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Some Kind of Feeling.

Chapter One.

~*_*~ Wednesday.

" Hey girlie boy. Where's your skirt!" Harry ignored him and kept going on to his locker. He never paid any mind to Ron's taunting. The tall, red headed football player wasn't worth getting suspended.

Harry Potter, was a fourteen-year-old freshman who only stood at the meager height of 5'6. His raven black hair reached just past his shoulders and for the most part was always held back by a leather thong at the base of his neck. Behind his wire-framed oval glasses, were a pair of spectacular Emerald eyes that were entirely too expressive.

Harry wasn't what one would call popular. He had one friend and she was almost as invisible as he was. He never really went places and was almost always found with his nose in a book or playing around on a keyboard somewhere. Unlike most he didn't exactly have a style of dress. He usually only wore what was comfortable. At the moment he was dressed in a dark green button down shirt and khaki pants. The shirt was a little too big, making him look smaller much to his disgust. He must have picked up one of his brother's shirts.

He waved to his best friend, Hermione who was at her locker next to his. Hermione Granger was one inch shorter than he was with untamable curly brown hair and warm brown eyes. She was a plain girl and rarely wore any make up except for the occasional lip gloss. She was dressed in Denim Capris with a tan quarter sleeved shirt and clunky sandals that showed her light blue painted toenails. She smiled at Harry as he stopped and dropped his book bag.

" Hey 'Mione." He greeted, unlocking his locker.

" Hey, you look tired. You okay?" She asked with concern.

" Yeah. Just couldn't get to sleep tonight. I got that test in Algebra today." He grimaced. I hate math." He said. Hermione giggled a little.

" I'm sure it's just nerves. You studied with me remember? I doubt you'll fail." She assured him. She gathered her load of books and shut and locked her locker.

" Yeah, I suppose you're right." He said, gathering his own books. He locked up his locker and walked with Hermione to Homeroom.

" Suppose? Harry, you know I'm right." She said jokingly. He smiled at her. He didn't really understand why people outcast Hermione. She was smart, sweet and definitely not ugly but she wasn't the prettiest girl at school either. He probably wouldn't ever find out why either.

They walked into homeroom and sat down in the back, by the windows, the farthest from the door. Having to smell Pansy Parkinson's strong perfume all homeroom, wasn't something they were willing to put up with. Harry opened the window before sitting down in the seat next to Hermione's.

" Okay, class, listen up!" Their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Trelawney, a strange lady with too much make up and jewelry, said. " We have a new student joining us today." She said happily. " Mr. Malfoy."

" Malfoy?" Hermione said in surprise.

" What is it?" She looked at Harry and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

" Lucius Malfoy is one of the richest men in the town. His family has been around forever, basically, but his son was going to a private school of the arts somewhere in London." She exclaimed.

They stopped talking when the boy walked in. Several people stopped breathing and gaped in awe at the 6'1 blonde. His pale blonde hair fell into his grayish blue eyes sexily, causing most of the girls in class to giggle, including Hermione, earning a weird look from Harry. His skin was unblemished and lightly tanned. The Black T-shirt fit him like a second skin, stretching over broad shoulders and finely toned stomach muscles. He wasn't bulky, not like Ron Weasley who weight lifted. But the blonde had nice sized muscles and a lean build. He wore tight black leather pants that hugged his hips and loosened at the bottom, his boots hiding under them.

' Wow . . .' was the one word that hung in everyone's mind.

" Class, this is Draco Malfoy. I expect you to treat him with respect." Mrs. Trelawney warned. She turned to him with a sweet smile. " Why don't you go find a seat, dear ." He nodded and scanned over the room. People were waving frantically at seats next to them but the blonde ignored them. Harry squeaked when grayish blue eyes landed on his. He walked elegantly over to the table in front of Harry, startling the class because no one ever sat that close to the invisible boy before. Even Hermione looked surprised.

" Hey." His deep, velvety voice caused the girls in the class to giggle again, and even some of the boy's. The other boy's glared at the blonde. They knew he'd be competition for their girlfriends and didn't like it.

" Um . . .Hi." Harry said shyly. He felt his face heat up in embarrassment. He wasn't use to people actually talking to him, besides Hermione. Draco smiled and turned around in his seat for announcements.

Harry stared at the back of Draco's head curiously. He could tell this boy would be popular. So why did he talk to him?


It was first period; Art class for Harry, Hermione had Journalism so he was pretty much alone for the class since he didn't talk to anyone in it, with the exception of Mr. Black.

" Good morning Ems." Mr. Black greeted. Mr. Black was one of the type of teachers that student's loved. He was funny, smart and acted like a kid at times. His shoulder length black hair was held back by a black rubber band and his warm blue eyes twinkled happily at his Godson.

" Hey, Siri—er Mr. Black." Harry corrected, smiling apologetically. He was really close with his Godfather and used to calling him Sirius. Mr. Black waved it off.

" Go take a seat, Har. I gotta take roll call then I want to see what you've done so far." He said.

" 'Kay." First period art class was rather full so most tables were full of friends chatting. He spotted a table at the very back, next to the row of windows and the paint sink and cabinets. No one was at that table so he made his way over to it and set his books down before walking over to the cabinet with his Art project in it. When he returned to his seat with his project he noticed a pair of gray/blue eyes and blinked in surprise to see Draco Malfoy staring at him from the table next to his. Draco was at the table with Seamus Finnigan, Hogwart's biggest flirt, and Dean Thomas, one of the most talented artists.

Harry looked away from Malfoy's gaze but Malfoy didn't look away. He kept on observing the small dark haired boy. Draco didn't know what it was but there was something about the teen that caught his eye. It could have been his bright emerald eye's that caught his attention or it could have been his shyness.

" Hey, Draco?" He forced his attention away from the lone teen to Seamus who was giving him a strange look.

" Seamus, who's that?" He decided to ask, looking back at Harry.

" That? That's Harry Potter. He's a nobody." Seamus said. Draco watched as Harry tensed, obviously having heard what the sandy haired boy said. Draco frowned at Seamus. " What? Don't tell me you want to . . .mate, he's not worth it. He doesn't talk to anyone but that know-it-all Granger." Seamus said. Draco's frown deepened.

" Have you ever tried talking to him?" Draco asked icily. Seamus looked startled and attempted to find an answer for his question but no words came to him. " I thought so." Draco said. He looked back at Harry to see the teen looking at him with complete shock and curiosity. He winked at Harry who blushed heavily and looked back to his work, still blushing. Draco chuckled softly and looked over his schedule.

Just as the bell rang, 20 minutes later, Mr. Black asked Draco and Harry to stay behind. The two teens walked to the front of the room.

" Draco, do you know your way to your next classes?" The teacher asked. Draco shook his head. " In that case, Harry, can you show Draco to his next classes? Your schedules are just about the same."

" Okay." Harry said quietly.

" Thanks, kid." Harry smiled a little and he and Draco started off to their next class together, Ethnic Studies.

Harry sat next to the windows at the very front of the room and was surprised when Draco sat next to him. He gave the tall blonde a question stare to which Draco answered smoothly.

" You're the only one I sort of know so . . ." He trailed off.

" I don't mind." Harry said softly. " I'm just not use to it." Draco was about to ask what he meant when the late bell rang. He'd have to save his question for later.


Harry was putting his books and notebooks from the last five classes away in his locker when someone tapped him on his shoulder.

" Ack!" He whipped around and stared in shock at Draco's laughing form. " W—What do you want?" He asked, his cheeks coloring a little.

" I'm sorry for scaring you, I just realized a little while ago that we haven't been properly introduced." He held out a hand. " I'm Draco Malfoy." Harry looked from Draco's outstretched hand to his handsome face and to his hand again. Harry hesitantly shook hands with the blonde, noticing how pale his skin was compared to the blonde's. Harry could tell that Draco was a strong person just by his firm grip. It was much different from his own, almost delicate grip.

" I'm Harry Potter." He said softly.

" It's a pleasure to meet you Harry." Draco said. He brought Harry's hand up to his face and placed a light kiss on the back of the pale hand.

" Erm . . ." Harry blushed brightly and his heart pounded in his chest at the gesture. " I-It's nice to meet you too." He squeaked out.

" Harry?" Hermione came to a stop a couple of feet away from the two boys, having just seen what she saw, she was quite shocked. Harry turned to see Hermione looking thoughtful and shocked and pulled his hand out of Draco's grip quickly.

" Er, 'Mione! Hi." He laughed nervously, still bright red.

" Who's your friend?" Draco asked. Hermione got over her shock quickly and walked up to Draco, extending a hand.

" I'm Hermione Granger, Harry's best friend." She said. He shook her hand.

" I'm Draco. It's nice to meet you." He said, letting go of her hand. " I was just about to ask Harry if he wanted to have lunch with me. You are more than welcome to join if Harry agrees." Harry shifted nervously. He looked at Hermione pleadingly but she only glared at him with a look that said ' You better say yes.'

" Okay." He said, giving in. Draco smiled widely, showing off perfect teeth. " I just need to get my books first." Draco nodded. After Harry got his books the three of them walked to the cafeteria where they got their food and headed to a table outside, by a tree that provided shading from the sun.

" You know," Hermione began, halfway through their lunch. " I have to say thank you. " She said. Draco took a sip of his diet coke.

" Why?" He asked, putting his bottle down.

" Well, since you're new you wouldn't really know." She said a-matter-of-factly. " Me and Harry aren't really . . .popular so we don't really talk to other people unless it's necessary. You look like you were pretty popular in your old school." She said.

" Well I was—"

" So why do you want to hang around us nobodies for?" Hermione asked. Draco glanced briefly at the boy next to him before answering the girl.

" I may have been popular in my old school and I might be popular here but I don't give a damn. Even at my old school I didn't care if you were gothic, popular a nobody or a punk. You are who you are." He said truthfully. Hermione's eyes lit up with a newfound respect for the blonde. She had thought he would be the same as every other person in the school. Obviously she was wrong. And how glad she was to be wrong.

" Thank you." She said.

" You don't need to thank me, Hermione. I'm just being me." He said with a small smile.

Harry chewed thoughtfully on his sandwich. He wanted to believe Draco but all his life he had been outcast from school society. Draco was practically defying the laws of schoolism by hanging around with them. Why would he do that? And why the hell did he kiss his hand?

" Harry?" Hermione's voice snapped him out of his thoughts. " Lunch is over now. You don't want to be late for Spanish." She said. He nodded.


Finally school was over. Maybe once he got home, he'd finally find some semblance of normalcy. He stuffed his homework into his book bag and went to find Hermione who always walked home with him. They only lived around the corner from each other. What he found was Hermione and Draco waiting by her locker.

" Um . . ." He said, letting his presence be known.

" Hey Harry. " Hermione greeted. " Draco offered to give us a ride home." She said happily. Harry gave her strange look.

" It's no trouble, I live around your area so . . ." He said. Harry sighed. It was hard trying to resist those gray/blue eyes.

" Okay . . .but aren't you only fourteen?" Harry asked, giving him a calculating look as they headed to the parking lot.

" No, I'm sixteen. I started school a year late and even if I didn't I'd at least have a permit by March since my birthday's in February." He explained.

" Oh, that explains it—oh wow!" Hermione explained. " You have a Porsche, Cayenne Turbo . . .," She said, looking at the sport utility with envy. The car was silver with a tan leather interior and looked brand spankin' new. " Did you buy it with your own money? They're kind of expensive."

" No, My father bought it for me on my sixteenth birthday last year. I'd much rather have a normal, not so expensive car but he insists." He said, shrugging. He pulled out the keys and unlocked their doors before walking over to the right side and climbing in. Harry sat up front and Hermione sat in the back. " Seatbelts." He said, buckling his own up. After everyone was buckled up he started the car up.

" So where do you live?" Hermione asked after a while.

" Little Hangleton." He said.

" Really? So do we." She said. After 13 minutes of comfortable conversation between the three (mostly between Hermione and Draco), they arrived at Hermione's house first.

" Bye, Hermione." Harry said. Hermione jumped out of the car and gave her friend a kiss on the cheek.

" Seeya Harry, Thanks for the ride, Draco."

"No problem, see you tomorrow." She waved at them as she walked up to her house and they drove off. The ride only lasted five minutes since Harry lived just around the corner. Draco stopped in front of Harry's house.

" Well . . .thanks for the ride." Harry said quietly.

" No problem, I only live next door." Draco said, smiling. Harry blinked in surprise, only just remembering that people had moved in a couple of days ago. How could he miss someone like Draco? He wondered.

" Oh, okay." Was all he could think to say. Just as he opened the door and was about to step out, Draco grabbed his arm. Harry looked back nervously. " Um, yes?"

" Go out with me Saturday."

" Excuse me!?" Harry exclaimed, raising his voice for the first time since he met Draco and blushing.

" Go out with me Saturday." He repeated, resisting the urge to laugh at the shocked expression on Harry's face. He could tell Harry was going to say no. The boy probably didn't know what to do if he said yes anyway. " I'm not giving you a choice." Draco said grinning. Harry contemplated this. He had only just met Draco today and already the older teen was asking him out on a date. Wasn't everything suppose to get normal once he got home?

Harry sighed in defeat. He wasn't going to debate over this. He had a feeling Draco wouldn't take no for an answer anyway. Besides, what harm could it do to go out on a date? It probably would only be a friend thing anyway.

" Fine, can I go now?" Draco let go of his arm and he got out of the car, slinging his book bag over his shoulder.

" See you Saturday." Harry shut the door and walked to his house as Draco pulled into the driveway. He walked into his house with mad butterflies fluttering around in his stomach, knowing that for the first time in his life he'd be going on a date. He dropped his book bag in a chair by the door and froze as a just realized something.

' What the bloody hell am I going to tell mum and dad?' He groaned and smacked his forehead.

" Harry?" His father was standing in the living room doorway with his arms crossed over his robed chest. He hadn't bothered to get dressed all week since he had been sick with the flu, thanks to his wife.

" Yes, Dad?"

" Why don't we go talk in the kitchen." It was not a suggestion. They walked to pristine kitchen with white tiled floors and white marble counters and cabinets. Harry sat at the island in the middle of the spacious kitchen while his father poured them some juice. James Potter sat a glass in front of his son and sat next to him on one of the spinning stools.

" What did you want to talk about?" Harry asked, drinking half the glass.

" Who was that boy whose car you got out of?" James asked. Harry nearly choked on his juice.

" Um, someone from school, he just moved here remember?" James nodded. " He offered to give me and 'Mione a ride home." He explained but his father wasn't really listening.

" A Malfoy, who wouldn't remember." His father scowled, clutching the glass tightly. He seemed to be remembering something he'd rather not remember, and mumbling unintelligible things.

" Dad, are you alright?" Harry asked worriedly. He had never seen his father so tense before. James snapped out of his daze quickly and smiled at his son reassuringly. " I think you need to lay down for a while, dad. You're still not well . . ." Harry said warily. James sighed and nodded.

" I'll go do just that." He said getting up. " Oh! And your brother's coming home today." He said, stopping at the kitchen door.

" Why?"

" He didn't give me any details. Only that he'd probably be here a while."

" Okay dad, go get some sleep." He told him, smiling forcefully. Once his father was out of the kitchen, Harry dropped the forced smile and let his head drop on the kitchen counter with a 'thump'. " Ow." He said weakly. While most people would be at least a little bit happy about their older siblings coming home, he was not. Jake Potter was a 24-year-old boxer, standing at 6'2 with his father's blue eyes and his mum's fiery hair. He was muscled to perfection and very intimidating when he wanted to be. For Harry, this was a nightmare because Jake Potter was thee most over protective person in the whole of Britain. Harry was sure of it.

When Harry first met Hermione, Jake had intimidated her into tears. Harry was only lucky that Hermione never gave in and eventually passed his brother's inspections. That was only because she had potential to be just as protective. Harry froze a moment and groaned in realization.

What will his brother do when he learns about Draco?


Harry had just gotten out of the shower, clad only in a pair of red boxers, when he heard the knock on the door. He hurriedly dressed in a pair of loose gray pants and a black t-shirt before running down to greet his brother. Despite the fact that Jake would probably maul Draco if he ever found out, he still missed him dearly. Harry hadn't seen the man in almost two years. He walked into the living room to see Jake, standing as tall and proud as ever, greeting his parents.

" . . .I've missed you too mum." Jake said, picking up Lily potter and hugging her tightly. He put her down again, laughing a bit.

" I'd hug you son, but I'm only just getting over this flu. I doubt you want to catch it." James said, adjusting his glasses a bit.

" 'S'okay Dad, I know you love me." He grinned. Harry walked into the living room with a playful pout and his hands on his hips.

" What? Can't say hi to me anymore?" He said sulkily. Jake laughed heartily and scooped his brother up in a gigantic hug, swinging him around once before setting him down again. " Erk . . ." Harry said dizzily. Jake grinned and mussed up his brother's hair. " Hey!"

" Good to see you, brat." Jake said. Harry rolled his eyes.

" Jake why don't you go get settled in. Dinner should be ready soon." Lily said. " We're having fettuccini Alfredo." She said, going back into the kitchen.

" Mmmmm . . . Food for ma belly!" He sang. Harry laughed a little and helped his brother with his suitcases. Once they got to his old room, still decorated in blue and tans with several posters of famous boxers on the walls, they began unpacking. On the right wall was a shelf full of medals and awards for school academics and boxing wins. Most were silver medals and gold medals. There was a desk with a computer and a stereo system next to the window and a bookshelf in the corner with books on all kinds of things.

" Why do you have so many bags, Jake?" Harry asked, putting away some of his brothers clothes. Jake didn't reply but his expression saddened some. " . . .Did something happen between you and Carmen?" Harry asked slowly. His brother had gotten married to Carmen West when he was 19 and they had been a happy married couple for six years. Carmen was a wonderful woman and Harry liked her because she was carefree but also a hard worker, the perfect person for his older brother. She was exactly like him.

" We . . .got divorced." Jake said solemnly.

" What!? When? How? Why?" Harry asked in shock. Jake plopped down on his bed and Harry sat next to him.

" We divorced last week. She said she couldn't take moving around all the time and seemed to think that I loved boxing more than her!" He exclaimed, sounding as if what she thought was the dumbest thing he had ever heard. He rubbed at his eyes and sighed again. " I, uh, haven't told mom or dad yet but when we divorced she got the house. I got the car." He slumped his shoulders, something he hadn't done since before he became serious with boxing. Harry wrapped his arms around his brother in a comforting hug.

" It'll be ok, you know. " Harry said softly.

" Yeah but I loved her. I would have retired from boxing for her." Jake said. Harry hugged him tightly. He was almost as good as the best boxers out there and was still going places. Jake must have really loved Carmen if he was willing to quit his life long dream. Jake sighed and smiled at his brother. " Thanks for listening, little one. I really needed to get that out." He confessed.

" You're welcome. Just make sure you tell mom and dad soon. They don't like when we keep secrets from them." Harry said.

" Don't worry, I'll tell them soon but right now, I'm hungry." Jake said. So the two of them walked down to the kitchen where dinner was already placed at the table.

" Oh, I was just about to call for you two." Their mom said. Everyone settled down for dinner, said their grace and started up light conversations. Harry smiled to himself. Draco would remain a secret from Jake for now, he could only hope Jake wouldn't kill something when he found out.


Later that night, Draco lay in his bed with Harry on his mind. He smiled to himself when he thought of the date on Saturday. He hadn't originally planned on asking the shy boy, it was one of those one-second decisions, but Harry was different than any one he knew at his old school. He was shy and quiet and easily embarrassed. It was like he wasn't use to people but with the way Seamus explained who he was; the emerald-eyed teen probably wasn't use to people.

' Looks like I'll have to help him with that.' Draco vowed. He closed his eyes and fell asleep with a smile and a plan.

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