Neo Android Kikaider the Animation

Continuing Episode #1: Journeyman

Background: Okay, for those of you who have never heard of Kikaider, let me give you a
quick lowdown. There's this guy named Jiro. He's good-looking, not too bright, drives
a motorcycle and very good at playing the guitar too. The only thing is, he's a robot.
He was originally built by a guy named Komyoji to battle the minions of Kohmyoji's evil
benefactor, Prof. Gill and the organization of Dark. What makes Jiro different from
the others is that he has a Gemini Circuit, which behaves like his conscious (the show
says it's like his heart, dag-blasted translator). Anywho, Jiro falls in love with
Komyoji's daughter, Mitsuko (kind of disgusting if you think about it, I mean aren't
they technically brother and sister?) Jiro, or Kikaider as he's also known as,
eventually defeats Prof. Gill but the place goes up by a nuclear bomb.

As it turns out, Jiro survived. He eventually meets up with a woman (I think her name
is Rieko but don't quote me on that) who's trying to protect a kid named Akira who just
happens to be Prof. Gill's son (and you thought a brother/sister romance was gross, how
about a man who turns his son into a spark plug just so he can power a super weapon that
can destroy everything.) Gill resurrects himself by transferring his brain into a
Kikaider-like body called Hikaider. In the final battle, Gill/Hikaider takes control of
Jiro's brothers, Ichiro/Kikaider Unit 01 and Rei/Kikaider Unit 00, and installs a circuit
in Jiro that would make him go over to the dark side if you know what I mean. But Jiro's
Gemini circuit makes it so that Kikaider actually kills not only Ichiro and Rey but Gill
too. The series ends with the whole thing going up like a nuclear bomb. You'd think
that would kill him. But what if he survived? But not unscathed (psychologically)

Blurb: Jiro is brought back to life, but he has a heavy conscience circuit.

And here we go, the continuing adventures of everyone's favorite angsty guitar-playing
robot super hero with more issues than National Geographic.

Cerebral Systen Intact.

Gemini System re-installed.

Neo Circuit Block in place.

Neutrino energy source activated.

All systems go.

"Jiro. Jiro, can you hear me? Jiro?"

He let out a moan and opened his eyes. He realized that he was vertical, floating in
some sort of tube, pink liquid all around him. Electrode wires were attached to his head,
arms, legs, chest, and back. It was hard to see anything through the murky pink liquid.

A drain opened up under him and the liquid was released from the tube. Jiro felt gravity
take hold of his body and he fell to both knees. The wires released his body and the
glass tube opened.

"What happened to me?" Jiro asked. "Where am I?"

"In good hands, Jiro," a familiar voice said. Jiro looked up to see a tall man in a white
lab coat. He was bald except for some tuffs of white hair on the side, large glasses and
an equally big nose.

"Dr. Komyoji," Jiro recognized. Komyoji helped him to his feet.

"I'm glad that you remember me, Jiro."

"How could I forget you? But... what happened to me? Last thing I remember was that I
was confronting Gill in the weapon. Doctor, what happened to me?"

"You were forced off-line when the weapon exploded. I figured that you were most
likely at the scene of that incident, I discovered your mangled body and repaired you. I
also found the remains of two other robots, both with designs similar to your own."

"Oh my God!" Jiro cried as the memories came flooding back to him. "Doctor... I killed
them... Ichiro... Rei... I destroyed them both!"

"Here, Jiro, let me help you to a seat." Jiro's creator helped him to a diagnostic table.

"Wait a minute Doctor... what are you doing here? When I came to your house, it was empty."

"Yes, well... after... after we were separated with Gil's lab explosion, Mitsuko, Masato,
and I went overseas so I could fully recover from my... out of body experience."

"Mitsuko." Jiro could remember everything about Komyoji's eldest daughter. And by
everything, that truly meant everything. He could remember her face, so beautiful. Her
voice, kind and gentle. Her touch, bringing him security.

"How... how are Mitsuko and Masato?"

"Very well. Masato is a top student in his class. He wants to become a scientist when he
grows up. Wants to be just like his old man, I reckon. Mitsuko, well... about two years
after we lost you, she started dating. She's actually engaged to a man."

"Two years? How long have I been gone?"

"It's been three years, Jiro." He smiled. "You don't know how happy they will be to
see you're all right."

Jiro got up and looked down at himself. He was wearing only a pair of blue boxer shorts.
"Doctor... I can't go back."

"I don't understand."

Jiro spotted a closet in the corner and went to it. Inside was a pair of of blue jeans,
red long-sleeve shirt, and blue vest. He donned them. "Doctor... I killed them! I
killed my own brothers! In cold blood!"

"Jiro, that wasn't you, that was Gill controlling you just as he was controlling your

"How... how did you know?"

"I saw the circuit that Gill used to control them and corrupt you. Since I built you,
it was easy to see what was mine and what was Gill's handywork. Jiro, it wasn't
your fault Ichiro and Rei got killed."

"Yes it was!" Jiro snapped. "Gill may have implanted that circuit but it was still my
hands that killed them!" Jiro looked down at his hands. "My hands are stained with their
blood, their lives! These... these are murderer hands. They don't deserve to hold her
like before. Why, Doctor? Why did you bring me back?" Doctor Komyoji was silent.


"Jiro, I need your help." Jiro looked up at the Doctor. "Jiro, we're in trouble. Dark
has returned."

"But I killed Professor Gill, wasn't he the head of Dark."

"Well, either he wasn't the actual head or Dark has reformed under another leader. What-
ever the reason, they want revenge on me after I severed ties with them. I'm afraid
they might resort to anything to win, including hurting Mitsuko and Masato. That's why
I need your help."

"So you want me to fight, is that it, Doctor?" Jiro asked harshly.

"Not fight, Jiro, protect. I need you to protect us."

"Forgive me, Doctor... I owe you for all you have given me, but... I don't want to cut
loose again, I don't want to fight! I don't want anyone to get hurt because of me."

"Forgive me, Jiro, I guess I did want you to fight. But..." Doctor Komyoji was
interrupted by the alarm. He ran to check his security monitor. "No! They're here!"

"Who's here?" Jiro asked putting on a pair of riding gloves.

"Dark." The wall behind Jiro's chamber exploded. Jiro covered Doctor Komyoji with his
own body. In the rubble, a humanoid robot stood. He looked like Jiro when he transformed
into Kikaider, but the color scheme was different. Instead of half red and half blue, he
was half black and half white.

"So this is where you've been hiding, Komyoji," it said. "And I see that my brother is
with you." Jiro immediately recognized the voice. "So our intelligence was right,
the good Doctor was trying to resurrect Kikaider."

"Hikaider? Why are you working for Dark?" Jiro asked. "Gill betrayed you!"

"Yes, Gill betrayed me, but just as you were revived by Doctor Komyoji, so I was revived
by Dark. And as for my name, I am not known as Hikaider any more, but Darkaider."

"Jiro, if you truly don't wish to fight, then we must run," Doctor Komyoji suggested.

"Right," Jiro agreed. He grabbed Doctor Komyoji and ran from the room.

"Oh come on, Jiro, we've known each other for so long, are you still resorting to the old
run and hide game?"

"Turn left here," Doctor Komyoji instructed. "There's an exit at the end of this hallway.

Jiro followed the Doctor's instructions. He kicked a door open and burst from the mansion-
like lab into a lush forest region. He noticed that this wasn't his old lab, but a new
one. Jiro guessed that Doctor Komyoji never bothered to re-build it and instead built a
new one on a cliff face overlooking a mountainrange.

Darkaider was right behind him.

"Doctor, go hide," Jiro said. "Darkaider, I don't want to fight you!"

"That's too bad, Jiro, because I'm not giving you much of a choice." Darkaider held out his
hand towards Jiro and a cannon barrel popped out of the palm. Bullets straifed Jiro and he
held his arms up to protect him. But even though he was a robot, the bullets still hur like

"Jiro, transform!" Dr. Komyoji called from his hiding place behind a tree.

"No!" Jiro cried. "I don't want to fight!"

"I'm no saying you should fight, just transform. You'll be able to survive Darkaider's attacks

That made sense to Jiro. He crossed his arms and touched a fist to the opposite shoulder.
"Change!" He commanded. His human skin peeled away to reveal his robot state, humanoid robot
that was half red and half blue with glowing yellow eyes.

Kikaider could tell that the Doctor was right, the bullets didn't hurt as much as it did when he
was a human. Darkaider moved in for close-range combat. He launched a series of kicks at Kikaider
which he blocked.

"You're just as weak as you were when we fought at Komyoji's previous lab," Darkaider commented.
"What's wrong, Kikaider? Where's that heroic nonsense you always displayed."

"I'm not the same as before, Saburo," Kikaider said with a haunted look. "I've gone through a lot,
more than you could ever imagine."

Darkaider was secretly surprised at his brother's comment. Wasn't he offline from the destruction
of Gil's lab to now? Perhaps when he destroyed Kikaider, he could download his memory chips and
find out just what he meant by that.

"Is that so? Well you'll be happy to know that I will put you out of your misery so you won't
have to fight any more." Suddenly Darkaider's hands detached from his arms and traveled on metallic
coils and slugged Kikaider in the stomach. Kikaider was thrown into a tree causing it to fall.

"I was hoping for a more worthwhile challenge, Kikaider. Perhaps the others will put up more of a


"Dark doesn't want Komyoji simply to get revenge, they want the secret to the Kikaider technology?"

"What secret?" Jiro asked. He had a feeling there was more to this than a simple revenge trip.
And what secret did Darkaider mean?

"Gil was the only one of Dark with access to Komyoji's Kikaider technology. When he died, that
secret died with him. Dark wants anyone connected to the Kikaider technology and they're
willing to do anything to get it."

Anyone? Wasn't Dr. Komyoji the only one with the secrets that Darkaider and Dark wanted?
Reverend Fuuten? No, they probably didn't know about him. But who else...

Suddenly it all clicked. There was one another with the knowledge of the Kikaider technology.
Mitsuko! She once told him that she studied robotics because she wanted to understand why her father
neglected her and Masato for all those years. And she was the one who fixed Jiro's arm the night
before he invaded Gil's base. That's what Darkaider was trying to say, Dark was willing to go to any
lengths to get the secrets they seek, including threaten Mitsuko.

Darkaider could see the realization and shock in Kikaider's eyes. "So you finally understand, Jiro.
Anybody who has knowledge of the Kikaider technology is a target, including Komyoji's daughter."

"Mitsuko!" Dr. Komyoji gasped.

"You... monsters!" Jiro's eyes became a blood red as he charged Darkaider. He pushed Darkaider back
into a wall of the lab. Darkaider's body made an imprint in the wall.

"Well... you have a little bit of fight in you after all," Darkaider said grinning evily. He came
back with an upper cut that knocked Kikaider to the ground. Darkaider fired his boot jets and hovered
some thirty feet in the air. He came down fast and kicked Kikaider in the stomach. Kikaider, his
eyes still glowing red, grabbed Darkaider's foot and began crushing it. Eventually he curshed it so
much that Darkaider lost balance and fell back.

Kikaider crossed his arms and activated his electro hands. Darkaider couldn't believe how destructive
his brother has gotten. And he wasn't even whistling.

Kikaider was almost ready to deliver the final blow when Dr. Komyoji cried out, "Jiro, stop, don't
destroy him!" Immediately, Kikaider's eyes returned to normal. Kikaider pointed at Darkaider.

"Tell your masters at Dark that if they want Komyoji or Mitsuko, they'll have to destroy me first!"

"Careful what you wish for, brother, it just might come true. Your threats mean nothing against
Dark's ultimate plan, but I'll enjoy the challenge. Watch out, Kikaider, I'm coming for you."
Darkaider activated his one remaining boot jet and lop-sidedly took off. Kikaider was about to
follow him when Dr. Komyoji stopped him.

"Jiro, let him go."

A little while later, Jiro was back in his human form.

"Even now, I can't escape my violent tendencies," he said.

"Hmmm... the Gemini circuit must've stored the settings of Gil's aggressive circuit. I'm sorry,
Jiro, I didn't know."

"It's not your fault, Doctor, it's my fault. I... I can never feel peace, so long as I have
these violent tendencies in me. I... I must go."

"Where will you go?"

"I don't know, wherever I can go to avoid this needless stryfe!"


"Doctor, please, I don't want you to try to stop me."

"I won't, but if you'll stay for a minute, I want to give you something." Jiro followed Dr.
Komyoji back into his lab and the chamber where he first woke up. Dr. Komyoji reached into a
large chest and brought out a silver acoustic guitar. "Masato wanted to repair your old one,
but I don't think it would work as well as this one.

"Oh, wow, Doctor!" Jiro gasped upon seeing the instrument.

"They say that music can express your soul. Use this to express yours, Jiro."

Jiro strapped the guitar onto his back and went to the front of the lab followed by Komyoji.
Out in the front was a blue motorcycle with a yellow stripe.

"Oh, wow, Doctor!" Jiro repeated.

"I built it especially for you, Jiro," Dr. Komyoji said.

Jiro put on a helmet that was leaning on the handlebar. As he got on and started it up he
said, "Doctor Komyoji, you have done a lot for me and I'm greateful. But... I would like one
more favor from you."

"Anything, Jiro, if it's within my power, I'll do it."

"It is, please don't tell Mitsuko or Masato about me. From what you told me, they are living
perfect carefree lives since I was away. I just want them to be happy and not worry about me
all the time. So please, don't tell them that I'm alive."

"Of course, Jiro. Will... will you return?"

"Some day, Doctor, some day." And Jiro took off, leaving his father at the lab.

"Good luck, Jiro," Dr. Komyoji said. "I hope that you find the peace you seek."

Jiro is briefly reunited with Etsuko Sabbutori, the young associate of Hanpei Hattori. He
also meets a young boy named Amuro Kotori, who's on the run from an organization who might
be Dark. Next time on Neo Android Kikaider the Animation: The Guardian