A/N: This story is set in early Eroupian times with those kinds of castles and monaches.

Chapter I

The Boy


Gently, a breeze washed over the small garden; full of beautiful assortments of different colors of flowers. The brittle leaves of the small trees that dotted the small garden waved to the sun in happiness, drinking it's warm rays. Next to the wonerful assortments sat was the cold grey stone of a castle; looming over a large village, and beyond stood rolling mountains and endless plains with quietly grazing horses. Inside a small room facing the pasture, full of beautiful horses sat a young girl. Princess Kagome. She sat in a wooden chair, one of the most detail, as her mother braided her hair. She sighed and leaned back.

"Mama I'm bored!" She whined. Her mother's eyes narrowed and she gently patted her head in annoyence.

"Kagome, proper language! You are a princess, and must use the language of the court!" She scolded with a heavy royal accent.

Kagome grumbled. She hated the court language and the court. She thought they were all stuck up jerks who didn't know the meaning of the word 'family'. She also hated the accent that her mother had just demonstrated. So she had forced herself to escape the accent, and used a fake one around other formal people. She often used the peasent's language because it was much easier to speak thair way. Being a princess wasn't half bad; except for those terms.

"Yes, mother..." She sighed boredly. Her mother nodded in approval. Kagome surpressed the urge to roll her eyes.

"When I finish braiding you're hair you can go out to the village and play with you're friend Sango if you wish." Her mother offered. Kagome pirked at that. Her family was very lanient when it came to Kagome's friends. If it was any other kingdom, the nobles would treat thair peasents badly and say they were scum, also telling thair children the same. So when they grew up, they would treat them as thair parents did. But here, the peasents were treated fairly by the kings order.

"Really? I can!?" She asked. Her mother nodded. "Hurry!" She prompted excitedly. She hadn't seen Sango in quite a while, because she was the village demon extermonator along with her family, and had been on an importent job the last few days, just coming back a few days ago. Kagome often invited them to the castle to have fun, if her father permitted it.

Kagome's mother finnaly finished braiding her hair after what seemed like hours, and bid her fairewell as she ran to get a village kimono. She didn't wear her formal cloths to the village. She changed into a bright orange one with a red obi, it had small flower patters scatterd across it. After changing she quickly ran out the gates of the castle to the large village below.


A young boy sat in a tree above some children, who were playing with a ball made of deer hide. They were playing in a worn area void of anything other than dirt. Surrounding that was some grass in patches untill it led to the beautiful green fields of the horse pasture and plains. He watched them play with an annoyed look, yet tensed. He was young, only about twelve years of age give or take. He looked somewhat strange, with long silvery white hair, molten gold-amber eyes, and two very white fluffy canine like ears adorning the top of his head, peaking out from his scruffy hair. If you looked closer, you could see small, yet dangerous claws in place of his finger nails. He yawned widely, (but very quietly as to not disturb the children) in what seemed like boredom, his tongue curling as a dog's would, baring fangs that could possibly rip steel. He looked back at the children playing below him and glared angrily.

"Keh! Idiots. What's so fun about playing with a ball?" He growled quietly. But deep inside he wanted to play with them too. To have fun the way they were....to be...accepted. He would never ask them though. The last time he did, they'd yelled at him and called him a freak, an outcast, and a half-breed. They made fun of his ears and pushed him around, laughing the whole time, and calling him names he didn't even know the meaning to. All he'd asked was if he could play with them, and they went balistic. He would never make that mistake again.

He sighed quietly and his ears drooped a bit, as he continued to watch them frolic with longing eyes. There were three boys a little older than him, a little boy and a girl a little younger than him. One of the boys had dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. He wore an expression full of pride as he stole the ball from the another boy. The boy whom he'd taken the ball from had greasy black hair that hadn't been washed in a while. His brown eyes shone bright as he chased after him, with quick speed for a young human. The last boy stood to the side, watching them in anticipation. He had light brown hair and brown eyes as well. The young girl had dark dark brown hair that reached a bit passed her waist, and chocolate brown eyes, the younger kid looked a bit like her. He had short black hair and freckles under his nose, with the same choclate brown eyes as the girl.

Suddenly one of the older kids ran by the young boy, tripping him roughly, as if on purpose. The little boy fell on his back hard, and began to cry in pain. The young girl ran up to him and picked him up gently, cradling him him her lap and wishpering condolences in his ear. The young half-demon recognized her as the girl who always came around to play ball with the boys of the village. She always came with the little boy, her brother, and played with them while he cheered her on. He was usually ignored by everyone except his sister, and that made her slightly angry.

"Ashi, you idiot! Say sorry to Kohaku!" She demanded angrilly, glaring at him heatedly. The boy, Ashi, walked up and smirked triumphently.

"Yeah right Sango. Over my dead body!" He retorted cockily with a snort. Sango growled and set her brother down gently, standing up and glaring in the kids face.

"Apologise or you'll regret it!" She gwarned in a low voice. He laughed mockingly.

"Or you''ll what?" He laughed. "You're a girl! What could you do-" He was cut off as she punched him hard, in the face, throwing him off balance and into the dirt from the force. She dusted off her hands and smirked disdainfully.

"Anyone else?" She asked glaring. That added to her smirk made her look quite frightening. The other two boys shook thair heads quickly, with nervous looks and ran over to Ashi. They dragged the unconsious boy to the grass away from the dirt ground and continued to play, avoiding any contact whatsoever from Sango.

The half-demon in the tree couldn't help but smirk at the exchange. 'Note to self: NEVER get that girl mad no matter WHAT.' He thought causiously. Not that he would ever talk to her. Suddenly, a young ravan haired girl came running down the path from the village wearing an orange and red kimono. The half-demon boy cocked his head in curiosity. He had never seen her before...

"Sango!" The young girl called happily. Sango stopped chasing the boys and turned with a growing smile. Her smile turned into a full blown grin when the raven haired girl stopped in front of her with her arms behind her back waving with one hand and giggling.

"Kagome!" She cried happily, patting her on the shoulder. "I'm glad you came! I was wondering when you'd come see me." She said. Kagome grinned as well.

"I'm glad to see you came back safely!" She said. The boys stopped running around and glanced at the pair briefly, rolling thair eyes. Kagome was also a killer girl like Sango. She could do some damage with a fist, but watch out when she got a bow and arrow... "Can I play too?" She asked Sango excidedly. She nodded happily and ran up to one of the boys, grabbing the ball frm his grip. They pouted but said nothing. Grinning she walked back over to Kagome and handed it to her.

"You get a free shot!" She said. Kagome took the ball from her and set it on the ground in front of her. She backed up a fair distance and ran towards the ball as fast as her legs could take her. She kicked it with huge force, and sent it into the brances of the nearby tree unitentionally.

The half-demon didn't see what hit him when the ball came flying through the branches of the tree, hitting him directly in the face with tremendous force. He fell back and out of the tree with a cry and landed on his stomach his eyes swirling. He sat up slowly and rubbed his head with a small groan.

"What the heck was that?" He asked glaring up the tree. The ball came down and hit him on the head once again. He growled annoyed, and rubbed his offended nose. Only then did he notice he was being stared at. 'Aw crap!'

All of them were staring at him as if he had sixteen eyes. He stared back. He looked to his side where the ball lay and picked it up. Holding it out to them, he put on a nervous look. He wasn't nervous, oh no. But they didn't need to know that. The two boys looked about ready to bolt, the other was still unconsious in the grass. The girls looked surprised and curious about his presence.

"Y-you get it Gaku..." The boy with black hair told the light brown haired boy. The other shook his head before noticing the half-demons ears. He grinned evilly and smirked.

"He's only a half-demon!" He said in a mocking tone, pointing at him as if he were on show. The half-demons ears drooped for a split second before his nervous look dissapeared and was replaced by anger as he growled angrilly.

"He even sounds like a dog!" The boy mocked, laughing as the other joined him.

"Do you want this or not!?" The half-demon asked. He just wanted to get away from them, with or whithout thair stupid ball. The boy, Gaku walked up to him haughtily. Grinning, he pushed the young half-demon down in the dirt, and laughed disdainfully.

"Not when a weakling like you has touched it." He said smirking. The half-demon looked saddened for a second, before his golden eyes flashed angrilly.

"Fine! Take you're stupid ball!" He shouted, standing quickly and tossing the ball into the village. The other boy ran up to him and punched him square in the jaw catching him off guard, and pushing him back into the trees trunk. The half-demon held his jaw in his hand and closed one eye. It didn't hurt much phisicly, but it hurt emotionally. The raven haired girl suddenly ran up to him, her face contorted in worry.

"Are you okay?" She asked concerned. He let go of his jaw and flexed it, not tasting any blood or feeling pain he replied.

"I've had worse..." He comented angrily.

She gave him a relieved look before turning to the boys and pointing to the village. "I forbid you to ever come near here again untill you've learned not to hurt peoples feeling, no matter who or what they are!" She shouted at them. They glared at her angrilly, but walked back to the village dragging Ashi with them. She was a princess after all... She turned back to the boy and smiled a bit.

"Are you sure you're okay?" She asked. He nodded and looked away from her eyes. Someone like him was never suposed to look into the eyes of someone like her.

"I can fend for myself. I live on my own."

She looked concerned. "What about you're parents? Souldn't they tell the bullys to leave you alone?." She asked. He looked at her.

"That's what everyone does to me... Plus my parents are dead." He said. 'Why did I tell her that?' he thought. She looked stricken before her face contorted in sadness.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to bring that up. But it's not fair that people treat you that way!" She told him. He glared at her.

"I'm a hanyou! Hanyou means bad!" He growled, avoiding the other subject. She shook her head with a stubborn look.

"No it doesn't! You're not bad!" She said. He glared at her.

"How do you know I'm not bad?" He asked growling.

"Because you don't seem bad at all!" She replied. He glared at her again before dropping the subject and looking back at the ground.

"Do you have a name?" She asked changing the subject. Sango stood behind her aprehensively. He was a demon after all.. He looked surprised at that before quickly covering it with annoyence.

"Inuyasha..." He said quietly. The girl smiled happily and pointed behind her.

"I'm Kagome! And thats Sango!" She introduced herself and her friend. He nodded slowly, avoiding her eyes again. She smiled at him. "Well since I banished the other boys do you want to play with us?" She asked. He looked up at her, perplexed.

"Y-you mean it?" He asked in disbelief loosing his annoyed exterior. She nodded vigerously. He stared for a moment before breaking into a small smile. The first smile since before his mother died. "You won't make fun of my ears will you?" He asked nervously and he twiched them a bit. Kagome's smile widend.

"No! Of course not! Thair too cute to be made fun of!" She said giggling. He blushed slightly, and smiled again. "By the way..." She asked nevously. Inuyasha winced 'Here it comes' "Can I.....touch them?" She asked. Inuyasha stared. Numbly he nodded as she squealed and rubbed his ears. At first he thought it would hurt, since the only one he let touch his ears was his mother. But it felt rather good.... She stopped rubbing his ears after getting her fill and gigged.

"Thair so soft!" She squeled happily. He flattened his ears against his head and closed his eyes.

"And thair sensitive! Don't scream in them!" He told her angrilly opening his eyes and pulling his ears back up. She smiled sheepishly

"Sorry." She apologised, walking behind him and picking up a pinecone that had fallen out of the tree when he fell out as well. She turned around and grinned.

"Since you threw the ball into the village we can use this instead." She said. He looked guilty. "But it's not a problem!"

She quickly turned and threw the cone to Sango, who caught it easily. She grinned and ran as Kagome happily chased her, giggling and laughing. Inuyasha stood there, confused. He'd never played many games like this before and didn't quite know what to do. Kagome, sensing his distress looked over her shoulder as she chased her friend.

"Try and take it from Sango!" Was all she said.

Inuyasha just watched, then finnaly getting the point, bagan to run after them as well. It didn't take him long to get the hang of it. It was actually fun! He soon began laughing and giggling along with them. He took a leap at Sango, but because of her demon hunting abilitys she easily dodged him. She ran away, giggling with playful malace.

"Ha! No one will ever catch me!" She called as Kagome tried to keep up with her. Inuyasha ran after them, grinning from little furry ear to little furry ear. He had a strange, sudden feeling in his chest at that moment. It felt strangely tingly, and made him feel happy. 'So this is what fun feels like...' He mused to himself Narrowly missing Sango.

All day long the girls, Inuyasha, and Kohaku, played all different kinds of games. Hide and seek, tag, freeze tag, and even some games Inuyasha usually occupied himself with. They found those games to be the most fun with more than one person playing. It was pretty comical when Sango had jumped out of a bush, and scared Inuyasha into jumping five feet into the air, literally. They had been playing a sneeking game Inuyasha liked to play. And he, being the nice guy that he is, had let Kohaku sneek up to him in that particular game. When he reached him, he suddenly latched onto his ears and wouldn't let go. Kagome and Sango had been rolling on the ground in laughter.

Inuyasha had never felt this way before. He had never gotten the chance to play with other kids, because they either pushed him away or ran screaming in fear. Sango and Kagome actually trusted him around them. They weren't frightened of him and Kagome even stood up for him. What also came as a surprise, was that they had allowed him to play around Kohaku, at his young age, and didn't mind at all. He could actually have friends, for the first time in his life, that possibility sounded real.

Soon, the sun began to set and the warm rays of the light dimmed slowly. Kagome, who had been resting by the tree, looked up at the sky and glared. She looked back at her friends with an apologetic look and sighed.

"I have to go back to being stuck up..." She said sadly, standing up as slowly as she possibly could. Inuyasha, who was sitting on a low branch in the tree, looked at her quizzicotaly.

"What do you mean?" He asked confused, jumping down to the ground and landing gracefully. Kagome looked surprised at the hight he had jumped, but brushed it off with a shrug..

"I'm a princess." She said dryly, as if it were annoying. His eyes widened and he backed up a bit, suddenly bowing politely.

"W-why would someone like you wanna be near someone like me?" He asked nervously avoiding her eyes. She put her hands on her hips and gave him an annoyed look..

"You don't have to bow to me Inuyasha!" She said and he straghitened, slightly confused. "I don't like it when people are so formal. So when we're alone, you don't have to bow to me. I like people like you. And I hate those jerks in court." She said with a smile. She stood back and waved happily. "I'll see you again soon! Bye!" She said, running up the pathway through the village and into the castle. Sango looked at him from her place by the tree trunk and got up. She stood in front of him and smiled..

"I have to go too. Come and play with us again!" With that, she ran back to the village. Inuyasha looked after the two girls, a true smile growing on his lips. He had done it....he had finnaly made friends....and he wasn't alone anymore.


Kagome ran as fast as her legs would carry her. She had a lot to write in her diary after dinner, and there were those geusts coming tonight. She entered the gates to the castle, sped strait up the stairs, and into the large mahogany doors that led inside. Her mother would be by her room any second to get her ready for dinner. She ran through the twisting corridors and finnally made it to her room, thanking the heavans for looking out for her tonight. She quickly changed out of her village kimono and into a bright green night dress just as her mother walked in. She looked at her doughter and frowned dissaprovingly.

"Kagome, how many times have I told you to at least try and stay clean when you go play?" She said exaspirated. Kagome grinned sheepishly. She was covered from head to toe in dirt, smudging her face and her hands mostly. Her mother sighed, and shook her head pulling her into the bathroom, cleaned her up and doing her hair. She put her hair in a tight formal braid that reached to her lower back. Giving Kagome her hand she led her out of the room and into hers, just three rooms over. Once inside, she went up to a drawer and pulled out a white dress. She took Kagome over to a small mirror and fitted it on her.

"I just got that dress, Kagome dear so please try not to stain it." Her mother told her. Kagome sighed and nodded. She went through this EVERY night! It got tireing after a while. Her mother walked out the door, and motioned for her to follow. She did, and they walked down the corridor next to each other. Her mother turned to her after a short while and smiled.

"So, Kagome dear did you have fun with Sango?" She asked. Kagome looked up at her and grinned widely.

"Yup! I also made a new friend!"

Her mother smiled at her kindly. "Well then, tell me about her." Kagome's grin got wider.

"It's a him. The boys in the village were pushing him around and I banished them from the place where we play all the time. He looked surprised when I asked him to play with us. He told me that no one had ever asked him to play before." She told her mother with a sypathetic expression. She would left out the part about him being a half-demon. Her mother smiled warmly.

"Well, it's good that you made him feel like he belonged." She said. Kagome smiled up at her. Her mother looked ahead of them, they were nearing the dinner hall. She could tell because, everything got extreamly formal around this place, and ahead, were two wooden door. Stopping at the large doors her mother turned to her. "Now Kagome I want you to use the accent and, proper language. We're having a guest tonight." She instructed. Kagome sighed, but nodded.. Her mother smiled a bit, and pushed open the heavy oaken doors. They walked in slowly and formally, almost making Kagome glare at the walls in frustration.

But soon, they came out of the low rise and into a larger part of the dinning hall. She smiled at the room. It was her absolute favorite out of all the rooms in the castle because of it's beauty. Above, huge crystal chandalier's hung on the cieling,illuminating the hall in a welcoming light. It made the marble floors glow with an angelic light, also adding to the welcoming look. The pillars that held the room up, were of the whitest stone, and painted with Sakura trees and gorgious flowers fluttering from the branches of the small trees. The cieling above the chiandeliears was painted in a beautiful mural. It was the mural of the Shikon no Tama, her favorite legend. Just everything about this room made her smile.

Together, Kagome and her mother walked gracefully up the stairs at the end of the room and to a large platform with a gigantic oak banquet table with hundreds of mouth watering dishes on top. Kagome sighed as she noticed all the stiffness she just put out was seen by no one but the servents bringing in the food and refreshments. She gave that thought up and stared at all of the different delacacies silently hoping they were having oden. She walked up to the table and sat in her chair near her mother, and waited as patiently as she could, figiting a bit.

She and her mother were not allowed to eat untill her father started. He was the king after all and it was polite manners to do so. She inwardly groaned at her fathers tardiness, but pirked almost noticably wher her father finnaly walked in from the council room, and sat down, followed by a few other nobles; some of which were noble wolf demons and a young demon boy from the South. Some noble demons were lords, such as lord Kaiyuki, the king of the South.

Lord Kaiyuki was here to speak to her father about something importent. The wolf demons ruled the South, and wanted to join with thair side, and maybe help ease the tension here from the constent treats of the North. The lord of the North was very devious in his power. Lord Onigumo had wanted her fathers kingdom for quite some time now because of how prosperous it had become. He was a threat to all of the reagons but the West. The West had, grudgingly joined his side.

The West was full of dog demons. Some were very strong and noble in thair deeds, yet others were evil and ruthless. Just like the humans. Wolves, unlike dogs, usually attacked when provoked. Dogs attacked without warning, which made them quite dangerous. The true lord of the West had died quite some time ago. Now the West was ruled by Sesshoumaru, untill the true heir could be found.

The true heir had dissapeared from the clans after his father died, leaving the West in Sesshoumaru's cold paws. He treated them fairly, or so she heard. But he had joined Onigumo, which confused and worried many. Her father, along with the South, were quite worried about the situation. So they came to council tonight to discuss the matters.

Her father was lord of the East, the humans land. Onigumo's terratory was made for any kind of demon, but humans were captured as slaves, deispite the fact that thair own lord was also human. She dispised that. And she dispised the North.

The nobles took thair seats, leaving the boy one place to sit; next to her. Kagome stared at him for a minute. He had black hair in a high ponytail with pure bright blue eyes. He looked at her and smiled, walking over to the seat next to her, since it was the only one left. He sat down and looked at her father, to await when he was alowed to eat and speak. Her father sat down king style, formaly, throwing his cape out behind him and sitting down gracefully. To be honest, she thought it was really funny. He waved for them to start eating and Kagome quickly dug in; but politely of course. She felt a tap on he shoulder after a short while, and turned to see the demon boy smiling at her.

"Hi! I'm Kouga!" He introduced himself. Kagome swallowed her food and smiled.

"I'm Kagome. Whay are you here? My father doesn't usually let any kids other than me and my brother into the dinning room at dinner." She asked formaly, remembering her mannors. He looked thoughtful for a minute.

"You're father invited me himself." He said after a while. Kagome smiled, but inside she cringed. 'Did he have to think of an answer? What a blockhead.'

"Thats good." She said returning to eating. She was about to eat a roll when another tap on her shoulder diverted her attention again. She looked at Kouga. "Yes?"

"Do you want to play with me after dinner?" He asked with a grin on his face. Kagome shook her head sighing and looking at him apologeticaly.

"Sorry I can't. I go to sleep after dinner." She told him, then returned to eating. She finished her roll and was about to go for the soup, when another tap diverted her from eating. "Yes?" She asked a little irritated. He smiled.

"What about tomorrow? I'm staying the night here." He told her with the same grin plastered on his face.

"Sorry but I've planned to go to the village and play with my friends tomorrow." She told him a little annoyed, and once again went back to eating. Her father and mother were talking about kingdom stuff that she didn't need to understand until she was queen. She thought it frankly quite boring. They always talked about that kind of stuff. She managed to eat like a proper princess even though she was starving, and remembered to use her accent and the proper language for once. She had gotten through half of her meal without being interupted again, before Kouga tapped her again. She narrowed her eyes and turned to him.

"What?" She asked with a hiss, forgetting her mannors for a second but quickly righting it. "Yes?" She took a quick sip of her juice. He smiled at her, totally missing her tone.

"Will you marry me?"

Kagome sputtered the juice she was drinking and glared at him dangerously. Her expression quickly changed ans she turned to her mother. Standing up, and bowing politely, she smiled and asked, "Mother, may I go with Kouga to my bedroom to have a friendly chat?" She relayed formaly. Her mother smiled happily for her use of mannors.

"Of course dear." She replied, turning back to her father and continuing the discussion.

Kagome bowed politely again, and dragged a grinning Kouga out of his chair by the ear. She smirked evilly as they crossed the huge ball room and went through the oaken doors that led to the main corridor her mother and her had walked through. She dragged him all the way to her room and opened the door, pushing him inside. She walked in herself and closed the door locking it behind her. He turned to her and smirked. She slowly turned around and smiled dangerously. His grin faltered.

"Well let me tell you my dicision, LORD Kouga..." She said and walked up to him like a predetr after his prey.

All that could be heard from the castle that night was the high pitched screem of a girly voice and the evil laughter from something even worse...