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* * *

Chapter Four: I wondered what you're thinking

* * *

~*Your love mended the whole in my heart, Promise me we'll never be apart

My warmth saved you from your own, sweet hell, Is everything right? Is everything well?

Your beauty killed even the darkest of dreams, Is it all as good and peaceful as it seems?

My kisses left you smiling again, can you tell me what happens then?

Your kindness made me understand, that sometimes life doesn't go as planned.*~

* * *

"Naruto! Turn left! No left!" Sasuke groaned and placed his hands over his eyes as he heard his blinded friend walk stupidly into a wall.

"Itai . . ." Naruto muttered as he rubbed his nose, which had begun to bruise.

Sasuke sighed and quickly helped Naruto to his feet, draping Naruto's arms over his own shoulders.

"I told you not to walk by yourself dobe! Now come on!" Sasuke held Naruto's hand tightly as he lead them both up the final flight of stairs towards his apartment.

Naruto remained quiet as he followed obediently.

Sasuke's hand was so soft . . .

"Home at last," Sasuke sighed and opened the door to his neatly arranged apartment.

Naruto blinked twice.

"Sugoi! It's so big!!" The blond boy grinned widely as he impulsively hugged the boy he could feel was standing next to him.

"Ano . . . Naruto, you can't see it remember?" Sasuke reminded, furrowing his brow.

Naruto let go of Sasuke, a surprised expression was plastered on his face.

"Demo . . . I could have sworn . . ."

Naruto quieted, and forced a smile

"You're right Sasuke, I don't know what came over me!"

Sasuke sighed softly.

"Come on Naruto, let's get you cleaned up."

Naruto eagerly reached for Sasuke's hand, and the natural grin returned to his lips.

"right! I don't think I've had a shower in three days!" He informed Sasuke cheerfully.

The raven-haired boy sweatdropped.

"Baka. . ."

* * * *

Sasuke sank into his couch and tiredly ran his hand through his spiky, black hair.

//How am I going to tell him? Tell him that his life may as well be over? Tell him that everything he ever believed in abandoned him?//

The Uchiha boy fought back his oncoming tears as he listened to the rhythmic splashing of the water that Naruto was currently bathing in.

Sasuke stumbled onto his bed and covered his face with his pillow, inhaling the thin air that the pillow dared provide.

//And now he's here, here with me, and I have to do everything I can to help him, everything . . .// Sasuke kept thinking, his thoughts screaming in his ear.

The raven-haired youth turned onto his stomach, so that his face was pushed into the bed, he listened to the water stop splashing, and then, nothing.

For a few moments, the apartment stood still, not a single sound traveled through the silent air.

Then a whine broke its way through.

"Eh . . . Sasuke? Some help here?"

Dark eyes opened mechanically and swift ninja movements brought the boy to the front of the bathroom door in less than a heartbeat.


"Ma . . . you, uh, didn't put any towels in here . . ." The voice that came from the other side of the door was shy and slightly embarrassed.

Sasuke sweat-dropped and muttered a "Kuso" under his breath.

"Naruto, can you find the doorknob?"

"Probably . . . demo . . ."

"Demo nani?" Sasuke replied, slightly irritated, and very inconsiderately.

"Ma . . . I don't have anything on." Naruto snapped back, losing his calm.

Naruto smirked when he heard a thump from the other side of the wooden door, he assumed that Sasuke had fallen to the ground out of shock.

"Baka, baka . . " Sasuke muttered as he barged into the bathroom holding a pile of towels in his arm.


"Naruto, we're both guys . . ." Sasuke started as he rolled his eyes. "Or unless you're gay or something."

Naruto pouted and narrowed his eyes.

Sasuke smirked and stuck his tongue out at Naruto, which was something he never did, but for some reason he couldn't quite explain, he felt comfortable around this new Naruto, the Naruto that would never be able to see his flaws.

The blond boy held his arm out, groping around for the towels.

His teammate's eyes softened, but even he didn't realize it, as Sasuke stepped forward to help Naruto secure a towel around his waist, leaving only his torso exposed.

Sasuke could not help but steal a look at Naruto's exposed body, although it wasn't unnatural to see Naruto undress, Sasuke had never been this close to Naruto, and he had never touched the boy's bare skin.

His dark eyes scanned with precision, and his own body, against his will, shuddered slightly at the beautiful masterpiece that lay before him.

What treasures had Naruto been hiding under that tacky, orange jump-suit all these years?

Naruto had a sun-kissed tan, perfectly sculpted stomach muscles, and lean but strong biceps.

But Naruto did not know this, in fact, he didn't know anything, all he was thinking about was a little trick he had carefully planned for Sasuke.

Sasuke swallowed hard as he was forced to tear his eyes away from the inviting site.

He turned around and took a deep breath before muttering some other random insult he had for Naruto.

The blonde-haired boy was quick however and found a way to lay his hands across Sasuke's chest before he could get too far away.

A spark shot through Sasuke's entire body at the contact, he wanted more than anything to throw Naruto's hands off of him, but he couldn't.

"Sasuke . . ." Naruto began softly and sweetly, trying his best to sound as delicate as the voice that spoke when he used Oiroke no Jutsu.

"H . . .Hai?" Sasuke managed to stutter in response.

"EAT SUDS!" Naruto yelled as he pulled the dark-haired boy with him into the large tub.

Sasuke didn't even have time to react as he fell into the pool of warm water beneath him, but he felt that Naruto was going to break his fall, and that made him very happy.

The boy surfaced for air shortly after he was pulled down and decided to glare daggers at Naruto, even though he knew he couldn't see.

Naruto was grinning, and grinning wide.

"Nah, Sasuke! You got wet!" Naruto stated dumbly, making faces at Sasuke happily.

Sasuke smiled softly, unable to resist Naruto's bubbling personality.

// . . . Uzumaki Naruto is no longer a part of Konoha's shinobi team . . .// The words caught Sasuke off-guard and it felt as if a kunai had gone through his heart.

The boy gripped his heart as he arched forward, covering his mouth with his free hand to stifle a cough.

It came anyway, and it wasn't a normal cough, Sasuke felt something warm and thick on his hand, and he closed his eyes and prayed it wasn't what he thought it was.

Sometimes, the world doesn't answer your prayers, and Sasuke's eyes narrowed at the site.

"Sasuke? Are you alright? Did you cough?"

He quickly rinsed his hand in the bathtub water and wiped the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Iie, Iie . . . I'm fine . . ."

"Sasuke, this water's cold isn't it? You're going to catch a cold!"

"Naruto . . ."

"Suimasen! I didn't mean to!!" Naruto was panicked by now

Sasuke sighed, Naruto was panicked, and it was very, very cute.

"Naruto, let's just get cleaned up okay?" Sasuke said softly, as he wiped a soggy bang out of Naruto's eyes.

Before he knew what he was doing, Sasuke had already picked Naruto up. He was carrying a dripping Naruto out of the bathtub in his arms.

Naruto didn't even have time to protest, he was too busy trying to hide his blush.

//What's wrong with me? Why is this bothering me?// Naruto was scolding himself in his mind. //Act cool, it's okay, he's just helping me//

Sasuke placed Naruto and himself comfortably on the couch and began to wrap a towel in Naruto's dripping hair.

"Sasuke, I can dress myself!" Naruto protested, although for some reason, he wouldn't really care if Sasuke stripped him and ravished his body at the moment, much less dress him.

A sigh escaped Sasuke's lips and he shook his head multiple times.

"Naruto, you'd put on the wrong colored socks, and probably try to put your arms in pant-legs," Sasuke said as he struggled to pull a shirt over the blond-boy's head.

Blue eyes widened in fascination as the piece of clothing found it's way onto his body, It smelled clean and fresh, but a faint scent of sweet rice lingered on it.

"Sasuke . . . is this shirt yours?" Naruto questioned.

The raven-haired boy smiled softly.

"Hai, your old clothes were all dirty and smelled like the hospital, we didn't stop at your house before we got here, so I'm letting you borrow my PJ's"

Naruto gently hugged the soft material and smiled sweetly.


Sasuke smiled and then carried a tired Naruto to his own bed. He placed the blond boy under the covers lightly and stared for a moment at the placid face.

"Goodnight Naruto." He whispered quietly, and turned off the lights, climbing beneath his own blankets on the couch.

* * *

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