This is mainly a Half-Life story although it will have a crossover into Resident Evil later and as for Aliens, well we don't know where the Xenomorphs originally came from so I'm going to say they where a native species in Xen. This story is being co-written with Karen35 and the two stories each represent the same story but from the view points of the two different characters, this is also my first fan fic that I've posted so plz be kind when you review.

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Gemini's story

Blackness...warmth.....then........Voices....entering the darkness.....distorted by the liquid surrounding her.....She tired to concentrate on the voices but her mind was a confusing mess of thoughts and ideas half born.....

....Images of green fields.... Deserts.... Wastelands......Jungles of steel and concrete going on and on.........and another place.....a place with twin suns......suns in a sky that went on and on in all directions.......islands floating in the sky ....strange yet familiar creatures flying over light.....portals........Ribbed pillars stretching into
the sky.... as if it was too much to comprehend, she slipped back into the darkness.

There were a number of things she noticed next time she awoke, firstly the liquid surrounding her was gone and its soothing warmth had also gone. In fact, she realised she was *cold*, she groaned and shifted as a second realisation hit her, she hated the cold. Motivated by the cold, she lifted herself off the floor and opened her eyes for the first time. She was hit by a myriad of colours, instincts she never knew she had were instantly in confliction, half of her mind found the images comforting and normal while the other half screamed that something was wrong and that her eyesight should not be like this.

What she saw was a strange world of colours, the floor she was lying on was blue while she herself was reddish in colour, by touching the floor and then her own skin she realised that her vision was showing her heat which radiated from objects and people. She took a moment to look around her, she was in some sort of room, the floor and ceiling were made of the same smooth, cold surface ….metal, a part of her mind supplied….which showed up in a cool blue colour except the area where she had been lying which was warmer than the rest of the floor. There was a door in the room on one the wall and judging by its heat patterns it appeared to be made of metal as well.

With nothing else to do, she decided to see if she could leave the room, so she got up off the floor and headed over to the door, memories this time instructed her to look for a handle of some sort but the door didn't seem to have any. Throwing her weight against the door didn't seem to do anything and neither did pounding on the door, although she did leave some impressive dents in the metal. 'strange' she thought, the half of her memory which did include door never once had her leaving dents in them and the other half had nothing remotely resembling doors in it.

She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at the door. It was then that she noticed that she was completely naked, again she found that she was of a half mind about this, one side seemed to believe that not being covered up was wrong while her other side had never even heard or conceived of the idea of clothes. She decided that she couldn't care about modesty but it was becoming increasingly unpleasant being cold and that clothes would at least help in that effect. Taking another look around the room showed that the room was completely bare and there was nothing she could use as clothing, so she walked over to the corner of the room opposite to the door and sat down in the corner leaning her back against the two walls.

A cell, she was in some sort of cell. Once again that useful half of her mind told her that a cell wasn't the best place to be even the other half of her mind was agitated and didn't like being trapped in an enclosed space, hugging her knees close to her she tried to thing about her situation. She had awoken in a cell with two completely differing sets of memories and instincts yet neither set of memories were her own and she had no way of knowing what to do next. Half of her remembered being human, a tall blonde girl while the other half remembered being an elite, a tall black predator with smooth chitin, vicious claws and a barbed tail.

She was suddenly hit by the urge to discover what she herself looked like and she looked herself over, along the outside of her lower arms were smooth chitin exoskeleton ridges which merged into human flesh at the edges. Her fingernails were now sharp smooth 3 inch retractable claws and in her mouth she could feel that her canines had become fangs by running her tongue over her teeth and the teeth themselves felt less like enamel and more like metal. Feeling down her back, she felt two pipe like pieces of exoskeleton running along side her spine but what got her attention the most was on the inside of her right arm was a patch of skin that was a different temperature to the surrounding flesh. A mark, a brand.


'Great' She thought looking at the brand 'Not only am I locked in a cell, naked but I've also been branded like an animal'. She felt a deep anger being to burn inside her at the indignation of having a number burned into her arm and the desire to kill those responsible for doing this to her started to rise in her mind.

Another thought came to her by looking at the brand, she didn't have a name and she was going to be damned if she was going to call herself a number. 'I need a name, a name that represents me and my nature…….. my half and half nature……..' she thought carefully. Gemini, the human half of her mind supplied.

'Gemini….I'm Gemini and not XH-013'

Wrapping her arms around her knees again in an attempt to keep in body heat, Gemini lay her head on top and closed her eyes, drifting off to a dreamless sleep.


Gemini awoke to find her head pounding and a sickly sweet taste in her mouth, she'd been drugged and moved to another location. At least this time it was warmer, some sort of medical gown covering her as she lay on a medical table with her hands handcuffed together with the handcuff themselves chained to the side of the table.

'They mustn't want me getting loose' was the first thought entering Gemini's mind as she noticed the handcuffs and the second was that they must have drugged her with some sort of gas to get her here.

Sitting up she glanced around the room, there were two examination tables one of which she was sitting on at the moment and around the wall were tables holding various scientific equipment. There were three people…. scientists….. in the room, two male and one female, they were at the moment busy discussing something and hadn't noticed her waking up. In various cages built into the walls there were a range of different creatures ranging from native terran animals to native Xen creatures, it was slightly strange to see terran animal in heat signatures when her memories shown them in their true colours.

All her moving about to look around the room must have finally attracted the scientist's attention because they finished their conversation and two of them, one of the male and the other female walked over to her while the other went over to examine some piece of equipment. Gemini turned to watch the two scientists approaching her.

"Look at that" said the male scientist pointing at the outside of her arm "We still have the exoskeleton mutation reappearing even with the new techniques."

The female scientist seemed to look though some notes on her clipboard. "The mutations in this latest subject seem to less pronounced than in previous test subjects" she said looking up from the notes for a second to look at the hybrid in front of her

Gemini cocked her head in thought, there were others before her?, what happened to them and are they still around.

' Wouldn't mind meeting more of my kind' she had personally begun to think that human were slow, clumsy, ungraceful creatures with limited senses.

"Well, hello little XH-013" said the male scientist leaning right up into her face and looking into her eyes, Gemini's eyes narrowed not only at the uses of her number but also the violation of her personal space. Thought of ripping his face off filled her mind and she tried to lunge forward to kill him but the chains on her didn't snap and held her tight.

The scientist being saved from death by a few inches of chains, jumped back startled making a sound somewhere between a squeak and a scream, lost his footing and tumbled down onto the floor. The female scientist was equally shocked and jumped back into the other table although she managed to keep her footing and a sound suspiciously close to sniggering came from the third scientist at the back of the room who had his back turned but obviously saw the whole thing.

The fallen scientist got up with as much dignity as he could muster and then shot a death glare at the scientist at the back of the lab. "You can be such a child sometimes, Johnson" shot the scientist as he dusted off his lab coat.

By this time, Gemini had calmed down again and was now sitting watching the scientists interact, all the time watching them with hungry eyes as if waiting for one of them to slip up.

The female scientist was the first to recover and began issuing orders "Right, we need blood and tissue samples from the subject to see if its finally stabilised, … Johnson since you find the situation so amusing you can collect them." And then turning to the scientist that fell she said "Blackwell, you can help me with the computer" and they both walked over to one of the workstations along the walls.

The scientist called Johnson gulped and then mumbled something under his breath about Neapolitan power mongers before grabbing a tray of needles and placing them on the table opposite from Gemini or XH-013 as he knew her.

She watched in amusement as he nervously fiddled with the needles, dropping them quite a few times as he worked up the nerve to approach her.

"Right, I'm just going to take some blood, okay?" He asked as he finally approached her with a needle "Nothing to be afraid about". Gemini stayed perfectly still, allowing him to approach her although she was sure that if she moved the guy would probably wet himself. Dr Johnson swabbed down the area and then stuck the needle in, watching nervously at XH-013 for any sign of movement, so busy was he watching her that he didn't notice the needle which was filling up with blood was melting until some of her blood touched his fingers.

"AH SHIT!!!" Cried Dr Johnson as shook his burned hands and then ran over to the sink to run them under water, his commotion attracted the other two scientists over, who regarded the melted blob that was once a needle with fascination.

"Fascinating, it must have inherited the acid blood from the Xen parent species, XH-009 was the only other test subject to inherit such a low body pH level and even it had problems where the Xen and Terran flesh combined." Said the female scientist in awe, Dr Blackwell was practically bouncing on his heels with excitement while Dr Johnson nursed his injured fingers and glared at XH-013 who at the moment had collapsed in a fit of giggles.

"Great!" Shouted Dr Johnson "so now not only do we have to get her docile enough to get the blood sample but the problem now is also _how_ to get the blood sample"

Gemini was too busy rolling giggling on her table to pay much attention to anything else going on in the room, it was just too funny. The tiny hole in her arm were the needle had healed instantly and no more blood leaked out but the blood from the needle was now making a crater in the tiled floor of the lab. The scientists were watching the acid burn though the floor with excitement.

"The acid blood has definite applications as a self defence mechanism" Said Dr Blackwell excitedly "Imagine the subject could cause damage to the enemy forces even in death!"

The female scientist suddenly frowned as something came to her. "Yes, while the acid blood has its uses, it will cause complication in our research, blood samples will obviously be impossible to take until we can develop equipment which can survive the acid." The woman bit her lip and then continued "but what concerns me most is that the subjects current cell is unsuitable in light of this new development"

This caught Gemini's attention and she calmed herself down so she could listen to the scientists from her place lying on the examination table. 'What would make the cell unsuitable?, I've already tried to get though that door and it wouldn't budge' She thought interestedly, if they were going to talk about ways she could escape right in front of her she had no problems listening obviously they thought she was unable to comprehend what they were saying.

Dr Blackwell caught on "You mean it could escape the cell by using its own blood? Do you think its that intelligence?" He asked looking doubtfully over to XH-013. Gemini's eyes narrowed at the insult and she started to glare at the scientist which obviously unnerved him because he looked away from her.

'Using my blood to melt through the doors or floor…hmmmmm…… never would have thought of that' Gemini thought considering the possibility of using it as an escape plan, the problem was she knew very little of the outside world and at the moment was better off being a experiment for a group of scientist than trying to escape.

"She seemed to stop giggling when Dr Matthews started talking about her cell being unsuitable" Pointed out Dr Johnson thoughtfully "I know it could be coincidence but I get the feeling it understands everything we say"

"Impossible, she has only been alive outside of that vat for a single day, I doubt that it could possibly have the faintest idea of what is going on around her. Its just functioning on instinct." Scoffed Dr Blackwell

"Don't underestimate her" Warned female know as Dr Matthews "The earlier XH series showed high levels of intelligence and in some cases genetic memory from one of the parent species, it is possible she has these traits"

Dr Blackwell tried to say something but Dr Matthews cut him off "At the moment it doesn't matter, what matters is finding a place to keep her in until we can create a suitable containment cell."

"What about the Bio-domes?, they were used to contain the original Xen parent species for awhile." Suggested Dr Johnson. "We could keep her in there, if the originals couldn't escape then she would stand much chance."

"All the Bio-domes are full with the administrator's other projects" stated Dr Blackwell rejecting the idea straight away.

"No, no" Dr Matthews shook her head " let me check something" and she headed over to a computer workstation and began typing, after seconds she let out a small victory cry. "Yes!, I thought so, the previous XH series are being stored in Bio – dome 04 which means we can put XH – 013 in with them until better arrangement can be made."

"Okay, I'll get some guards so we can take her through the facility" and with that Dr Blackwell walked out of the lab with the intention to get some guards.

'Huh, walk?, their not going to drug me again?' Thought Gemini surprised but then again she didn't know what the rest of the facility was like and therefore wouldn't risk escaping because she was beginning to enjoy being alive. The concept of getting shot by a group of guards seemed generally unappealing.

Dr Blackwell returned a few minutes later with a group of 12 guards armed with pistols and rifles, Dr Matthews came up to Gemini and gave her a hard look. "If you can understand us, I wouldn't suggest trying to escape because the guards have been instructed to shoot you if you try anything"

"Talking to an animal" Dr Blackwell reminded her, Gemini was really beginning to dislike that guy.

Dr Matthews unchained Gemini from the desk, Gemini for her part remained lying down on the table then once she was unchained slowly sat up as not to startle anyone before she slide off the table onto the cold floor.. She had to look up to all the guards and scientist because she was much shorter than them, one of the guards chuckled in amusement, which she just ignored.

"How tall is she anyway?" Asked the guard, having a rough idea of her height but wanting confirmation.

"Its 4 foot 10 inches" Answered Dr Blackwell in an off handed way.

"Kinda small isn't it" Asked the same guard again.

"Small but deadly" Said Dr Matthews sternly "All the more reason for you to shut up get moving before something unpleasant happens." And with that the entire group walked out of the lab with all the guns pointed towards XH – 013, just waiting for it to try and escape which wasn't going to happen but no sense in not being prepared.

The group walked down a cold metal corridor which had other door ways and corridors leading off it until they reached an elevator, after waiting for the elevator to arrive they all boarded into the elevator which was big enough to fit a small tank inside. The elevator seemed to descend for ages and Gemini was being to become bored enough to entertaining the idea of just killing everyone when the elevator began to slow down. The doors pinged and opened to reveal another metal corridor that seemed to stretch on forever, fortunately the group didn't have to walk down that corridor and they turned into the first door way to the right. Inside appeared to be another lab similar to the other one except this one had no examination tables and only one computer, what made it different was a warm heated solid metal door in the middle of one of the walls.

Dr Matthews walked over to a panel besides the door and swiped her card. The panel made a beeping sound and Dr Matthews swore under her breath and tried again, once again the panel happily rejected her card.

"Stupid thing" She mumbled. "Johnson see if your card works" she ordered.

Johnson went over to the panel and swiped his card, the door open immediately going up into the roof, revealing a small lift that when down about 10 ft, Dr Johnson gestured to one of the guards whom gently pushed XH-013 as they knew her, forward into the room.

"Welcome to your new home" muttered Dr Johnson before swiping his card again, the large metal door closed behind her, leaving her in a tiny room which seemed to have a door on the other side about 10 ft below her judging by the heat patterns. The floor below her feet suddenly moved, going downwards and it took her a second to realise that it was the lift lowering her to the other floor. Once the floor stopped moving the door in front her opened but unlike the previous door it didn't go into the roof but instead it opened outwards like it was attached to the ceiling by hinges.

She walked cautiously into the area once she got past the door it began to close behind her, the front of the door being unrecognisable form the rest of the fake rock face it was built into, she looked around the room. It was a large observation quarter dome, there were three different levels where people could observe what ever was in the room, the room itself was based on a terran environment which had grass, brushes and trees but she couldn't see any other animals in the environment. From listening to the scientists, she knew that others of her kind where in the dome but she couldn't see any of them from where she was, so she wandered deeper into the dome. She walked into a deep forested area when she heard the snap of a twig behind her but before she could turn around she was tackled from behind.

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