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This is when the hamhams were little kids. A beige colored lady hamham with glasses and brown hair tied in a bun(the daycare teacher) was sitting at her desk at Little Ham Daycare. She was drinking coffee.

Daycare lady ham: Ah, so peaceful. But not for long! *Hamtaro enters* Hamtaro: Hamha!!

Daycare lady: *snaps out of her peaceful trance* Huh? Oh! You must be..*looks at her list* Hamtaro! Do make yourself comfortable! The coloring table's over there!

Hamtaro: Oh goody! I love colouring! *runs over to color* The daycare lady decides to rest her eyes for one moment, and she falls asleep(how responsible!-_-;)

Hamtaro is coloring when a grey spotted ham enters the room.

Hamtaro: Oh! Hi! My name's Hamtaro! Who are you?

"My name's Oxnard" the grey spotted ham said

Hamtaro: Hi Oxnard! Wanna colour with me?

Oxnard: Sure!*he runs over to the table and starts coloring*

*The daycare lady ham is still asleep*

*A white hamster with blue ribbons enters the room*

"Bonjour!" She says "My name eez Bijou!"

Hamtaro: Hi Bijou! We're coloring! Wanna join us?

Bijou: Oh! Oui! That sounds like fu-*she notices dolls* Oh,I think I will go play with zee dolls!" *runs over to the dolls*

Hamtaro: Aw cats! And we were gonna play hangman

Oxnard: Aw don't worry! Let's finish our drawings of our mommys and daddies!

Hamtaro: Ok! *Two tiger striped hams enter the room and they're arguing* Sandy: That's my cookie Stan! Give it back!

Stan: *eats cookie* Yum! Sunflower seed chip and bannana! My fav!

Sandy: *Cries* WHAAA!!! You're like, so gonna pay!!

*The daycare lady ham is still asleep*

Bijou: Bonjour! Do you want to play dolls with me?

Sandy:*smiles* Totally!

Stan:*runs over to bijou* Hey! You're a pretty ham!


Sandy: *takes ribbon to pull Stan away* No going goo goo over girls Stan!


Sandy: You'll hafta excuse him. He loves girls.

Stan: *is sitting in a corner crying*

*Two grown up hamster are seen with a young hamster*

The young hamster was a tan color with dark brown on the bottom half of his body, around his snout, and on his ears. He wore a yellow hard hat that practically fell over his eyes. And you know who it is! ;)

Boss: But I don't wanna go to daycare mommy!!!

Mom: But sweety, daycare's fun!

Boss: NO!!!*sits on the floor with his arms folded over his chest and a grouchy look on his face*

Dad: You're going weather you like it or not! *pulls Boss by the tail*

Boss: NOOOOO!!!!! *nails clawing the floor while he's being pulled along* THEY'RE GONNA KILL ME DADDY!! I'M GONNA BE BARBECUED! THEY'LL FEED ME TO THE LIONS!!!

*after all the screaming, the daycare teacher is STILL asleep*

*Boss's parents leave*

Boss: No! Don't leave me here to die! If I'm not alive by the time I you two get back, then it's all your fault!

Hamtaro: *walks up to Boss* it's ok, staying here's not as scary as you think!

Boss: Oh I know! I was just putting up a fit so that it wouldn't look too suspicious!

Hamtaro: Heke?

Boss: *takes off hat and reveals a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans (from the aspirin commercial when the kids are singing the never-ending song, cause they're high on chocolate coffee beans. lol!)* I stole mommy's chocolates! She doesn't even know!*snickers*

Stan: Can I have some?


Stan: C'mon you pig! Share!*tries to grab them*

Boss:*bites Stan*


Boss: A hamster, DUH!!!

Stan:*runs off* WHAA!!! He's being so mean!!!

Boss: Don't tell anybody if I ask you this, but are they gonna feed us to lions?

Hamtaro: You're so silly! Of course not!

Boss: Phew! That's a relief!*sees bijou* WOW! Who's she?!

Hamtaro: Oh! That's Bijou.

Boss:*blushes* she's pretty! I wanna meet her!*runs over*

Bijou: *looks up* oh! Bonjour!

Boss:*stops dead in his tracks blushing and thinking what to say* wanna play with me?

Bijou: well..

Boss: PLEASE!? I'll play anything you want!

Bijou: *Looks around and sees a big toy box filled with clothes* Oh! How about we play dressup?


Sandy: But what about our game? Aw!

*Oxnard and Hamtaro are standing infront of the daycare lady's desk*

Hamtaro: Like our pictures we drew? This is you! *points to a scribbly hamsterish blob with glasses*

Daycare ham lady: *snore*

Oxnard: I think that means yes!

Hamtaro: yay! Let's play with building blocks!

*Boss and Bijou are playing dress up*

Bijou: Now, I think this would very pretty on you! *puts a large purple hat with a feather on boss*

Boss:*sweatdrop* I guess..well you're the expert!

Bijou: And this would make you look very elegant *puts a long pink dress on Boss*

Boss: Yeuck!;

Bijou: And this big blue ribbon!*puts it around Boss's ear*

Boss: Eep! Are you sure this looks good on me?

Bijou: Oh yes! Oh! And I almost forgot! This big pearly necklace *it's sooo huge, that bijou can barely lift it up and puts it around Boss's neck*

Boss: W-WOAH! *falls over from the weight of the giant pearl necklace*

Bijou:*helps him up* Oh yes! You look very nice indeed! Take a look! *points to mirror*

Boss: *walks over and sees himself and practically screams, but he doesn't want to hurt Bijou's feelings, but he blows anyways* AAAUGH!!!! THE HORROR! THE SHEER SHEER HORROR!!! *rips clothes off* THIS IS 10 TIMES WORSE AS GETTING EATEN BY LIONS!!!!

Bijou: Y-You don't like eet? WHAAAAAAA!!!!!! *cries her head off*

Sandy: It's ok! Boys are boring anyways!

Stan: *Is riding in a toy car* Beep! Beep! Here comes the firetruck!

Boss:*is eating the chocolate covered coffee beans from earlier*YUM!!!

Stan: *runs over boss's toe*

Boss: OW! Why you-

Stan: That's what you get for biting me you big jerk!

Boss: I'm not a jerk!*chases Stan*

Stan: C'mon stupid truck! Move! *Stan pushes the button for a fifth time, and the truck finally begins to move* This is now a zoo truck! *boss is chasing Stan in his firetruck* There's a mad tiger on the loose!

Boss: Where? Tiger! That's even worse than a lion! I knew they were gonna feed us to the tigers!

*Panda enters*Panda: Hi everyone!

Daycare lady ham: *SNORE!*


Panda: Oh wow! Building blocks! Can I play?

Hamtaro: Sure!

*Hamtaro, oxnard, and panda build a large tower of blocks*

*sandy and Bijou are playing with barbies*

*boss is still chasing stan, and eating chocolate covered coffee beans at the same time*

*the daycare lady ham is still sleeping*

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