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Chapter 5 The Dweller

"I don't get it" Urma complained when walking forward after Yaress and Miroku. She had her hands behind her head and she was looking at the reddish roof. "Why are we checking on the floors when we have Miroku with us?!"

"Stop complaining, zrenoh!" Yaress growled with a surprisingly animal-like voice that made Miroku's spine chill.

Urma stopped lifting her brow. When AL got beside her she turned for him. "What did that mean?" She started walking again so she could stay beside the other human.

Albert stared at Yaress for a long time when she turned around a corner followed by Miroku. "you really wanna know?" he asked from the amazoness giving a expression that told it was nothing nice.

"Spit it out!!" Urma shout taking a hold from the man's collar.

"Let go" he said pulling himself free from her hold and following after the others around the corner. Urma stood there for a moment, but then growling run after.

"You are not getting away with this" she shout running after the others around the corner and attacking the male from behind.

Miroku looked back just then seeing Urma on AL's back torturing the poor guy with her metal claws all around his face.

"Let them be" he heard a cold voice from before him and looked around. Yaress just glanced behind her and continued her way. If Miroku thought Esstel was cold then he didn't know of colder. Yaress was colder than ice with her animal kind-of voice that chilled your spine on every word.

Not to mention her green and red eyes that didn't only read you like Esstel's but they left you naked with nothing to hide. She was also baring her huge fangs every now and then like it would be normal and her thick brows made her eyes more evil than nothing else.

Miroku gulped when those icy evil eyes turned for him again, but calmed down when Yaress turned forward again leaving the two behind them fighting.

"Umm..." Miroku tried to say something, but was surprised by Yaress.

"Whore" she said coldly. Miroku didn't understand, but then those cold eyes turned for him again. "Zrenoh is literally whore" she explained answering his unsaid question.

Miroku stopped like he would have met a wall. So did Yaress staring at him. "I thought you already realized" she said baring her fangs wickedly. "I'm Esstel's sister. I too can read your mind."

He swallowed when she turned away again chuckling wickedly. What had he gotten himself into and for Sango. . . Sango!! He had already forgotten about that. "Why aren't we hurrying? What if Sango reaches the hell's deep- "he was cut short but Yaress's clawed big hand.

Urma and AL came quickly but quietly to her listening on their surroundings. Yaress showed something to the others with her hand that Miroku couldn't understand but Albert crabbed the monk quickly.

The three of them hid behind a rock when Yaress calmly leaned on the rocky wall like nothing was going on. "Why do we hide?" Urma asked silently from AL.

"Don't you know on which floor we are in?" he asked in return and that made Urma look slightly around.

"You can't mean..." she whispered and he nodded.

Miroku between the two middle aged felt like a little kid. He folded his arms just about to say something when he heard Yaress's cold voice.

"You dare to show your face to me again" she snarled to someone of whom Miroku could see only one green clawed hand.

"But Mountain Lady" a cracking low voice said pleading. "I just want to offer my help to you." Then the creature stepped into Miroku's sight. It was something that wasn't too nice to see. This creature was green and slimy and the monk felt happy when seeing only his back. The creature had no clothes so front could easily be a lot uglier.

"There is nothing you can do for me" Yaress said with her cold voice looking at the creature under her thick brows.

"Do you hear that?" Albert quickly asked Urma silently looking at the opposite direction from Yaress. The amazoness nodded lifting her iron clawed hand before her face. "You know how to use that?" the man asked Miroku.

Miroku was lost, but then he noticed that he had been carrying his staff all this time with out realizing it. He nodded to the two with them and they grinned wickedly. "Time for fun" Urma said silently cracking her fingers just when four green slimy creatures walked into their sight.

These creatures they could see from the front and all the three of them frowned in disgust. The creatures had a lizard kind-of snout with big nostril's where bright yellow snot was falling right into the creature's mouth. Their eyes were so small you couldn't know where they were looking at and they had no ears but only noticeable holes on both side of their head. When said slimy I also meant it. Their whole body was covered with slime that dropped all the time and left a scape behind them where they moved. "Oh goody" Urma said from between her teeth in disgust.

Suddenly Miroku almost jumped back, but he just hit his head against Albert who seemed to be too familiar with this. But the monk didn't have time to think of it when he noticed how on the creature's slimy foreheads opened big red eyes. One at a time on everyone's forehead and when Yaress noticed this she roared like a tiger and kicked the creature in front of him right on head.

That was the sign to Urma and AL who run at the three other creatures followed by Miroku. This was something he could handle. Fighting!

"Be careful, Urma" Albert said to the female beside him when taking from under his clothes a small hammer kind of item that suddenly grew into a big heavy zanbato. Miroku wondered on it but didn't have time to do more when he was face to face with one of these slimy monsters whose red eyes stared at him almost capturing.

"No!!" Yaress shout kicking the creature in front of her twice to get sometime when she started to chant to her gods for aid. An orange shiny ball started to form in her clawed hand when she turned toward Miroku and with one swing of her hand the ball loosened and flew right at the creature in front of Miroku burning this one's red eye.

"If you stare at it's eye-"she was cut short by the creature she kicked just a moment ago to get some time. The creature wrapped its slimy hand around the female who roared of anger not pain. "You lowlife csacorh!!" she cursed.

Miroku looked for a moment when this creature was lifting Yaress up in the air, but then he darted toward her and the slimy creature just when he fell down on his nose. He looked back and noticed this now blind creature that Yaress had burned to grab his leg. "How could I forget!" Miroku muttered lifting his staff for a hit on the creature.

"This I call fun!" Urma boasted when she was standing on top of one of the creatures with a proud smile on her face. "These mind eaters are no mach for me- Whoa!" Suddenly she too was brought on her nose by the creature under her.

"These creatures are dead" Miroku shout trying to keep one slimy hand far from him with his staff. "How can we kill them?"

Albert slashed the creature in half. "These creatures are the ones doing the killing, just like Yaress." he said when he stared at the halved creature to grow up whole again. "These are soul eaters just like Yaress and Esstel. That's the only way of dying in hell." He sighed looking at the creature standing. "The way winning these creatures is to destroy their eye and run."

"Don't talk about running!!!" Urma shout hitting the creature against her at least a hundred or times. "I'm not running!" She kicked the creature down. When the creature stood up again she darted at it bringing her iron claws into action and slashed right in the creature's red eye causing herself to be catch.

"Yaress can kill these?" Miroku muttered under his breath slashing the creature's throat open. Then he got time to glance at Yaress and his eyes widened.

Yaress was sucking the creature in her mouth. The slimy creature quickly disappeared into the female's mouth. When Yaress turned to look at the others you could see a greenish shining ball in her mouth when she opened and closed it.

That made the three remaining creatures to panic and slowly sneak away. Almost at least cause Urma run after them for more fun. Albert shook his head when turning for the others.

Yaress swallowed the soul in her mouth and licked her lips after it. Miroku just stared when AL came beside him. "That is how you die in hell" the older man said silently back toward Yaress. "It means that you can't be reborn cause your soul simply has vanished – gone."

Miroku stared long at Albert who said it casually like it was nothing. The monk wasn't very sure about what to think and what to do anymore. He was travelling with a soul-eater and not to mention that Esstel was the same and he had taken his.... Gulp!

"Esstel wasn't even trying to eat your soul, jerk" Yaress said walking to the two males when also Urma returned from her hunt mumbling. "We can also carry the souls within us, but I wouldn't mind eating you here and now." Miroku gulped.

"Don't worry, boy" Urma said suddenly cheerful again. Miroku didn't actually like when he was called boy. "We are here to protect you from her." She winked her eye and Yaress only rolled her eyes.

"Lets get going" Albert said when his sword went into the small form of a strange hammer again.


"Why are we going straight down?" Tresy asked when she jumped down a rock. Their way down the hell was rocky and hard not to mention all those enemies only Esstel of them could kill.

"Do you even know where it is?" Aime asked walking boringly in the head of the group. "The deepest hell I mean."

Geryan pushed on Tresy when the small demon spent too long time on getting down from the second rock. Esstel didn't much pay attention when Tresy went for revenge against Geryan. "I don't know the way down" he said calmly when walking past Aime.

"What?!" Geryan and Tresy said in unison just before both of them fell on the ground after strangling each other.

"Where are we going then?" Aime asked putting her hands on her hips when she stepped out from the tunnel they were in after Esstel. This floor was far down near the very bottom but all of them knew that there were still more than five floors before the bottom.

The hell had too many floors to count anyway.

"We are looking for the Dweller" Esstel explained just to make the three others lift their brows in wonder.

"Dweller?" Geryan asked after getting beside Esstel. Aime made sure that angry Tresy wouldn't attack again. The bigger female had her strong arms around the demon and as a demon hunter she knew how to handle Tresy.

"Yes" Esstel said walking forward in this cursed floor. On this floor were dark-elves and some other evil races. The most common evil creature here was blood-elf of which the group of four had never heard of before they died and came to hell.

However this elf race was most common on this floor and Geryan almost thought he saw five hundred dreamers (Esstel's race) cause everyone of these blood-elves has red hair just like dreamers, but their ears were like any elves unlike Esstel's whose ears were pretty strange.

They arrived to an opening where was many of these blood-elves. Some of them looked for a fight and tried to provoke the small group. Actually they succeeded in provoking Tresy who was in no time on the elves.

The three others continued their way trough the group when Esstel suddenly stopped and looked to his side over the short elves. Geryan who was jus a bit shorter than tall Esstel noticed it too. A very tall creature with long shaggy red hair stood in the middle of the blood-elves with nothing special to do.

Aime wasn't short either and not to mention that these elves were maybe just a bit taller than Tresy who was under 160 cm. She too noticed the tall creature and somewhat understood that this guy was the one they were looking for.

"Dweller?" Geryan asked from Esstel but was surprised when this tall creature turned around to look at him.

"Yes?" the tall creature who was almost 3 meters tall asked. His yellow, big animal eyes stared at Geryan and Geryan noticed those burning fires in them. We already mentioned the red hair but his complexion was of very dark reddish brown. His clothes were covering him all the way down from the neck.

Esstel stepped by some short blood-elves who cursed loudly. Aime and Geryan followed after and stopped right before the tall creature. When they looked up their necks didn't really like it.

"We need your help, Dweller" Esstel said not even brothering to look up. He wasn't used with the thought of being short.

The tall creature called Dweller looked around and then motioned for the three of them to follow him. "Tresy!" Aime shout back to where she thought the demon to be. "Get your little ass here!!"

Then the four of them continued forward and Dweller sat down on a rock to be at the same height as the three others.

Geryan tried to scout for Tresy in the middle of the elves. When he noticed two cat ears he knew who it was. He sighed and turned for the others.

"For what do you need my help?" Dweller asked from Esstel.

"We want to get to the very bottom of hell" Esstel explained and made the Dweller's eyes widen.


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