Epilogue: Rebirth

June 30th - 14 years ago A hospital somewhere in Tokyo, Juuban ward 7:51 P.M.

The man waited outside his wife's hospital room. His wife was resting. She had been in labor for a long time. By the time she had finally given birth to a beautiful baby girl, she was exhausted and needed rest.
He wanted to see his first child. He had come up with several female names when he and his wife learned that their child was female, but he was still unsure about what to name her. Maybe the perfect name would come to him when he saw her.
The nurse opened the door and turned to address the man. "Tsukino- san, you can see your wife and child now. Please be very quiet. The baby is asleep and your wife still needs rest."
"Yes, thank you," the man said hastily, and quickly squeezed past the

nurse and hurried to his wife's side.
She was glowing with joy at the new addition to their family. She beckoned him closer. As the man watched his new daughter sleeping peacefully, he was

struck with sudden inspiration. "Let's name her Usagi," he said, as he continued to admire his daughter.
"That's a beautiful name, dear," his wife said approvingly. "A beautiful name, perfect for our dear, sweet Tsukino Usagi."

Present day -

Luna suddenly awoke from her ages long catnap. She crawled out of her

stasis chamber and stretched. She found herself in one of the many alleys of downtown Tokyo. Looking around, she saw no sign of Artemis. She hoped that there was a reason why they were separated. She had a huge task ahead of her and she could certainly use his help.
She knew why she had been awakened. She was needed to search out the Moon Princess and her protectors, the Sailor Scouts. Unfortunately, she had no clue as to their identities. She sighed to herself and exited the alley. She had a lot of searching to do. She could feel the energies of the Dark Kingdom beginning to stir....

The End of the Moon Kingdom series

Afterword - October 23, 2003

There you have it. An eight chapter - a prologue and an epilogue, too - history of my longest story EVER. Spanning five series and 88 chapters(including the 'Lost Chapters') to date, this Herculean task was - and still is - fun for me to plan and write. It better be, considering that I have a grand total thirty-four series plotted out for this story.

Yes, thirty-four.



Try not to look so shocked, please. I know how long that many series may take - hell, four series took me four years - so, if you're following this story, it's gonna be a long ride. But, I certainly hope not to disappoint. I think I've done all right for myself so far. To paraphrase Kino Ryoku: "The future is not truly written until the present is past."

We'll see what the future holds.

- Jason C. Ulloa

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