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Chapter 1: Life Goes On

Six months after the "hanging" of Jack Sparrow, Lara Storm was doing fairly well for herself.

Elizabeth had married Will Turner two months afterwards, and both had moved into a quaint little cottage on the edge of town, which had been a wedding gift from her father, the Governor. The new Mr. and Mrs. Turner had invited Lara to stay with them, but she refused; she didn't want to intrude on the new couple.

Unable to stay with the woman she had so long considered a friend and sister, Lara had turned to the Governor for help finding new employment. Luckily, many of the wealthy families had heard about Lara's adventure to find and rescue her friend and mistress, and had admired her dedication to Elizabeth. With that in mind, most wealthy parents had high hopes of employing her for their own daughters, hoping that her dedication would spread to them.

Lara had spent weeks thinking about every invitation from the island's upper class, but didn't like many of them. Most of them had young women who were of marrying age who didn't want someone looking after them. However, there was a recently arrived family, the Worthingtons, who had a young daughter of about nine or ten years of age, and who seemed very lonely.

Having missed the socializing season, the Worthingtons were unfamiliar with the wealthy families on the island. Lara decided to work for them, hoping that she might help the little girl adjust to Port Royal and to be her companion, just as Elizabeth had done with her. They were very proper people from England, and had been looking for a caretaker for their daughter upon their arrival in Port Royal. They had come to meet with the Governor one day, and had seen Lara talking and laughing with their usually meek little girl. They had instantly asked for her services, and she'd agreed.

That was how Lara found herself at a new house with a sweet but shy little girl, Amanda Worthington, three months after Jack's fantastic escape.

In a way, Lara had gone from a handmaiden/maid in waiting to a nursemaid. She didn't mind, though. Amanda was a sweet-faced girl with lovely blue eyes and curly dark blond hair. She hadn't had the chance to meet very many children on the island, so she fairly clung to Lara. People would often see Lara leading little Amanda around the town, taking her to shops, or trying to introduce her to some of the town's children. When they weren't in town, the two were in the nursery of the Worthington estate, where Lara would secretly tell Amanda all about her adventure to rescue Elizabeth and about the pirates on the Black Pearl. The only thing she left out was the bracelet that Jack had given her because, if anyone knew about it, they would surely take it away from her. After all, it was pirates' treasure, and Lara certainly couldn't afford anything so expensive, so she wore it in private.

Amanda had grown fascinated with the stories of pirates, and thought of Lara as a great heroine who faced down evil to rescue the Governor's daughter. On rainy days, when going to town was out of the question, Lara would act out some parts of the story while Amanda watched with wide, awestruck eyes. Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Worthington would never approve of these stories, but what they didn't know couldn't hurt them.

Yes, all was well for Lara Storm, but little did she know that her life was about to take a turn she never expected.


Three more months passed, and Lara was having difficulty keeping an unwanted suitor away from her.

Thomas Pierce was a handsome young officer in Commodore Norrington's Navy, and he had taken a great liking to her. They had first met after the attempted hanging of Jack Sparrow, and he had admired her for her dedication to Elizabeth, and had been horrified when Jack had "man-handled" her (meaning he didn't like the idea of a pirate kissing a respectable woman). He had taken to coming to see her and to make sure she hadn't been 'traumatized' by the encounter with Jack. Since she couldn't tell him that she had liked kissing Jack, she'd had put up with it for about two weeks before finally telling him she was fine and that she had a great deal of important work to do.

At first, she'd had numerous excuses not to see him; first there had been the plans for Elizabeth's and Will's wedding. Second, she'd had to help Elizabeth decorate and move into the couple's cottage. Third, she was looking for employment, and then she had to adjust to the new family she was working for. After that, the excuses were gone, and Thomas started coming around more often. Since she couldn't politely refuse to see him, she was forced to take walks with him and listen to his boring talks about the Navy, and how he had high hopes of becoming a captain.

At first, it was during these walks that Lara would think about Jack and how much she missed him. She had dreamed about the kiss they had shared, and would often pretend it was Jack she was walking with instead of Thomas.

However, as more time passed, and Jack still didn't come, all hopes of his returning for her dimmed. She remembered he was a pirate, and his love of freedom and the seas was probably stronger than his love for her. Yet she still cared deeply for him, and tried to stay true to him as long as she could.

That all changed when Thomas asked for her hand in marriage, and Lara couldn't give a plausible reason to say 'no.' After all, she couldn't tell him that she was in love with a pirate, now, could she? And Thomas was a respectable man who had a promising future. She told him she would 'consider the matter,' and left him on the beach, her mind and heart in turmoil.

She desperately needed to speak with someone, and that someone was Elizabeth. But would her friend and near-sister be able to see her with her new marriage still beginning? She certainly hoped so.

She was fortunate that she had the next day off. Mrs. Worthington was taking Amanda to get new dresses, and wanted to spend the entire day with her daughter, so Lara was able to visit Elizabeth while Will was at the forge.

As soon as the Worthington carriage had left, Lara put her hat on her head, her "Jack bracelet" on her wrist, and raced out the door to see her friend.


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