The Autobots have lost the Great War for Cybertron. With the taking of the Cybertronian's
main food supply, Energon, the Decepticons were able to control the planet while letting
their enemies starve. Finally, the Autobots had no choice but to abandon Cybertron to
look for alternate sources of energy. They are now spread out across the galaxy, hiding,
biding their time for when they will be powerful enough to return to their home planet
and take back what is rightfully theirs.

Transformers: Powermasters

Episode 1: Resurrection

[A large robot stood above him. He is red and blue with a smoke stack on each shoulder.
His head was blue and matched his glowing eyes. He had no mouth, just a face mask. Two
glass panels were on his chest and below them was a grill that made him look muscular.
Cowering in the corner was a small robot in gray and maroon armor and had glowing yellow

I know it may not seem like it, but that small robot cowering in the corner... that's me,
but I'm supposed to be human. Now I know what you're thinking, how can a human become a
robot and now be facing a red and blue monstrosity in what looks like an alien spaceship?
Good question. Well, I guess this whole mess can be traced back about ten hours.

*Ten Hours earlier*

Everything was perfect, sky a perfect blue, sun shining warm, but not scolding, like I
said, perfect. The only problem was... I had school.

Hold on, maybe I should pause to give you some background info on me. My name is Raymond
Delmar, but everybody calls me Ray. I'm fourteen years old and live in the suburbs of
Texas. I'm a typical teenager, or rather I was until... well, I'm getting ahead of myself.
Anyway, it started like any normal day, I arrived at my school through my usual mode of
transportation... my scooter. I arrived at school on time for a change. I waited for my
friends, who believe it or not, will play a big part in my story, but not until later on.

First one to show up was Karissa, or Kari as she prefers to be called. She's not much to
look at,black hair, brown eyes, dark skin but once you get to know her, you'll be glad you
did. She's not exactly my girlfriend... well, officially she's not. But we've been seen
almost everywhere together so... oops, sorry, getting off topic again.

Next to show up was George, this hulk of a guy started out as a real bully, but now he's
okay and we're the best of friends. Don't let his huge size fool you, he's really smart.
However, he's not really fast. He must've had to get up extra early to arrive at school
on time for a change.

Close behind him was Natalie, his sister. The two are as opposite as night and day, you
wouldn't even guess that they were related. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one
who got him up early. Although George is smart, Natalie is a real genius. So why would
a younger sister be in the same grade as her older brother you ask? Well, she's just
that smart.

The last of our little clique to arrive was Shane Donaldson, but we call him Shades.
Three guesses as to why we call him that. He's pretty laid back and calm. Most of the
time, we don't take him seriously, however he will... oops, getting ahead of myself again.

"Hey, guys," I called in an overly excited tone. As usual, Kari was the first one up.
We greeted each other with our usual hand shake, fists on palms followed by intertwined

"Hey, Ray, how's your Mom?" Kari asked. I live with my mother and little sister. My
Dad left us while I was still young. Mom never said if he died or they just got a
divorce. Whenever I ask, she just changes the subject. Eventually I got the hint that
she didn't want to talk about it.

"You're awfully cheerfull," George said grumpily.

"Gotten up on the wrong side of the kitchen again, man?" Shades asked.

"No thanks to her." George pointed to Natalie.

"Hey, if I didn't, you would just oversleep like you always do and unlike you, I don't
want to get in trouble." Natalie patted down her long red hair, that she usually
holds back in a ponytail.

"Yeah, dude," Shades agreed. "If Ms. Crabby catches you being late again, she'll really
cut your cake if you know what I mean."

"I don't care what Ms. Crabby thinks," George said. "I'm not going to have my sleep
cycle interrupted just because Ms. Harvard twenty-first century wants to be on time."
Natalie had made it clear (several times, several painful times) that she wanted to
get into Harvard.

"Well I'm not going to have my future destroyed just because you want ten extra minutes,"
Natalie came back. Meanwhile, Kari, Shades, and I were already heading inside, hearing
nothing new. The siblings huried to catch up with us.

Well, now that I've introduced the characters, let me tell you how I got in my current
predicament. It all started while Natalie, Shades, and I were at our lockers.

"Guys," Shades said. "Wanna hear a secret?"

"Oh Shades, this isn't one of those alien sighting stories, is it?" Natalie asked.
Shades was a real UFO nut, he even had a cousin who worked at S.E.T.I. in New Mexico.

"Not exactly, but did you guys hear some explosions going on last night?" Both Natalie
and I said we haven't. "I'm telling you guys, something weird's going on out in the
desert. I bet aliens are fighting each other out there."

"Shades, don't you think that if there were aliens fighting, we would've seen some huge
explosions or something?" I pointed out.

"Ray's right," Natalie agreed. "I doubt that a couple of loud noises constitutes an
alien sighting, and even if you're right, and I'm not saying you are, why would they be
fighting here? Don't they have their own planet to fight on."

"Maybe they were banished from their home planet for some reason and are now forced to
fight a war down here on Earth." Natalie and I exchanged a skeptic look. Even for
Shades, that was pretty off-the-wall.

Shades will be proven right, although he won't know it.

"You guys don't believe me," Shades guessed by our doubtful looks. Well if you're so
sure it's nothing serious, why don't you go check it out. It's some miles west of this

"All right, I will."

School pretty much went the same. Miss Crabby taught long, boring lectures, George fell
asleep and Natalie had to wake him.

I was trying to listen to Miss Crabby drone on and on about the American Revolution,
but I couldn't get what Shades said out of my head. Loud noises in the night.
Sounded pretty suspicious to me. But maybe it was just thunder, maybe some excavation.
Whatever the reason, I knew that I couldn't rest until I found out what the source of
Shades' loud noises was.

After school, I got out my scooter and started to head for the edge of town.

"Hey Ray!" Kari called. "We're heading over to McDonalds for a snack, want to come?"

I wanted to tell Kari where I was going. We always tell each other everything, but a
fear came to my mind. If it turned out to be something really serious, then I didn't
want any of them, especially Kari, caught up in it.

"No thanks, I have to go home early, Mom wants me to watch Benny." Benny is my sister.
Actually, her real name is Benita, but she hates being called that (I don't blame her, I
would too if I had her name).

Natalie and Shades shared a look. They probably knew what I really wanted to do, but...
well... I'm stubborn, all right? Once I set a goal, I don't rest until it's done.
They knew that it would be hard to try to talk me out of it.

"Oh, okay." As the others took off, I took off too in the opposite direction.

I guess there's one more thing that I forgot to mention about me, I'm a real nosy person.
If something's going on, I have to know what it is no matter what it is. You might say
that is my one fault.

I reached the county line. This was as far as I could go on my scooter, I would have to
trek the rest of the way on foot. Folding up my scooter, I began to walk into the desert.
Right away, I could tell this was a stupid idea. For one thing, I had no idea where the
sounds were coming from so I was basically walking blind.

Suddenly a humanoid shadow covered mine. I looked up and saw someone in the horizon. It
looked like someone wearing gray. I squinted my eyes to get a better glimpse but the sun
was in my eyes. I ran towards the figure but by the time I got to where he (or she or it)
was standing, it was gone.

"Great," I said to myself. "It was a mirage." Suddenly, I heard the sound of metal on
metal. Were those the sounds that Shades heard? I followed the sounds over sand dune
after sand dune. Maybe the sounds were also in my head, like that figure.

No such luck.

As I came over what felt like my thirtieth sand dune, I came upon an incredible sight, a
sight that changed my life forever.

Giant robots! I was seeing giant robots!

By now, you might be thinking that I'm crazy, that the sun was playing tricks on me.
Believe me, I wish I could say that, but I can't, it was true, one hundred percent true.

There were nine of them in all. Four on four with one watching on the sidelines. One
team of robots consisted of a white robot with a hood on his back and wing-like doors
sticking out of his shoulders. Another robot was red and blue with two tires on his
butt. His head was black and he wore a red visor over his eyes. A third was blue and
green also with a visor for eyes. There was also a yellow robot with a round-shaped body.

On the other side were two robots who looked the same. The both had wings coming out of
their arms and what looked like a plane cockpit for a chest. The only difference between
the two were their colors. One was black and the other white. A third robot was blue
with a square chest. He seemed to be commanding some sort of weird mechanical animals.
The fourth looked like a soldier with two cannon barrels on his back.

The robot that was standing on the sideline was a large gray robot with glowing red eyes
and a large cannon on his left arm. He was observing the battle with a look of amusement.
For a moment, I thought that it was the mirage I saw but he looked too big plus the mirage
I saw didn't have a large black barrel on his arm.

I then noticed two details that didn't stick out at first. One was that all of the
robots had one of two symbols on them. They looked the same except one was red and box-
looking while the other was purple with spikes on top.

The other detail I didn't take notice of right away was the human-size robots sprinkled
around, mostly next to the robots with red symbols.

The robots with the purple symbols seemed to be the stronger force of the two. All the
red symbol robots were doing was blocking and trying to get away. The double barrel
robot got the golden rotund robot into a helicopter spin and sent him colliding into his
comrades. I remember thinking that the red symbol robots were really weak and wondered
why, they looked physically similar.

Finally the gray robot called out "Autobots, give up! You can't win while we have your
energon supply."

"That's what you think, Megatron," the white robot called back. "We're not as helpless
as you think."

"Apparently, you're not as smart as we originally thought either," the black winged robot
responded. "Otherwise you would've surrendered to us by now."

"Dreadwing, quit your sarcasm and attack!" The gray robot ordered.

"I say it might, be time to finish this fight," the red and blue robot said.

"You got it, Off-Road," the white robot agreed. "Autobots, prepare to..."

Suddenly, the gray robot looked over and saw me. "Decepticons, intruder! Stop him!"

"Uh-oh," I said. The white robot also saw me.

"Wheeljack, transform!" I was shocked to see the robot transform into a white race car.
A miniature robot ducked into the driver's seat of the white race car. At the same
time, the blue gataling gun shoulder robot also ran after me, his mechanical pets
following him. Fortunately, the race car robot, who called himself Wheeljack, met up
with me first. "Hop in," he called as his door opened. I wasn't sure if I should take
this robot's offer or not. But as the blue robot caught up with me, I realized I had
no other choice. I dove in. "Autobots, transform and retreat!" Wheeljack ordered.
I heard multiple shouts behind me.

"Off-Road, transform!"

"Beachcomber, transform!"

"Goldbug, transform!"

Soon, Wheeljack was joined by a red and blue monster truck, a green dune buggy and a
yellow beetle.

It was a while before we came to a stop in front of a volcano. I thought it was weird
that there was a volcano here of all places. Then I realized that it was more than a
volcano as it became an orange alien spaceship. Wheeljack called out, "Wheeljack to
Autobase, request for clearance, password alpha omega supreme." A hatch on the side
opened up and we all drove in. Once inside, the doors opened. The mini robots exited
and I thought I should do the same. By this time, I was beginning to catch on. This
group was called the Autobots. Wheeljack was their leader, Off-Road was the red and
blue monster truck, Beachcomber was the green dune buggy and Goldbug was the yellow

The Autobots transformed and stared at me.

"Um... thank you for rescuing me," I said. I didn't really know what else to say.

"You've got some nerve spying on us like that, human," Beachcomber said.

"You know you could've been dead if the Decepticons got to you instead," Off-Road
pointed out. I was speachless. It was one thing to be scolded by adults, but to
have a group of giant transforming robots scolding you, that was almost too strange
for school.

"Hey, take it easy you two," Goldbug said. He smiled at me as he lowered his head.
"What do they call you, human?"

"R... Ray," I replied hesitantly.

"Nice to meet you, Ray. I'm Goldbug, that's Off-Road, Beachcomber, and Wheeljack."

I finally worked up the courage to ask "W... what are you guys? You don't look like
anything built on Earth."

"We're not from Earth," Beachcomber said.

"Right on, we're from Cybertron," Off-Road said in a semi-hoarse voice that reminded
me of one of those guys who hang out in coffee houses doing new-age poetry and
playing the bongos.

"Cybertron? That's another planet, right?" I know it sounded like a stupid question
but I was still trying to absorb all of this.

"That's right," Wheeljack agreed.

The Autobots told me their story in a calm manner. Apparently, they were forced to
flee Cybertron after their energy supply was taken away from them by their arch-
enemies, the Decepticons. This particular group of Autobots made their way to
Earth where they lived by disguising themselves as Earth vehicles (although Off-
Road's choice for vehicle form was a little poor, I mean, a monster truck, not
exactly a form of secrecy if you know what I mean.) A few months ago, the
Decepticons tracked them down. I realized that the sounds that Shades heard
must've been the Autobots and Decepticons battling. I then asked a question that
has been bothering me.

"If the Decepticons stole your energy supply, how come you guys are still around?"

"That would be because of us," one of the miniature robots said. I jumped. They had
been silent up until now.

"Whoa, I didn't know you could talk."

"Are you kidding?" Another miniature robot who sounded like a girl spoke up.
"Fusis here is a real jabbermouth."

"No more than you, Arcee," Fusis came back.

"Hey, that's enough you two," Wheeljack said. "These Microns serve as our power
sources. Without them, we wouldn't even be able to fight. Arcee is
Beachcomber's partner, Nitrus is Off-Road's, Streaks is Goldbug's and Fusis is
mine. When they connect to us, our strength increases to the point where we can
battle the Decepticons. We become Powermasters."

"Powermasters. Wow." To tell the truth, I didn't believe them, but I was willing
to give them the benefit of a doubt.

"Wheeljack, I think we should plan our next course of action," Beachcomber said.

"Yeah, you're right." As the Autobots turned to leave, I grabbed one of the
Microns, Fusis.

"Fusis, do you think you could get your leader to give me a ride home?" The
noise level in the room grew deathly still. The Autobots' heads lowered in
what looked like sombrence. "Um... was it something I said?"

"Wheeljack... isn't our leader."

Okay, that was unexpected. Didn't I just hear Wheeljack order them to retreat?

"Um... okay, who is your leader? Can he get me home somehow?" Wheeljack
apparently was reluctant to tell me. I realized I was walking down a path I
shouldn't have and decided to drop it.

But then Off-Road laid a hand on Wheeljack's shoulder and said, "It's fine, show
him Prime."

"Might as well," Goldbug agreed. "It's not like we have a horrible secret to
hide or anything."

Wheeljack nodded and motioned me to follow him. He and the others led me to a
strange room. It looked like a cross between a medical bay and a garage.
In the corner looked like a large trailer rig. It looked like a normal trailer
rig, if you'd ignore the two large cannons on top, and two more double-barrel
cannons on each side. In the center was a large (well by human standards) capsule.
In it was a large robot. It was red and blue with two glass panels on his chest.
Below them was a grill panel. He had a blue head with a face mask much like

"This is our leader, Optimus Prime," Wheeljack introduced. Beachcomber lifted me
up so I could have a better look.

"What happened to him?" I asked.

"It was the last great battle on Cybertron," Wheeljack began. "Before the... we
were exorcised from our home. Optimus Prime was to lead one last assault against
the Decepticon leadership, Megatron. He commanded a force of over 200 Autobots.
Three-fifths of them were slaughtered, even with our microns powering us. Optimus
ordered the rest of us to gather the wounded and escape the planet while he held
off the Decepticon army. But Megatron appeared and through his tricks and lies,
he blasted Optimus at point blank range with his fusion cannon."

"My God, how..."

"Megatron's trick was very slick," Off-Road chimed. "He got Optimus to lower his
guard, then zapped him super hard."

"Optimus had a Micron partner," Wheeljack continued. "Named Powermaster. He was
destroyed." Arcee let out a sniffle.

"Fortunately, we were able to recover his body and put him into stasis mode.
So now you know," Goldbug finished.

"Sorry," I apologized. "I know that it must be hard for you..."

My apology was interrupted by the sound of an alarm.

"Teletran 1, report," Wheeljack called.

An unknown female voice announced, "Decepticons have triggered the outer perimeter

"Slag," Goldbug said. I got the feeling that that was a curse word in whatever
language Cybertronians speaked. "How did they find us?"

"They must've extrapolated our escape path," Beachcomber said.

"We have to meet them before they get any farther," Wheeljack said. The
Autobots transformed and took off with thir Micron partners leaving me alone with
Optimus Prime's body.

I went to the control room. On a monitor, I saw the Autobots driving up to the
Decepticons location and transformed.

"Ah, good, Autobots," the gray robot said. "We won't go so easy on you this time.
Unless you want to submit to our rule, we might be willing to let you go free.

"I don't think so." Wheeljack said. "Wheeljack, powermaster mode!" Fusis
turned into an engine and hooked onto Wheeljack's hood. His doors rotated ninety
degrees and slid down his arms to become real wings at the same time, the rim of
his hood opened up and became a jetpack.

"Off-Road, powermaster mode." Nitrus attached himself to Off-Road's back. The
tires that were on Off-Road's lower back revolved around to his front.

"Beachcomber, powermaster mode!" Connecting Arcee to Beachcomber's chest made
two guns eject from his back.

"Goldbug, powermaster mode!" Streaks inserted himself under Goldbug's trunk
(which was on his back). A mask slid over his mouth while his hands retracted into
his arms. Out of his left arm came a bolo hammer and his right arm produced a

"Whoa," I said out loud. Any doubt I had about the Autobots' story just went
right out the window.

"Decepticons, attack!" The gray robot commanded. Wheeljack fired his jetpack and
engaged the white winged robot. Off-Road took the black winged robot. Goldbug
battled the boxy-looking blue robot which left Beachcomber with the soldier
robot. Again, the leader stood on the side.

Wheeljack was trying to catch the black-winged robot. However, his Decepticon
opponent was obviously much more experience when it came to aerial combat. But
that didn't mean Wheeljack was a pushover. It appeared the black-winged robot
was trying to aim for Fusis. So the Microns were not only the Autobots' main
weapon, but their achilles heel. On the other hand, Wheeljack was excellent at

It was like a replay of what happened before only now it was on a screen, I wasn't
seeing it with my own eyes. The Autobots were trying their best, but they were
being overwhelmed by the Decepticons, who obviously had combat experience on their
side. The blue robot was excellent at dodging Off-Road's and Beachcomber's shots.
Goldbug actually tried to go up against the gray robot but one blast from the cannon
on his arm sent him flying.

I clenched my fists. The Autobots saved my life, and there was nothing I
could do to repay that. Besides, I was just one human, what could I do?

A white glow made me turn away from the screen as the mirage appeared again. This
time, I got more details on him. His armor was gray with maroon on the arms and
legs. I now realized that it was a mini robot much like Fusis and the others, a
Micron. The Micron turned and left the room, heading for the chamber where Optimus
Prime's body was.

"Hey, wait a minute," I called as I ran after him. I tracked him (or rather the
glow) to the stasis pod chamber. I saw him floating over Optimus Prime's body.

"Hey!" I called out. "Look, Micron, if you have an idea to help the Autobots, I
suggest you spill the beans right now." I climbed up the cracks on the pod until I
was parallel to the pod hatch.

The pod was opened. Of course I didn't realize that. When I placed my hands out
to steady myself, I realized there was nothing there. I lost my balance and fell
into the pod. Fortunately, it was only a three foot drop. I landed right on
Optimus Prime's stomach.

The grill on which I was standing started to glow. A strange object appeared in
my hand. It was an exact replicate of the Autobot symbol. It was metallic and
about the size of a half dollar. As I stared at it, it let out a flash of light.
I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I was back on the ground. The symbol was
gone. I looked around to make sure I didn't lost it.

"That was weird," I said. Then I realized that my voice had changed, it now
sounded much more hollow, like I was talking through my hands. I looked down at
my hands and gasped. They were now encased in gray gloves with maroon on my arms.
Same with my feet and legs. I felt my chest and found that it too had been
encased in armor. I looked at myself in the reflection of the wall and almost
screamed my head off.

I had changed, I was now a robot. My armor, or rather skin I guess, was gray and
maroon. My eyes were glowing yellow. I looked exactly like my mirage.

"How did this happen?" I tried to pull my head off, hoping it was just a helmet.
No such luck, I was a robot through and through.

"Great, so now I'm a robot stranded in an alien spaceship with no hope of going
home or turning back into normal, what else could go wrong?" I turned around
and immediately regretted asking that. A blue hand was on the edge of the pod.
I watched terrified, like one of those loosely clad women from an old horror
movie, as Optimus Prime's body rised into sitting position. Then slowly, it
began to climb out of the pod.

"Oh crap," I muttered. I think if I were still human, I would've wet my pants,
that was how scared I was.

Optimus Prime looked much larger than he did when he was in the pod, none of that
having to do with the fact that he was horizontal at the time. His head panned
left and right, most likely trying to assess his surroundings. He then saw me
and began walking to my location.

That pretty much brings us up to date. Autobots on the verge of being creamed
by the Decepticons, me turning into a robot, a huge robot that was supppose to be
dead, or the robot equivalent of dead staring down at me with glowing blue eyes.

Optimus Prime leans down to look at me. I could only guess that he is trying
to figure out who I was. I gulped.

Finally, he spoke one word. "Powermaster?" That was a jolt to my brain. I
know that Powermaster was once Optimus Prime's Micron partner, but surely
Optimus knew that he was destroyed. Then again, he just spent a good part of a
century in a coma so he was probably confused. He then spoke again, but this
time I couldn't figure out what the dickens he was saying, must've been some
sort of Cybertronian language.

"Look, I... I don't want any trouble," I said sounding much more confident than
I actually was. "I just want to go home."

Optimus Prime began speaking Cybertronian dialect again. Then suddenly I could
understand him.

"Argoshun niter vreem kup, Cybertron ni un-fin-soke- gentor vurbural calibrated."
Optimus Prime must've been trying to fix his voice so that he could speak English.
He leaned down to me and asked, "Who are you?"

"R... Raymond," I replied.

"Raymond? I know you are not Powermaster, why do you look like him?"

"I... I don't know," I said. "I accidentally fell onto you, next thing I know,
I'm like this."

"What are you? I've never seen someone like you before on Cybertron."

"We're not on Cybertron," I said. "It's my home planet, Earth."

"Earth?" Optimus looked off into the distance. "I remember Megatron firing his
fusion cannon right at my chest. After that, nothing." I relayed to him the
story the Autobots told me.

"I see, I must have been out for a really long time... I..." Optimus was
interrupted by a series of beeps. Both Optimus and I turned to see the trailer
I passed by earlier roll up to him of its own power.

"Roller," Optimus said, getting down on one knee. He petted the trailer like
one would pet a dog. "It's good to see you, old friend. I'm glad you survived
the Exodus." Roller let out another series of beeps that sounded like a Star
Trek sound effect.

"Warning," the female voice who warned of the Decepticons' arrival earlier
announced. "Intruder detected on premesis. Current location, Stasis Pod Bay."

Optimus and I looked around. A grate popped open and a black panther-like robot
with missiles on each side popped out, snarling sinisterly.

"Ravage," Optimus Prime muttered. "One of Soundwave's Cassetticons must've snuck
in." Ravage leaped on me. I struggled to hold him back. I was amazed at the
strength this robot body had given me. As a human, Ravage would've probably
torn my arm off by now.

Optimus picked up Ravage and threw him to the other side of the room. Ravage
pushed off of the wall and charged back at us. The side of my leg opened up
and a gun revealed itself. I picked it up and stared at it like it was a
foreign object.

"Use it!" Optimus ordered as he kicked Ravage to the other side of the room
again. I aimed it at Ravage and fired. A beam of energy struck one of Ravage's
missiles and ignited it. Ravage fell but got back up and charged again. This
time, he pinned me to the ground. He bit down on my arm and tried to tear it off
again. It really hurt, but not as much as I thought. Roller came to my rescue by
detonating Ravage's other missile. Ravage, realizing that this was a losing
battle, turned and limped back into the duct.

I admit, I don't like guns and I'm normally not a violent person, but even I was
impressed by the firepower I was given.

Suddenly I remembered the Autobots. "Optimus Prime, the Autobots are in trouble
with the Decepticons. I think they need your help."

"You mean there are other Autobots here? I thought they were all destroyed."

"No, I came across four of them. Wheeljack, Goldbug, Off-Road, and Beachcomber."

"There's no time to lose." Optimus and I along with Roller ran to the control
room. Optimus ordered Teletran 1 to locate the other Autobots. A computer
generated map showed the Autobots over 250 kroms (whatever that was) away.
Optimus then began programming Teletran 1 to display different images of Earth
vehicles. I wanted to ask him why he was doing that, but I decided there was
time for that later.

"I have to be careful," Optimus said as he stepped under what looked like a
giant laser. "The transformation technology is very unstable, I could risk
destroying my spark."

"That's funny," I commented. "Wheeljack and the others seem to be pros at
the whole transforming schtick."

"What? How long have I been out?" The laser powered up. Optimus Prime's
body was covered in green lines. Different color lights began going up and
down his body. After about a minute of this, the laser turned off.

"Here it goes," Optimus said. "Optimus Prime, trasnform!" Optimus Prime's
head was pulled into his body. Likewise his hands were pulled into his arms
and replaced with headlights. His shoulders folded onto his back and his arms
attached to his side. His legs swung backwards a full ninety degrees. Now he
looked like a truck cab. His driver's side door open. "Hop in." I paused.
I was told never to take rides from strangers and the reanimated body of a
giant alien robot is about as strange as it gets. Then again, I do owe him
for saving me from Ravage. Reluctantly, I climbed in.

Roller let out a bunch of beeps and hooked himself onto Prime's back.

"Thank you, Roller, I'll need all the help I can get." Optimus rolled out of
the Autobase. I couldn't believe how fast Optimus was, despite the face that
a giant trailer was tagging along. We arrived at the battlefield in no time.

The battle certainly wasn't going well for the Autobots. They had to detach
themselves from their Micron partners and take cover behind a set of small
(for them) rocks. Beachcomber looked the most injured. They were surprised
when Optimus drove up to the front lines, firing all the weapons on Roller.
The look on their faces told me they didn't recognize their leader in his
vehicle form.

"Get ready," Optimus instructed. "I'm going to eject you. When you're up,
take your gun and fire it directly at the Decepticons. Don't let up until I
have transformed." Before I could object, Optimus' roof and forward wind-
shield opened. I felt an incredible force propel me into the air. I took
out my gun, Autoblaster I guess it's called, and fired a barrage of shots.
To my surprise, the Decepticons separated from one another.

"Optimus Prime, transform!" The collective gasps and shocked looks
exhibited by both the Autobots and the Decepticons as Optimus Prime turned
into his robot form.

"It... it can't be," the gray robot with the cannon said. "You... you're
suppose to be dead."

"How unfortunate for you, Megatron." So that was Megatron, the one who
clobbered Optimus Prime to begin with.

"Then prepare to die again!" Megatron cried as he fired his fusion cannon.
But his aim was horribly off. Optimus didn't even flinch.

"He's just one bot," the white winged robot said. "We can take him."

"No, Sky-Striker," the boxy-looking robot said. "He is not just one bot."

Suddenly I felt this inner strength, a strength I eventually recognized
as coming from Optimus Prime. His strength, his courage, was giving me
strength and courage. And what came next shocked us all.

"Optimus Prime, powermaster mode!"

I only know what happen after those words were said second-hand.
Wheeljack and Goldbug told me what happened plus Teletran 1 had a video
recording of the battle. My legs contracted until they were
perpendicular with my arms. I essentially became an engine. Optimus
Prime's grill opened up revealing the internal circuitry. I fitted
perfectly in the grill, like the final piece of a puzzle. Optimus
Prime transformed into his cab form except his legs folded up behind
him so that he looked compacted.

By this time, Roller had transformed as well, the panels folding away
to become a large set of legs with arms. Optimus fitted perfectly in the
center of Roller. A small six-wheel buggy, that must've been ejected
from Loader, transformed into a large version of Optimus Prime's head.

Powermaster Optimus Prime looked like a larger version of Optimus Prime.
He stood twice Megatron's height. His double barrel cannon were on his
biceps. He carried two giant-size rifles.

"Don't just stand there, you fools, attack!" Megatron ordered.

"Are you insane?" Sky-Striker asked. "I'm not that crazy. I'm out
of here. Sky-Striker, transform!"

"I'm with you," the black jet replied. "Dreadwing, transform!"

"Master Megatron," the blue boxy robot said. "We must retreat. Optimus
Prime's energy has increased thirty-eight percent and is continuing."

"You better do as he says, Megatron," Powermaster Optimus Prime said.
"Just because I'm a peaceful robot doesn't mean I won't use these." All
of his weapons were trained on Megatron.

Megatron growled.

"Scattershot, transform!" Scattershot was the double-barrell robot who
turned into a tank. Megatron climbed onto the top of him.

"Soundwave, transform!" Soundwave's alternate form was, oddly enough, a
cassett player. Yeah, go figure. The Decepticons retreated.

The Autobots cheered. This was their first victory in a long time, and
they didn't have to retreat.

I have a feeling it won't be the only time something like this happens,
actually, I know it won't be the only time something like this happens.

Okay, just because I turn into a small robot then combine with a big
robot to become an even bigger robot, Optimus thinks I want to do this
24/7. I'm not a violent person, I don't even like threatening my little
sister. But when my friends are put in danger, I'm forced to take up the
call to arms again. I really hope this doesn't become an every day
occurance. Yeah, wishfull thinking, right? Next episode: The Bonding.