This may be weird. I am in a strange mood and have a cold, so there is an excuse. ------------------------------------------------------~*~------------------- ---------------------------

"Yugi, this is my answer to your earlier message- I'm fine. Bakura-sama didn't hit me, the desk did. And it's the maths books fault that it hit me in the first place. Your Yami stopped him beating on me the last time he came round. I'm fine! I couldn't come to school today because I have a cold. As you can probably hear. Anyway, I hope you pick this message up soon, or I'm going to be in trouble for skipping school for no reason. Bye! See you tomorrow hopefully" Bakura finished off the message on Yugi's answer phone machine, and turned back to his bed.

It seemed to call to him "Ryou, Ryou."

"Ryou! I've been calling for you for ages! I want you to do breakfast. I feel ill." Nope. That definitely wasn't the bed. He turned. Oh. It was Bakura.

His brain took a few moments to decipher the order, then, "Yes Bakura- sama. What do you want?"

"Eggs. And bacon and beans. And tomatoes and fried bread."

Ryou nodded. "Yes Bakura-sama. Of course." -----

Ryou backed into Bakura's room, clutching a large plate of food. "Where should I put it, Bakura-sama?"

"The table" Ryou obeyed the order.

The room was a mess. Tissues were everywhere, except the bin. The cause of that was obviously the prone body lying fully dressed on the bed. Bakura's eyes were bloodshot, and his hair was even more messed up than usual. He looked so unhappy that Ryou couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

"Do you want me to tidy up, Bakura-sama?" questioned the younger teenager.

"Yes." Ryou almost expected a scolding for not doing it earlier, but it didn't come. Shrugging slightly, he bent to the task of tidying up.

"Ah!" Ryou clutched his head, letting out an exclamation of pain. "Bakura-sama, can I do it later? My head hurts."

"Whatever" Bakura shrugged.

"Thank you, Bakur-" Ryou's thanks were cut short as he collapsed on Bakura's bed in a dead faint.

"Ah, bugger." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

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