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"Optical Illusion" by MaidenInTheMoon

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The soft afternoon sun beats softly down on my back, as I lazily walk towards Konoha hospital.

Dust rises slowly as I kick a stray pebble.

It's no fun being the demon-fox; All the shinobi in the village were called out to some meeting, and I can't go because I'm the STUPID DEMON FOX.

~*Alone in a world where nobody cares, everyone laughs as they point and they stare

Abandon me as you abandon yourself, but I don't want your love, I don't want your


He went too . . .

Anou . . .

Stupid, stubborn, sarcastic Sasuke, funny how all those words describe him.

Even though . . . Sexy, yes, Sasuke is one sexy shinobi.

No, back on track . . .

I'm stuck taking on stupid genin missions, even though I've been a jounin for years, but even the genin went!

Konoha hospital, a little girl can't get to sleep and wants a story. At first I turned it down and stubbornly asked why the girl's parents didn't read her a story.


No parents to show her any love and my heart went out to her. I had to go, as if I don't know what it feels like to be alone.

I stop briefly and pull out my kunai to cut some daisies from a flower bed. Flowers always make people smile.

* * * * * *

The hospital is pretty quiet, and I reach her room soundlessly. The door's open and I look in.

The frame of the small girl is hidden behind a gracefully billowing curtain, and her ebony hair flows thin and delicately in the wind.

I clear my throat to announce my arrival.

She turns her head quickly, surprised at first, but then her face lights up into a bright smile-- something that contradicts her pale and thin features.

The girl's bright, cheery purple eyes dance with joy as she speaks quietly, her voice is ragged yet soft.

"Arigatou . . . I don't want to be bothersome . . ."

I shake my head in an immediate reply as I clumsily hand her the flowers.

She lays them in her lap and admires them, as tiny tears well up in her eyes.

"This . . wasn't too much trouble?" She asks as her voice starts to break.

"Iie, no trouble at all!" I reassure her, and I sit down in a chair beside her bed.

"They said you wanted a story, ne?" I ask warm-heatedly. She nodded shyly. "What kind of story would you like?"

She laughs softly and looks up at the ceiling in thought and then blushes silently, looking at the floor.

"Hmm?" I ask, a little confused.

"Ma* . . . you're a shinobi... you wouldn't know any love stories, right?" She whispers barely audibly.

My eyes widen in surprise, and then I laugh.

"Well, I just might know one."

"Honto?" She asks, as she grins again.

I place my hand behind my head as I laugh nervously.

"Hai, and it's true too. . ."

She leans towards me and her purple eyes show deep curiosity.

"Okay! I'll tell it!" I sigh in defeat as I lay farther back into my chair and she clasps her hands together in excitement.

I take a deep breath before I begin.

"Seven years ago, a young boy named Uzumaki Naruto fell in love with his sworn enemy, Uchiha Sasuke."

~*No love is ever too late, even love for someone you hate, before you quit this dying

game, remember that lost love is a crying shame*~

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*Ma - Well . . .*

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Bah, that's one of the worst poems I've ever written.


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