By Desertdweller

Chapter one: Disbelief

(Author's Note: O.o My GOD, its been a while since I've had this fic. I'm sorry for those that didn't have it, and couldn't find it. Thanks to a dear friend, this fic is back on the air and back on the track to being finished. I'll update a chapter a day till I get it back up to speed and can start doing the newer chapters in the annals of my harddrive. Warning, this fiction was written two years ago, and my tastes have changed somewhat, but I promised to finish it, and finish I shall)

Warnings: Yaoi, M/M- an' all that jazz.

Pairings: Gh/P, V/G- others possible.

Disclaimer: Dragonball Z and all canon characters thereof belong to Toriyama-sama. If I owned it- I could afford a better imagination.

Piccolo wondered if this would be the last time he would ever see the light of day again. Fuchsia blood ran down his vulpine face. His teeth were stained with it. His body felt as if it had been ran over by a train. He was in bad shape. Broly had just waged all out war with the Z senshi. The senshi were on the losing side. Goku and Vegeta were trying to work together to defeat the enemy. Gohan was out cold. Tien and Yamcha had stayed behind to protect Bulma and Chi, and Gotenks was trying to help their fathers. Piccolo, meanwhile, had been out cold. He had just woken up and was in pain. Piccolo rolled himself over onto his stomach and began to drag himself to his student who lay not far from him. He reached his student and checked his vitals. After accessing the boy's vitals, he sighed with relief. Gohan was alive.

The boy's eyes opened a crack as he felt another presence beside him. Blurry vision allowed the boy to glimpse a fuzzy emerald face, lined with purple. The face leaned in and Gohan could recognize who it was.

"P-... pikoro san," the young demi saiya jin rasped his throat dry due to the dust.

"Hai," The raspy, deep voice returned," Don't move, Gohan. You have several broken bones."

Gohan felt a tender hand run over his broken arm and ribs. He hissed as the delicate fingers ran over a sore spot. "Yeah, definitely broken." Gohan tried to joke," Gee, I guess this means I can't train today. Can I take day off?"

He was rewarded with a low chuckle. Then the gem hued face came into focus. Gohan focused on the face before him. High cheekbones set into a long featured face. Narrow, yet delicate lips were drawn into a tight frown. An almost feminine pointed nose flared as the namekusei jin silently sighed. Large eyes held worry for the young boy. A slender, lithe body completed the picture.

Gohan felt the familiar love for his friend bubble up. The warrior had all but raised him. Gohan loved him like his own father. Their friendship was the most cherished thing In the young warrior's life. There was trust there that could be found nowhere else. Gohan would rather kill himself than betray or break that trust between his teacher.

Before he could muse any further, an explosion rocked the landscape. Piccolo whipped around, ignoring the pain in his own body.

A maniacal laughter resounded.

Gohan and Piccolo watched as the fighting saiya jins landed close to them. They were close enough for the two to see their faces.

Vegeta looked pissed as usual, but this time those azure eyes held a hint of fear. His small mouth was drawn into a tight sneer. His compact, muscular body remained tense, In alert status.

Goku's face held a different view. His eyes flashed with anger and apprehension. His taller frame was clenched into a stance of strained waiting. He snapped something to Vegeta and the two looked at Broly.

The legendary super saiya jin merely looked at the two before him. His handsome face was drawn up in a victorious smirk. Sweat dripped off of his bare chest. As the other two warriors snapped at each other, Broly glanced over at Gohan and Piccolo. His eyes gleamed with a strange light and Piccolo bared his fangs in return. Broly merely grinned back, an evil glint in his eye.

Piccolo looked at Broly and then at Gohan. ' He is after the boy! I'll bet that is what those two are arguing about. I'll be damned if I let that monster have Gohan.' Piccolo thought. He bared his fangs at the thought of that happening.

Piccolo watched as Broly suddenly snapped his head around to talk to the other two warriors. He shot out something in saiya jin. Something Piccolo couldn't quite understand. However the expressions on the face of the other two warriors was enough for Piccolo. They swung their heads to look at Gohan and Piccolo and then turned again to begin arguing again.

Piccolo gently picked up the hurt boy and walked to the others. His knot of fear grew with every step he took. He finally arrived. His lungs burned due to his injuries and he was bleeding like crazy. His slender chest heaved as he tried to get enough oxygen in his lungs to survive.

He barely noticed the looks he was getting.

Broly repeated the phrase he had spoken and pointed at the two. Piccolo growled hoarsely.

Goku licked his lips in nervousness. Then he looked at the namekusei jin warrior and held his eyes. He began to speak.

"Broly says he'll leave forever if we will negotiate a trade with him," the sa!ya jin began nervously.

Piccolo took it to mean Gohan. "Damn him. Tell him we will never give Gohan to him," Piccolo spat.

Goku looked away and grimaced.

"It isn't Gohan," he stuttered.

Suddenly a sharp voice rang out, Vegeta.

"Damn it Kakkarot! Can't you do one thing right?" He then turned to Piccolo. "He doesn't want the brat."

Piccolo was hopelessly confused, " Then," he began.

"He wants you." _

Piccolo's breath seemed to have been stolen by this revelation. He glanced back at the leering Saiya jin. His eyes were narrow and fiendish pleasure shone in his eyes. Broly smirked at the namek looking at him.

He shuddered in horror at the thought of what might happen.

Then the bottom fell out.

Goku's soft voice held a note of regret.

" And we agreed."

Piccolo stared at Goku with disbelief written on his face.

"Nani? How could you?!," Piccolo whispered, still in shock.

Goku ducked his head. " I'm sorry Piccolo. But, it was the only way."

He took Gohan from Piccolo and turned away. Vegeta glanced at him with pity written in his dark eyes. They began to walk away, leaving Piccolo there. Piccolo had never felt so betrayed in his life. His friends had betrayed him and he was all alone. He turned to look at his warden.

Broly smiled an evil smile. He spoke.

"Hello, koi.... You are mine now..."

Piccolo looked back at the retreating backs of his former "friends". They didn't turn around. It was if they were acknowledging his death... before he had died. He whispered a single word...


A sadistic chuckle met his sensitive ears... He turned to look back at Broly. He started to advance on the shocked emerald warrior. Piccolo felt all hope slip away ....