chuckled. Andy looked at him with curiosity. "Before we dance to the first song, I have a little surprise for my lovely, and beautiful bride." He said and then grinned. "Would everybody please put their hand together for........" He said and pointed towards the entrance of the tent. "Sting." As he said this, the actual singer, Sting, walked into the tent. Andy's jaw dropped completely to the floor and a lot of other people whispered around in shock.

"Oh my god." She said and Milo handed the microphone to the legendary singer.

"Dr. Milo Morton has asked me to sing the first dance song for Andy. I'd like to thank you for welcoming me here and thank you to Michael Morton, for picking me up in New York City and roughly driving down here through the snow for this special occasion." Sting said. The music for Fields Of Gold started playing and Andy looked at Milo in amazement.

"I can't believe you." She said and wrapped her arms around him but couldn't help but stare at the singer.

"You'll remember me when the west wind moves/ Upon the fields of barley/ You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky/ As we walk the fields of gold." Sting started singing.

Andy turned her gaze to Milo's eyes.

"So she took her love/ For to gaze awhile/ Upon the fields of barley/ In his arms she fell as her hair came down/ Among the fields of gold. Will you stay with me, will you be my love/ Among the fields of barley/ We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky/ As we lie in the fields of gold."

They kept staring at each other, like nobody else was in the room, and the music was just softly playing in the background.

"See the west wind move like a lover so/ Upon the fields of barley/ Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth/ Among the fields of gold/ I never made promises lightly/ And there have been some that I've broken/ But I swear in the days still left/ We'll walk in the fields of gold/ We'll walk in the fields of gold. Many years have passed since those summer days/ Among the fields of barley/ See the children run as the sun goes down/ Among the fields of gold/ You'll remember me when the west wind moves/ Upon the fields of barley/ You can tell the sun in his jealous sky/ When we walked in the fields of gold."

Andy leaned up and in closer to Milo's face. "I love you so much." She whispered loud enough for him to hear.

"When we walked in fields of gold." Sting kept singing.

"I love you to sweetheart." He said. Milo touched his lips against hers and didn't let them part.

"When we walked in fields of gold." Sting ended the song and everybody applauded for him and the couple still kissing on the dance floor.

After they broke she whispered again. "I can't believe you did that for me."

"I'd do anything for you Andy." He said and she gave him another kiss. People started standing up and joining them on the dance floor as Sting started to sing more of his songs.


Awhile later, after the famous celebrity left and everybody had settled back down, Jessie and Marc stood on the front porch talking.

"I can't believe he did that for your Mom." Marc said.

"I can. He's really a great guy and I'm glad he's my new stepfather." She said and then noticed somebody standing near the drive way. "Who's that?" She pointed out. The mysterious stranger started walking towards them and eventually came into the light. It was Les. "Oh my god."

"Who is it?" Marc asked. He couldn't really tell the features of the man.

"That's my Dad." She said and then started down the steps to meet him. "Dad?" She asked surprised.

"Oh wow. You look to so beautiful Jessie."

"Thank you. What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I just came to say goodbye."

"Now? Where are you going?" She asked curiously.

"Atlanta, Georgia." He said with a semi-country accent, trying to make her laugh. It didn't work. "Got a new job offer. Have to take it."

"So, you're leaving again. Just like that?" She asked.

He nodded. "I'll still visit."

"Are you leaving tonight?" She asked.

"Yep. I have to start tomorrow. I just found out this morning and I wanted to say goodbye before I left." He turned to Marc. "Young man. Will you do me a favor and go get Lizzy for me? Don't tell anybody else I'm here." He asked. Marc nodded and headed into the house. "Jessie. I'll miss you, you know that." She nodded. Seconds later, Lizzy came running outside and Les repeated his story and said goodbye to his youngest daughter. "Make sure Morton takes care of you ok." He said slowly. It wasn't an easy thing for him to do. "You call me if anything happens. And if you ever need me I'm only a flight away ok?" The girls nodded as Marc stood in the background and made sure nobody else came around front. "I love you." He said. "I have to get going." He turned to leave them but then stopped. "Oh. You probably shouldn't tell your mother I was here. There's no need to ruin her special night or her honeymoon. So, if you would please, tell her I'm gone when she gets home from Bora Bora." He said and jumped into his car, and drove away, leaving his daughters behind in two beautiful dresses.


Andy approached the DJ and had a short conversation on what song to play next. Soon after that, the DJ came on the microphone. "The bride has now requested to have her father-daughter dance." He said. Andy Sr. looked up from where he was sitting and Andy was waiting for him on the dance floor. After a few seconds, he stood up and approached her. Before they started dancing, Andy took the microphone.

"I requested this specific song because of the symbolical meaning. I'm sure all of you are familiar with the movie Armageddon. Well, to sum everything up. The singer was the lead actress's father, and they weren't very close until this movie came out and he sang this song. My sources tell me that it was very emotional for the both of them and that a father and daughter got to reunite through it, which is why I chose it. Symbolically, this song fits perfect for my relationship with my own father." She said and then handed the microphone back to the DJ. The song, 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' by Aerosmith came on the speakers and Andy and her father started dancing.

"I could stay awake just to hear you breathing/ Watch you smile while you are sleeping/ While you're far away dreaming/ I could spend m life in this sweet surrender/ I could stay lost in this moment forever/ Every moment I spend with you is a moment I treasure. Don't want to close my eyes/ I don't want to fall asleep/ Cause I'd miss you baby/ And I don't want to miss a thing/ Cause even when I dream of you/ The sweetest dream will never do/ I'd still miss you baby/ And I don't want to miss a thing. Lying close to you feeling your heart beating/ And I'm wondering what you're dreaming/ Wondering if it's me you're seeing/ Then I kiss your eyes/ And thank God we're together/ I just want to stay with you in this moment forever/ Forever and ever."

Andy looked up at her Dad and smiled. He smiled back.

"Don't want to close my eyes/ I don't want to fall asleep/ Cause I'd miss you baby/ And I don't want to miss a thing/ Cause even when I dream of you/ The sweetest dream will never do/ I'd still miss you baby/ And I don't want to miss a thing. I don't want to miss one smile/ I don't want to miss one kiss/ I just want to be with you/ Right here with you, just like this/ I just want to hold you close/ Fell your heart so close to mine/ And just stay here in this moment/ For all the rest of time."

People started joining them on the dance floor. Milo grabbed his mother and started dancing, while Lu grabbed Marc.

"Don't want to close my eyes/ I don't' want to fall asleep/ Cause I'd miss you baby/ And I don't want to miss a thing/ Cause even when I dream of you/ the sweetest dream will never do/ I'd still miss you baby/ And I don't want to miss a thing."

Andy kept smiling up at her father as they danced. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "I love you. You're daddy's little girl." A tear slowly rolled down her cheek as they formed into a hug while still dancing.

"Don't want to close my eyes/ I don't want to fall asleep/ I don't want to miss a thing." The song ended and Andy Sr. kissed the top of his daughter forehead.


The reception was coming to an end. Friends were heading back to their homes or hotel rooms for those of them who came from out of town. Andy and Milo's flight was in the morning and they had planned on staying at the hotel that the ceremony was at that night. After awhile, it was just family left at his parent's house. Jessie and Lizzy were half asleep on the couches, while the four parent's stood around in the kitchen talking. Jared and his family were sitting around the dinning area of the tent, along with Michael and his girlfriend, watching Andy and Milo dance to one last song. It was "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful" by Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson.

"If you say my eyes are beautiful/ It's because they're looking at you/ And if you could only see yourself/ You'd feel the same way too/ You could say that I am a dreamer/ Who'd had a dream come true/ If you say my eyes are beautiful/ It's because they're looking at you." The song sang.

Andy smiled at her new husband and took in his scent. "This evening as been so wonderful." She noted.

"Yeah. It has."

"If you wonder why I'm smiling/ It's because I'm happy with you/ And the warm sensations touch my heart/ And fill me through and through/ I could hold you close forever/ And never let you go/ If you say my eyes are beautiful/ It's because I just love you so." The speakers rang.

"I can't wait for tomorrow and the next four days." He said.

"Me either." She said, agreeing with him about the honeymoon. "Tonight will be great to." He nodded.

"Mow, my heart is an open door/ Won't you come inside for more/ You find love so sweetly now/ Take my love take me completely now/ If you say my eyes are beautiful/ It's because they're looking at you/ And my eyes are just the window/ For my feelings to come through/ And by far you are more beautiful/ Than anything I ever knew/ If you say my eyes are beautiful/ If you say my eyes are beautiful/ If you say my eyes, my eyes are beautiful." The song started to end slowly.

"Did I mention that I love you so much Milo?" She asked.

"It's because, it's because, they're looking at you." The voices rang on the speakers and Andy and Milo's lips connected.

"I love you so much to Andy Campbell Morton." He said her new full name. She had decided that around the hospital she would be called Dr. Andy Campbell and around friends and family, she would be called Andy Morton.

The night grew heavy and ended late. Andy's parents took Jessie and Lizzy back to Andy's house and said their good byes and I love you's for the next four days. Milo's parents were thanked greatly for allowing the reception to be held in their home before Andy and Milo headed in the rented limo back to the hotel for their wedding night. And in the morning, they would wake up and head to the Bora Bora Islands for a honeymoon neither would ever forget.


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