Transformers: Powermasters

Episode 2: The Bonding

Hi, I'm Ray Delmar, or at least I think I am. Some pretty strange stuff has
been happening to me as of recently. You see, it all started when I decided
to check out something unusual in the desert. I came upon a group of robots
calling themselves the Autobots. They were involved in a battle with their
arch-enemies, the Decepticons. They took me to their base and showed me
their leader, Optimus Prime. He was put into suspended animation after a
mission gone awry. Suddenly I transformed into a Micron robot and Optimus'
body came alive. We joined the Autobots in battle and combined to form one
super robot, Powermaster Optimus Prime. Just what IS going on here?


The Autobots all stared at us... or I guess it would be me since I'm pretty
much part of Optimus Prime now. They were probably shocked seeing their
leader come back from the dead.

"O... Optimus, is that you?" Goldbug asked.

"Yes, Goldbug, I'm glad to see you're all still alive."

"Optimus, I can't believe my eyes, how did you come back alive?" Said Off-

Optimus ejected himself from Roller. At the same time, I was ejected from
Optimus Prime's stomach.

The Microns and Autobots gasped even more on seeing me. Arcee looked like
she was ready to go up to me and... do what?

"Is that Powermaster?" Beachcomber asked.

"Um... not really," I replied. Streaks almost fell down.

"Ray? How..."

"I don't know," I said getting a little frusterated that all this was happening
and I didn't know why. "I fell onto Optimus Prime's chest and next thing I
knew, I was like... this."

"It's incredible," Wheeljack said. "Ray is armored exactly like Powermaster."

"Perhaps we better further investigate, this when we're all back at base," Off-
Road suggested.

"Good idea," Wheeljack agreed. "Autobots, trans... oops, sorry, Optimus, I..."

"It's all right, Wheeljack. I understand. Autobots, transform and roll out."
The Microns and I climbed into the driver seats and we all returned to base.


At the base, Wheeljack and Beachcomber ran over me with a scanner.

"This is unusual," Beachcomber said. "According to this, Ray is a robot."

"Duh," I commented. "I could've told you that."

"No, you don't understand," Beachcomber countered. "Not only are you a robot,
but your circuitry is exactly modled after Powermaster, chip for chip. I
know this may seem odd, but this is Powermaster."

"No, it can't be," Arcee said on Beachcomber's shoulder. "Powermaster died, we
all saw that. Are you saying that Powermaster has been brought back from the
dead through Ray?"

"That's the only conclusion I can make," Wheeljack confirmed. "It's Ray's mind
inside Powermaster's body."

"Uh... guys, I don't really care how it happened, I just want to know how to
reverse it," I said irritated that they were getting off topic. Suddenly I felt
lighter, more like myself. I looked at my arms, they were flesh again. I was
back in my body and holding the symbol that apparently caused the metamorphosis in
the first place. I handed the symbol to Optimus Prime. "Here's the culprit," I
said. "This thing appeared in my hand the moment before I turned into Powermaster."

"May I see it?" Optimus asked.

"Sure, keep it for all I care," I said. Optimus took it over to a workbench and
began playing with some spare circuitry. "I probably wouldn't even have it if it
wasn't for the mirage."

"Mirage?" Streaks asked.

"Yeah, I saw a mirage of a Micron in the desert and again standing over Optimus
Prime's body." I described the mirage for them and their looks were that of ones
who have just seen a ghost. Arcee looked especially depressed.

"That... was no mirage, Ray," Fusis said solemnly. "Somehow, Powermaster must've
transferred his spark into you."

"Into me? Why me? What did I do to deserve this?" Neither Autobot or Micron had
an answer for that.

"There, done," Optimus announced. He handed me something which looked like a small
Game Boy.

"What's this?" I asked.

"It's your bonder," Optimus explained. "When you activate it, you'll be able to
bond with Powermaster's spark."

Bond? Spark? Back up a minute here. "Hold the phone here, you mean transform into
a robot again, right? What makes you think I want to do that again?"

"I... don't understand," Optimus said.

"Look, Optimus, I'm not like you, I didn't spend my entire life in battle, I don't
even like fighting!"

"Neither do we," Optimus Prime commented. "At any rate, we would just love to remain
on Earth in peace, but the Decepticons won't let us have any of it."

"But I'm not a fighter, Optimus."

"Keep it anyway," Optimus insisted. "You don't have to use it, think of it as my way
of thanking you for giving me another chance at life."

I decided to take it, at least I owed it to Optimus. But I figured that once I get
home, I'll put it into my closet and forget all about it.

"Come on, Ray, I'll take you home," Wheeljack offered. I gratefully took his offer.


While the Autobots were recovering from their first victory, the Decepticons were
reeling from their first defeat.

"NO NO NO!" Megatron cried. "There's no way, there's no way he could be alive after
all this time!"

"All scans indicate that the possibility that it was a duplicate of Optimus Prime
we fought is 0.25 percent," Soundwave informed them.


"From the looks on the Autobots faces, they were just as surprised as we were,"
Dreadwing commented.

"I killed him! I know I killed him! Why isn't he dead?" None of his minions had
an answer to that. "Bah, you're all worthless rust buckets."

"Why are we complaining about him being alive?" Scattershot asked. "Can't we just
kill him again?"

Megatron bashed him in the head which caused Scattershot to fall over. "If it was
that easy, you buffoon, then I..."

A small hatch opened and Ravage ran in. The first thing the Decepticons noticed was
that he was heavily damaged.

"Ravage, transform!" Soundwave commanded. Ravage's legs, head and tail folded into
his body so that he now looked like a cassett tape. He inserted himself into Soundwave's
chest cavity. Soundwave and Ravage had an unspoken conversation before Soundwave reported
to Megatron. "Ravage reports that his attempt to enter the Autobot headquarters was
hampered by the presence of a Micron robot."

"But I thought all the Microns were with their Autobot companions," Dreadwing said in
his high-nasal voice."

"Enough of this idle blabbering!" Megatron said punching Scattershot again. "We'll
need to change our strategy to deal with the Autobots now that Optimus Prime is up and
running again."

"Megatron, I have an idea," Soundwave said. "We can reconfigure our bodies for more powrful
transformations. I analyze that our powers would be increased ten fold if we reconfigure our

"Hold on," Scattershot interrupted. "I like my body just the way it is. I won't be subjected
to some stupid surgery."

"Silence, Scattershot!" Megatron snapped kicking him in the stomach. "You will comply and
that's that!"

"As you command, Megatron."


Wheeljack pulled up to the curb of my driveway. "Here we are, Ray."

"Thanks, Wheeljack," I said.

"You know, Ray, none of us like to fight very much. We fight more out of a necessity than a

"I'll keep that in mind, Wheeljack." Wheeljack took off as I walked in.

"Ray, where were you?" My Mom asked in her typical mother-type voice.

"I... was just out with some friends."

"Your 'friends' have been calling non-stop asking for you."

"Uh... well... I kind of got a little lost."

That softened up Mom's scowl. "Well, go wash up, you look like you were in a battle."

~And the understatement of the year award goes to...~ I thought sarcastically.


"I just don't get it," Fusis said. The Microns had gathered in a corner of the control chamber
the next day. "Why did Powermaster choose to send his spark into Ray's body?"

"Powermaster was always a hard Micron to figure out," Streaks said, leaning against a wall.
"Even when the going got tough, he never gave up."

"So the question, my fellow Microns is this, why Ray?" That was Nitrus.

"Perhaps..." Arcee began. She had been quiet for the past hour, ever since Wheeljack left with
Ray. "Perhaps the Matrix saw something in Ray that Powermaster also possessed, so he fused
Powermaster's spark with Ray's body."

"But no matter how close to Powermaster Ray resembles, he's not the real Powermaster," Nitrus
commented. "The real Powermaster died in battle."

"No!" Arcee snapped standing up. "Powermaster is not dead! He's not only functioning, but he's
functioning through Ray!" She turned and stormed off.

"Poor Arcee," Fusis said. "In some strange way, it makes sense, something like this happening
just as she finally accepted Powermaster's loss.."

"I didn't mean to get her upset," Nitrus said. "I'm just saying that the Powermaster who fought
with us yesterday is not the Powermaster whom we fought with on Cybertron."

"Even Arcee knows that," Streaks said. "But that doesn't mean she can hope."

Suddenly the alarm rang out. The Microns joined the Autobots in the control room.

"Teletran One recorded these images just now," Optimus explained. An image of a green and purple
tank was rolling down the streets of a busy city. The tank had a purple barrel. A very familiar
purple symbol was on its front.

"It's a Decepticon!" Goldbug gasped.

"Yes," Optimus Prime confirmed. "Apparently, Megatron has recruited some new soldiers. Autobots,
prepare for battle! Optimus Prime, transform!" Optimus transformed and connected to Loader.

"Wheeljack, transform!"

"Off-Road, transform!"

"Beachcomber, transform!"

"Goldbug, transform!"

The Microns got into the driver's seat of their respective Autobot partners. The Autobots took
off towards the city.

"Hey Optimus, shouldn't you contact Ray?" Wheeljack asked.

"Ray made it clear that he doesn't want to participate in battles, and we must respect his wishes."
Optimus said.


Unaware of the chaos that was about to ensue, I was running to meet with my friends. Against my
better judgement, I took the device that Optimus gave me. Later, I would realize that it was a
good thing I did.

"Hi, guys," I greeted.

"And just where have you been?" Kari asked. "I called your house yesterday and your Mom said
you weren't even home. I thought you had to watch your baby sister?"

"So did I," I lied. "But apparently my Mom didn't need to go out so I took a stroll."

"You should've came with us man," George said. "You missed Shades squirting soda out his nose
like a fire hose." He cracked up. "It was hilarious."

"Oh yeah, the most incredible moment of my life was watching brown liquid come out Shade's nose."

"Geez, can't you at least pretend to act enthusiastic?"

"Well forgive me if rude bodily noises are not my idea of a fun time."

"Just out of curiosity, can you two agree on anything?" Shades asked putting an arm around the
two of them.

"No!" They both snapped.

"Just asking." Shades took his arm off of them and shrugged at Kari and me. The two of us
laughed then paused as a loud rumbling filled the air.

"What's that?" Kari asked.

"Sounds like a jet," Natalie commented.

"More like a tank!" Shades pointed to a green and purple tank that was rolling down the street
crushing everything in its path. I also noticed the Decepticon insignia on its front but
didn't give away that I knew what it was.

People were screaming into buildings and down alleyways. Not that it did them any good. The
tank's turret was swinging to and fro, knocking into buildings, even causing some of them to
collapse. The five of us ran for our lives. But the tank was quickly catching up with us.

Then I heard a sound that gave me even more cause to fear.

"Megatron, transform!"

Shooting into the air, two panels on the bottom of the tank opened. The entire back half of the
tank folded down, then folded down again to form a set of legs. The top half rested on the legs.
The turret separated into two halves which swung down to become arms. The cannon slid over to the
left shoulder allowing a head to appear.

It was Megatron! Somehow, his body changed. Now instead of looking thin and gray, he looked green
and rather bulky-looking with a purple cannon on his shoulder.

"Humans!" Megatron shouted to all in listening distance. "Your final judgment is at hand! Unless
you turn over your entire energy supply to me, Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, now!"

"This isn't real, this isn't real, this isn't real, this isn't real," George kept saying to himself.

"Shut up and run!" Natalie said to her older brother. The others took off but my feet refused to
move. Megatron looked down and spotted me. Our eyes met and there was an immediate recognition.

Now my feet decided to run. But by then it was too late. Megatron threw something in my direction.
It was a boom box!

Or so I thought.

"Soundblaster, transform!" The robot that the boom box came from looked like the Decepticon called
Soundwave, but now his arms were red. He also had a red trim around his chest and legs. His
mouth mask had disappear and now wore a scowl.

"Activate designate Ravage and Buzzsaw," Soundblaster commanded. His chest, which doubled as a dual
tape deck, parted and two tapes came out. One turned into the panther-type animal that first
attacked me at the Autobot Base. The other turned into a yellow bird robot.

I was surrounded. Megatron was behind me, Soundwave... well, Soundblaster now I guess, and his two
pets were in front of me. My friends were behind Soundblaster so he didn't see them yet. The only
one that was in trouble was me.

"Well, well, well, look at what we have here," Megatron said. "Our little intruder from yesterday.
Well you don't have the Autobots around to save you."

"Hey, let me go, green bean," I said forcefully.

"Or what?" Megatron came back. "You'll do something like... THIS!" Megatron plowed his fist, with
me in it, into the side of a building. Fortunately, his hand took most of the impact.

Most of it anyway.

Megatron thrashed me like a rag doll before dropping me unceremoniously on a pile of garbage. I was
definitely feeling it. I probably had scrapes all over my body but my body ached.

"What?" Megatron was staring at me oddly. He almost seemed... scared. I looked at my arms and
realized that they were glowing an indigo color. Okay, this was strange.

I remembered the device Optimus gave me. Perhaps I could contact the Autobots through it. I took it
out and began pressing buttons, not knowing how long my glow would hold out. But the buttons that I
was pressing weren't doing anything.

Suddenly Megatron was blasted with laser fire. An eighteen wheeler with guns on the side and top
drove up to me. "Ray, looks like you could use some help."

"Optimus!" I quickly dove into his cab before Megatron could use me as a toy again.

"How'd you know where to find me?" I asked.

"That bonder I gave you also has a transmitter that enabeled me to track you," Optimus said as he
backed up. "That... and the destruction."

"Optimus Prime, it's you again!" Megatron fired a shaft of energy from the cannon on his shoulder.
Optimus backed up out of range.

A green dune buggy flew over Optimus surprising Megatron. "Beachcomber, transform! Powermaster mode!"

Arcee turned into an engine and inserted herself into Beachcomber's chest cavity. His back spat out
two large double-barrel guns which he held expertly in his hands.

"Double Shootout!" Beachcomber shouted firing both guns at once. Megatron held up his arms to block

"Ray, I need your help," Optimus said. "The only way we can defeat Megatron is if we join forces like
we did last time. Bond yourself with Powermaster's spark."

"Believe me, Optimus, I'd love to, but I don't even know how to use this darn thing." I held out the
device (I think Optimus called it a Bonder) to a glass panel that glowed whenever he talked.

"Press the large button on the left side of the device." I spotted the button that Optimus was talking
about but before I could press it, Megatron assaulted us.

"Sorry, Ray, but I have to keep you safe until you transform." Optimus' roof/chest opened and ejected me
onto the battlefield. "Optimus Prime, transform!" Optimus transformed but Megatron quickly overpowered
him and got him into a helicopter spin. Beachcomber tried to help his leader but Soundblaster got him into
a full nelson. He dropped his guns. Arcee quickly ejected from Beachcomber's chest and ran over to me.

"Ray, please use the Bonder that Optimus gave you."

I was reluctant. It wasn't like I didn't want to help the Autobots, I just didn't want to get killed.

Arcee must've sensed my reluctance because she gave me a reassuring smile. "Ray, Powermaster bestowed upon
you a great gift. A power some can only dream about. He gave you his spark, so you could help out your

My friends, I almost forgot about them. I hoped they got away safely. Were they worried about me? If I
didn't do something, Megatron might turn on them next. I didn't want Kari or any of the others to get
caught up in this. The line had to be drawn here.

"Let's bond," I said and pressed the button. Immediately the bonder grew to almost my size. Cables
lash out and wrapped tightly around my arms, legs and neck. Electricity surged through my body like a
live wire. I felt my clothes disintegrate at the same time the cables pulled me towards the bonder. I
felt my body make an imprint on the symbol that burst from the bonder. And then the transformation was
complete. I had become Powermaster.

Megatron gasped. "What?! A human can become a Micron? Impossible! Absolutely impossible!"

"Ready, Powermaster?" Optimus asked.

"Let's rumble," I said.

"Optimus Prime, powermaster mode!" I transformed into an engine and inserted myself into Optimus' chest.
Optimus compacted his body and connected to Roller. Once again, we combined to form Powermaster Optimus

With a feral roar, we clashed, unaware that the battle was being watched by rooftop observers. I'm
pretty sure they didn't see me transform, considering how it was shadowed by four-story tall robots

"Why, Prime, why do you protect these worthless lifeforms?" Megatron asked. "You're so powerful, you
can rule these worthless circuit-breakers with ease."

"Maybe... if I was a Decepticon like you. But I am an Autobot. And I will protect this race no matter
the cost. I will NOT let you take Earth like you did Cybertron!" All of our weapons pointed straight
at Megatron. "Auto Barrage, fire!" All weapons fired at Megatron. Megatron crossed his arms. His
new body made him a bit more durable against my fire.

"Blast, I was hoping to prevent this. Soundblaster, let's retreat."

"As you command, Megatron." Soundblaster recalled Buzzsaw and Ravage and took off, riding on his
leader as a tank.

Optimus and I separated and I returned to my normal state. Arcee and Beachcomber came over to me.

"I think Powermaster was wise to choose you to bare his spark, Ray," Arcee said.

"Thanks, Arcee," I said. Actually, it made me feel proud. This Powermaster Micron was apparently
held in high regards. It was like shaking hands with the President.

"Ray," Optimus said. "I won't pressure you into joining us..."

"I think it's a little too late for that, Optimus Prime," I said. "But... I want to join you.
I think it's what Powermaster would've wanted. I owe him for giving me the power to survive, it's
the least I can do in return."

"Perhaps it's best if you keep your association with us a secret," Beachcomber suggested.

"Yeah, I don't think my friends..." I gasped. "Oh crap, I forgot! My friends must be worried
sick about me! How am I going to explain how I survived being pawed by a giant robot?"

"I have an idea," Beachcomber said.


Beachcomber's idea apparently was to place me in an upside down trash can and pile rubble on me.
I don't think it was the most sound idea, but if it would explain my absence without getting me
in trouble, I welcome it.

I could hear the others. They have returned to the scene of the attack, most likely to look for
me. They were calling my name. I could hear desperation in Kari's voice.

"Ray! Ray, are you here?!"

"Say something, Ray!"

"If you're not here, at least say so!"

"You're such a dunce, Shades. Ray, where are you?"

I jiggled the trash can just enough so that they could hear it.

"Hey, you guys hear that?"

"It's coming from that trash can. There might be somebody trapped underneath it." I could hear
the rubble being moved. George peeked underneath it and saw me. Like the trash can, I was
upside down. "Hey, strange place for a nap, man."

"Couldn't sleep even if I wanted to," I joked back. George chuckled then called out, "Over
here! I found him!" I could hear gasps and the patter of footsteps. George lifted the can
from over me. I tumbled out.

The first thing that happened was Kari literally pouncing on me and grabbing me in the
fiercest bear hug I have ever received from a human being.

"Hey, Kari," I greeted. "I'm glad to see you too."

"Stupid," Kari said with a sniffle. "You shouldn't worry me like that."

I returned the embrace. "I'm sorry, Kari," I said. "I won't scare you like that ever again."


"Looks like all's right with the world," George said.

"So, who's hungry?" Shades asked.

"How can you think of food after all this happened?" Natalie retorted.

"First rule of business, survival."

"Survival of your stomach." Shades and Natalie were arguing now, no surprise but I didn't
care. I was just glad to be with my friends, glad to be safe.

At least for now.

I really want to tell my friends about what I can do, but I know that if I did, it would put
them at risk of being harmed by the Decepticons. The Autobots discovered that they were
presumed dead by their own government. They want to get a message to their forces, but
the Decepticons won't make it easy for them. Next episode: Home Planet