Author: Diosa

Title: Unexpected Happenings

Rating: R (just to be safe)

Disclaimer: Harry Potter etc. is in no way affiliated with me. I am merely borrowing the characters.

Spoilers: All books

Summary: Harry must continue his Occlumency lessons with Snape.

A/N: This is SLASH. Please, if you have a problem with that, do not read it. This is my first HP fic. Please be kind and review.

The story switches back and forth between Snape and Harry. Italics are thoughts

PT. 1

Professor Severus Snape sat in a chair in his chambers, staring blankly at the fireplace in front of him with a forgotten glass of brandy in one hand.

Sirius Black was dead.

Severus had always hated the mongrel, but he never wished him to die…well, yes… yes he had. He had wanted him to suffer the same fate that might have befallen him all those years ago had James Potter not intervened, but he had not wanted it to happen at Harry's expense.

He had always given Potter a bad time; treated him as though he was not fit to clean Stinksap from his shoes. Severus used to hate Harry simply because of his name. Then he disliked him because of his recklessness, rule breaking and insolence, and eventually…eventually he began to respect Harry for his accomplishments.

Although Severus' sentiments had changed, his attitude towards Harry could not. There was too much at stake and Severus still harboured a lingering resentment regarding Harry.  Severus had not forgotten the many times Harry had been rude to him (not without reason a small voice in the back of his mind whispered) or what he had seen in the Pensieve. Severus still burned with humiliation over the fact. He also found the boy supremely annoying; just because he no longer despised the boy that did not under any circumstances mean that he liked him. Or so he liked to tell himself.

Besides, the last thing the Potter needs is more praise to further inflate his overly large head.

Of course, if Severus was completely honest with himself he might admit that he knew Harry was not really conceited, but when Severus was totally honest with himself, he found that there were some things he was not yet to deal with, think about or as in Harry's case, admit.

Someone rapped loudly on the door, startling him, which cause his glass to fall. Severus scowled at the intrusion.

'Reparo,' he muttered, pointing his wand at the shattered glass. The person knocked again.

'What?' he barked bad- temperedly at the door.

'I have a message for from Dumbledore, Severus,' came the crisp, curt voice of Minerva McGonagall, slightly muffled from speaking through the door.

Severus sighed heavily. He trudged to the door, opened it and gestured his co-worker inside.

'What is it Minerva?' he asked wearily after resuming his seat in front of the fireplace.

'Dumbledore asked me to tell you that Harry Potter will be returning to Hogwarts early in order for you to finish his Occlumency training.'

Her mouth twitched slightly and Severus was sure that she was trying to repress a smile.

Damn that old man.

'Severus? I trust you heard me well', said Minerva with a smile playing on her thin lips.

'How early?' asked Severus hesitantly. There was still a month until the new term.

'Tomorrow, but classes will not start until Monday,' she ignored Severs' outraged look and continued, 'he is to stay in the Slytherin Dungeons, it will be more convenient for both of you if he is situated there.'

Taking no notice of the disbelief on her colleague's face she walked briskly to the door and opened it.

'And Severus?' she said without looking back.

'Yes Minerva?' snapped he.

'You had better be civil. Potter has enough to deal with. He does not need your cruelty on top of it. Good day.' The door clicked shut leaving him to brood.

Harry Potter sat on the spare bed that had been put in Ron's room at the Burrow, staring unblinkingly at a letter in his hands. By the look in his face an observer might think he had just been sentenced to life in Azkaban.

He just could not believe it. He had to go to school four weeks early to receive lessons in Occlumency from Snape. He had hoped that know that he knew the truth Dumbledore would teach him…so much for hope.

Doesn't Snape torture me enough during the term? Why do I have to be punished during the holidays as well?


Harry looked up to see Hermione's bushy head peeking through the ajar door. She walked into the room followed closely by Ron.

'What's wrong Harry?' asked Hermione looking concerned.

'See for yourself.' He handed the letter to her and she and Ron leaned together to read it. Harry waited patiently for their reactions. He was gratified to see that Ron looked as though he, Harry would be receiving the Dementor's Kiss. Hermione disappointed him though. She looked as though she had been expecting something of the sort all along.

'Well…' began Hermione soothingly, 'it's not that bad. Really Harry, (he had made a look of disgust) think about it like this: no more bad dreams or excruciating pain. You'll be able to stop Voldemort (Ron did not flinch, he was beginning to get past the name, but he still would not say it himself) from invading your dreams and from feeling his emotions! He won't be able to control you.'

'Yeah mate, no more falling off your seat screaming in classes…although I think I might prefer that to quality time with Snape,' said Ron shuddering, 'what a terrible birthday present.'

'Honestly Ron,' said Hermione, 'we're supposed to be helping him realise it's not that bad. A comment like that is not exactly aiding our cause.'

'Well who said I wanted to "aid our cause". D'you really thing there's nothing wrong with extra Snape time?'

'As a matter of fact Ron –'

'It's okay…Hermy.' Harry glanced at Ron and they started snickering while Hermione glowered at the both of them. They had taken to calling her that during the holidays. It was a sure fire way of getting her to lose her trend of thought.

'It doesn't make a difference anyway, I don't think anything could make me feel better.'

'You know,' said Hermione seriously, 'it's really short notice. Are you sure it's from Professor Dumbledore?'

'Yeah, Mrs. Weasley checked with him the minute it came.'

'He probably reckoned you'd do a nut and try to leave the country or curse yourself into oblivion if you got too much of a heads up,' said Ron.

Harry smiled and Hermione rolled her eyes.

'You should pack Harry, come on Ron, we'll only distract him.'

Harry stared at the letter for a long while after his best friends had left the room. A month with Snape, two fortnights with Snape, four weeks with Snape, thirty days with Snape.

Harry pinched himself.

'Ow…bloody hell that hurt.'

It was really happening and saying it different did not change a thing.

The next day Harry woke with a feeling of foreboding. He washed and dressed quickly. When he re-entered the bedroom he found Ron and Hermione waiting for him.

'It won't be that bad Harry,' said Hermione upon seeing her friend's dejected demeanor. 'Just remember that you're going there for a specific reason. Be serious, alert and polite. Focus on your purpose. Don't give him any reason to make things difficult for you.'

'Snape doesn't need a reason,' said Harry sullenly. Hermione gave him a reproachful look.

'We'll see you in a bit,' said Hermione.

'What she said,' added Ron. 'But if he does give you a lot of trouble I'm sure Fred and George could gives us something.'

He clapped Harry on the shoulder then moved aside to allow Hermione to engulf Harry in a bone-breaking hug. She was quite strong for such a tiny person.

'Harry, time to go!' called Mrs. Weasley from the kitchen.

'Well this is it. If you're sent an owl saying Snape has cut me up and used me in his potions, Ron, I want your parent to have my gold. I want you to have my broom, invisibility cloak and map ('Thanks Harry!'). Hermione, Hedwig and all my books are yours. You can give my photo album to Lupin.'

'Oh please Harry,' said Hermione rolling her eyes and hugging him once more. She also swatted Ron who had been laughing.

'See you in a bit,' said Harry simply.

When he got to the kitchen, his trunk and Hedwig's cage were waiting by the fireplace. He had already sent Hedwig to Hogwarts.

'Goodbye, Harry dear. Be good' said Mrs. Weasley hugging him even tighter than Hermione had.

He put his hand into the Floo powder and grabbed a handful.

Here goes nothing…