She left, and it was very easy. In her mind she had created a vision of gunshots and swordfights, she and Jack running for their lives as they were pursued by officers with designs on Jack's life. Perhaps Will showing up and making a scene.

That didn't happen. She left her house from the front door, not through the window, and there was no need for running. Jack was waiting with the Pearl, calmly rocking in the subtle waves as she boarded the pirate vessel.

Jack grinned at her.

For the past few weeks she had spent sitting at the window, Elizabeth Turner had developed a horrible sense of dread and depression in her thoughts. Of course there was hope, but hope always lingers where no one expects it. But as she stood on The Black Pearl, with Jack Sparrow's arms around her, she felt the malign forces ebb away. She was, although it was somewhat hard to believe, very happy.

She told Jack of this transformation early one morning as they held each other close. He didn't reply with words, but kissed her cheek very softly, and took her hand in his.

Somehow, it was enough.

The years passed, as they have a habit of doing, and brought about many adventures -- along with a few children to hear of them. Jack Sparrow II, who was more commonly called "Tock", came first; then Robert, or "Robbie". Margaret ("Maggie") and Cordelia ("Cordey") followed, not far behind each other; and at the very end, a fine little boy named William Turner Sparrow.

Nights on the Pearl were generally calm, with the children sitting at their father's feet as he told stories by request. Tock preferred the intriguing tale of how Barbossa had been defeated; Robbie fancied the one where a little village in Eastern India had made his father their chief, after he had single-handedly saved them from a plague, and two armies of head-hunters. Maggie and Cordey adored the tale of how the captain of The Black Pearl had decided to become a pirate; but little Will, for some strange reason, always asked for how his parents had first become acquainted.

"Now," Jack Sparrow I said, furrowing his eyebrows and looking his youngest child in the eye. "Why is it you always pic this story, eh?"

Will shrugged. "I like hearing about you and Mum,"

Jack Senior sighed overdramatically, muttering about romantical thoughts in the head of young boys, and began the tale with as much enthusiasm as one can ever have when telling a love story.

"It all started with water..."

Later, Captain Sparrow and Elizabeth remained awake as the dark carefully consumed every trace of daylight. She kissed his jaw, and said: "Which story was it tonight?"

He laughed, then sighed. "The wonderful tale of how I saved you from a corset, little Will's idea of course."

"Of course..."

They exhaled in unison. Although neither of them would say it out loud, both wondered whether or not it had been a very good idea to give William Turner II a namesake. But, of course, it was the least they could do. After all, his wife had been... waylaid.

However bad they might have felt about ruining Mr. Turner's happiness did not make them any more guilty. After all, they were happy, their children were happy, and that was the main priority on their list.