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Some Kind of Feeling

Chapter 13: A loss of Life, a Birth of Life, and Reconstruction of a life together.


The London sky had been fairly clear when Draco drove in (everyone else in other cars behind him.) but now it was dark with rain starting to fall and winds that acted like they wanted the cars to tip over and the buildings to collapse. They didn't doubt that it would start pouring rain soon. Ron and Hermione were in his car with him, Hermione in the front and Ron in the back. They remained silent, keeping their thoughts and their worries to themselves. They felt that Draco, who was looking murderous in his thoughts, wanted the silence.

Draco kept clenching the steering wheel tightly. He couldn't stop his heart from pounding like a jackhammer in his chest or the horrifying thoughts that kept entering his head of what else Tom had done to his china rose but with each thought that passed, he grew angrier.

Ron watched Draco's violently angry expression in the rearview mirror and knew that Tom had no chance of living. He used to think that homosexuals were only in it for the shagging. Then he saw Draco and Harry interact with each other and he knew it wasn't always about the shagging. They were truly, madly and deeply in love. He prayed that Harry would be all right. Though he didn't know Harry as well as Hermione or Draco did, he did know him well enough to be genuinely afraid for him. Harry was a true friend, one who had given him a chance to be a better person. He didn't know what he'd do if Harry didn't make it out of there alive and in one piece, mentally and physically.

Hermione was already crying. She didn't have enough energy to be as pissed as Draco was. She was too worried about her first and best friend ever. Harry had always been there for her, always. When bullies would pick her on, even though he was no bigger than she was, he'd stick up for her and earn a few bruises now and then. After all the goodness Harry had done in is life, this was how he was rewarded. To be kidnapped by some sick freak. She began praying with all her being for him to be all right. She didn't know how she could live if he wasn't.

Upon arriving at the Malfoy Inc. Building, there was no room to park anywhere. Police officers were guiding cars along another route since the road in front of the Malfoy building was practically cluttered with news reporters, ambulance and police cars. Draco growled and swerved onto the sidewalk. He didn't have the patience for this.

" Are you sure you should park there?" Ron asked as they hopped out of the car.

" I don't give a rat's ass." Was his only reply. They jogged into the building, ignoring the rain that now fell upon them and were greeted by several officers running around, trying to clear the first floor of the building. One of the elevators, the one Draco had checked himself, had one man in it, trying to crack the code which wouldn't take much longer. Kingsley Shacklebolt, who had been pacing in front of the elevator noticed them and walked over.

" Mr. Malfoy, what are you doing here?" Kingsley asked. " I told you--"

" Right now, I don't give a damn about what you said." Draco hissed. " My boyfriend is up there and I'm going to be there when you take that sick fuck down if I have to climb the bloody side of the building." He said vehemently. Shacklebolt raised an amused eyebrow. The other two nodded in agreement but wore completely serious masks on their face.

" Alright, Mr. Malfoy." Was all he said.

" Sir we got it!" Yelled one of the men.

" Lets go. We'll bring Mr. Malfoy with us but we're not sure if Lucius or any of his men are up there so we need all the space we can get." He said, going to the elevator. Hermione placed a hand on Draco's shoulder.

" Draco, I don't care what you have to do just bring Harry back alive."

" Don't kill yourself either, Draco. I want to see both of you back here." Ron added seriously.

" I'll do anything to get him Back, Ron, even if I die in the process." Draco said grimly. The rest of the Potter family came running into the building just as Shacklebolt, Draco and a couple of other armed men piled into the elevator where they'd be taken to 'hell'.


" You're so tight." Tom moaned, ignoring the pleas and the tears his harsh ministrations caused. The pain was worse than what Harry could have ever imagined. It wasn't like the tender love he and Draco had. This was fucking and he felt like he was falling apart from the inside out. " And you're all mine." He growled, biting into Harry's shoulder causing another screeching sob. As Tom neared his climax, he reached between their bodies to guide Harry into his own. He timed it so they both released at the same moment. Afterwards, Tom collapsed upon the teen, letting Harry's legs fall off of his shoulders, to catch his breath a moment, holding the hysterical teen close and completely ignoring the sobs and the shaking. They seemed to comfort him.

After a minute or so, Tom pulled his semen and bloodstained member out of the teen and hopped off the bed. Harry wished he could pull himself into a ball or do anything but he was handcuffed and laid out on the bed like a prize, much to his disgrace. Tom grabbed his boxers off of the floor and pulled them on and a pair of black track pants. Before gathering the clothes he had brought for Harry and pulling them on him.

" You'll catch a cold." Tom murmured, putting a pair of white boxers on the teen. Harry didn't even look at him or struggle when he un-cuffed him to put a white, button up long-sleeved shirt on him. " We don't have time to clean up, my love." Tom murmured. " I got a call from Avery. It seems as if they have found us." Tom muttered, clearly not happy. A tiny spark returned to the dulled green eyes. " So we should leave now. Narcissa is only extra baggage. We'll leave her here." Tom said, pulling Harry off of the bed. " But first I need to gather some things, like more clothing." He said. He put the manacle back on Harry's leg before starting to the door.


He froze. " Shit." He cursed. He turned back to Harry and yanked him to his chest (Harry's back to his chest.) " They're here early. " He hissed, tightening his shaking arms around Harry who had blood running down his thighs. It hurt when Tom yanked him from the bed. He was so sore but he had hope now.

Tom frantically looked around for a moment before dragging him over to a desk in the corner. He opened the drawer with a key stuck under the desk with tape and pulled out a gun. He dragged Harry back over to the spot by the window where he had a perfect view of the men entering the flat. The wind rattled the window behind them, viciously.

The men piled out of the elevator, guns pointed ahead and eyes searching. Draco was the last one out. Shacklebolt refused to let him go yelling out into the apartment like he wanted to. He had two officers in front of him, guarding him. He tried to ignore them, knowing that they wouldn't be able to stop him when he saw Harry. He'd do anything to get him back. He spotted a chain, linked to a wall. It trailed into a room and was moving slightly. His heart sped up.

" Shacklebolt." Draco whispered furiously. " In there." He nodded towards the door. The black man nodded sharply and motioned for several of his men to follow him. They silently made their way towards the door, Draco along with them. About a foot away from the door, they scattered as several shot went off, most flying through the open door and only a few hitting the door. Draco dropped to the floor, his injured side stinging painfully, but kept his eyes on the door, which bounced off the chain and opened wider.

" Go the fuck away! He's mine!" Tom screeched angrily. Draco growled when Harry winced from the tight grip Tom had him in.

He had the perfect view of his lover and Riddle and what he saw made his blood boil. He was sure his face was beat red from the fierce loathing he felt for Riddle. Harry was being held against Riddle who held the gun in his other, shaking hand. Harry only wore a shirt and boxers and he could see bloodstains on the boxers and blood running down the teen's legs. His silver/blue eyes met Harry's dulled emerald ones and in that moment Draco knew what it was like to truly hate another being. To wish ultimate pain and suffering upon that person for all eternity.

Draco saw red.

He rolled out of Tom's line of sight and stole a gun from one of the men who had gotten shot in the arm.

" Malfoy, what the hell are you doing!?" Shacklebolt hissed from the wall beside the door, his back against it.

" What does it look like I'm doing?" Draco muttered. His father thought it would have been a good idea if he knew how to handle a gun and had taught him how. He didn't have perfect aim but he was damn near good with a gun and right now was one of those moments when he was proud of that. He could only hope he would be able to pull this off without shooting Harry in the process. He took a few breaths before jumping out in Tom's line of sight, gun pointed at Tom. Harry went completely still and Draco quickly pulled the trigger before Tom could react.

The bullet hit Tom in the shoulder, causing his grip on Harry to loosen. Harry elbowed Tom in the stomach and tried to run but Tom's grip only tightened fiercely. Draco glared at Riddle and shot the man in the hand, causing him to drop his gun, which on impact with the ground shot once at the rattling window. Tom still didn't release him. Harry was fighting back now, as much as his tired self could. Draco had come for him, his love still cared. Draco gritted his teeth and took a mighty chance. Tom was trying to reach his gun and he had a clear shot. Draco pulled the trigger again and this time the bullet hit him in the head. The impact caused his head to bang off of the window.

Draco shot again.

This one missed but it hit the window, causing a crack to appear which lengthened because of the harsh winds.

" Holy shit!" Draco cursed in disbelief. Tom was still moving. It was like something out of a horror movie. Tom reached his gun and unsteadily pointed it at Draco.

" No!" Harry pushed the gun towards the ceiling where it shot off once. The gun was soon pointed at the window where it let off a series of shots. Tom roared and threw Harry off of him. He unsteadily pointed the gun at Draco a wild look in his dulling eyes, blood running down the side of his head and off his hand and shoulder. Draco didn't even waste time, he shot Tom till the rest of the bullets in the gun were gone and Tom wasn't moving any more.

Shacklebolt stood in the doorway, his gun lowered. It didn't look like Tom would be moving anytime soon. The only sounds left was of the winds howling outside and Narcissa's banging from the room down the hall. Harry was shaking over on the floor away from Tom's body.

" Fletcher please go and retrieve Mrs. Malfoy." Kingsley ordered quietly.

Harry's eyes stared at Tom's dead body with morbid fascination. He had never seen someone die before and he had never felt so happy to see someone die. Suddenly, as if to assure that Tom would never be able to come back, the window groaned and rattled harshly from the wind and cracked even more. It suddenly broke startling everyone. Draco's eyes lazily moved from Tom to what was clutched in his other hand. His eyes widened in horror and a scream left his mouth.

Tom fell out the window, the chain clutched in his hand.

Draco dove for Harry, throwing the gun away. Harry was being dragged out the window. Draco scrambled for Harry and grabbed his hand; nearly being pulled out the window himself. His top half was out the window, scrapping against little pieces of glass still stuck in the frame, while Harry was all the way out, dangling helplessly. The terrified look on Harry's face grew and tears spilled from his eyes as he pleaded for Draco to save him. Tom was somehow still clutching the chain, even in his death.

" Hold on!" He heard Shacklebolt yell over the rain and wind. He felt hands grabbing him and trying to help him pull Harry up. His grip was slipping. They needed to hurry. Harry gripped him tightly as he was slowly pulled up with the help of the men.

" Thank god." Draco whispered when Harry was finally in. Only Tom's hand was on the window ledge, still gripping the chain tightly. That was when the broken glass from the top of the window fell. Harry and nearly everyone in the room flinched violently and fought the urge to vomit.

Afterwards, Harry continued to stare at the spot in which Tom had once inhabited now only his severed hand lay, still clutching the chain that had snagged on a shard of glass. The wind was biting as it whipped against his face and he and Draco began to shiver from the cold. Some of the sketches of him had fluttered out of the broken window, twirling in the harsh wind before making there descend to the ground. Harry felt an overwhelming sense of relief flood through him. He had been stuck in this hellhole for what seemed like a lifetime. He had been abused and used in some kind of mockery of love and now it was over. Tom was gone.

Harry jumped slightly when he felt Draco place a kiss on the top of his head. He could feel Draco tense slightly and felt stupid for flinching. It was only Draco, the man he was in love with.

" It'll be okay, Harry." Draco whispered. It slightly hurt him that Harry had flinched at his kiss but he quelled it. With what Harry had been through, he had every right to be afraid of touch but he'd do everything in his power to help Harry learn to love it again. " It'll all be okay." Draco said. Harry started to shake with sobs, the whole situation starting to catch up with him.

" Draco, lets bring him into the living room and get that thing off of his leg." Shacklebolt said over the wind. Draco nodded and gently helped Harry to his feet. The smaller boy was shaking badly and Draco had to practically hold him up. They had someone pick the lock on the manacle and get rid of the severed hand before guiding them over to the elevator. Before they got even halfway there, Narcissa who, as soon as her door opened, ran out.

She ran over to her son and his boyfriend before pulling them to her in a giant hug, tears of relief escaping her eyes. Harry clung to her, just as much as he clung to Draco, still crying. He'd have bawled his eyes out in anyone's shirt at the moment. Even Draco had tears running down his flushed face.

" I told you Harry." Narcissa said soothingly, running a hand through Harry's hair. " It's going to be okay now." She whispered gently.


Shacklebolt and his team stayed behind in the apartment after Harry, Draco and Narcissa left. He had some men blocking up the window at the moment. Until then, he looked around the apartment. He checked the answering machine tape and found that Tom had spoken to Lucius, someone named Avery, and a private doctor.

" Hey, Kingsley!" Someone called from the room. He walked into the room, finally able to get a decent view of the dubbed, 'pit of hell' that the poor boy had to stay in. " This guy was right mad, he was!" Fletcher exclaimed, looking at the walls. He sneered in disgust at all of the sketches, photographs and paintings of the boy. It was sickening to see that a man would go through such measures for a young boy, to take him from his family and rob him of everything he had. His eyes fell on the bed, which had blood and semen staining its sheets. He felt himself grow hot with anger. He had hoped and prayed to God that that man would do anything but rape Harry.

' If only we'd have been quicker.' He though grimly.

" Alright, these can be used as evidence." He muttered. Fletcher snorted.

" What for? That Riddle bloke's gone, nothing left but a hand."

" A damn good thing too, I'd have killed him myself." Kingsley growled. " Just do as I say, will you?"

" Yessir!"

Kingsley would probably be happy to say that his job was done, that Riddle was dead and Harry was safe but he knew his job wasn't over yet. There were still a couple more bastards out there to get especially the head bastard, Lucius Malfoy.


Lucius Malfoy sat calmly in his private jet plane; heading for one of his out of country safe houses. It took a lot of sneaking; threats and bribing just to get to where he was now. It seemed as if even his allies were happy to get rid of him. It pissed him off that they would dare do this to him. But what could he expect from people he never trusted in the first place?

No matter.

Things could be worse. He could be dead or in prison getting buggered by some oversized heathen. For now he'd just have to stay out of Europe and possibly anywhere he could be recognized. That wasn't all that hard to do.

He swirled his fine wine in his glass around, looking out of the window of his private jet. His face was a calm mask of serenity though his icy blue eyes betrayed his peaceful, relaxed look. They were stone hard with hatred and fury. Had he been an actively violent man, he'd have been throwing things and screaming bloody murder. Since he wasn't, all that showed was his hard eyes, harboring such loathing for not only Harry Potter and his godforsaken family but also his own son. That brat had betrayed him and their name and therefore needed to be eliminated, and by God he'd have his vengeance.


Harry had been in the hospital for a couple of days now. He needed stitches for the lightning bolt shaped wound on his head and needed to disinfect it. They checked over the other one on the back of his head as well. They were most concerned about the rape though. They didn't know how it was affecting him mentally since he refused to talk to anyone. He mostly just slept fitfully and stared off into space.

While everyone was relieved that he was away from the late Tom Riddle, they were anxious and heartbroken because the Harry they got back was not the Harry they knew just a bit over a week ago. Lily couldn't stop crying because her baby wouldn't talk to her. James was devastated that his son flinched away any time he got close, as were most of males of the family. The doctor told them that it was only a reaction to his trauma and that, over a period of time, he would get out of that, hopefully.

Draco was devastated. He felt completely helpless at the moment. He and Harry were having a great relationship that was going on superbly and then it all just went to hell. Despite how many times Harry flinched as he sat in the chair by the hospital bed, he stayed with the boy. Even though it hurt when Harry did that, he told himself that it wasn't Harry's fault. It was Riddle's and his fathers.

' Lucius is not my father anymore.' He told himself angrily. Harry was currently curled up in the bed sleeping with a frown on his face. Draco had never seen a frown when the boy was asleep. There was always a contented smile on his beautiful face. It was one of the things that Draco had fallen in love with. That smile was like the light from heaven to him.

" Draco?" For the first time in about an hour, Draco took his eyes away from Harry's sleeping form. Hermione was standing next to his chair, for once with dry but red eyes. " Are you okay?" She asked.

" No, Herm." He said truthfully and tiredly. There was an odd period of silence after that. " I just want him to be okay." Draco whispered, startling Hermione. " I hate seeing him in this hospital bed, pale and withdrawn. When he's awake, he flinches away from me like I'm a disease and it hurts!" He said brokenly. " I want to be able to hold him and comfort him. I want to make his pain go away so that he can smile again, like he use to." By now he had tears streaming down his cheeks. " Dammit, it's not fair." He seethed. " It's not FAIR!" He yelled. Hermione quickly wrapped her arms around him and let him cry, shushing him. Harry flinched in his sleep, whimpering slightly before turning his back to Draco. This caused Draco to cry even more.

" It'll be okay, Draco. Harry will be okay." She assured him, letting her own tears fall.

" Will it? Will he?"

Truthfully, Hermione hadn't a clue.


Harry sighed, rubbing at his tired eyes. He had gotten home two days ago and hadn't slept a wink. While in the hospital, he was plagued by nightmares of Riddle and he refused to sleep anymore. He rarely stayed in his room, knowing that Tom had once been in there and had watched him. He always stayed in the guestroom now and only went into his own room to get clothes.

He and his mother had a talk a while ago about whether he'd be going back to school or not. She wanted him to be home schooled until she thought he was ready to be surrounded by people. He immediately agreed with her. Just the thought of walking down those halls, having people staring at him and knowing why he hadn't been in school, what he went through and lived through was enough to make him nauseous. Fortunately, the press didn't know the specifics but it would still be unbearable.

He knew he would be able to deal with home schooling and maybe even the eager and rude reporters that hung outside of the house, trying to get the inside story on the whole kidnapping. He didn't think he could deal with his father trying to be his psychologist. He had already yelled at him twice about it and felt incredibly guilty about it. He knew his father was only trying to help but he didn't want his help.

' I can deal with this on my own.' He thought stubbornly. Though deep inside he knew he couldn't. No one could. Besides his father, he was feeling rather angry towards himself. Draco had stopped by more than once and more than once, Harry had hurt the blondes feelings, albeit unintentionally. He couldn't help but shy away from Draco's kind touches and even yell occasionally. He expected Draco's touches to be rough and flashes of violet eyes passed through his head whenever a man got too close. He hated himself for it. He knew in his heart that Draco would never hurt him ever but his mind thought otherwise and because his heart could only feel and not think, his mind overruled.

He had tried to get over it as much as he possibly could but it was hopeless and he knew it was hurting everyone. This fact hurt him far worse than what Tom could have ever done.

A soft knock sounded on the guest bedroom door. He uttered a quiet " come in.", his back against the headboard of the bed and his knees drawn up to his chest. This was a familiar protective gesture he had taken up as of late. The door opened to reveal Draco, looking slightly paler with evident shadows under his eyes from lack of sleep. Harry couldn't help but feel that this was because of him.

" Hi." Harry muttered. Draco walked into the room, leaving the door open, and gently sitting on the edge of the bed. His eyes flickered with pain when Harry stiffened slightly but it was well concealed. Harry mentally smacked himself.

" How are you?" Draco asked tentatively.

" Ok." Was his reply. " And you? You look like you need some sleep." Draco did a sort of half smile.

" I can't sleep when I know you're not sleeping." He said, voice laced with sadness.

" I'm sorry." Harry mumbled.

" You have nothing to be sorry about, Harry." Draco told him firmly. Harry flinched the tiniest bit.

" Yes I do." Harry said. " I'm making you worried and you're loosing sleep over it. The same with everyone else." Harry said sadly. " It's my fault."

" You're not at fault." Draco said. " We don't blame you and never will. We blame Riddle and you should too." Harry's only reply was to sigh. " So . . .your mom told me you'll be home schooled for a while."

" Yeah." Harry said. " I don't want everyone at school looking at me with pity and all that." He told the blonde. Draco nodded in understanding.

" Do you think you'll go back at all?" Draco asked.

" Yes . . .do you think I'll ever be okay?" Harry asked meekly. He didn't know where that question came from. He certainly hadn't planned on asking it. Draco opened and closed his mouth a few times, unsure on what to say. It was an unexpected question and he wasn't prepared for it.

" Well . . ." He started. " It depends on if you want to get better." Draco told him. " You're withdrawing from your family and friends Harry. All you do is sit in here and brood." He said. " I'm not saying that you should be the same as you were . . .before, though it would be wonderful if you were, but I'm just saying that maybe you should try to push it away. I know what happened will be with you for the rest of your life and that it'd impossible to forget something so life-altering but you can push it from your daily thoughts and try to live with it." Draco said.

" How do you except me to live with it, Draco?" Harry said in disbelief. " I can't just live with it and be better! Draco, I feel dirty and, and used. I can't even hug my own father because I keep seeing Riddle. Just being near you makes me shaky and scared and I hate it!" He said, tears coming to his eyes. Draco was trying to fight back tears as well. He didn't know he made Harry feel that way.

Harry rubbed at his eyes tiredly before wiping away his tears. " Believe me, Draco." Harry whispered after a few minutes. " I want to get better. I want to be able to kiss you again." He said brokenly.

" I can wait, Harry. For as long as you need me to." Draco said sincerely. Harry nodded gratefully.

" I'm lucky to have you, Draco. You're way too good to me." Harry said, looking at the slightly smiling blonde.

" No one's luckier than me. You're the best person another could have, no." He said, stopping Harry from putting himself down again. " Don't even say it. You are. You're the best friend, lover, brother, son, grandson, godson, nephew, cousin, and person ever." He grinned. Harry gave his own smile, the first one in a long time.

" Thank you, Draco." Harry said. " Do . . .I want to go see Hermione." He said hesitantly. " Will you come with me?" He asked in a small voice.

" Of course." Draco said.

Draco waited outside of the guestroom for Harry to get dressed. Harry walked out in denim jeans and a long-sleeved red shirt. While it was getting warmer, it tended to be pretty chilly in the mornings. They met Lily who was just coming in the door.

" Good morning, Draco, Hey baby." She said, pulling Harry into a hug. She kissed him on the forehead before letting go.

" Morning, mum." He said. " We're going to go see Hermione, is that okay?" He asked. Lily looked like she wanted to argue about him going somewhere but then she was pleased that Harry actually wanted to be somewhere besides the guestroom.

" Well . . .okay but if you see any of them reporters, stay in Hermione's house, okay?" She said hesitantly.

" Okay, bye." The walk to Hermione's house was spent in silence. Draco watched Harry out of the corner of his eye and noticed how Harry was extremely tense. He could guess that Harry felt exposed and was nervous.

Upon reaching Hermione's house, they were aware of yelling coming from the backyard. They both shared worried looks. They knew it couldn't have been her parents. Those two were practically the perfect couple. As they got closer, they recognized one of the voices as Hermione's. The other was vaguely recognizable. The raised voices caused Harry to flinch slightly but he and Draco continued to the back of the house.

" . . .Can't believe you!" they heard Hermione yell. " He's my best friend who has just been through something none of us can comprehend and you've got the audacity to tell me I've been spending too much time with him!?" They peeked around the corner of the house to see Hermione, red with anger, glaring up and an equally angry Viktor.

" Vell it is truth!" Viktor exclaimed. " You are suppose to spend time vit me too. I am your boyfriend."

" That may be so Viktor but if you continue like this, you won't be any longer." She told him. He looked thoroughly shocked by this.

" Vat?"

" You heard me. I thought you'd understand how important Harry is to me. He's like the brother I never had and I love him! He's always been there for me and now I'm going to be there for him. If you're going to try and interfere with my relationships with my friends and family then I guess I was wrong about you, Viktor. You're just like every other male out there." She said with a slightly sad tone.

" I see." Viktor said quietly.

" I guess it just wasn't meant to be." Hermione sighed. Viktor nodded.

" I guess I vill be going now . . .see you around some time." He said with a tiny smile. Viktor slowly left, going around the opposite side of the house from where the two boys were eavesdropping. Harry sighed sadly, thinking that he had once again messed something up.

Draco placed a hand on Harry's shoulder causing the boy to jump. Draco gave him an apologetic glance. " Harry, please don't blame yourself for this either." Draco said. He noticed the guilty look on Harry's face. He was getting fed up with Harry blaming himself for everything. " Because it's not your fault."

" Whatever." Harry said, shrugging off Draco's hand. Draco sighed heavily.

" What are you two doing?" Hermione asked, finally noticing them, slightly hidden around the corner of the house. They walked over to her with apologetic looks in their eyes.

" We didn't mean to eavesdrop." Harry said quietly. " You two were pretty loud though." Hermione blushed in embarrassment.

" It's okay. I probably would have told you anyway." She said. " It was an ok first relationship." She shrugged. " But he was just a bit too needy, I guess. He wanted me to spend all my free time with him but I need to be there for you." She said, looking at Harry. Harry looked away from her gaze. She placed a hand on his arm. " What's wrong?" She asked in concern.

" Nothing." Harry lied.

" He feels guilty." Draco said. He ignored the glare sent his way boy the other teen.

" What? Why?" Hermione asked.

" Because!" He exclaimed. " Everything seems to be falling apart, 'Mione. My family never laughs anymore. Do you know how it feels when your Godfather and dad, who are always laughing and joking, suddenly seem their age for once? And because they're all worried about me, Draco too, they rarely sleep anymore! And because of me you lost your boyfriend." Harry said. " If I had just told someone about Tom before then none of this would have happened. Everyone would still be laughing and you'd still be with Viktor, Draco and me would still have the perfect relationship and everything would be bloody fine!" He finished in a yell, angry tears streaming down his flushed face.

" Oh, Harry." Hermione whispered, pulling the boy into a comforting hug. Harry clung to her, crying in her shoulder. Draco stood in front of them awkwardly. He wanted to be comforting Harry as well but he knew it wouldn't do any good. Not now, not while Harry was still so emotionally scarred. " We'll have to have a long talk about this." She told them. " Let's go to my room, okay?" Harry nodded.


At school, Draco, Hermione and Ron were all being badgered by the students, wanting to know about Harry and whether he was okay. Some people, they were surprised to find out, were genuinely worried about him. Others, just wanted to know for the sake of knowing, like Parvati Patil.

The three were quietly eating lunch one day when several students approached them. One of them was Dean Thomas.

" Um . . .Hermione?" Dean said hesitantly.

" Yes?" She said slowly.

" Do you think you could tell Harry that we wish him well." Several of the other students, Neville, Seamus, and Lavender Brown nodded their heads with apologetic looks in their eyes." . . .And give him this." He handed her a framed sketch of Her, Draco and Harry, laughing about something at lunch. It was probably drawn sometime in November. She looked pretty shocked at this. Dean fidgeted nervously until Hermione broke out in a grin.

" I'll do that. Thanks Dean, that's really sweet of you." She said, getting up to give him a hug. Ron narrowed his eyes a bit but didn't say anything.

" I don't know why everyone's making such a big deal about Potty." Pansy said loudly, standing behind them. Draco stood from his seat slowly and glared ice at the pug-faced girl. " I mean, it's not like he's important. He probably loved spending time with Tom, getting shagged into the sheets and--" A resounding slap was heard throughout the cafeteria, quieting the chatter. " A--How dare you!" Pansy screeched, clutching her reddening cheek. Hermione glowered at her.

" How dare you, you awful whore!" Hermione yelled, her frizzy hair gave the impression that it was rising like that of an angry cat. " Never talk about Harry in such a way again! He's more than you'll ever be. If I ever hear you talking bad about him again, you'll need a new face, though I'm sure it'll do the horrible one you have now some good." She said dryly. Pansy screeched in anger before stalking out of the cafeteria.

Hermione let out a breath and glared at everyone in the cafeteria who was still staring at her. They all quickly went back to their meals with a new conversation in mind. Maybe, those that were invisible would finally get some recognition.

~*_*~ March 31st.

Harry wasn't any better from a couple weeks ago. The most improvement they got was that he moved back to his room and actually smiled a bit more but it was still rare. He still avoided contact as much as possible, only allowing a few hugs from his mother and grandmothers. He had a violent reaction when His Grandfather Rich hugged him. It was a horrible flashback that had them all scared especially when Harry hid himself in his room for three days afterwards. Eventually he came out though, and apologized to his grandfather for acting that way. Rich would have none of it and said it wasn't his fault. He should have known not to do that.

Aside from that, Harry still had frequent nightmares, leaving him fatigued and pale with dark shadows under his eyes. His father had prescribed him for sleeping pills that did help but he could only take them every three days. They were rather addicting.

Though things weren't back to normal, they were heading in that direction. Draco and Harry's relationship may have seemed to suffer but it hadn't. In fact, it grew stronger. It grew stronger because they pretty much depended on each other. Even though Harry didn't want to hug Draco or kiss him, he liked it when he was just near. He didn't feel pity for him, like the rest of his family (beside his mum.) Draco would never pity him. He was just there, to give him some kind of comfort against the pain ad sorrow. You could say he was Harry's foundation at the moment. The only thing holding him up.

Because of that, Harry wanted to get better for Draco. Sure he wanted to get better for his family and Hermione as well but for Draco the most. Draco, though he had only known him for about 8 months, had become his world. Draco was one of his best friends, he was his boyfriend, he was his confidant, and he was his life. He so desperately wanted to go back to loving Draco like he use to but every time he got close, he'd back off again.

Harry and Draco were in his room, trying to hang up a new photo Harry had. His mother had taken it sometime in November. They were out on the cold ground, Harry curled up against Draco's side, looking up at the clear stars and the bright, full moon. The picture was in color and the only reason why they could be seen was because of the brightness of the moon. Somehow, Lily had gotten it at an angle so that they and the stars and moon could be seen. She was truly a gifted photographer.

" I think this has to be my favorite photo." Harry said after they stepped back to look at the new poster sized photo, set in a plain black frame. It was hanging on the wall his bed rested against.

" I agree." Draco said. Harry turned to look at Draco thoughtfully. Draco stared back at him, wondering why the shorter boy was looking at him like that.

" Can I kiss you?" Harry asked, almost shyly. Draco's eyes widened in surprise.

" I--if you're sure you're ready." Draco said. Harry didn't say anything. He moved closer to Draco, until they were almost touching, chest to chest. He looked up into Draco's warm blue eyes before slowly moving closer. Draco did the same, slowly moving his hand up to rest on Harry's hip. They're lips touched, sending a shiver down Draco's spine. He missed the feel of Harry and this was perfect.

It was perfect.

Harry jerked back violently though, a wild look in his wide glazed eyes. Draco knew he had had another flashback. He damned Tom for the millionth time and swore that if that bastard had been alive he'd rip him to pieces with his teeth. After Harry calmed down he sat heavily on his bed and cursed under his breath. Draco sat down next to him.

" This bloody sucks." Harry whispered.

Draco couldn't agree more.

They hadn't tried kissing again. Even hugging Harry had its bad reactions, though not as violent as with Rich. The most violent reaction he got from Harry was jerking out of the hug and harsh breathing. Not the hysterical crying, the yelling, and the hyperventilation that Rich produced. Their relationship was being put to the test, Draco knew that, and though it sucked and it was hard, he could deal with their reconstructing relationship because he was in love.

He was drowning in it.

~*_*~ Still the 31st.

Harry was deep into composing the piece he had been working on since before September when his father burst into the room, startling him severely. He almost knocked over his keyboard.

" Oh, Sorry, Harry. I didn't mean to startle you." James said quickly.

" Um, it's okay." He said shakily. " What's wrong?" He asked, noticing the urgent look in his eyes.

" Um, nothing bad. It's just that Carmen's kind of having the baby now." He said. Harry's eyes widened.

" Well then what are we here for!?"


The Potter family, the Evan's family, Hermione, Draco, Sirius and Remus were all waiting outside of the room where Carmen was currently giving birth. Jake was in there with her. It had been an hour or so after they arrived and they were all anxious about the child. After another 30 minutes of intense moments, a child's crying could be heard

" I wonder if it's a girl." Hermione said excitedly.

" I'm a Grandmother!" Lily squealed. James was grinning broadly.

" I'm going to be a great Grandmother!" Rose and Maria said together.

Harry smiled, a thought just entering his head. ' I'm gonna be an Uncle.' Draco noticed this and grinned to himself. He had a feeling this baby would be a good thing for the whole family.

Jake burst out the room with the biggest grin a man could ever have and couple of twinkling stars in his eyes. Everyone crowded around him, wanting to know its gender, if it was okay and whether Carmen was okay.

" Carmen's fine, just exhausted and so is the baby. It's a girl." The women squealed in delight.

" What's her name?" Harry asked curiously.

" Evelyn Janice Potter." He announced.

" That's such a beautiful name!" Lily cooed. " When can we see them?" he asked.

" Um, I'm not sure. I'll be back!" He hurried back into the room.

" I'm so happy for him." Harry whispered. Draco, who was standing next to him, smiled down at him.

" I know. He's so happy he's got his own little family now." Draco said.

" I'm happy that he's happy." Harry said.


Two months later, in May, everything had pretty much calmed down. The reporters had backed off when Rich threatened to sue them for harassment; Little Eve was healthy and currently spending time with her Grandparents and Uncle Harry. She was a beautiful girl with wild strawberry blonde hair and bright blue/green eyes. The whole family was extremely pleased to see that, while they had little to no progress with Harry (besides Draco and Hermione), Evelyn seemed to keep a smile on Harry's face. He'd be constantly holding her and making her laugh, all the while with a big old grin on his face, something that made Lily cry with joy at seeing her baby smiling again.

" I'm starting to think that baby of yours is a miracle child." Draco said, walking up beside Jake who was sitting out on the steps in front of the house. Jake looked up at him.

" Why do you say that?" He asked. Draco sat down next to Jake and let out a small sigh.

" Well, for one, I've never seen Harry smile that much. Not since then at least." He explained.

" In that case, I'll have to agree with you." Jake said. " He's doing well though, considering. He actually attempted to give me a hug the other day. He flinched something horrible when I hugged him back but at least he's trying to get better." Draco nodded in agreement.

" Anyone else would probably be on the brink of suicide after something like that." Draco said quietly. " But not him. He's too strong to let it completely consume him. It's one of the reasons why I love him so much." Draco said.

" You know . . .Harry's real lucky to have someone like you, you know?" Jake told him. " Are you sure you're a Malfoy?" Draco grinned.

" As much as I hate to admit it, I am. Though when Mother figures out how to divorce Lucius, I'll be Draco Black." He wrinkled his nose. " That doesn't even sound right." Jake laughed.

" I don't know why I ever judged you so quickly."

" A Potter trait I believe." Jake rolled his eyes. There were a few minutes of silence. The only sounds were of the cool wind blowing and of Baby Evelyn giggling in the other room, soon followed by the heavenly laughter of Harry's. Draco felt his heart flutter, much like it did the first time he made eye contact with Harry.

" I missed that." He said to himself.

" Missed what?" Jake asked.

" His laugh." Draco replied. " As corny as it sounds, it's like music to my ears." He said. " God, I'm in love with him." He breathed. Jake smiled a little.

" So . . .How did you know you loved him?" Jake asked. He never did figure out why.

Draco was silent for a while. There were so many moments when he should have known he was in love, like their first date or maybe it was before that. Maybe it was the first day he met him but he didn't really believe in love at first sight. That could be considered as physical attraction, which didn't exactly make up the whole relationship. Sure he had a physical attraction to Harry but when the both of them actually got to talk . . .Draco was sure he had started to fall in love then.

" I--I don't how to explain it really." Draco began. " At first, it was just this strong physical attraction to him. His eyes bore into me and it made me shiver with delight to have something so beautiful looking at me. When we talked, I paid rapt attention to his voice, his movements, the blush in his cheeks, his breathing. Sometimes I felt as if I could actually hear his heart beating. There's something about Harry that just gives me this intense feeling of love and happiness. He makes my heart burst and my mind go numb, he makes my skin tingle and my palms sweating. It's like . . .an orgasm every time I see him." Jake chuckled a bit. " This . . .this feeling makes me go stark raving mad with love every time I'm near him." He said. " And when I felt that for the first time . . . I knew it had to be love. If couldn't be anything less."

" Man," Jake said, amazed at what he had just heard. " That has to be some kind of feeling you got there."

" Yeah . . ." Draco smiled. " It is, isn't it?"


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