Father's Thoughtfulness


Kall-Su woke up. He stared the seiling for few minutes, until he finally sat up. He looked around. It was dark, it seemed to be night already. He couldn't hear a one single noise - so both Dark Schneider and Arshes had to be sleeping.

Kall stood up carefully. It made him a little dizzy, but he left his room anyway. He walked on his toes as silent as he could. He came to Arshes' room. He opened the door slightly and looked inside. Arshes was sleeping. Kall gave the view a little smile and shut the door.

Kall walked on. Finally, he came across Dark Schneider's door. He opened it slowly and carefully. He couldn't see anyone. He got a little scared. If Dark Schneider wasn't in his room, he could be anywhere. He wouldn't be pleased if he found Kall walking around in the middle of the night.

Kall shut the door and left. He had just passed Arshes' door, when he heard a voice from behind:

"Kall, what are you doing here?"

Kall cringed and turned around. Then he sighed.

"Oh, it was you, Arshes. I thought... I thought it was father", he said. Srshes came to him and asked worried:

"Kall, you should be sleeping. You are still sick."

"I know", Kall answered. "But I just... wanted to see you're really here."

Arshes understood what Kall meant. She knew the feeling.

"Come on, Kall. Let's both sleep in my room", she said. The boy smiled and answered:


"I wasn't so sure."

Both children bounced when they heard the words. They turned around to see Dark Schneider's severe face as he stood against the wall with his hands crossed.

Arshes and Kall were frozen. They were scared. Dark Schneider looked like he could just throw them both out for the rest of the night. But their doubts were proved to be wrong, because when Dark Schneider approached them and the children thought their end to come, he just went down to his knees and smiled.

"You better come and sleep in my room right this second, that I can keep an eye on you for the rest of the night", he said. The girl and the boy were surprised and looked at their foster father with their eyes grown.

"Well, off you go", Dark Schneider said and drove the children up the stairs to his room.

When Arshes and Kall were both asleep, Dark Schneider spent a long time just staring their cute, sleeping faces. Then he sighed and stood up. He walked to the window, opened it and stared the moon.

"I wish..." he whispered. "I wish I was a better father to my children. They're so good people. They deserve better."

There was actually no need to say that, because even in their sleep, Arshes and Kall were thinking how happy they were to have such a great caretaker as Dark Schneider.

-The End-