My Little Pony: The Great War

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: The first ever I believe, and please don't laugh, My Little Pony/Lord of the Rings Crossover. Here's the Synapes: Mordor invades Ponyland and as the Leagons of Sauron march through the land, the only thing standing against them is the combined armies of Gondor, Rohan, Mirkwood, the Lonley Mountain, and of course the Ponies. Set three years after the War of the Ring, and during Season One of the MLP Show

Chapter One

Seeing Middle-earth

Location: Volcano of Gloom, Ponyland

p "Curse them," The old Witch, Hydia said, pacing the floor, "those Flutter Ponies have ruined my plans for far too long, its time I tought them a lesson."

p "I agree Mommy," a fat, and very ugly woman replied.

p "I don't need your opinion," Hydia shouted at the top of her lungs, "What I need is a plan, a plan to destroy the Ponies, and make Ponyland mine." While she was ranting and raving, she failed to notice a skinny, almost toothpick, woman knock a large bottle, containg a green liquid into the culdrin. Suddenly a large bolt of energy erupted from the culdrin, reviling a land shrouded in fire and shadow. As Hydia and her daughters looked on, the image of a man, dressed in black armor appeared before them, casting something in the fire of a large volcano.

p I apologize for the shortness of the chapter, but I want to get your opinons on this idea, I will post a longer chapter after I get one