Lost but Not Yet Broken
By: Mystic Dragon
1. Soulless

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How can you see into my eyes like open doors

Leading you down into my core

Where I've become so numb without a soul

My spirit sleeping somewhere cold

Until you find it there and lead it back home

Evanescence - Bring me to life


The human mind is fascinating in all respects. The thought that one can be manipulated to believe a lie about themselves, about their lives, about their - humanity, that one can suffer for years on end believing it is right, believing they deserve it, believing the pain is what keeps them alive. To eight year old Harry Potter this is his reality and he knows it well because he has been conditioned for a life of servitude and pain. Now, he stands in front of his uncle's fireplace, but he does not know this man is family - it does not matter, his fists clenched tightly, as he endures another one of this man's punishments. They are his punishments meant for only this boy with the emerald eyes that would enchant the strongest angel to fall, fall for him, for this boy.

However, little Harry Potter did not flinch, nor did he cry or scream at the brutality of the heavily leathered whip that struck his tender flesh with a resounding crack. No, little Harry Potter, who through the cruelty of his uncle did not even know his true name, never fathomed that he was worthy of a title, of an individuality that made him human. He accepted each an every blow like an animal being disciplined by their master after having tamed it. For this was how this boy had been raised since the moment his master, Vernon Dursley, had laid eyes on him.

The pain increased again as the whip tore through the young but heavily scarred skin leaving another reminder of who he belonged to, the man's words resounded in his mind like echoes from a far away place "You are mine boy! You do as I command and nothing more!" They repeated themselves in his mind with every crack of his punishment; he would recite them and adhere to them. Until the pain faded and eventually stopped leaving a throbbing reminder of what he was as he walked back into his cupboard limping slightly and sagging from the ache that threatened to engulf him in complete darkness. Little Harry never questioned it when the other boy, Dudley, hit him and screamed at the larger man that the "boy" had done something wrong. At first, he would get angry or cry but then oddities began to happen when he did; glass would explode, chairs would mysteriously break, plants would burst into flames. This always confused the boy as he was always punished severely for the aberrations but over time he just stopped getting angry and stopped trying to comprehend and accepted what he was.

Harry sat on the hard wooden floor of the minuscule cupboard that had been deemed his cage. No sound was heard except for the clicks of the locks as the man locked him in from the outside. Then the man spoke, his voice hard with a glint of pleasure in it as it came threw the heavy door.

"Tomorrow you'll stay in your cage until I return."

"Yes sir" was all the boy said, it was all he ever said.

"Next time you don't finish *boy* it'll be worse!" the man bellowed.

"Yes sir."

The boy remained silent as he heard the retreated footsteps of his "master", once gone he settled himself into a corner of the small room and brought a thin raggedy old blanket, which was bloodied and soiled from years of use, and pulls it over as he tries to ignore the throbbing. The pain of the actual punishments no longer fazes him but the throbbing ache that remains always made it inconceivably uncomfortable for him to sleep. And thus little Harry Potter falls into a restless sleep wondering if he'll be allowed some food and water tomorrow.


Professor Severus Snape strode through the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry having just finished attending a faculty meeting. This man with the shoulder length raven hair and pale complexion was not a cheerful man, life had brought him many hardships some more gruesome than imaginable. He was a stoic man whose aura commanded respect and fear. To those around him he bestowed a bitter disposition completely devoid of emotion and marred with indifference. However, despite what others thought Severus Snape was a good man who valued integrity to the highest degree but always alone. Utterly alone.

Now, he strode the halls like a silent hunter of the night, a scowl meeting any who crossed his path. He entered his chambers, which lay deep in the dungeons of the grand castle, and settled comfortably in a high back chair next to a roaring fire. Many colleagues wondered about his choice of living accommodations, assuming that perhaps he was a supernatural creature such as a vampire and simply enjoyed the dark dampness that the dungeons provided. However to Severus it was a perfect area that provided his need for privacy and quiet.

Thus, he sat in his solace pondering about the ignorance of life and how futile it truly was. Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered. Suddenly an urge to distract his tortured mind arose; he trudged towards his lab obtaining what he would need for the summer stay at his manor. After about twenty minutes he was done and getting ready to floo to the manor however, much to Severus' utter dislike the orange - red flames of the fire shifted to a bright green and the head of none other than Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts, appeared. 'Perfect, I should of suspected this' were the only thoughts running through the potion master's mind.

"Ah Severus my boy, good you have not left yet" said the old man, his eyes held a mischievous glint that Severus did not miss. "No" was all the raven haired man said, his tone clearly telling the older wizard that whatever he had in mind it was futile to try and coax him.

"Now Severus you do not even know what it is, and truth be told you are the only available person who can do this for me. Please, come up to my office and I will explain further" with the Dumbledore's head disappeared from the fire leaving a seething potions master.

'Damn that devil of a man' raged Severus silently as he trekked up the stairs to the headmaster's office. He entered, not bothering to knock, his face passive and cold as the headmaster smiled at him innocently.

"Ah Severus please take a seat, may I offer you a lemon drop?" said the overly cheerful man.

"Why have to summoned me?" Severus' remained cold and indifferent.

"Ah well yes, you my boy I was hoping you could do a random check up on a child for me."

"Ah child" Severus raised one weary eyebrow "is this *child* a student at the school and can Minerva not go instead?"

"Actually he is a future student; he has three years left before he can attend Hogwarts. Minerva unfortunately has already left to France."

"Yes." drawled Severus "how fortunate that I still remain out of the other seven professors that are currently still here."

"Severus I can only entrust this to you.."

"Headmaster just tell me why you need me to check on a child who has not even started his Hogwarts education?" asked Severus indifferently as he stared out a nearby window and onto the grounds.

"Yes, well Severus as you know magical children begin showing small bursts of magical energy by the age of three. The force of this energy is determined by their emotions, and continues until the age of ten when they obtain a bit more control over their magic."

"Yes, thank you for the intriguing lesson. Now what does this have to do with..."

"Patience Severus please. Now sometimes these magical outbursts cease for about a month or two because the child's emotions are not as strong as they would be."

"What you are saying is that this child hasn't had any magical outbursts for awhile and you want me to find out why" Stated Severus.


"However, if it is normal for these outbursts to stop every so often then, why the concern?"

"Because my dear boy" Severus scowled at the term "this child hasn't had any sudden occurrences for over a year now. And that is not normal at all" said Dumbledore solemnly.

Severus sighed in defeat; he knew there was now way he could get out of this assignment before heading home. "Very well headmaster. Who is the child?"

Severus noticed the man's eyes twinkling more than usual and almost backed out of the burdensome duty that was about to be placed on him. However, he stilled his features and waited for the headmaster's response. What he heard was not at all what the stoic man had expected and he found himself cursing the fates to hell as the realization set in.

"Harry Potter."


Severus: WHAT!? I have to pick up that little snot!

Harry: -_-

MD: Well think of this way he's apathetic so he's like a vegetable.

Severus: I don't think that's the best example you could of given.

MD: Fuck off or I'll make you end up dating him.

Severus: You wouldn't dare!

MD: Oh wouldn't I?

Severus: fine! *sits down and starts reading a potion's book*

Harry: -_- *continues to stare at potion's book which creeps out MD*

MD: yeah.. ok.