Chap 1: Let the Randomness Begin


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*********************************************************************** (Stars! yay!)

Narrator: Destiny Island was at usual. . . calm and peaceful. Tidus was brushing his hair making it all shiny and pretty, while looking at his beautiful, beautiful face. Wakka and Selphie were making out in the secret room/cave thingy. Sora has just discovered that he had really big looking feet, and Riku was trying to throw away to stupid Furby that seemed to always appear back to his shelf every morning when he throws it out the night before, and Kairi seemed to be the only one working on the raft!! The children continued this cycle, not having a freaking clue of what was going to come up and slap them in the face.

Riku is sitting on his bed with a mixture of emotions on his face, he was tired . . . angry. . . frustrated . . . and hungry. . . but he was mostly angry. He was looking across the room, which on one of him draws, was a Furby starring right back at him, with the most biggest, bluest, childlike eyes you can possibly lay eyes on.

Riku: (thinking to himself) I'm. . . I'm sure I threw you out last night...

Furby: . . . Me lov-

Riku: (slightly mad) Don't even say it!!!!

Furby: . . .

Riku: Got that right bitch!!

Furby: (blinks)

Riku: But here you are... on my shelf... as if I never threw you out...

Furby: (blinks)

Riku: Hmm....

Furby: Me lov-

Outside of Riku's house, you can see small fragments of broken glass and Furby crashing threw his window.

*Meanwhile with Kairi and Sora*

Kairi: (mumbling as she's carrying logs to a pile of junk) Sora, are- (grunt)-are you going to just sit on the ground all day long?! Come on a help me with the raft!

Sora: (Ignoring Kairi) . . .I never really noticed them before. . .

Kairi: (Drops logs) Noticed what?

Sora: The size. . . the shape. . . of my shoes.

Kairi: -_-' Sora, come on! I need help with the raft. . .!

Sora: They're just so... weird... (begins to poke them)

Kairi: You're acting silly!! Stop poking at your feet and help me!

Sora: . . .I wonder how I walk in them. . .

Kairi: -_-' Sooora. . .

Sora: Hmm. . . I wonder if this is the real shape of my feet. . .

Kairi: 0_o!!

Sora: (begins talking off shoes)

Kairi: (Not really wanting to know if that's the shape and size of his real feet, she grabs Sora's hands in a panic) I think we should leave that mystery for another day.

Sora: (pouts) Oh fine.

Kairi: Good, (turns around) Now how about helping me with the raft? Can you get me some things for- (Turns around to see that Sora isn't there) . . . Why me? -_____-'

And now at Riku's again.

Riku: (mumbles while getting dressed) Stupid demented Furby. . . (Waving his fist in the air) How I despise you. . .

Sora: (Comes running in without knocking... how rude) Riku! You won't believe what I discovered!

Riku: O.O!!!! (screams in high-pitched girly voice) EEEEEEEEEEE!! SORA, FOR GOD'S SAKES!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO KNOCK FIRST?!

Sora: (Thinks about it) I would have to say this is the 16453rd time...

Riku: (looking rather annoyed) What. . . Do. . You. . . Want!?

Sora: Oh yes.... my shoes! I just discovered something about my shoes!!

Riku: (looking down at Sora's shoes) ... What's wrong with them?

Sora: They're big and demented looking!!! (Looks down at Riku's shoes) Hey, yours are is kinda funny looking too...

Riku: Don't go there...

Sora: But they get all round at the front-

Riku: I said. . . do. . not. . go. . there. .

Sora: But- (Riku gives Sora an evil eye.) Fine, yeech... picky... But I didn't come here for any reason; there was something I wanted to tell you!

Riku: -_-' Um. . .was it you discovering that you had big feet?

Sora: No, that wasn't it... Oh ya! Kairi wants us to help with the raft. She kicked me out of my bed in five in the morning and is forcing me to do EVERYTHING!!!

Riku: (raising eyebrow) Everything?

Sora: Yes! That woman is a slave driver!!!

In the far off distance Kairi is fainting from too much sun and work.

Sora: I barley escaped when she turned her back! (Grabs Riku's top and begins shaking him) I CAN'T HANNDLE THE PRESSURE!!! MY BODY ISN'T DESIGNED FOR LABOR!!!

Riku: o_O (Dizzy)

Sora: So will you help?

Riku: Uh. . . ya, sure. Just let me get some stuff. . .

Sora: Stuff? . . What could you possibly need?

Riku: -_-' Well. . . my pants for starters. . .

Sora: (looks to see that he is completely pantless) Oh. . .

Riku: . . .

Sora: . . .

Riku: Aren't you going to let me get dressed?

Sora: Oh. . . oh ya. . . . I guess I'll wait outside then.

Riku: -_-'' . . .Ya. . . You go that.

Sora: (before leaving) Oh and Riku... Nice Furby. (Leaves)

Riku: WHAT?! (Turns around to see the Furby on his bed and its eye suddenly glow a very evil red...) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

*Meanwhile with Kairi. . .again*

Kairi: Where did you run off to!? Do I have to do everything around here?!

Sora: (Walking up to Kairi) I got Riku to help.

Kairi: It's about time. . . -_-'

Riku: (Stomping up to Kairi and Sora with the Furby in its hands) Here! (Hands it to Sora) Take it! You can have it! It's yours!!!

Sora: Wow! Really!?

Riku: (yelling) Just keep it away from me!!

Sora: (Very excited) Wow! Thanks! (Sits down and begins playing with it) I shall name you Sue-Ellen!

Sue-Ellen: Me love you...

Sora: (Eyes get all big and puffy) Gasp! I love you too! (Hugs the Furby)

Kairi + Riku: O.o (slowly waking away)

Kairi: Um. . . (Turning her attention towards Riku) How about you get me some supplies?

Riku: Uh, ok. *Runs to get supplies even though he doesn't have a freaking clue what to get*

Kairi: (sighs) If only it was that easy for Sora. . .

Sue-Ellen: ...Me love you...

Kairi: -_-''' Is that all it can say?

Sora: I dunno. (Hugs the Furby even tighter)

Kairi: -_-'... Sora, can you do be a little favvvvvvvour?

Sora: I dunno. . .

Kairi: I'll give you a donut.

Sora: Really?

Kairi: (Dumps a list of things on him) Can you get me the items on this list?

Sora: (pouts) But I've been working all morning long!!

Kairi: (veins begging to pop from her forehead) WORKING?! YOU BEEN WORKING YOU SAY?!?!

And now a classic sexy moment with Tidus.

Tidus: (Looking in mirror and stroking hair) You are such a sexy thing, yes you are!

His attention soon draws to a gigantic bird in the sky wearing red shorts with a long list in his hands

Tidus: Hmm. . . That bird looks like a lot like Sora. . .

Sora: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (Continues to fly over the horizon)

Tidus: . . . . . . . . . (Looks back at the mirror) Yes you are!!

Sora eventually lands on the ground and sees behind him the secret hideout/cave thingy

Sora: Hmmm.... Maybe some of the items on this list are in there.

Sora walks in the Secret hideout/cave thingy and looks around trying to find items.

Sora: Hey! A shroom!! (Pics up a mushroom)

He turns to his left and notices a man beside a door

Sora: (over dramatic gasp) Who are you?!

Rick Mercer: Oh, I'm Rick Mercer. Don't mind me at all. . . I'm just looking at this door.

Sora: Oh. . . ok. . . Wait, where did this door come from?!

Rick: I dunno... I just got here.

Sora: ... and where did you come from?

Rick: I'm actually very glad you asked that little boy. . .

Sora: -_-' I'm fourteen.

Rick: (Ignoring Sora) I come from a land that not many people understand. . . I come from-

Just before Rick Mercer could answer, a mysterious man jumps from a corner and stabs Rick in the heart with a knife. Rick then falls to the floor seeming lifeless.

Mysterious Man: (Mumbles) That's the last time you messed with me Rick Mercer!! (Spits on the corps) Bitch!!

Sora: O.O!!!!!!!!!!

M.M: Hmm... where was I? ... Oh ya... (Voice becomes all deep and sexy and mysterious) I have come too see what is on the other side of this door...

Wakka + Selphie: (Hiding behind a rock in each others arms hearing everything.)


Buras_Mew: Oh ya. . . I like this chapter better! I think I'll keep it! ^_^ *Hugs the second version of chapter 1* Evilmini86: I'm back!! Let's us commence with more happy music! Buras_Mew: Um... how about no. Evilmini86: But I'm finally cured, I passed my SRA Buras_Mew: SRA? Evilmini86: Sprit Remix Anonymous Buras_Mew: -_-''''''' Random Commercial Guy: Hey kids! Have you heard of our new Diet Sprite Remix with a hint of cherry? Evilmini86: *gasps* OHMYGOD! YOU'RE KIDDING!!! *runs to the nearest local food shop* Random Commercial Guy: Yes, for only 19.89$! Buras_Mew: O_ What?! Evilmini86: *grabbing every bottle and bring it to the cash register* It's worth every penny!! Sniff... it looks so beautiful... Random Commercial Guy: It's truly an orgasm in a bottle!! Hello little girl... would you like to try the new Remix? Buras_Mew: o_ Get the hell outta here before I shove my 2 foot Budda statue up your ass!!! Evilmini86: SPRITE REMIX FOREVER!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *comes crashing threw a wall spraying the stuff everywhere.* Buras_Mew: -_-' I should just end this before it gets any worst.