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Chapter 1 Living body with out soul

"Now Sango!" Inu-yasha shout when jumping away from their enemy's reach. In a tree Sango waited for a moment and then threw her big boomerang toward the enemy.


The creature screamed when the bone boomerang cut it's shoulder - or atleast it was ment to be a shoulder. The creature had no actual clear shape. It was dark and had three shining red eyes. This was another creaton of Naraku. They also got paid about this. Miroku had yet again taken the money with out asking the others.

The boomerang returned to Sango's hand and then Kirara came under her and she jumped on the cat demon's back. When she charged with Kirara Miroku came beside them lifting his staff ready to attack.

Sango went to left and miroku to right when a holy arrow hit the creature. The flash blinded the creature as well it took a big part of ti's body. Miroku jumped and hit one of the creature's four eyes when Sango slashed with the boomerang the creature's back

Inu-yasha was croushing beside kagome and shippo on a tree. He waited for Miroku and Sango to go far enough before he would return into the fight. Kagome reached for another arrow even thought she knew she wouldn't need it anymore.

The beast was weekening and when sango and Miroku returned to the tree where Inu-yasha and Kagome were they saw how the hanyo jumped down from the tree. "Be ready for hell" Inu-yasha warned the creature when holding Tetsusaiga over his other shoulder.

The creature turned his two red eyes (the third was distroyed by Miroku) toward Inu-yasha. From it's body was a lot smaller than in the beginning of the fight. Kagome's arrow had distroyed most of it's body.

Suddenly from the dark body that was like jelly came two long tendrils that shot right toward the tree and the people around it. Inu-yasha didn't give it another thought when he slashed with the Tetsusaiga.

"Kaze no Kizu!"

A big flash of the powerful katana blinded kagome and Shippo in the tree. They didn't know where the tendril's were now. They heard a scream from Sango and a shout from Miroku from under them.

Miroku blocked the tendril just in time before it fell weak on the ground. He lookeda round and when all the light was gone he saw that Kagome and shippo were all right in the tree. Inu-yasha was standing before the dark pool that was all what was left of the beast.

Then Miroku saw Kirara on the otherside of the tree beside Sango. Who was laing on the ground! Miroku run toward the demon-cat when Inu-yasha turned to lok at them again.

Inu-yasha saw how the other one of the tendrils went right to the spot where Sango was laing. He went beside Miroku who was kneeling beside the woman. His eyes widened on what he saw. The long tendril was in Sango's mouth and the body didn't move at all.

In the tree Kagome saw Sango. "No" she whispered. After a moment she glide down with Shippo who was on her shoulder. She walked toward the others. Miroku was kneeling beside Sango's still body and held his head down. Kirara was trying to push the still body with her nose when Inu-yasha didn't dare to move when standing there.

Kagome felt so uncomfortable in the silence. No one moved. No one talked. Everyone were silent like there would be. Death! The word hit the girl like a lightning. 'She can't be dead' she said in her mind. 'she just can't be! Sango!' She sahked her head frantically when tears started to fall on her cheeks.

Shippo had been brave and quiet cause of Kagome, but now he couldn't hold it any more. Tears started to fall on his cheeks and soon he was beside Sango crying and calling for the woman. On that moment Inu-yasha dared to move again and he turned to look at Kagome who stood still shaking when trying to not to scream.

Miroku didn't move. He was like a statue when kneeling beside Sango's body. His thought had stopped. His eye remined closed even when kirara came to him trying to make sure was he okay. He didn't move. He didn't know what to do.

There was a long silence and all you could hear was Shippo's crying. When listening on that Kagome lost her conrtol and biting her lower lip she started to sniff more powerfully and after a moment she let it out. "This can't be possible!" she screamed going to Sango's body.

Inu-yasha felt bad when seeng Kagome and shippo to cry and Miroku to be like a statue. This was something that shouldn't have happened. Suddenly the creature's body started to fade away and so did the tendril in Sango's mouth.

Inu-yasha's sharp eyes suddenly noticed something very welcome. Sango's chest went up and down. Slowly but sertanly. The hanyo kneeled beside the body not wanting to tell the other before he was sure abut what he thought. He placed his hand on Sango's chest to feel more closly.

He felt what he hoped he would feel. He felt Sango's heart to beat and her chest really did go up and down. "She's alive" he told the others with a smile on his face when the statue-Miroku looked up as well Kagome and Shippo.

"Sango?!" Shippo screamed when going above the woman. Inu-yasha took his hand back when also Kagome started to calm down and smile.

"She's alive" the girl said smiling to Miroku. Miroku smiled back and then turned for Sango again. Slowly however his smile disappeared.

"Something is wrong" he said silently and all of them turned for Sango again staring at her hard. "She's not waking up." Miroku fell silent when his eyes were on Sango's closed eyes. He waited. He waited. He waited her to open her eyes.

Time passed, but nothing happened. In the end the companions decided to return to the village where Kaede lived and take Sango's body with him. First thoughts Kagome had that Sango would be in coma. That was a possibility, but these guys didn't know what it was, right?

***at the village***

Kaede had a basket in her hand full of rise when she walked toward her house. Then suddenly she saw something white and red and that couldn't be anything else than Inu-yasha. She turned to look at the direction when weeping Shippo run straight into her arms.

She was shocked when the little kitsune wrapped it's tiny arms around her. She glanced at the others who came silently and having sad faces on them. Kaede wasn't, however, actually sure could you call Inu-yasha's expression sad.

Then she noticed Shango's slack body on Kirara's back. She gasped and run to the cat-demon almost dropping the weeping kitsune. She was even more socked when the body was living, but no one was home.

"Inu-yasha" he called to the hanyo who turned to look at her. "Please, carry her in." Then she turned to get into her house.

Miroku let his hands fall on his sides helplessly. On that moment Kagome who stood behind the monk thought that it would have been right if Miroku could have carried Sango even thought he's a pervert.

Later inside the house the companions were sitting around the fire when Sango's body was at the laing on the side. There was silence. Kagome had told Kaede what happened and no one had nothing to say.

Kaede put some more wood into the fire and then stood up. The darkness was falling outside and it was coming late. She had been examining Sango for many hours and she had only one explanation for it.

There are demons and other creatures that have a strange and powerful power" she said silently getting the attention from all of them. "This power is no real use for them, but it can be the end to the one who attacked it."

She didn't dare to look at the others. She stared at Sango's living body. Then she heard jingle from behind her and she knew that Miroku had stood up. "What are you saying?" miroku asked slightly showing his worry.

Kaede turned around and looked straight into Miroku's eyes. That made him fear the worst. "Her soul have been taken to hell" he said silently and everyone gasped but not miroku who just let his head fall.

"What.? What does it mean?" Kagome asked carefully. She was worried and didn't fear to show it. She wanted Sango there. She wanted her to smile to her from the otherside of the fire. She wanted to see her friend blush like she used to when around Miroku until he gropes her.

Kaede sighed deep. She sat down again and stared into the fire when telling. "When a soul is taken to hell before it is it's time the body still lives. Sango is alive, but with out her soul she's just a body - a pointless shell."

Inu-yasha glanced at kagome when they both remembered the same thing. So did Kaede. Kikyo had been this kind of shell with out soul untill the ogress moved kagome's soul into Kikyo's new body. This was however different.

"I don't know on what point the person will die but when body stoppes living the soul have reached the death in the hell." Then there fell a silence again. Only voice you could here was again that jingle.

Miroku walked slowly toward Sango's living body. He sat down beside her. He stared at her face that wasn't pale like the dead had. This was so wrong. He let his head fall into his hands when his staff leaned on his shoulder.

The long silence continued. The only sound was Shippo's sniffing and the fire. Kaedes movements broke the silence again, but she only put one wood more into the fire.

"Is there a way to bring her soul back?"

the question got everyone's attention and everyone turned to look at Miroku's back. Kaede looked down and then back at the fire. There was a long silence again until kaede sighed and said "There might be, but I'm not the one to answer into that question."

Miroku looked over his shoulder with a bit lighter face. There was hope on his face. Inu-yasha and Kagome leaned nearer Kaede. They wanted to know. They wanted desperately to know.

"There is a man" kaede said silently staring into the fire. "A man who lives as a hermit in the mountains to south. He have strange powers. He may know the answer."

Miroku stood up and had a determined look on his face. The others stared at him and their sad faces turned into to sure ones. They would go and find this hermit.

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